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“Why arent you listening to my lecture In Cloud Mist Academy, those who are complacent will not have a good ending.”

A deep voice reverberated in the classroom, immediately attracting the gazes of all the students.

What a fellow.

He was noticed by the teacher in the first class.

This fellow was really awesome!

Some of the male students were already secretly delighted.

Most of them had an indifferent attitude.

They were all dumbfounded by what had happened.

“Do you know why the Academy arranged for you to come to this teaching building for class”

“Do you think that in this building, of all the teaching buildings in the teaching district, why did you come to such a remote place for class”

“To tell you the truth, this building has a special meaning.

The teacher that you look up to, Teacher Andy, is my teacher.

He graduated from this building.”

“This building has a barrier set up by Teacher Andy.

All the past presidents of the Academy graduated from this building, which is what you call the written test.

This building has nurtured the brilliance of an era.”

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As he spoke, Professor Lei sighed.

“The significance of this building is far greater than you can imagine.

It is not as simple as just testing you to walk 50 kilometers to attend classes.”

“You have to know that becoming a member of the Symbiote Organization, let alone a mere 50 kilometers, even a thousand kilometers is just a joke.

These are all basic abilities.”

“At the end of the day, I still have to remind you not to be too complacent.

Especially in the first class.

You are already absent-minded and looking outside the class…”

“Eh! What is this” Professor Lei said as his gaze became dull for a moment and nailed onto the notebook in Ye Fengs hand.

“What is this How did you get the secret manual of the water element inheritance”

Ye Feng lowered his head and looked at the notebook.

Sure enough, there was a light blue ripple line.

This was something he had drawn when he thought it might be useful when he was copying.

He didnt expect this to prove it was a secret manual.

But Ye Feng naturally didnt know the specific purpose.

“You said just now that this was written by the first-generation water elemental Ceiling”

“Whats the basis”

Ye Feng was shocked.

He didnt expect that Professor Lei, who was on the podium, would hear him just now.

Looking at the neighboring seat, Su Feis eyes widened in confusion.

Obviously, she didnt know what had happened.

Ye Feng looked at her eyes.

She definitely didnt hear what he was muttering just now, but the teacher in the distance heard it.

Ye Feng suddenly felt a sense of pressure.

Are all the teachers here so terrifying

“Its written here,” Ye Feng pointed to a place and said.

Professor Lei was skeptical.

He picked up the notebook and carefully studied it.

“Roman Anthony!”

“Although this is the first generations name, but…”

“This is obviously written by your hand, right”

Although Professor Lei said so, his eyes were fixed on the content on it.

To say that it was copied, the quality of the content was too good.

Not only was it rich, but every cause and effect could be explained very clearly.

Most importantly, some special secret texts and graphics had been copied perfectly.

Professor Lei felt a little puzzled.

If it was completely fake, how could a prospective freshman have so much confidential information

One had to know that the information contained in a secret manual was very huge, and after countless years of baptism, it had accumulated a cultural heritage.

Professor Lei himself taught this subject.

He must be very familiar with the records.

Most of the secret manuals were classified as secrets, and were sealed in some things.

But most of them were incomplete scrolls.

Professor Lei was lucky enough to go to the underground storage room of the China Museum, and he had seen some authentic works, as well as the incomplete scrolls of the water-series secret manuals.

However, those were only part of the incomplete volumes.

There had never been a complete volume published!

Professor Lei rubbed his eyes in disbelief and continued to flip through the pages.

At this time, the class was only halfway through, but it had already come to an abrupt end.

In the dead silence of the classroom, only the rustling sound of the teacher flipping through the notes could be heard as well as the sound of his heavy breathing.

Everyone saw that his face was flushed red, and his eyes changed from a normal expression to one of shock.

However, that shock only lasted for a moment.

He hid it extremely well, but it was still captured by Ye Feng.

“Hmph, what kind of monsters and ghosts are written in this notebook!”

