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“Hehe, let me tell you in secret, I worked hard for months to date that girl.

Shes not simple!”

“Shes our department flower, that long-legged girl, hiss…”

Looking at Su Bais infatuated face…

Ye Feng shook his head and chuckled.

What a good fellow.

He didnt expect that the honest Fatty Su would have so many romantic affairs behind his back!

As expected of an old senior who had been held back for 10 years!

This resource was truly amazing!

Looking out the window, night had already fallen.

This chat had actually lasted for such a long time!

Ye Feng was startled, but he was immediately attracted by the scenery outside the window.

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It had to be said that the scenery of Cloud Mist Academy was one of a kind.

As expected of a school in a painting!

Ye Fengs dormitory was located on the 5th floor of the 11th building of the dormitory buildings.

With a glance, one could basically take in all the scenery in the vicinity.

There were two or three pedestrians downstairs.

It seemed to be very deserted, but under the rays of the warm-colored street lights, it seemed to have an extra trace of warmth.

In the distance, a small square came into view.

As night fell, many students picked up their skateboards and began to play there.

Ye Feng even found a few people sitting cross-legged in the forest, breathing in a very strange way.

A large amount of spiritual energy gathered around one person in a short while, between breaths, that spiritual energy seemed to have gained intelligence.

It actually continued to revolve around them.

Sometimes it gathered, and sometimes it scattered, as it was dancing.

And that persons extreme control ability also stunned Ye Feng.

But on second thought, the density of the spiritual energy outside of Cloud Mist Academy itself far exceeded that of indoors.

Hence, most people would choose to train outdoors.

Ye Feng had actually wandered around the school and had actually found quite a lot.

After all, the unique geographical location and environment determined that this place was an excellent training place!

“I didnt expect to see a B grade boss training at a glance!”

Sensing the spiritual power of that man in the woods, Ye Feng knew his level at once.

It was definitely B grade!

‘No wonder its Cloud Mist Academy!

‘There are so many big shots everywhere.

It seems I have to ask Su Bai for more advice!


Glancing at Su Bai who was playing on his phone on the bed, Ye Feng chuckled.

Could he really ask an old senior who had failed his course for 10 years for advice

He collected his thoughts.

According to Su Bai, there was no exact time for the Freshman Trading Party.

It would only start when night fell.

Therefore, Ye Feng took his student card and was ready to go out.

“Brother Bai, its dark now.

The party should be starting.

Im leaving now!”

Ye Feng glanced at Su Bai who was lying on the bed.

“Alright, pay attention.

Remember to tell me if you see anything good! Oh right, add me as a friend first!”

Su Bai got up from his clothes, picked up his phone, and started scanning.

After adding him as a friend, Ye Feng left.

According to the navigation route sent by Su Bai, Ye Feng soon found the place of the party.

It was a super large track and field.

There were four entrances, and each entrance had a special staff to check their identity.

Only when they were confirmed to be quasi-freshmen or freshmen could they enter.

Of course, some senior students who were given special permission to enter were also qualified to enter.

Or the staff inside were also qualified to trade.

Ye Feng was also quite surprised when he saw the group of people entering one by one.

Not only did they have to verify the identity of the students, but they also had to check all kinds of information and confirm the items they traded.

This also ensured that every student had at least one item that could be exchanged.

As for why there was such a requirement, Ye Feng naturally did not know.

“So strict.

Theres actually multiple verifications.”

“That fatty can enter the freshmen party to trade for 10 consecutive years.

Looks like he has some skill!”

Ye Feng muttered to himself.

Originally, he thought that this party was not as strict as he imagined.

At least, he thought it would be very relaxed.

But after coming here, he realized that the management system of this party was comparable to entering an auction house!

At the very least, people could freely enter the auction house if they had money!

After a long time, it was Ye Fengs turn.

After swiping his student card and confirming Ye Fengs identity, one of the staff members opened his mouth to ask.

“Hello, classmate.

I am a staff member of the Student Union.

Your identity has been confirmed.

Next, you only need to provide at least one item to enter.”

As he spoke, that person stretched out his hand and made a gesture of invitation.

Ye Feng nodded.

With a thought, he flipped his hand and took out a bottle of Strengthening and Stabilizing Mixture.

In his storage space, he only had eight bottles of Strengthening and Stabilizing Mixture.

The other items had long been put up for sale by him in the Trading Mall.

But fortunately, if he could provide at least one item, he could enter.

The staff took a look and gave Ye Feng a release slip.

Then, he said, “You have to keep this release slip well.

What you need to pay attention to is that after entering the venue, all transactions must be bartered and no money exchange is allowed.”

After saying that, the staff let him in.

