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“Its not dark yet”

“I remember that it was almost dusk when I entered the book space.”

“Could it be that the time in the book space is different from the time outside”

Ye Feng looked around.

It was only dusk now, and it was also dusk when he entered just now.

Time did not change much.

Therefore, Ye Feng also felt that time was slow in the book.

If that was the case, then he could rest assured and cultivate in the book world until he completely comprehended this notebook!

If he grasped all the knowledge in this notebook, then it would be a very awesome existence.

Of course, Ye Feng was still unable to verify this question.

He could only wait until the next time he entered the book world and ask the study guide inside again.

He kept the notebook back into his bracelet.

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Ye Feng stood up and left this place.

There was still a lot of time left.

He could walk around for a while.

Moreover, he heard that the training grounds here were also very high-class.

Ye Feng also wanted to go over and experience it.

Walking on the road, Ye Feng looked around.

Cloud Mist Academy occupied an extremely large area.

The resources within it were also incomparably rich.

Compared to Ye Fengs previous Wuzhou No.

2 High School.

It was simply like heaven and earth!

There was simply no comparison between the two!

The library pavilion here was not only as large as seven buildings, but the number of treasures hidden within it was so large that Ye Feng could not even imagine it.

Most importantly, there was even a specialized training room here!

Not long after, Ye Feng arrived at a large building.

A few bold words were directly inlaid on this building.

“West Mountain Simulation Training Building!”

“Is this the place Teacher Andy was talking about”

Ye Feng muttered and walked in.

He heard that this place could simulate the real combat environment, and it was a very good simulation training ground.

The equipment and high-tech inside the training building were very huge.

Moreover, only the Five Great Academies of higher learning possessed such high-tech training buildings.

And amongst the Five Great Academies, the number of simulation training buildings ranked first.

Although it was first, there were only three simulation training buildings.

This explained the important value of this simulation training building.

Just as he pushed open the door, Ye Feng saw quite a few familiar faces.

Looks like he didnt go to the wrong place.

After all, this place was a training ground that Cloud Mist Academy had set aside for the students who wanted to participate in the entrance examination.

Ye Feng also directly walked in and didnt greet them.

After all, there wasnt any interaction between them.

Therefore, Ye Feng naturally didnt know who they were.

But there was one face that Ye Feng recognized, and that was Lei Jia.

“Hehe, that guy actually didnt get eliminated”

“Looks like youre not bad.

You have some skills!”

“But I dont know if that guy secretly hid and got away with it!!”

When Lei Jia Saw Ye Feng, his disdainful mocking voice was also overwhelmed.

Ye Feng ignored them and went straight to the front desk to swipe his temporary student ID.

“Give me a training ground.”

Seeing Ye Feng swipe his card and confirm the students information, the attendant at the front desk took out a tablet and handed it to Ye Feng.

“Hello, classmate.

This is a special training ground that simulates the most realistic battle and training environment.”

“There are three levels of training dummies here.

May I ask what level you want”

Ye Feng took the tablet and looked at it.

The three levels were high, medium, and low.

But when Ye Feng saw the price marked below, he was immediately speechless.

The prices on it were shockingly expensive.

Just a single high-grade training dummy, the price was already as high as 100,000!

And a medium-grade training dummy was also 60,000!

The lowest level was 30,000!

But there was a reason why it was expensive.

After all, this was a training ground that simulated reality.

And the training dummies were different from a dead target.

They had a certain level of cultivation, and the higher the level, the stronger it was.

These kinds of dummies trained not only in one aspect, but in all aspects, such as attack, defense, endurance, and agility.

Considering that he was about to participate in the actual combat exam outside the school…

Ye Feng did not think too much and directly asked for three high-end training dummies.

After all, this could also simulate the highest level of training.

This way, he could also do a complete assessment of his combat strength.

It could also be considered a warm-up in advance.

Of course, Ye Feng could still afford this money.

After all, he had previously bought and sold through the online shop.

He had also made a huge profit.

After paying most of his family, Ye Feng still had about 300,000 yuan left.

[Ding! Your card has been swiped successfully.

Please head to Training Ground 03.]

[I wish you a pleasant cultivation.

If you have any requests, please contact your attendant.]

Seeing the news that his card had been swiped successfully, Ye Feng felt his heart ache.

Three high-end dummies had directly cost Ye Feng 300,000 yuan!

But the service was still very good.

Not only was there a separate training ground, but there was also a specialized attendant that only served him.

This could also be considered to be enjoying the consumption of a high-end venue.

After all, money was meant to be spent.

“Please keep your student ID.

This way, please.”

The attendants attitude also became very friendly.

making a gesture ofplease, he led Ye Feng to Training Ground 03.

This building was not too tall, only three floors.

But it took up a lot of space.

Ordinary students could only enter the first floor and choose the training ground to train.

As for the purpose of the second and third floors…

Ye Feng naturally did not know.

“Hello, this is the training ground you have reserved.”

“After entering the training ground, the three high-end dummies you have reserved will appear.”

“The training dummies we provide can record the attack values you generate in detail, allowing you to check later.”

“Every training venue has a special power to protect you, so you can use your power without fear of accidentally injuring others!”

A female attendant brought Ye Feng to a place and explained in detail.

Ye Feng looked around.

As expected, this place was full of high-tech equipment.

This place was indeed good.

It was obviously indoors, but it was actually like an outdoor place.

The place was spacious enough.

Moreover, it could simulate any environment that one wanted.

It could even customize the amount of spiritual energy in the surroundings and various other things.

As long as Ye Feng wanted to, these were all very easy to do.

This was because as soon as he stepped into this space, his consciousness would be linked to the administrative authority of this space.

In other words, during the time of training, he was the creator of this space.

As long as he wanted to, there was nothing that he couldnt do.

The environment was not just a single training ground.

It could also be casually changed into forests, continents, islands, tropical grasslands, and so on.

And most importantly, as the environment changed, some of the values would also change.

For example, the forests had a particularly dense amount of primitive spiritual energy.

The attacks of the training dummies carried the attributes of the forests.

Poisoning, paralysis, hallucination, and so on.

And the tropical grasslands had a higher temperature.

The attacks of the training dummies were not only very fast, but also carried burning attacks.

Ye Feng carefully looked at the introduction of the space in his mind and could not help but be surprised.

This thing was too strong!

“Could this be an environmental simulation technique” Ye Feng muttered and walked straight into the training field.

Just as he stepped in, there was aclang sound in the middle of the field, and three burly dummies covered in armor and emitting a faint golden light appeared.

The aura emitted by these three training dummies was also very realistic.

Moreover, they also carried a very powerful pressure.

If one didnt carefully distinguish them, it was very easy to make people think that they were real people.

“Lets start now!”


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