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As the Dean of Cloud Mist Academy.

He had been managing Cloud Mist Academy for more than a few hundred years.

Not to mention having high morals and authority in Cloud Mist Academy, even in the entire symbiote world, he was definitely one of the top two existences.

After all, he had a title that everyone pursued all their lives.

The Ceiling of Human Power!


In front of a person with great strength, no one knew of Teacher Andys cultivation level.

He was usually an extremely busy person.

However, in Cloud Mist Academys freshmen assessment, he still chose to attend such a grand occasion.

“What do you all think of this young man” Andy turned his head to look to his left and right as he spoke.

Those who were able to sit on the seats here were all existences of the highest authority within the entire Cloud Mist Academy.

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At the very least, they were all extremely powerful existences.

“Not bad.

However, looking at how reckless he is, I wonder how much endurance he has.”

The white-robed old man by the side opened his mouth to reply.

“There is a reason why this young man can be called a popular person.

While others are still carefully exploring, he is not flustered at all.”

“At least his heart is strong enough!”

When Teacher Andy heard the two peoples answers, he also smiled and did not say anything.

Then, he continued to watch the competition.


‘There is someone in front Ye Feng was a little surprised.

In the next moment, he hid his aura so that he would not be discovered.

When Ye Feng landed, his perception ability had already been released.

At this time, not only did it cover two-thirds of the entire island, it even discovered a few people nearby.

After Ye Feng discovered that there were people, he carefully stretched his body out and hid himself.

‘This deserted island is actually not big, and there are very few resources.

However, I didnt expect that there would actually be people descending here.

‘Thats too unfortunate!Ye Feng said in his heart, and then smiled bitterly.

When he said unfortunate, he was not only talking about the few innocent children he discovered, but also talking about himself.

If he had been started a little better, at least on land, then he would not have been so down and out.

At least he could have successfully armed himself.

At the very least, he could guarantee that he would not lack food resources.

But he had landed on this deserted island at the start.

It was indeed quite unlucky.

“Those people seem to know each other”

“Seeing them walk together, they get along quite naturally.

Could it be that they formed a team”

Ye Feng hid in the grass.

His perceptive power could already obtain all the information which he wanted.

Now he found three people.

It was a good five kilometers.But through perception, Ye Feng could easily find them.

Since they were a team, it was naturally impossible for Ye Feng to go out.

After all, if his identity was exposed, knowing that he had high initial credit,Ye Feng also wouldnt believe that this group of people would let him off so easily.

Suddenly, Ye Feng frowned.

An invisible pressure rushed over, like a large elastic hand, as if it wanted to pull Ye Feng out.

‘Oh no, theres actually someone on the other side who can raise his perceptive ability to such a high level, Ye Feng thought to himself, paying attention to the situation around him.

Ye Feng could clearly feel that the other party seemed to be continuously exploring the map as well.

Although this was an island…

The area was still quite big.

It would still take one to two weeks to go around on foot.

However, what Ye Feng did not expect was that the other party was also releasing his high-intensity perception ability.

Fortunately, Ye Fengs perception ability was better.

So even if the other party released his perception to explore the surrounding situation, in a short period of time, he would not be able to discover Ye Fengs tracks.

But, there was a very awkward point.

He was currently within the perception range of others.

If he appeared and used his spiritual energy, he would definitely expose himself.

But if he continued to stay here, no one knew what would happen in the next second.

‘I have two choices now.

One is to go out, and the other is to continue staying here.

‘There are only three people on the other side.

One is D grade, and the other two are D- grade.

In terms of strength, they are definitely not as strong as me, but going out also carries risks…

‘Should I meet them

Ye Feng thought for a moment.

Even if the other side knew him, it did not matter.

After all, he would have to leave this island sooner or later.

The appearance of the other side almost didnt affect his next plan.

Moreover, even if the other side wanted to fight, at his full condition of D grade, the other side didnt even have the chance to counterattack.

‘Go! Ye Feng said to himself and walked out.

The appearance this time had a certain amount of pressure because in this vicinity, he wasnt sure if there was someone of a higher level hiding within.

But it did not matter.

Ye Feng did not want to face them directly.

He could just walk on his own.

He continued to walk in one direction.

After a while, a shout came from behind.

“Hey, in front, are you alone!”

Ye Feng turned his head and the three people in the group appeared behind him.

This speed was too fast!

Ye Feng calmly replied, “Alone.”

“Oh! Its good to be alone.

Shall we form a team together”

The leading man took the initiative to signal for him to join.

Ye Feng waved his hand and said indifferently, “No, I have something to do.

Ill leave first.”

After saying that, he turned around and left.

He was not pretending to be cold.

In fact, he really did not want to form a team.

Previously, he agreed to form a team with Su Fei because Su Fei was indeed strong.

Moreover, she was a soft and cute girl.

The three people in front of him, even compared to Su Fei, were not on the same level.

Moreover, Ye Feng had clearly captured that the strong man hiding at the back was emitting a murderous intent.

‘Did you discover me

Ye Feng smiled bitterly and sped up to leave this place.

He did not want to have a battle.

He only wanted to leave this d*mn place as soon as possible.

“Hurry up, that guy is Ye Feng! He has 20 credits on him!”

“Brother Lei is not here! Hurry up and pull the signal flare to gather!”

As he spoke, a red signal flare went off.

Along with the sound of an explosion.

This also meant that the entire assessment had officially begun!

When Ye Feng saw this scene, his expression was extremely calm.

He did not need to pay any attention to these people at all.

When the three people saw Ye Feng disappear in the blink of an eye, they immediately chased after him.

They were eyeing him like a tiger eyeing its prey, and the baleful aura on their bodies was extremely dense.

Right now, they only wanted to kill Ye Feng.

Very quickly, Ye Feng arrived at the edge of a cliff.

At this moment, there was already no way out.

Below was a sea wave that swept crazily.

Moreover, the height was not low.

At this height, everyone would be smashed into pieces.

Moreover, even if they could successfully enter the water and not die, it was impossible for them to survive.

There were still many creatures in the water eyeing them covetously!

‘Im here!Ye Feng thought to himself.

The corner of his mouth revealed a smile that was not easy to be discovered.

Ye Feng did not panic at all.

But the audience outside the arena panicked.

In the audience seats, everyone saw that Ye Feng was being pursued and forced to the edge of a cliff.

Shock was written all over their faces.

Knowing that Ye Feng had a high amount of initial credits, he was bound to become the target of everyone.

But they did not expect that the people who wanted to defeat Ye Feng to obtain credits had already formed a small group of combat power!

This also meant that no matter where Ye Feng went, he would become a hot potato.

There would be people coveting the credits in his hands everywhere.

And taking the current situation as an example, there were three people on the opposite side!

Their cultivation levels were not low.

If they worked together to deal with Ye Feng, it would be difficult for them to fight against all of them!

And with the launch of the signal flare…

The audience who could see Gods view discovered that on this island, there were two people rushing over here!

They were in cahoots!

Their goal was to deal with Ye Feng!

Seeing what happened on the screen, the audience could only think like this.

“F*ck, now Ye Feng is gone!”

“I didnt expect him to be cold at the start.

As a popular character, to be honest, its a pity that he dies like this!”

“Ye Feng, hes still too ostentatious.

Thats why he was forced onto the cliff.”

“Oh ho, a D grade character has arrived.

This time, hes done for!”


The audience had different opinions.

Everyone felt that it was a pity for Ye Feng.

After all, such a good genius had fallen on the first day!

What a pity!


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