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It was already night time, and they would set off at dawn the next day.

Therefore, Ye Feng directly returned home.

After all, there was still a period of time.

He could still use it to cultivate the newly obtained [Starfire Meditation].

Very soon, Ye Feng entered the state of cultivation.

The cultivation method of [Starfire Meditation] and that very familiar voice kept appearing in his mind.

[Ding! Host needs to regulate respiratory rate!]

[Ding! Host needs to release his powers now!]


Yes, the system was very careful with Ye Fengs training!

Ye Feng was using the most perfect way at this time practicing [Starfire Meditation]!

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The reason he had the courage to choose the most difficult skill to practice was because he had the help of the system!

[Starfire Meditation]

This was a multi-point type mages meditation skill.

The maximum limit was to meditate on 18 points at the same time, which meant that there were 18 levels.

Every time a realm was raised, the ability to meditate would be greatly increased compared to the previous realm.

Therefore, as the meditation realm stacked on top of each other, the demand for magic power was also greater, and the carrying capacity of the body was also greater.

If he forcefully meditated, it would only have an irreversible effect on the body.

In severe cases, he might even die on the spot!

Of course, Ye Feng did not have such concerns.

His symbiotic body could not only quickly repair his bodys damage, but it also had perfect compatibility with the [Starfire Meditation] skill!

This was a condition that no one who cultivated this skill had.

Therefore, Ye Fengs cultivation speed also increased rapidly.

As long as he had enough spirit energy, his meditation could continue!

In just an hour, he had already broken through to the 6th level!




In an instant, the surrounding things seemed to have come to a standstill, allowing Ye Fengs spirit to roam within.

And those things that contained magic power, such as medicinal herbs, plants, etc.

were all clearly seen by Ye Feng.

Every time he meditated, the magic power would follow the guidance of the flowing magic power, continuously pouring into Ye Fengs body.

Waves of magic power collided.

Like a wild beasts low roar, it continuously produced wave after wave of power flows.

When he opened his eyes, a blue color suddenly appeared.

Ye Feng saw that the blue color spiritual energy was surrounding him.

“Could this be mana” Ye Feng muttered.

The current him had already entered the 8th level of the [Starfire Meditation].

He could sense all the mana, and he could even materialize the mana.

This was the condition for a mage to completely master the meditation ability!

Ye Feng opened his right hand and a wave of bright blue flames spiritual power was slowly condensing.

The strength of this flame was completely under his control!

The biggest one could burn all the vitality of this flame directly!

And the smallest one could land on people directly without any change.

This was only the most basic ability of a mage.

‘Great! The ability of a mage is indeed quite powerful.

It can attack from a long distance and also fight at close range! Ye Feng said excitedly in his heart.

But after releasing the flames, Ye Feng clearly felt that the mana in his body was being continuously consumed.

The rate of consumption was also extremely fast.

After all, Ye Fengs current cultivation speed far exceeded the speed of meditating and absorbing mana.

“Theres still some time before daybreak.”

“Continue to cultivate!”

“With the systems guidance, entering the 8th level is simple.

If I continue cultivating at this speed, I should be able to break through the 10th level before daybreak!”

“Although Ive learned it, I still havent completely grasped it.

I still need to fight to understand it!”

Thinking of this, Ye Feng gathered his spirit and gathered a large amount of mana.

In the next moment, the mana was compressed!

A blue light was released in an instant!


The entire room shone with an incomparably dazzling light.

Ye Fengs strength was still very well controlled, which also avoided the risk of tearing down the house.

But Ye Fengs parents…

Werent blind after all.

They were sleeping soundly when they suddenly saw a light in front of them.

They were instantly startled awake.

“Fenger, whats wrong!”

Ye Qiang hurriedly ran over and pushed open the door, only to see Ye Fengs entire body glowing.

“Its nothing, Im cultivating a new cultivation technique!”

