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Looking at the navigation, Ye Feng walked for about ten minutes and arrived in front of a building.

“Student Dormitory 11, this is it!”

Ye Feng looked at the road sign in front of the door and spoke in a low voice.

“The school is really big.

The student area is so big, and each dormitory has dozens of floors.

I really dont know how many students this school can accommodate.”

Looking at this towering student dormitory building that reached into the clouds, Ye Feng was also somewhat surprised.

Because they were prospective freshmen, and there was still some time before the freshmen examination, each of them had already been arranged to have a dormitory.

Even if it was a temporary dormitory, it was still extremely luxurious.

Glazed tiles were laid all the way from the dormitory building.

The entire building was golden and resplendent, as if he had entered a five-star hotel.

It was as if every single one of them displayed the awesomeness of Cloud Mist Academy.

When Ye Feng walked in, he thought that he had entered the wrong building.

Only when he took out his phone to confirm once more did he finally relax.

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After finding the dormitory, Ye Feng took out the identity card that he had given out earlier and swiped it in.

And Ye Fengs dormitory was also a room for two people.

What entered his eyes were two beds.

One of them was filled with things while the other side was completely empty.

“Someone has already checked in here”

Ye Feng looked around and roughly understood the environment.

As expected of a higher education institution.

Even the accommodations were so good.

The size of a dormitory was already the size of a hall in his house.

This was also the first time that he was able to check into such a luxurious dormitory.

And it seemed that this roommate of his did not seem to be a prospective freshman.

He seemed more like a student who had been staying there for a long time.

Looking at so many daily necessities and the many instant noodles that he had stockpiled, Ye Feng was even more determined in his own thoughts.

“I actually live with an older student”

Looking at the bed that was full of mess, the bedsheets, and the pillows, there were even traces of yellowing.

This couldnt be something that a freshman could do, right

Moreover, they had just arrived here.

They had all just checked in.

Ye Feng sat on his own bed and did not care too much.

He would naturally know when his roommate returned.

Almost everything had been prepared by the school.

Therefore, it would be fine for a prospective freshman like them to just move in.

Ye Feng sat cross-legged.

It was already nighttime.

When it was time to rest, there was naturally nothing to prepare.

This period of time was also the most suitable for cultivation.

Ye Feng closed his eyes and quickly entered cultivation mode.

His perception was continuously released and gradually entered the storage space of his phone.

Ever since he came out of the competition, Ye Fengs materials were increasing.

Many of them were the Strengthening and Stabilizing Mixture.

In addition, he had just bought 10 bottles of the Strengthening and Stabilizing Mixture.

Ye Feng also sold all the other better quality items.

To Ye Feng, other than items that could provide spirit energy, the other items were really useless.

However, at Ye Fengs current stage, the Strengthening and Stabilizing Mixture still had some effect.

Otherwise, Ye Feng wouldnt have spent 200,000 to buy 10 bottles of medicine.

“I wonder when the new student assessment will start”

“Im already looking forward to the rewards of the assessment.”

“This is the assessment of a higher education institution.

The rewards obtained are also not something that normal cultivation can compare to.”

Ye Feng sighed.

His thoughts gradually returned.

The current him already contained enough spirit energy.

In other words, he could still undergo an evolution.

Previously, just in case, Ye Feng did not choose to cultivate for a long time.

Instead, he had always contained this huge amount of spiritual energy.

But now, it seemed that it was useless to keep this spiritual energy.

He might as well use it all to improve himself!

‘System, analyze.

With the spiritual energy I currently contain, what sequence can I improve Ye Feng thought to himself.

He was also very interested in the systems effects.

Everything was ready.

He only needed to wait for the systems analysis.

[Ding! Based on the hosts current situation, a major breakthrough is about to occur.]

[Therefore, the system does not recommend the host to proceed with a certain sequence advancement.]

The system also responded very quickly.

Hearing this, Ye Feng also had a plan in mind.

After all, his body had always contained such a powerful amount of spiritual energy.

The amount was extremely shocking.

If he refined all of it, the benefits he would obtain would definitely be very eye-catching.

Thinking up to this point, Ye Feng directly took out the ten bottles of the Strengthening and Stabilizing Mixture and downed two bottles in one go.

A warm feeling assaulted him, and immediately, Ye Fengs body became extremely relaxed.

He sensed the slow changes that were occurring within his body.

Ye Feng also calmed his heart and began to train.

The surrounding spiritual energy gradually gathered with Ye Feng as the center.

Cloud Mist Academy itself contained an extremely dense spiritual energy.

Hence, it was extremely easy to gather spiritual energy here.

Moreover, with the huge amount of spiritual energy that Ye Feng already possessed…

In practically an instant, Ye Fengs body underwent an extremely great change.

If one were to treat Ye Fengs main body as a water bottle, and this water bottle was filled with water, just a little bit more and the water would have escaped!

And this water was spiritual energy!

Ye Feng immediately welcomed a huge evolution!

[Ding! Congratulations, Host, you have unlocked the 7th Sequence [Analysis]!]

[You have obtained two special attributes of [In-Depth Analysis] and [Deconstruction Analysis]!]


As the systems voice stopped, this wave of evolution also came to an end.

Because of the two bottles of Strengthening and Stabilizing Mixture, Ye Fengs reaction this time wasnt that big.

The effect of the medicine itself was already useless to someone at his level.

But because of the medicines effect, it was stable.

So using it was at most icing on the cake for Ye Feng, but it also gave Ye Feng a very abnormal stability.

Looking at the remaining Strengthening and Stabilizing Mixtures, Ye Feng directly put them back into his storage space.

This times upgrade also made Ye Feng smile.

After all, this was a brand-new sequence!

‘Analysis Whats the use Ye Feng asked the system.

This was the first time he had encountered this ability, so he did not know much about it.

[Analysis is the epiphany of all things in the universe.]

[Anything can be deeply understood and analyzed.

For example, if the host understands a martial technique, he can use analysis to comprehend even more mysteries.]

[As the sequence ability increases, it can even comprehend all things in the universe!]

[But currently, the host can only analyze text-type books.]

Hearing the systems explanation, Ye Feng also revealed a shocked expression.

It was actually so terrifying

He did not expect that this sequence could actually unlock such an awesome thing.

In other words, if this ability was developed well in the future, it would not be able to easily obtain a cultivation technique book and understand the profoundness that most people did not know.

Moreover, if he obtained a high-quality cultivation technique book…

Wouldnt that be even more amazing!


Thinking of this, Ye Feng was extremely happy.

He let out a breath of turbid air, and his body and mind instantly relaxed.

‘Since thats the case, Ill try taking the notes given by the principal first!

Just as Ye Feng was about to take out the notes, the door suddenly creaked, and a figure walked in.


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