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Looking at the huge crater on the ground that had been blasted out just now, Ye Feng was even frightened by his own power.

This attack power was simply comparable to a C- grade warrior.

If he had awakened this ability earlier, in the previous training competition, encountering the strongest Giant Saber Mantis would be nothing.

In front of him, it wouldnt have been able to withstand a single move before exploding and dying!

Moreover, he was only a short distance away from the end of the training.

How long had it been

Less than a week!

This speed of improvement was absolutely astonishing.

In comparison, there were still many students who were still in the process of familiarizing themselves with the symbiotes.

As for Ye Feng, he was already able to tear apart all living beings below D grade!

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This gap was pulled out in an instant.


“There arent many problems in terms of magic power.

At the very least, Ill have the ability to defend myself during the entrance examination!”

“Itll be awkward if I cant even pass the entrance examination at that time.”

Sitting on the grass and feeling the gentle breeze, Ye Feng closed his eyes and slowly analyzed.

If he were to hide all of his abilities, that wouldnt be too realistic.

After all, he was currently relying on his own overnight success to obtain the opportunity to enter Cloud Mist Academy.

Moreover, even if he entered Cloud Mist Academy…

If he didnt display his abilities…

Then he wouldnt be destined to obtain more and better resources.

After all, Cloud Mist Academy was also one of the Five Great Universities.

Among them, there would definitely be a handful of outstanding people who were number one within the same realm.

Therefore, Ye Feng needed to improve himself even further.

Otherwise, how could he survive in such a powerful environment

With the help of the system, not to mention that the upper limit of the [Starfire Meditation] was 18 levels, even if it was 100 levels, he would be able to grasp it in a short period of time!

He felt that the sky was slightly bright.

Only then did Ye Feng realize that while he was cultivating, the sky had already lit up.


The sky brightened.

After Ye Feng bade farewell to his parents, he set off for Cloud Mist Academy.

According to Li Ruyans instructions, to head to Cloud Mist Academy, one needed to take a special transportation vehicle, the high-speed train!

Even with the rapid development of today, the high-speed train was still the most popular transportation vehicle and continued to exist.


Not long after, Ye Feng arrived at the station.

Seeing the transportation vehicle of his previous life, Ye Feng felt extremely familiar.

After all, in this life, almost everything around him was high-tech equipment.

Only the high-speed rail did not seem to have changed much.

However, as far as Ye Feng knew, the source of power for the high-speed rail had already been converted from traditional electricity into spiritual energy.

Because in this world, spiritual energy was the one thing that was not lacking the most.

Due to the recovery of spiritual energy, the entire sky above the blue planet was covered by a thick layer of spiritual energy.

In the air and in the liquid, it could be seen almost everywhere!

The continuous flow of spiritual power was also used by humans.

The high-speed railway with spiritual power was a very important innovation.

Ye Feng swiped his identity card according to the road sign and walked into the high-speed railway station.

With all kinds of high-tech transportation tools that was popular now, the high-speed railway station was no longer so popular.

However, because of its low price and high commuting efficiency, the high-speed railway was still one of the most popular transportation tools.

Ye Feng looked around, “The fourth platform…”

Wuzhou Citys high-speed rail station could be considered as one of the largest high-speed railway stations in the south.

Therefore, this special train heading to Cloud Mist Academy also chose to depart here.

“It should be there, right” Ye Fengs eyes were sharp.

In this huge high-speed rail station, he could see the entrance with the wordsspecial passageway written on it at a glance.

As for the entrance to the left and right platforms, this was also the only entrance where there was no queue.

Other people were not stupid.

There was a special passage written here.

It must be a special train specially provided for some awesome people!

“Dont squeeze, dont squeeze.

Its already crowded in the front, dont squeeze in the back!”

“Hey, dont cut the queue.

The people behind are queuing so hard.

What do you mean by cutting the queue”

“Its been a long time.

When will this train arrive”

“Is it late again Im dizzy.”

The scene was like a vegetable market!

Ye Feng bypassed the crowd and walked toward the special passage.

Although he didnt know whether it was this passage or not, since it was written down, it should be!

“Hello, this is a special passageway… Please show me your ID card.”

The security guard saw that Ye Feng was about to walk in and was immediately frightened.

He reached out to stop him.

Realizing that his actions were somewhat violent, he hurriedly reached back.

If the other party was some big shot, his actions would have ruined his entire career!

After all, those who could take this path were all extraordinary!

“Oh, right.

Here you are.” Ye Feng smiled awkwardly and took out his identity card and handed it over.

Ever since he was young, Ye Feng had never left Wuzhou City.

The furthest distance was to go to a scenic spot at the edge of Wuzhou City, and it was only for a short time.

Therefore, Ye Feng naturally did not know that they needed to check his identity card.

Beep —

The security guard carefully put the identity card on the machine and identified it.

In the next second, all the information about Ye Feng was read out.

“Identity verified!”

With the final sound of the machine, the security guard returned the identity card to Ye Feng, turned sideways to make a path, and nodded.

“Its really here.”

Ye Feng smiled and strode in with everyones envious eyes.

Ye Fengs privilege made them die of envy.


“It actually takes three days and three nights to arrive”

When he arrived at the station and saw a conductor holding up a train ticket, Ye Feng didnt know whether to laugh or cry.

Logically speaking, the speed of the high-speed rail wasnt considered too slow, right

Moreover, this was the China high-speed rail!

The China high-speed rail that enjoyed the title of being as fast as the wind!


However, knowing that he would have to sit for such a long time, Ye Feng was also somewhat surprised.

He thought that there must be something fishy going on.

Otherwise, why would he have to sit for such a long time

After getting on the train, Ye Feng found his own carriage.

It was a four-person room.

Fortunately, this carriage all had beds.

At the very least, he could rest for a while.

Otherwise, he would have been tortured to death before arriving at such a long journey.

“Students, please pay attention.

This special train is heading to Cloud Mist Academy.

You are not allowed to get off the train midway…”

“Each carriage is equipped with its own personal stewardess.

Students in need can call from the carriage on their own.

It will satisfy your needs.”

“As expected of the China high-speed rail.

The service is actually so good.”

Ye Feng was pleasantly surprised.

This was his first time taking the high-speed rail in his life, and it was also his first time enjoying the service from above.

But at the same time, Ye Feng also roughly knew.

The people on this train were all students heading to Cloud Mist Academy.

Releasing his perception, this high-speed rail was actually considered a small train.

The entire train was only a short six sections.

There was a total of no more than 100 people.

However, this number was still quite shocking.

After all, Cloud Mist Academy was a first-class university.

In this batch, there were actually so many people who could participate in the assessment.

“Looks like I cant let down my guard!”

Ye Feng put down his things and prepared to go to bed to rest.

For the next few days, he planned to focus on training on his bed and not care about the matters outside.

Not long after Ye Feng packed his things, one after another, the other three temporary roommates also arrived.

Among the three people, Ye Feng noticed that one young man was very different from the others.

The other two, one tall and one short, followed behind the young man as if they were left and right guardians, like his little followers.

Compared to the other two, the leading young mans figure was robust, and the spiritual energy on his body could clearly feel a trace of strength.

But, only a trace.


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