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The next morning, it was already quite late for the written examination.

Logically speaking, everyone should have gone back to review.

But Ye Feng had the principals recommendation.

He was directly exempted from the written examination.

Thus, he did not need to take the examination tomorrow at all.

Thus, he had a lot of time to stroll around the campus.

Cloud Mist Academy was really, really big.

Ye Feng walked around aimlessly.

After walking for a full hour, he was still within the range of the field that he had been transported to previously.

If he were to calculate according to this distance… the entire Cloud Mist Academy was quite big.

Moreover, the distance between the dormitory area and the teaching area was diagonally opposite.

One side of the school was on the other side.

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If a student had some ability, they would naturally not be late for class.

However, for some students who were not very strong, they usually had to leave at least three hours in advance.

This way, they could ensure that they would not be late.

Ye Feng was also a little surprised.

Such a large area, even his perception could not completely cover it.

He could only detect a part of the area.

Ye Feng came to a lawn.

There was no one around.

This was the most suitable place for cultivation.

Anyway, he had nothing to do now.

The academy was too big, and it was impossible for him to completely explore it.

He might as well wait until he passed the entrance examination before going around.

When that time came, he would have plenty of time.

“Since I have nothing to do now, lets take a look at the principals notes.”

“The things recorded on it are much faster than me slowly exploring it myself!”

After all, the principal was not an ordinary person.

The notes that were summed up at that level were not only the painstaking efforts during his studies, but also the essence.

Ye Feng sat cross-legged and took out the thick notebook from his bracelet.

He flipped open the notebook that had a sense of vicissitudes of history.

Suddenly, spiritual energy surged.

A ray of light overflowed from the notebook and quickly disappeared.

Instead, it turned into a whirlpool-like suction force that continuously pulled at Ye Fengs consciousness.

“Theres a world of consciousness here”

Ye Feng was secretly shocked.

When he opened this notebook in front of the principal, it was no different from a normal book.

He did not know why, but when he opened the notebook again…

It actually produced such a change.

Ye Feng also followed the lead of the book after all.

He closed his eyes and his consciousness flashed.

A small world gradually appeared.

“So thats how it is.

There is actually a small world here!”

“The principal is really amazing.

He was actually able to open up a space within a book.

If it was someone else, they definitely wouldnt be able to do it.”

One had to know that a space domain wasnt something that could be opened up casually.

The requirements were also a lot.

Moreover, it also required a large amount of talent and foundation.

And when this notebook was written, it was something that the principal had done while he was studying at Cloud Mist Academy.

At that time, he was able to open up a small world.

It was also extremely amazing.

Ye Feng sighed in amazement.

He rubbed his eyes and looked around.

His consciousness had already completely entered this space.

As the light gradually faded, his vision became clearer and clearer.

This was a small thatched cottage located on a floating island, and the surroundings of the small island were all white.

This place was slightly crude, but it was indeed a good place to cultivate because there was no one to disturb.

Ye Feng released his perception and couldnt sense anything.

After all, what was here could be seen at a glance.

Besides a small thatched cottage, there was also an empty grassland.

Ye Feng was curious about what was inside the thatched cottage.

He walked in front of it, and with a squeak, Ye Feng pushed the door open and walked in.

There was nothing inside except for a bed and a desk.

“What is this What is the principal creating here”

Ye Feng saw a pile of paper on the desk, so he walked over and picked it up to take a closer look.

“Perception discrimination Isnt this one of the legendary Top Ten Secret Arts”

Seeing the very detailed written records on it, Ye Fengs eyes widened, and he was secretly shocked.

Ye Feng had naturally heard of this ability, perceptive discrimination.

This was the highest level of perceptive abilities.

Generally speaking, every symbiote had either strong or weak perceptive abilities.

In short, there would definitely be one.

And the perceptive ability that Ye Feng now possessed was also based on the sequence ability that Slime felt.

It wasnt too strong, but at least it wasnt weak.

As for perceptive discrimination, this ability was extremely terrifying.

Not only could ones perceptive abilities be maxed out, they could also sense the opponents full strength.

Even more ridiculous was that they could sense the surrounding spiritual energy.

This was the terrifying aspect of perceptive discrimination.

Basically, nothing could be hidden from the opponent unless it was an extremely powerful existence with a huge difference in level, and it was naturally impossible to sense the opponent.

However, it still did not hinder the ability to sense and distinguish.

It had become the most powerful supporting ability.

However, this ability was basically something that no one could grasp.

On one hand, it was because the barrier to sense and distinguish was extremely high.

It was not something that an ordinary person could learn.

On the other hand, it was because very few people knew about this ability.

The records of this ability were almost extinct in the world!

Therefore, basically no one could completely grasp it.

Moreover, the secret manual of this ability was divided into two volumes.

The first volume mainly recorded how to improve the perception ability.

The second volume was the most core.


It described how to carry out the ultimate perception discrimination.

Ye Feng looked at the paper on the table.

At a glance, he saw that this was the copy that the principal had personally copied down.

He did not know where he had copied it down, but only the first volume was recorded here.

Although it was a pity, it was still an unexpected gain.

At least half of the improvement could bring about a great change.

‘This is a good thing.

The principal really left me a lot of surprises! Ye Feng thought, and with a thought, he put it back into the bracelet.


Although it was very strong, at his current stage, it was not suitable for him to cultivate this ability.

Not to mention whether or not he could withstand the huge impact brought by the perception…

The most obvious side effect was that the consumption of spiritual energy was huge, far exceeding Ye Fengs imagination.

This ability, at least for now, was not suitable for him.

After all, his spiritual energy was not too much.

Even though he had the spiritual power that was continuously generated by the [Starfire Meditation], this speed was still too little compared to his perception!

At the very least, he had to wait until after the entrance examination.

Ye Feng walked out of the latrine and a figure flashed past.

“Theres someone else here”

Ye Feng was startled and immediately released his perception.

Spiritual power surged all over his body.

“Hahaha, young man, dont panic!”

Laughter rang out.

Ye Feng looked around, but he didnt find any movement within his perception.

“I am the study guide of this world, set up by Zhang Zifan.”

“I dont have a physical body.

This is a consciousness.

My duty is to provide necessary guidance for those who enter the book.”

Hearing this, Ye Feng nodded.

“Zhang Zifan, is this the principals name”

Ye Feng didnt know much about the principal.

Not to mention him, even in the entire Wuzhou No.

2 High School, there were probably no more than two people who knew the principals real name.

Ye Feng walked to the open grassland and sat on the ground.

He had heard of the existence of such a study guide, but he had never seen it before.

Seeing it today, he was indeed amazed.

“So, study guide, help me to search for magic training methods.”


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