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When Ye Feng was fighting just now, his body suddenly felt an unexpected power.

This power was very strong and constantly attacked the internal organs of his body.

This kind of feeling was comfortable, but at the same time, it also brought great changes to Ye Feng.

Ye Feng clenched his fist, and waves of spirit energy gushed out.

To be able to bring him spirit energy condensation, it must be something that only [Starfire Meditation] could do.

And the reason why it was triggered was very likely that during the battle, his level of [Starfire Meditation] had reached a deeper level!

This was because the biggest characteristic of [Starfire Meditation] was that it was passively triggered, and then the symbiotic body would quickly recover on its own.

But just now, Ye Feng might have also taken the initiative to release [Starfire Meditation], releasing too much spirit energy, which resulted in his bodys spirit energy being exhausted.

Moreover, his body received a fierce attack from the Orc, so the [Starfire Meditation] passively triggered the mechanism.

And this times improvement actually directly surpassed the level, breaking through to the tenth level!

‘Good heavens, this spirit energys improvement is too fast! The corners of Ye Fengs mouth rose.

The arrival of this force refreshed his fighting ability once again.

This inexhaustible power caused Ye Fengs body to undergo a huge change.

Ye Fengs speed did not decrease, but instead increased.

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A dark red sharp blade appeared in his hand.

The instant it appeared, along with the infusion of spirit energy, the inscription flashed, and an extremely powerful rumble was added to it.

The sharp blade was brandished.

It whistled as it bombarded toward the Orc!

‘7th level!

Ye Fengs extremely high physical fitness, coupled with the increase in agility, speed, and strength, coupled with the activation of magic power, allowed Ye Fengs attack to reach its peak at a certain instant!

This was also the first time Ye Feng had taken out this sharp blade.

Although he wasnt very familiar with it, with such a huge amount of strength attached to it, it wouldnt be a problem as long as this sharp blade hit the Orc.

After all, the Orcs skin was quite thick.

If he relied solely on his fist, the damage he dealt to the Orc would be like scratching an itch.


The Orcs speed was also abnormally fast.

When it saw Ye Feng suddenly sprinting over, its 3-meter-tall figure disappeared in an instant.

It suddenly appeared behind Ye Feng, raised its huge fist, and was about to strike down!

Ye Fengs perception was fully activated.

Naturally, he knew the movements of the Orc the moment it disappeared.

The giant Orcs fist had yet to land.

The sharp blade suddenly tilted.

The attack that contained a huge amount of magic power, in an instant, landed on the Orcs arm!


A muffled explosion sounded, and in an instant, countless pieces of meat exploded!


The Orc howled in pain.

After being heavily injured, its body became unstable, and it staggered back a few steps before crashing to the ground!

The Orcs right arm was seen.

It was a bloody mess!

Countless pieces of flesh scattered on the ground!

Fresh blood gushed out from the Orcs broken arm!

The entire carriage was instantly dyed red by the fresh blood that sprayed out.

Seeing that the Orcs arm was shattered by Ye Feng, its eyes narrowed and then suddenly widened, revealing an extremely shocked expression.


This was an E grade creatute! A mutated Orc!

The savage killing intent emitted from its body was enough to scare off a large number of students in the carriage.

But Ye Feng only needed one blow.

And it could directly shatter it!

The short-dressed girl couldnt believe it.

Was this still a rookie student participating in the entrance examination!

This was simply extraordinary!

A trace of shock flashed through the long-haired mans eyes, and it didnt dissipate for a long time.

This fellow actually had such strength.

In the future, he definitely couldnt be looked down upon!

Moreover, even after erupting his spirit energy for so long, he still hadnt used his symbiotic body.

He had relied entirely on his physical strength, yet he was actually able to reach such a level.

It wasnt simple!

This explosive strength had already surpassed too many people.

He had originally thought that his symbiotic body was already extremely rare, and his abilities were exceptionally sharp.

He had always been an absolutely powerful existence in the school.

Even in the training competition, he was also one of the top existences.

However, why was this man in front of him so powerful

The long-haired man fell into deep thought.

