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Ye Feng looked at a very eye-catching item on the shopping list and was immediately shocked.

In Cloud Mist Academys shopping mall, there was actually such a thing sold

The Slime Crown was the supreme existence of the Slimes.

Although it was only a crown, its effect was extremely strong.

It usually only appeared on the most powerful Slime.

Only the Slime King was qualified to wear this crown.

Although the Slime was too weak and was at the lowest end of the food chain, there were still powerful existences among the Slimes.

To be called the Slime King, one must be an extremely powerful existence.

Ye Feng opened this item and looked at the detailed information.

“Theres actually such a huge increase”

Looking at the attribute bonuses recorded on it, Ye Feng fell into deep thought.

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“Using the crown, the current attribute can be instantly increased to the peak of the current stage!”

“If its used on the Magic Slime symbiote, it can obtain an additional ability to evolve, as well as an ability [Flash of Radiance]!”

The bonus of this crown was simply too awesome.

Ye Feng looked at the attributes on it and could not help but be secretly surprised.

If he obtained this crown and used it on his symbiote, it would be like adding wings to a tiger!

It was written on it that if he used it on a Magic Slime symbiote, he could gain two additional abilities!

And his symbiote, wasnt that a pure Magic Slime creature


Ye Fengs eyes lit up once again when he saw this column.

Super-evolution could bring about a leap in evolution for Slimes.

Moreover, the nature of this evolution was completely different from that of the symbiotic evolution.

The super-evolution of the Slime Crown came from the most fundamental evolution of Slimes.

This evolution could bring about the most direct and fundamental change to Slimes.

Moreover, the attributes it brought were just like the sequence.

It would bring about an extraordinary ability!

“And this [Flash of Radiance] can actually directly carry out a resurrection!”

Ye Feng had an incredulous expression on his face.


This word sounded so magical.

This also meant that even if the symbiote was killed and used up its last bit of HP, he could still use this ability to carry out a resurrection!

Everything was back to normal!

“This ability is really awesome!”

Ye Feng thought to himself.

He glanced at the points required for the crown before his face darkened.

“As expected of a good item.

It actually costs 99 points!”

This point was already considered a heaven-defying price.

Although there were countless rare and wonderful items in the points store of Cloud Mist Academy, the prices were all 1 point and 2 points.

This was because points were extremely difficult to obtain.

After three years of academy life, an average person would be considered to be very impressive if they managed to accumulate 10 points in these three years.

And according to Ye Fengs understanding, the No.

2 High School principal who possessed the qualifications of a Bronze-ranked alumnus…

The highest total number of points he could obtain was only 18!

Although the points were high, this item was indeed a good item!

“Looks like Ill have to think of a way to earn some points after passing the assessment!”

Ye Feng thought to himself.

He had to obtain this Slime Crown.

After all, it could bring such an awesome ability.

Everyone wanted it!

Closing this page, Ye Feng glanced at the other items.

He found that this place was filled with a dazzling array of good items.

Skills, items, magic treasures, pills, weapons, defensive equipment, and so on.

What was here were all good items that couldnt be found on the market!

Moreover, the higher the level, the higher the points required.

Among them, there were even super rare S grade goods!

Ye Feng looked at the unusual goods page.

Extraordinary S grade goods.

Ability, Magic Eye!


Ye Feng thought to himself.

This ability was comparable to the eye of Teacher Andy, who could decide life and death with a single glance.

Ye Feng naturally knew how terrifying this ability was.

He glanced at the points.

It made Ye Feng speechless.


Ye Feng closed the page resentfully.

This ability, let alone whether his cultivation level could withstand it or not…

This price made him not dare to think too much about it.

Not to mention 9999 points, 100 points was a level that many people would never reach in their entire lives.

Ye Feng continued to slide down.

Other than the common types, there were even all sorts of strange things here.

“Innate energy What is this thing”

The things here deeply attracted Ye Fengs curiosity.

After all, the things on it were too many and too magical!

The things that appeared in Cloud Mist Academys points store were things that an ordinary person wouldnt be able to see in an ordinary store.

Only after reading the introduction did Ye Feng understand.

“Its actually a medium that strengthens the origin energy of the symbiotic body.”

“I didnt expect that this kind of thing could actually be separated and sold separately.”

Innate energy was an aura produced during the awakening stage before becoming a symbiote.

This aura came from the symbiotes body.

This aura was the most primitive form of spiritual energy.

After awakening, the innate energy in the symbiotes body would be converted into spiritual energy.

In other words, the stronger the innate energy was, the stronger the spiritual energy would be.

And there was another direct change.

That was during the awakening of the symbiotic pool.

Innate energy could directly determine the degree of adaptability of the chosen symbiotic body.

Generally speaking, the stronger the innate energy was, the larger the range of the chosen symbiotic body.

For the birth of extraordinary symbiotic body, innate energy was very powerful.

For example, those who possessed a mythical symbiote and possessed innate energy were all extremely powerful.

Currently, for them, purchasing this innate energy would also bring about a huge increase in the adaptability of the symbiote.

There was also a certain probability that it would bring about a different change.

And this points store could actually directly sell it.

This was something that could directly change a persons fate!

Seeing these things, Ye Feng could not help but feel the might of Cloud Mist Academy.

Other than these things, there were many other things that Ye Feng did not expect.

Summoning-type magic treasures, fusion-type skills, and even the sealing ability.

“Sealing ability Is there anything that still needs to be sealed”

“A powerful creature of a certain level”

Ye Feng thought about it and agreed.

Currently, the recovery of spiritual energy was becoming more and more intense.

Other than the cities where humans lived, the figures of creatures could be seen in almost every other place.

Especially in places where the spiritual energy was very strong, it was especially easy to give birth to very powerful creatures.

Although all over the world, there were specialized symbiotes to maintain the safety of the places.

But when they encountered a particularly powerful creature.

When they couldnt kill it with their abilities, they could only seal it.

Therefore, generally speaking, when the symbiotes were powerful to a certain level, the sealing ability had to be mastered.

But Ye Feng also understood that the seal was not permanent.

Moreover, as the recovery of spiritual energy progressed…

Many of the previous seals would also be broken.

When that time came, the world would be in chaos again.

But for now, even if it was chaos, it had nothing to do with Ye Feng.

His ability was far from being that powerful.

Now, he just needed to cultivate properly!

Then, he would think of ways to earn some points.

Ye Feng closed the shop.

Even if he really wanted to obtain the Slime Crown, there were still many things he wanted.

But he was not qualified to exchange for the things on it.

After all, he had not even passed the entrance examination.

All of this had to wait until after he entered the school.


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