“Whats your name”

Su Fei, who was at the side, saw Professor Leis questioning and a sense of fear rose in her heart.

She thought to herself,Ye Feng is dead for sure.

A teacher from an institution of higher learning is too scary.

He only read notes in class, not extracurricular books.

But he was still scolded.

Moreover, he had to write down his name.

He would definitely have a hard time in the future.

Some of the students who were watching the show, especially Lei Jia, who was sitting in the corner, was already extremely happy after half a class.

Although Ye Feng did not know what was going on, he did not dare to neglect Professor Leis urgent question.

He immediately said, “Teacher, my name is Ye Feng.”

“Very good! Very good! I will remember you, kid.

Do you mind lending me this notebook for a few days”

“Of course.”

Ye Feng nodded.

“Very good!”

Professor Leis eyes lit up.

“Students, this class ends here.

There are some academic problems that I have to figure out immediately.

You can leave on your own.”

Before he could finish his last word, Professor Lei had already walked out of the classroom.

Seeing that the teacher had disappeared, many students in the classroom also left.

They walked past Ye Fengs seat.

They all looked at him with a sympathetic gaze.

Offending the professor at the start of the school year, this kid already had very little chance of successfully passing the freshmen assessment.

Because everyone knew that in the freshmen assessment, the teachers evaluation also accounted for a considerable portion of the results.

70% depended on the individuals performance in the assessment, and the remaining 30% was set in the hands of the examiner.

And this 30% was also very important.

It was almost equivalent to a grade.

If ones performance could reach the A grade tier, then in the future, they would receive a considerable amount of reward resources in the school.

In other words, even if 70% of the individual assessments were full marks, the examiners could still use that 30% to reject you.

That 30% ratio was very important.

Some people sympathized, but there were also many people who watched the show.

“Who is he I didnt expect to see such a melon in the first class.”

“Oh no, lets see how he can survive in the future.”

“Lets go, lets go.

Its quite a pity.

I didnt expect to know that he was going to fail in advance.

I dont want to feel this kind of feeling again.”

Although they were already far away, Ye Feng could still hear the sarcastic voices.

“Dont take it to heart.

Maybe the professor just misunderstood”

Su Fei also heard what they said and comforted him.

“Youre not in the wrong.

Dont be afraid.

In fact, the professors power might not be that great.”

“And he doesnt have the ability to veto the rumors…”

Before she could finish her words, another ear-piercing voice sounded.

“Yo, yo, yo, I was wondering who it was!”

“Thats great.

To be able to make the teacher cancel the remaining half of the class just because of your stupid matter.”

“What a pity.

Im afraid you wont be able to enroll in the Academy in the future.

If it were me, I would go back and prepare to leave now.


Lei Jias spoiled appearance appeared in front of Ye Feng.

“You! Looks like that punch last time didnt hurt you!”

“Yo Girl Why dont I remember knowing you Were you there that day”

“You dont need me to be there.

Your embarrassed look has long spread all over the Academys website!” Su Fei said disdainfully.

Ye Feng had never noticed that her aura was so strong.

He thought back to when she was in the train carriage, where she was able to hold the fort by herself.

“What the f*ck!”

“Who the f*ck put me up there It was just a punch.

If it wasnt for your sneak attack, would I have been so weak!”

“If you have the ability to fight one-on-one, do you think Im afraid of you!”

“Lets go.

We dont need to pay attention to him!”

As she spoke, Su Fei grabbed Ye Fengs hand and left the place.

“Tsk tsk, it feels pretty good to be protected by a woman, right Im really envious!”

“But you remember this, Ye Feng.

Ill return your punch to you sooner or later!”


In the high-level conference room of Cloud Mist Academy.

“Professor Lei, are you sure you didnt see wrongly!”

“This is a copy of the great first-generation water elemental legend, the Water Element Secret Manual written by Roman Anthony!”


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