The strength of the mutated Orc lay in its tough skin and thick flesh.

Moreover, its speed was abnormally fast.

With his current level of strength, he could not even block a punch.

If he could not block it, he could dodge it!

However, the speed of the mutated Orc was far above him.

Except for Ye Feng, almost no one could dodge the attack of the mutated Orc.

Therefore, seeing that Ye Feng was still able to dodge it, everyone was shocked.

The most important thing was that Ye Feng had concealed most of his strength!

If he released all of his spiritual power, just this E grade Orc wouldnt be enough for Ye Feng to see.

On the other side, before the Orcs entire body was filled with hostility, Ye Feng walked in front of it.

Under the Orcs terrified gaze, Ye Feng waved his sharp blade once again.

An incomparably sharp light whistled through the air.

An incomparably huge Orc head flew up and fell to the ground more than ten meters away.

The mutated Orc was killed!

Once the Orc died, all the creatures on the train disappeared at the same time.

At the same time, the trains broadcast also sounded.

“Students, the mutated Orc leader has been killed.

The temporary test is over!”

“Students, please gather in the sixth carriage!”

As soon as this voice fell, an extremely powerful spiritual power instantly covered the entire train!

That extremely powerful aura stunned Ye Feng for a moment, and his eyes became complicated.

‘Could this be a Transcendent ability

In an instant, Ye Feng seemed to be wandering in the vast ocean.

This boundless spiritual power was like the warm water in a hot spring, bubbling out.

A warm current immediately filled Ye Fengs limbs and body, all of his organs and every cell seemed to have been stripped out.

That was a feeling that he had never experienced before.

‘Spiritual energy that has a recovery effect.

This Transcendent person is really incomparably powerful!

Ye Feng was secretly shocked in his heart.

What kind of Transcendent person was this They were actually able to transform their vast spiritual energy into a weapon that carried endless pressure.

At other times, it could transform into a warm current that could allow one to quickly recover.

Such a powerful ability, this was also the first time that Ye Feng had encountered it.

It was likely that he was a top-notch figure in Cloud Mist Academy.

This power was even several times stronger than the Ye Changfei that Ye Feng had met in the library!

If this person were to unleash their full strength, how terrifying would it be!

Ye Feng withdrew his spiritual energy and felt this warm current with his entire body and mind.

His body was also recovering rapidly.

All the students also reacted and looked around.

The countless creatures that had appeared turned into a puff of smoke at this moment and disappeared without a trace.

They all rushed to the largest sixth carriage.

Those who had been knocked out suddenly shivered and instantly woke up.

When they all knew about this situation, they were all very shocked.

Those students who had suffered injuries of varying degrees were also swiftly recovering.

Even those students who had suffered heavy injuries, who were missing limbs, were also recovering at a speed visible to the naked eye under a powerful spiritual force!

One could tell just by looking at the huge Orc head on the ground and the blood all over the ground.

A mutated Orc with an E grade cultivation and so many underlings had suddenly appeared.

So it was a temporary test arranged by Cloud Mist Academy!

“This… is so real, but its all fake!!”

“D*mn it, if I knew it was a test, I wouldnt have hidden!”

“Thats right, if I had known, I would have definitely gone all out!”

“You guys dont know, there were a few people who were even more miserable in the beginning.

They didnt even have the time to react before they were defeated by the Orc with a single punch.

They should be eliminated soon!”


Everyone discussed animatedly and gathered here according to the announcement while discussing the results of this test.

What they didnt expect the most was that this mutated Orc, whose cultivation had reached E grade, was actually beaten to death by a student!

Killed by a novice symbiote!

What kind of concept was this

While most of them were still thinking about how to hide, Ye Feng was already in a confrontation with the Orc leader.

When they were forced to participate in the battle, Ye Feng had already killed the Orc leader!

This made everyone think that Ye Fengs action of striking a rock with an egg would definitely end in a tragic end.

However, they did not expect that Ye Feng was actually unharmed and was even able to kill it!

In the end, the clown was themselves!


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