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Ye Feng was somewhat puzzled.

How could there be such a miraculous thing

Could it be that all rivers were like this

But very quickly, Ye Feng denied his own thoughts.

‘If every river has this kind of scattered spiritual power surging, then the entire Water Training Hall must have produced a tremendous amount of spiritual power!

‘If its not inevitable, then it must be a coincidence!

With this thought in mind, Ye Feng wanted to follow the river upward to take a look.

After all, Ye Feng also roughly understood the division of the entire Water Training Hall.

It was mainly divided into five regions.

River, lake, shallow sea, middle sea, deep sea.

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If it was divided according to this division, each region contained spiritual energy.

It was basically impossible to exist.

Not to mention the entire training hall, even if the entire planets spiritual energy was concentrated here, it probably wouldnt be able to achieve it.

“Perhaps more spiritual energy will appear upstream” Ye Feng muttered and started to move.

At the same time, on the other side of the Water Training Hall.

It was also a rainforest.

Ye Fengs teammate, Su Fei, encountered an incomparably fierce D grade fierce beast but she did not panic at all.

After releasing a powerful aura from her entire body, she took out a long sword out of nowhere and rushed over without even blinking.

There was a certain level difference.

According to the records, Su Feis level was only D grade.

But facing a fierce beast that far surpassed her, she carried a very calm aura and charged over with an unstoppable force.

After a period of torture and slaughter by Su Fei, that D grade fierce beast was actually turned into a sieve by her extremely gorgeous sword technique!

“Wuhu! As expected of the Goddess Su Fei.

The symbiotic Angel race is indeed the best!”

“If Su Fei were to be compared to that Chen Hao, they would be at two extremes!”

“Thats right.

Although they are all fighting, Su Feis posture is too beautiful and too handsome! That Chen Hao is like a barbarian entering a village, killing whoever he sees.”

In the audience seats, many people began to pay attention to these two hot topics.

The current points rankings had started to update after everyones round of fighting.

They had already started to update.

Su Fei, after killing a D grade fierce beast just now, had firmly held onto the position of fourth place.

As for Chen Hao, after countless battles, he was already close to the position of third place.

As for second place, it was the person who had been born for this training hall, the Giant-Toothed Shark symbiote, Huang Haoyu!

With the advantage of water resources,Huang Haoyu had been sitting firmly at the second place.

And his figure was no longer satisfied with appearing in the shallow sea area.

He was continuously killing his way to the middle sea area.

“Hey, everyone, Look! Ye Feng found something!”

Someone in the audience shouted.

Countless peoples eyes fell on Ye Fengs screen again.

Many people had been staring at Ye Fengs screen.

It was just that they did not know what he was doing.

The assessment had already started quite a long time ago.

Most of the contestants had also entered the warm-up phase.

More or less, they had already accumulated a certain amount of points.

Moreover, not only did Ye Fengs points not increase at all, he did not care about the points at all.

Everyone was also guessing whether he had a high amount of initial credits on him, which was why he did not panic at all.

Even so, Ye Feng did not do anything, but he was still sitting firmly on the first rank.

A high amount of initial credits had already made him far ahead of the others.

Gradually, more and more people discovered that something magical had appeared on Ye Fengs screen.

At least 80% of the audiences attention was quickly focused on Ye Fengs side.

With such a high amount of attention, Ye Fengs first place on the popularity rankings was not undeserved.

Next, under everyones expectations.

A blue crystal gradually appeared on Ye Fengs screen.

Then, the screen was completely covered by the blue light that was emitted.

After an unknown amount of time, the screen became clear again.


Water Training Hall, River Area.

Ye Feng looked at a certain place upstream and muttered, “A blue crystal should be the spiritual energy emitted from that crystal.”

Looking at that crystal, Ye Feng had a rough understanding of it.

This crystal-like object had an appearance like a harpoon.

It was stuck upside down on a cliff.

Ye Feng looked at it carefully and released his perception.

It greatly increased his ability to observe.

On the harpoon-like crystal, there were a few words that Ye Feng could not understand.

The transparent blue color almost covered the entire harpoon.

It seemed that this harpoon was not small, and it also had some weight.

He did not see any damage on it.

Appearing here for no reason made Ye Feng feel very strange, but through his perception scan, there were no signs of life in the vicinity.

This also meant that this harpoon might have drifted down from a place further upstream.

‘No matter what, the appearance of this harpoon is indeed very strange.

Ye Feng analyzed and then gradually approached the location of the harpoon.

‘This is the Water Training Hall.

The appearance of the harpoon means that there should be traces of the Murloc tribe nearby.

Ye Fengs theoretical ability in class was far stronger than his actual combat experience.

Therefore, he quickly came to such a conclusion.

There must be a Murloc tribe nearby!

Moreover, this was a river region with many rivers scattered around.

It was extremely suitable for those tribes that were only heard of in legends to survive.

That was the Murloc tribe.

As Ye Feng got closer, he could feel that the energy emitted by the harpoon was getting stronger.

However, due to the erosion of the current, the spiritual energy essence that originated from the harpoon was diluted.

This also explained why Ye Feng discovered traces of spiritual energy when he was downstream.

Moreover, it was in an extremely weak state.

‘If there really is a Murloc race, then the legend is no longer a legend.

Moreover, I can personally witness their appearance!

Ye Feng gradually became excited.

This harpoon could only belong to the Murloc race.

Moreover, the energy emitted from it was also extremely powerful.

Ye Feng approached, wanting to try and absorb it.

Reaching out, Ye Feng directly used his mind, wanting to directly plunder the energy of the harpoon.

But the first time he tried, he was surprised to find that this harpoon contained too much spiritual energy.

He couldnt even approach the harpoon to operate it!

Moreover, if he absorbed such dense spiritual energy, it was equivalent to directly swallowing boiling water of 100 degrees Celsius.

That feeling was not good.

It could even directly affect ones body.

Ye Fengs situation was like this.

After thinking for a moment, Ye Feng unexpectedly discovered that only after being diluted by the water flow, this energy would not produce such great power.

In other words, after being diluted by the river, it was equivalent to cooling boiling water.

In this way, he could drink it without worry.

It would not harm his body, and there would not be any side effects.

Ye Feng felt that it was feasible, so he came downstream of the harpoon, which was more than ten meters away.

By switching to water element vision, it allowed Ye Feng to easily capture these threads of flowing spiritual energy.

“This is a good thing!” Ye Feng secretly rejoiced.

He bent down and directly separated the water element Slime.

‘Activate my ability, [Devour]!Ye Feng thought to himself.

The water element Slime then dived down to the thing that was flowing with spiritual energy and kept getting closer.

When the surging spiritual energy touched the water element Slime, alight blue light burst out.

The water element Slime immediately changed!


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