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As he spoke, countless pressure instantly descended.

Ye Feng was instantly unable to move.

He wanted to summon the Slime to resist but realized that the spirit energy in his body was completely gone!

The Slime was also sealed by an extremely powerful force!

There was no way for it to break free!

What was going on…

“This is the core of the formation that Ive set up.

Even if an extraordinary venerable were to descend, they wouldnt dare to be impudent.

With your weak martial arts, you dare to resist!!”

As he spoke, a figure appeared.

Ye Feng focused his gaze and saw that the other party was a dignified and imposing figure.

His body was vigorous and powerful, and his white hair was flowing elegantly.

It was impossible to tell that he was already an old man who was over seventy years old!

The pressure that this person was emitting…

Was probably close to an A-Grade Transcendent!

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“This junior, Ye Feng, has received special permission from the principal to come in and choose any item.”

“Ive disturbed Senior.

I hope that Senior will show mercy!” Ye Feng hurriedly said.

If he was a step later, his little life might be lost because a monstrous pressure was about to bombard him!

After saying this, that extremely strong sense of restraint instantly disappeared.

Ye Feng let out a breath.

He didnt expect that the schools library actually had such an extraordinary guardian!

No wonder from the schools collection, not a single item was lost!

With such a powerful guardian, unless one wanted to die, who would dare to risk their lives to come in and steal things!

“So thats the case! Then why didnt you say so earlier!” The old man stroked his beard and coughed.

“It was Juniors negligence…”

Ye Feng also smiled awkwardly.

“Senior is…”

The old man in front of Ye Feng was very curious.

What kind of existence was he He should be the curator, right

“Thats right, I am the curator here, my name is Ye Changfei.”


Ye Feng was scared out of his wits.

He was just guessing in his heart, but he actually saw through it in an instant!

He still had mind reading skills!

Just how terrifying was this level!

Even if Ye Feng dared to visit Ye Changfei, his level was far from enough to touch him.

Moreover, all of Ye Fengs actions were within Ye Changfeis perception.

Doing so would undoubtedly make people laugh at him.

Although he was very curious, Ye Feng also felt that the other partys strength was definitely far above the principals!

Above the principal, what kind of existence must there be!

Ye Feng could not imagine it.

This was already ridiculously powerful!

He did not have any concept of it!

His thoughts were broken by Ye Changfei and he returned to reality.

“Obtaining the principals special permission, kid, looks like youre very outstanding!”

“Speak, what do you want to take away from here”

Ye Changfei laughed and with a wave of his hand.

Countless storage cabinets instantly appeared.

The items listed on them appeared neatly before Ye Fengs eyes.

Whether it was weapons, defensive equipment, cultivation techniques, or skills, there was everything here!

Furthermore, Ye Feng casually picked up an item.

Spiritual energy seeped into it and he discovered that the items here were all of extremely high grade!

Any skill book he picked up would be at least B grade or above!

What a good fellow!

Looking at the countless skill books, Ye Feng was extremely shocked.

Moreover, this was only a part of it.

What was more, there were countless weapons, defensive equipment, and countless medicinal pills..

“No wonder there are so many experts guarding this place.

With so many top-tier items, if they fall into the hands of the enemy, Im afraid that the sky will change!”

While Ye Feng was thinking, he was pulled back to reality by Ye Changfeis words.

“Thats not necessarily the case.

Lets not talk about these obscure things that are difficult to understand.

Even if they fall into the hands of the enemy, so what Its nothing more than a bloody storm!”

“True power doesnt rely on any external forces!”

Ye Changfeis words seemed to point out Ye Fengs point.

“Senior, what insights do you have”

“Insights Kid, the law of spiritual energy recovery has endless variables.

In fact, you can understand it in just a few words When you reach that step, you will naturally understand!”

“Yes, Junior will remember it.” Seeing that he could not get anything out of him, Ye Feng could only continue to focus on selecting skills.

Ye Feng focused on looking at the skills and techniques.

He did not even glance at those super powerful weapons and defensive equipment.

