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“Beep, students, please pay attention.

There are 60 seconds left before the freshmen assessment officially begins!”

“59 seconds!”

“30 seconds!”

“10 seconds!”


After the countdown ended, the freshmen assessment officially began!

During this period, Ye Feng also roughly knew the specific rules of the competition.

Students were allowed to compete for credits.

Regardless of life or death, this also became Ye Fengs biggest headache.

If some people took a fancy to his high initial credits, then he couldnt be so relaxed.

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At the very least, when he met his classmates, he couldnt be careless.

At the very least, he had to be careful.

Another thing worth noting was that in the assessment, although one could form a team, each persons position in the training hall was random.

This made many peoples expressions change again and again when they entered the training hall.

Not only Ye Feng, but the others were the same.

When they came into contact with strangers, they would at least be careful.

However, Ye Fengs mood was very calm.

To him, it was advantageous to be able to attack the participants or even kill them.

After all, in the Water Training Hall, not only were there many creatures, there were also many corresponding treasure chests.

If he could casually snatch the treasure chests from others, wouldnt that be a casual thing

Of course, Ye Feng would not really do that.

After all, in this assessment, Ye Feng firmly believed that unity was definitely one of the core concepts.

The Academy had hinted many times before the start of the assessment.

It was probably also a way of testing

If there really was a quasi-freshman who went on such a killing spree, the consequences would probably be quite serious.

Ye Feng firmly believed this point.

Just as everyone was thinking about how to survive in the Water Training Hall, in the sky, a huge door appeared with a loud bang.

Countless rays of golden light followed, instantly enveloping the entire track and field.

The speed was so fast that the entire process took place in the span of a breath.

In Ye Fengs astonishment, in the middle of the track and field…

A golden pillar of light that was four to five meters thick descended vertically.

Without waiting for these students to react, the huge door opened with a loud bang.

This was the plane teleportation door that Teacher Andy had opened!

Ye Feng was shocked, but he quickly reacted.

They had used this method to teleport to the designated training hall — the Water Training Hall!


After an unknown amount of time, the light from the teleportation dissipated.

Ye Feng opened his eyes.

He was on an island.

“This place is not bad.

I just dont know how big the map is this time!”

Ye Feng looked around and felt that it was not bad.

If someone came to this deserted island to survive, it would definitely become a hot topic.

While observing the situation around him, Ye Feng also subconsciously noticed the slight distortion around him.

This trace of feeling was definitely impossible for others to notice, but Ye Fengs perceptive ability became very sharp with the enhancement of [Starfire Meditation].

Although Teacher Andys Air Detection Eye was well hidden, it was still discovered by Ye Feng.

Teacher Andy, who was far away in Cloud Mist Academys judges seat, was slightly stunned for a moment.

His expression also revealed a faint smile.

The instant Ye Feng descended, he had also attracted everyones attention.

‘Its better to keep a low profile!Ye Feng muttered in his heart and immediately walked into a forest.

This was one of the few plants on this deserted island.

Immediately after, Ye Feng looked at his surroundings.

It was as if he was looking for a direction.

In the audience seats of Cloud Mist Academy, quite a number of people were staring at his every move.

As the most popular contestant of this year, Ye Feng deserved to be one of the contestants with the highest attention.

Seeing Ye Feng descend into such a desolate place, they couldnt help but shake their heads.

“This Ye Fengs situation isnt good.

He actually descended on a deserted island.”

“This isnt just bad.

If he cant escape from this deserted island, he can only wait for death!”

“Thats right, thats right.

Look at this deserted island.

Its not big, and its surrounded by a vast ocean.

It wont be an easy thing to leave!”

The audience had different opinions, all of them regretting the genius of this generation.

He had come to this place at the starting point.

It was simply too useless, unable to do anything.

Moreover, this was only the starting point.

If he was unable to go to a bigger map to develop, then Ye Fengs academic credits would be 20 points.

Moreover, the food issue was difficult to guarantee.

An average person who did not eat or drink would at most be cold for a week.

Although a symbiotes overall physique was far above that of an ordinary person, if they did not eat or drink, they could at most last for a month.

The problem was that in this freshmen assessment, the main factor to pass was that the one who obtained the highest academic credits would win.

If they could not even solve the food problem, that meant that they would not even be able to see a creature let alone obtain academic credits!

“Tsk tsk, what a pity.

Such a good seedling!”

“No matter how much of a genius he is, after encountering such an opening, he should have already wasted more than half of it, right!”

“Hmph, serves him right! Those who dont know him would think that he is really awesome.

In reality, he is just a good-for-nothing who relies purely on luck.

If he is really awesome, then it will be up to Brother Lei!”

Everyone frowned.

This was really a hard boast.

What Brother Lei They had never heard of this person before!

“You dont know Brother Lei Lei Jia!”


Everyone stared at the screen carefully.

On Cloud Mist Academys track and field, under the convergence of countless screens, Ye Fengs figure appeared on the largest screen.

As a popular contestant, Ye Feng naturally monopolized a large screen.

“I heard that Ye Fengs symbiotic body is related to water”

At this moment, someone shouted.

The assessment that Ye Feng participated in previously was also dug out by quite a number of people.

When they found out that Ye Fengs symbiote was a Slime.

Their expressions changed again and again.

Slime, it was sticky.

What did it have to do with water!

Even if it had some relationship, what use would it be in an ocean

At least others had a symbiote that was a shark.

They could do whatever they wanted in the ocean.

And that persons popularity was only as high as Ye Fengs.

He was crowned as the seeded contestant that was favored the most this year.

His name was Huang Haoyu, and his symbiotic body was a Giant-Toothed Shark.

The Water Training Hall was practically his home ground!

“This kid, wheres the energy he had in the training hall previously” In a distant corner of the audience stand, a long-haired woman with red waterfall-like hair stood at the side, her eyes staring at the big screen.

She was paying attention to Ye Fengs every move.

“Is the symbiote a Slime It doesnt seem to be of much use in the Water Training Hall…”

Lin Xiaoyue frowned and sighed.

“I thought he would be the most eye-catching contestant this year.

I didnt expect that this d*mn school would choose the Water Training Hall.

If it were on land or in the jungle, he wouldnt have…”

Lin Xiaoyue looked at the screen with a worried look, planning to find a place to sit down.

Just because she had personally witnessed Ye Fengs extremely terrifying physical strength, Lin Xiaoyue was not willing to let such a situation happen.

No matter what, she had to continue watching.

When everyone was guessing what Ye Feng was going to do next.

They only saw Ye Feng still fooling around.

It seemed like he still had not found the direction he wanted.

He kept walking and walking.

It was because Ye Fengs behavior was the most peculiar.

Other people would try their best to preserve their strength.

After finding a place, they would choose to stop and think about what to do next.

Or maybe someone already knew the direction of their actions and kept walking deeper.

But Ye Fengs behavior was very blind.

“Ye Fengs body is indeed emitting a unique aura.

I want to see how he will deal with it.”

In the audience stands, in the highest seat in the center.

Teacher Andy smiled.


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