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Teacher Andys blue eyes were extremely obvious.

There were also rumors that when he was fighting, the spiritual energy that burst out from his eyes could even destroy an A grade expert in an instant!

Such a heaven-defying existence also caused Teacher Andys eyes to become famous.

He also had a nickname, known as the Blue-Eyed Demon King.

Even the principal of Cloud Mist Academy had personally come over to supervise the examination.

Fortunately, at the very least, this batch of people who had passed the examination werent too shamed.

On the contrary, they were the cream of the crop who had been selected from all of China.

Over a hundred people had actually been eliminated by a sudden test.

“The temporary test has ended.

We dont need to slowly take a bus over.”

“Lets go straight to the school!”

Just as he finished speaking, Andy waved his right hand.

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An incomparably pure and majestic spiritual energy instantly enveloped everyone present.

A blinding white light flashed.

Under the strong light, everyone subconsciously closed their eyes.

After the white light faded, they opened their eyes once again and discovered that they had arrived at a brand new place.

Here, the shadows of the trees formed a forest, and the chirping of the birds did not stop.

This was the Cloud Mist Academy.

Looking at the picturesque scenery around them, there were mountains and rivers, and the academy was built within the various mountains and forests.

Rather than calling it an academy, it would be better to say that this place was a scenic spot!

The spiritual energy here was extremely pure, and it contained an extremely large amount of spiritual energy.

It was extremely suitable for symbiotic cultivators to cultivate!

In addition to the numerous large buildings here, there were a total of 20 teaching buildings that had been opened.

There were also countless large training grounds!

With such rich teaching conditions and an unparalleled training environment, it allowed Cloud Mist Academy to become one of the top five academies in China!

The students looked at the picturesque campus and could not close their mouths.

They were incomparably excited in their hearts.

This school was simply heaven on Earth for symbiotes!

As expected of a palace-level school!

Ye Feng finally understood why the graduation qualification certification for graduates was so valuable.

The principals Bronze qualification allowed him to avoid the written test.

Even a principal of that level could only be a Bronze alumnus.

What about Silver, Gold, or even Platinum that was even stronger than bronze!

This was a heaven-defying level!

Which one of the people who could come out of this place wasnt an awesome existence!

Ye Feng was shocked, but at the same time, he began to pay attention to the surrounding environment.

This place occupied an extremely large area and was very suitable for training.

Moreover, the academys surrounding area was protected by a magic array, so this place was usually in an absolutely concealed state.

Even if they released a huge amount of spiritual energy during training…

It wouldnt affect the surrounding residents.

After all, Cloud Mist Academy was situated on the vast mountains.

The surrounding spiritual energy was extremely rich and was extremely suitable for symbiotic cultivators to train.

It even had the effect of doubling the effort with half the effort!


This unique cultivation condition was something that other schools could not compare to.

The students recovered from their shock one after another.

“Wow! What ability is this To actually arrive at the academy in the blink of an eye!”

“Teleportation skill! This is an ability that only top-notch Transcendents can grasp! Teacher Andy can casually wave his hand and teleport so many people at once! This is simply too godly!!”

“It takes a huge amount of spiritual energy to teleport one person.

We have a total of 32 people here.

Teacher Andys spiritual energy is really too powerful.”


Everyone was amazed.

This kind of teleportation skill had always been an extremely mysterious existence.

Basically, no one had mastered it.

Although it was famous, this was also the first time they experienced the feeling of being teleported.

It turned out that everything happened in an instant!

No wonder the top-tier Transcendents fought with top-tier creatures.

They all traveled hundreds of kilometers in an instant, from land to outer space!

And then from outer space to even deeper!

They easily erupted with monstrous power.

In an instant, the galaxy was shattered and everything was destroyed!

This was the power of Transcendents!

Ye Feng was also deeply shocked.

“Haha, everyone knows the joy of cultivation, right”

“I believe that everyone will also become very outstanding talents in the future, but before that, we must all cultivate well!”

After saying that, Teacher Andy raised his hand, and a piece of paper floated out.

On it was some arrangements regarding the entrance examination.

“Cough cough, regarding the arrangements for the entrance examination, Ill give everyone a preview here first.”

Teacher Andy cleared his throat, indicating for everyone to quiet down.

“Everyone will receive a temporary student card that records information.

Once you receive this card, you will be able to freely enter and exit the schools premises.”

“Of course, you will not have the right to enter some special venues.”

As he spoke, a small card suddenly appeared in the hands of Ye Feng and the others.

This was the temporary student ID.

The wordsCloud Mist Academy was engraved on it, but beside it were the wordsexpire time andtemporary.

The background was the entire vast Cloud Mist Academy.

This card was incomparably valuable when others saw the wordsCloud Mist Academy.

It wasnt that this student ID was valuable, it was that the person was!

This was the Cloud Mist Academys certification!

Other than some personal information, it could also be used to accumulate points.

The various places within the academy, such as the teaching building, the cafeteria, the dormitories, and the training grounds.

They all relied on this card to identify them.

If they passed the entrance examination, their temporary student ID would automatically be converted into a permanent student ID until they graduated.

After they graduated, they would pass the graduation examination and finally determine the aptitude of this card.

What Ye Fengs principal held in his hand was a Bronze aptitude student card.

The reason why such a student card existed was on one hand to prove that you were a student of Cloud Mist Academy.

On the other hand, you could use the points of the student card to exchange for some items.

Moreover, it was done in Cloud Mist Academys exclusive online store!

Some of these items were absolutely at the extraordinary level!

In Cloud Mist Academys points store, there were all sorts of items that could be found but not sought!

It was just a matter of points.

However, with a student ID, one would have the qualifications to exchange for them.

This was the greatest difference between the Cloud Mist Academy and an ordinary academy!

Between the two, the resources they enjoyed could be said to be worlds apart!

“The written test will be held tomorrow morning.

Students who need to participate in the test must make preparations in advance.”

“The final practical test will be held the day after tomorrow.

Everyone still has a short period of time to make adjustments.”

“The West Mountain Training Hall is specially opened for everyone.

Students who need to go there can warm up and train!”

“For specific matters, you can ask the receiving teacher.”

“I look forward to everyones performance.

Well see you tomorrow!”

After saying that, Teacher Andy disappeared into thin air.

Everyone started to move around freely.

Ye Feng picked up the card and looked at it.

Other than recording some of his information, there was also a column for points.

But now it was 0.

After all, he had just arrived, so what points could he get!

Ye Feng also had some understanding of how points could be obtained.

That was to complete the schools mission in the future, or to do something that contributed to the school in order to obtain them!

Of course, there were also many other methods.

But to sum it up in one word, difficult!

And it wasnt just any ordinary difficulty, it was incomparably difficult!

The rarity of points also meant that points could bring huge benefits.

Ye Feng used the bracelet to open the points store of Cloud Mist Academy, wanting to see what good stuff was inside.

“Holy sh*t, the Slime Crown!”


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