Seeing this, Ye Changfei asked curiously, “Boy, you dont like these weapons”

“Do you know that the skills and techniques here are all recorded in ancient words, which are very obscure”

“No matter how talented you are, its still a long way to go before you can fully comprehend the secrets within.

Your cultivation is even more difficult.

With every step you advance, there will be a new understanding.”

“You can only choose once.

This opportunity is very precious.

Dont waste it!”

Hearing this, Ye Feng smiled and said, “Didnt Senior say that only when you are strong is true strength”


Ye Changfei was actually speechless.

Actually, it wasnt that Ye Feng hadnt considered weapons and defensive items.

But to him, this was only the early stages.

What was the use of giving him a powerful weapon and defensive item

His own ability simply couldnt match up to such a powerful weapon and defensive item.

In addition, he had the [Web Transformation] ability, so the weapon he made with the Slime was enough.

Moreover, the path he was taking now was not combat-type.

What he valued more was the improvement of magic and defense type.

As for combat strength, it would definitely be improved in the future, but now was not the time.

“This is it!”

Ye Feng suddenly stopped thinking, and a thick book appeared.

In the middle of the book, there were four big words engraved.

[Starfire Meditation]!

At this time, there was a B- grade book that recorded some basic skills related to a mages meditation.

Ye Changfei was also a little surprised when he saw Ye Feng taking this book away because [Starfire Meditation] was one of the most difficult skills to cultivate among the same type of skills.

Although meditation was a mages basic skill.

Mages also needed to use meditation to sense everything in the world.

However, usually, the easier meditation method was single-point meditation.

A single point was to specifically meditate on a certain item.

This method of absorbing magic power from the outside world was the least efficient because one could only absorb it through a single point.

And there was another way to advance.

That was multi-point.

That was the skill book that Ye Feng wanted.

[Starfire Meditation].

Just like its name, the skill release was like a star chart.

It was a multi-point walking meditation.


This multi-point meditation could absorb mana through channels at the same time.

Thus, the mana efficiency obtained was extremely high.

And the purity was even higher.

But this multi-point meditation method was very difficult to practice.

Usually, only mages in the middle to late stages would choose to try the multi-point meditation method.

From the looks of it, a newbie like Ye Feng who had just entered the path of a mage did not even have a single-point meditation method, yet he wanted to practice [Starfire Meditation].

He simply overestimated himself.

“Kid, dont blame me for not reminding you.

This book is not suitable for newbies,” Ye Changfei reminded him.

“In the past, if you can advance to practice more meditation techniques, you would have already reached the peak of D grade.

This is also the basic foundation.

As for you, you are just a newbie who has just awakened the symbiosis body.”

“Although there are many good things here, young people shouldnt aim too high.”

“Its better to choose something that suits you.

At least at the current stage, it can bring you a lot of changes.

and choosing this B- grade skill, you might not be able to use it in the short term.”

“One of the difficulties is that you might not be able to achieve it.”

Hearing this, Ye Feng asked, “Senior, why dont you tell me about it”

“The biggest difficulty in [Starfire Meditation] is the core mana absorption.”

Ye Changfei touched his beard.

“Either it wont disperse, or it wont gather.

This is also a difficulty that troubles countless symbiotes.

If this isnt resolved, this skill will be completely useless.”

Ye Feng smiled when he heard this.

There was indeed nothing wrong with what Ye Changfei said.

One had to know that the most basic magic power release of a mage was to come and go freely and adapt to changes.

If ones own magic power did not listen to ones control, then what was the use of absorbing more magic power

But what Ye Changfei did not know was that the Slime in Ye Fengs body was the best learning medium!

The Slimes subsidiary body was completely compatible with the conditions of gathering a ball of fire and scattering stars all over the place.

Wasnt this a skill that was tailor-made for him!

The Slime medium was the most suitable for this kind of meditation technique.

The reason why Ye Feng wanted to choose this skill was because he had done his homework before coming to the library.

Although this skills level was relatively high, dont forget, he had a system.

Cultivating this kind of thing was nothing to him!

Choosing this skill, his Slime medium directly laid down a perfect foundation for learning magic in the future!

“Senior, dont worry, Ive already thought it through.”

“I want this skill!”


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