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Not long after, the train started broadcasting again.

“Attention, students, the train is about to depart.”

“Please take your seats as soon as possible.”

After a few more minutes, the train finally started to move slowly.

Looking at the scenery outside the window, Ye Feng was also quite surprised.

After all, this was a high-speed rail with spiritual power.

Compared to the ordinary high-speed trains in his previous life, it was still very surprising.

A high-speed rail with spiritual power almost did not consume any energy.

Moreover, with a slight acceleration, it could release ten times more power.

In other words, a 100-kilometer journey with a high-speed rail could directly jump to its destination in a short 10 minutes.


This speed was still very impressive.

This was also a speed that Ye Feng could not imagine.

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But at the same time, he felt puzzled.

This trains speed was so fast.

Why did it still need three days and three nights to reach Cloud Mist Academy

Could it really mean that there was something wrong with this train

Ye Feng did not dare to be careless.

Along the way, it was very boring.

With more than 100 people, apart from a very small number of people who came from the same school, they could be considered to know each other and could even chat a little.

The others didnt know each other and didnt have any topics to chat about.

They just did their own things.

But whether they knew each other or not, they all had one thing they would do.

That was to prepare for the entrance examination!

They opened books to take notes, memorized knowledge points, and prepared to take the written examination.

There were also those who practiced, and even those who honed their symbiotic bodies…

Although there were more than a hundred people, because they were all four-person small rooms, everyone did not disturb each other and immersed themselves in their own world to cultivate diligently!

Of course, there were also a few people who were absent-minded.

“WTF, what bull** rail, you actually want me to sit for three days and three nights!”

“Why cant I fly over on my own private jet!”

“Im really speechless.

With this time, how many girls can I flirt with!”

“Dont you think so!”

In the carriage that Ye Feng was in, the muscular young man cursed.

Immediately after, the two underlings immediately replied.

“Thats right, thats right! Im not belittling Cloud Mist Academy either.

Such a large academy actually isnt even willing to fork out money and even wants us to take the high-speed rail!”

It was very obvious that they were extremely dissatisfied with this train.

“Does this bullsh*t academy need to be built so far away”

“Its fine if it ran so far away, but this broken train is still so slow! Im really speechless!”

Within the private room, the tall and short duo echoed one after another.

The other person scratched his head and suddenly said, “Big Brother, since its so boring, why dont we play a game”

“You bunch of idiots, what can we play”

Their big brother lazily stretched his waist with a look of disdain.


“Play the card tractor!”

“Get lost!”

The big brother cursed and turned his head to look at Ye Fengs bed.

He saw Ye Feng sitting on the bed, not moving at all.

He felt it was a little funny, so he said provocatively, “Hey, kid, that kid sitting on the bed!”

“Yes, thats right, Im talking about you!”

Ye Feng heard that and turned around to look at that person with puzzlement.

“Whats wrong”

“Nothing, Im just bored.

What are you doing”

“Huh In a daze,” Ye Feng replied casually.

“In a daze Haha How about making friends Let me introduce myself.

My name is Lei Jia!”

“Hmm, how should I put it My biggest weakness is that Im too rich!”

“Since elementary school, Ive never had less than two bodyguards.

Look, these two who follow me are my bodyguards and also my underlings.”

“Their ranks arent low either, so generally speaking, no one dares to provoke me because those who know me all know what the consequences of provoking me are like!”

“Its your turn.

Whats your name Which high school are you from”

Lei Jias tone carried a trace of disdain.

Ye Feng laughed lightly in his heart.

One look and he could tell that this kind of person had a family and background.

From the moment the three of them entered the carriage, he had already released his perception and had a clear understanding of their background.

This man called Lei Jias rank was about the same as his previously, E- grade.

The difference was that he had just stepped into the E- grade, while Ye Feng was already prepared to break through to C grade.

Moreover, Lei Jias E- grade cultivation was very weak.

It was completely relying on supplements to support his strength.

As for the remaining two underlings, one was F grade, and the other was F grade.

They were both unremarkable existences.

But since they were able to ride on this train together, that also meant that they also had the opportunity to participate in Cloud Mist Academys entrance examination.

That was also an opponent that couldnt be taken lightly.

But Ye Feng was not interested in them.

What he was more concerned about was what was about to happen on this strange train.

“Wu Zhou No.

2 High School, Ye Feng,” Ye Feng replied and then did not continue to pay attention to him.

He buried his head into his training.

A symbiote that had entered E- grade actually did not even know that he was training.

One could imagine this level.

This kind of cultivation was normally only available to the children of wealthy families.

They could use the resources in their families to continuously nourish themselves with medicinal pills and treasures, and then raise their cultivation level.

However, this kind of cultivation level was extremely weak.

Although their cultivation level had been raised to E- grade, in reality, their abilities were only at F grade, or even lower.

Toward this kind of person, Ye Feng could basically deal with them with a single punch.

“It cant be, right Wuzhou That poor and broken little place How could there be someone who could enter Cloud Mist Academy for the assessment!”

“You cant be related to Cloud Mist Academy, right”

“Thats not right either.

Since you came from that rundown place, how could you have a relationship with the teachers of Cloud Mist Academy Hahaha!”

Lei Jias words were filled with ridicule.

Every word and every word was directed at Ye Feng, not giving him a single step back.

As he spoke, Lei Jia suddenly thought of something.

“Wait a minute, Ye Feng This name sounds a little familiar…”

“He seems to be some celebrity Or an internet celebrity Have you guys heard of him”

Lei Jia turned his head to look at those two underlings.

The underlings shook their heads, indicating that they did not know.

Ye Feng shook his head and could not be bothered with him.

He got up and walked out of the carriage.

Standing in the carriage aisle, looking at the constantly refreshing scene outside, Ye Fengs thoughts were all over the place.

Cloud Mist Academy was indeed a very impressive academy.

For an entrance examination, it was also one out of a hundred.

It was extremely rare.

But seeing the scene just now, it made Ye Feng feel sad and complicated.

Perhaps for those who came from poor families like him, the entrance examination of Cloud Mist Academy was indeed a chance that could only be obtained by the best person who worked hard and risked their life.

But for a rich second generation like Lei Jia…

All the hard work that Ye Feng put in and the entrance examination opportunity that he fought for, they had spent money to directly skip it.

In other words, as long as one had money, they would be able to obtain an opportunity to take the entrance examination.

And this opportunity might be something that other people would never be able to obtain in their entire lives because the quota had already been taken up by those with power and influence!

Looking into the distance, Ye Feng had a myriad of thoughts.

Suddenly, a huge explosion pulled ye Feng back from his thoughts.


Ye Feng turned around and saw smoke billowing not far away.


“Theres a creature in the train!!!”

Ye Feng released his perception and soon, he saw all the information about the creature.

“Its a mutated Orc!”


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