Ye Feng acknowledged and then walked in.

‘I see.

No wonder you need at least one item.

Thinking of this, Ye Feng was glad that he went to buy these few bottles of the Strengthening and Stabilizing Mixture during the day.

Otherwise, he really did not have the qualifications to enter the venue.

As he went deeper, the entire venue appeared before Ye Fengs eyes.

As expected of Cloud Mist Academy.

A freshmans party was actually held in such a grand manner.

There were stalls on the left and right, as well as quite a number of students holding various items in their hands to promote and explain.

It was as if they were in a market.

How lively!

Origin Caterpillar Fungus.

Amplification Medicine.

Foundation Stabilizing Pill.

Resurrection Lily.

Guiding Spirit Herb.

Although there were quite a few items in the Freshman Trading Partry, most of them were common items.

However, there were also quite a few high-quality and high-grade items.

Just like the Guiding Spirit Herb that Ye Feng had seen earlier.

Not only did it contain special spiritual energy, but it also had a huge tonic effect on the human body.

Its quality directly reached B grade!

One had to know that to have such high quality, if one were to look for it in the market, it would basically be priceless!

After all, these high-quality herbs were extremely rare.

In addition to the special nature of a spirit herb, it was already destined that this herb would not be of low quality.

“There are so many things.

I wonder if there are any good things in there!”

As he said this, Ye Feng was also very excited and immediately released his perception.

This was a track and field sports field.

If he were to walk from the beginning, it would take a lot of time.

Thus, Ye Feng directly released his perception.

His perception ability had now been upgraded to a brand new realm.

It could almost replace his vision from a certain angle!

Moreover, his perceptive sense was much faster.

Once he discovered something good, Ye Feng was not afraid that others would strike first.

“Then Ill look at it from the secret manual category!”

While thinking, Ye Feng increased his perceptive sense to the maximum, completely covering the entire track and field field.

And his gaze was also completely focused on the secret manual category.

After all, the new sequence he awakened was [Analysis], and it could be of great use to text-type items.

‘Good heavens, an A grade water-type symbiotic secret manual

Ye Fengs gaze focused on a stall.

One of the secret manuals also attracted Ye Fengs attention.

His footsteps also followed.

‘This is a good thing.

Although my Slime is of the Magic Slime type, it is also inextricably linked to the water-type.

Walking to the front of the stall, Ye Feng picked up the secret manual.

The stall owner saw Ye Feng walking over and immediately stood up.

“Hey, classmate, you have good taste coming here.

Look at this secret manual of mine.

Its really good stuff!”

The stall owner revealed a happy expression and kept on introducing it.

“Its not bad, but this secret manual of yours is only an incomplete volume.”

Ye Feng flipped through a few pages.

The codex recorded in it fascinated him.

Not only did it record some introductions of water-type symbiotic creatures, there were also many that talked about cultivation and methods of advancement.

Each persons symbiotic creature was different, resulting in different methods of advancement.

This water-type codex was also born for water-type symbiotic creatures.

He flipped through a few more pages.

Ye Fengs thoughts became absent-minded, as if there was a force that wanted to pull him into it first.

This force was very strange.

Ye Feng was secretly surprised.

‘It seems to be inextricably linked to the Slime Why does it even resonate with my origin!

‘This is a good thing!

Ye Feng thought to himself.

He had to think of a way to obtain this secret manual!

However, Ye Feng soon understood the reason why no one wanted this A grade secret manual.

It wasnt because they couldnt tell that this was a good thing.

On the contrary, they knew that this was a good thing.

That was why no one was willing to be a sucker and buy this incomplete volume!

The incomplete volume was the same as nothing!

After all, no matter what kind of document or ancient manual it was, what was important was coherence.

As long as one started to study it, they would have to follow the theory and continue to go deeper.

Who would buy only half of a manual!

Moreover, this was a secret manual.

An A grade secret manual!

This required even more consistent reading and continuous comprehension!

If there was only a part of it, it would be no different from waste paper.

“Hey Brother, after reading for so long, you also know that I dont need to say much about this quality, right If it was a complete volume, Im afraid you wouldnt be able to come and read it!”

“Were just looking for fate.

Since you like this secret manual so much, well barter.

Im not looking for a lot of money.”

The stall owner simply waved his hand and spoke with a bitter smile.

There were indeed a lot of good things at the party.

But at the party, they were all bartering.

Although there was no talk about how much it was worth, because they were all bartering for the things they needed.

But then again, who would use an A grade item to exchange for something of a lower grade

Ye Feng thought about it and decided to give it a try.

He said, “I have the Strengthening and Stabilizing Mixture here.

Do you want to trade it”


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