Seeing that his parents had woken up, Ye Feng felt the surging spirit energy disappear and smiled awkwardly.

“I didnt expect that this light could actually penetrate the wall.”


“You guys go back and continue to sleep, haha!”

Ye Qiang looked at Ye Feng in surprise and said, “You can cultivate, but dont stay up too late.

Rest early!”

After saying that, he returned to his room.

“Whats wrong” In the room, Ye Fengs mother saw Ye Qiang return and asked him.


Your son is doing well.

He can actually release such strong spiritual energy.”

“Although we are all ordinary people, I can feel that spirit energy has a very strong sense of oppression.”

“It seems that our Fenger is not ordinary!”


On this side, Ye Feng rested for a minute before turning around and leaving the room.

After all, he had just grasped the 8th level.

It was a moment of excitement.

How could he possibly sleep!

And as his cultivation deepened, his powerful body also nourished every cell in Ye Fengs body.

He would only become more and more energetic.

Drowsiness did not exist!

If not for the system, Ye Feng would have spent a lot of time just reading such an obscure book.

It would have been impossible for him to understand what this book was about without eight or ten years.

The system was also constantly pointing out Ye Fengs shortcomings.

Some of the control was absolutely meticulous, as well as the use of magic power.

Ye Feng was still unable to completely master it.

“Come on, no one can disturb me now!”

“Just nice, lets test the power of a mage!”

Ye Feng came to a hillside.

Under the moonlight, it seemed so quiet and bright.

A breeze blew, and a cool breeze followed

At this time, it was very suitable to sleep, but Ye Feng was very energetic, and the spiritual energy in his body was constantly surging.

There was no one around here, and there were only stars in the distance, which was the city.

But at such a distance, even if there were people there, it was impossible for them to notice this side.

“1st level!”

Ye Feng thought to himself, and the magic energy in his body surged, and [Starfire Meditation] was also activated at the same time.

“2nd level!”

“3rd level!”

“4th level!”

As the level of the magic power increased, the magic power in Ye Fengs body continued to surge.

At the same time, a large amount of magic power was also being absorbed by Ye Feng.

This was a plain that couldnt be seen at a glance.

A large amount of grass, under the enhancement of Ye Fengs meditation, was constantly being absorbed by Ye Feng.

In addition, there was the illumination of the moon here.

A large amount of heaven and earth spiritual energy transformed into magic energy and surged into Ye Fengs body in large amounts.

Ye Feng did not have the slightest difficulty.

Very quickly, the [Starfire Meditation] realm rose to the 6th level!

A ball of flame appeared in Ye Fengs hand.

In the distance, a small person that Ye Feng had transformed into was used as the target of attack.

Ye Feng took a deep breath.

Flames followed!


When the blue flames exploded, that small figure was directly sent flying.

In the air, Ye Fengs flames gathered once again.

“7th level!”

The small figures body was being burned!

Countless flames appeared around the small figure at an unknown time.

In almost an instant, the small figure was completely covered.


“8th level!”

Ye Feng shouted, and the endless flames instantly exploded!


Between heaven and earth, an incomparably huge spiritual energy instantly soared into the sky!

An incomparably thick blue pillar of light lit up the entire area within a few kilometers!

In an instant, everything that was originally pitch-black became like daytime!

Ye Feng could even hear the crowing of roosters coming from afar…

One had to know that it was still midnight.

This attack had almost released all of Ye Fengs spirit energy.

Magic power was a form of spirit energys existence.

When spirit energy was exhausted, magic power would naturally be exhausted as well.

Along with it, a wave of pain came from his body.

This was the result of excessive use of magic power.

His body simply couldnt withstand the huge impact of magic power.

But for Ye Feng, this was still fine.

After all, compared to the impact brought by the awakening and evolution, this was still childs play.

To him, even if he was heavily injured, bleeding from his seven orifices, and his five organs were pierced…

He could still repair himself.

At most, it would just consume some more spirit energy!


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