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‘This spiritual power is so pure.

‘Why does it have a gentle feeling It feels like my origin spiritual power!

The cells in Ye Fengs body were absorbing the spiritual power crazily.

For a moment, the comfortable feeling spread from his limbs to his surroundings.

Finally, it spread throughout his body at a very fast speed.

This power was very special, but Ye Feng could not tell what this feeling was.

‘This spiritual power has some kind of connection with the water element Ye Feng thought to himself.

When he absorbed the energy, he could feel that the water element Slime in his body seemed to have received some kind of nourishment.

This was something that ordinary spiritual power could not do.

He finished absorbing the spiritual power in the nearby area.

Ye Feng stretched his limbs and yawned contentedly.

Just a single harpoon could bring him so many surprises.

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If he continued to go deeper…

To truly discover the Murloc tribe, they would have a lot of treasures.

Just a single harpoon could contain such a large amount of energy, not to mention other things.

Moreover, traces of the Murloc tribe had already been discovered here.

It was only a matter of time before he verified whether the Murloc tribe really existed in this river region.

It was only a matter of time.

His accidental discovery had brought him a lot of resources.

Although he didnt discover any treasure chests, this wave of gains wasnt much worse than the rewards of the treasure chests.

After all, the distribution of the treasure chests was vast.

It was already destined that the treasure chests were rare, and not everyone could obtain them.

“With so much spiritual energy pouring in all at once, I can raise another wave of spiritual energy!”

Looking down the river, there was still quite a bit of spiritual energy scattered.

Ye Feng muttered to himself.

After all, he had a lot of different sequence abilities to raise.

And if he wanted to raise them…

He needed to provide more spiritual energy.

His current cultivation level was already perfect D .

This also determined that the amount of spiritual energy required for his sequence abilities would continue to increase.

Even though Ye Feng had obtained quite a bit of spiritual energy, most of it was used to stabilize his origin and strengthen his physique.

And at Ye Fengs current stage, other than a large amount of spiritual energy, the other resources were actually useless.

‘I didnt think that I would be able to reap a huge benefit from the start!

‘I really want to go all out in this training hall and reap a wave of benefits.

‘Most of the creatures and fierce beasts in this Water Training Hall are D grade creatures, and there are even higher C grade creatures.

‘If I can devour and absorb them, wont the benefits come faster than the treasure chest

Ye Feng felt the churning spiritual energy in his body, and the corners of his mouth kept rising.

In fact, he was quite looking forward to fighting.

Although his symbiotic body was not suitable for fighting, he had not experienced that kind of feeling for a long time.

That being said, Ye Fengs combat strength was not at a low level.

But he also understood the so-called not revealing ones wealth.

His symbiotic bodys ability was the same.

It could also be said that it was a talent.

If it was exposed, although it could get the attention of the higher-ups, and he could also get better cultivation resources, it would also be noticed by all kinds of people hiding in the dark.

It might not be a person.

It might even be a creature!

As the spiritual energy recovered, things in the world continued to escalate.

Many high-level creatures appeared one after another.

They were creatures with extraordinary intelligence.

They could even transform into human forms.

If Ye Feng became their target…

Then Ye Feng would not have a good ending.

He did not want to become the number one target of the creatures.

Ye Feng sighed and waved his hand to stop his wild thoughts.

A large pile of water element Slime subsidiary bodies appeared on the ground.

Under Ye Fengs instructions, the water element Slime subsidiary bodies continued to pass through the river and dive into the downstream waters to capture the remaining scattered spiritual energy.

Although there was not much of it, it was all good.

It was pure spiritual energy from the Murloc race.

Ye Feng would not let go of even a trace of it.

‘After absorbing a wave of water elemental spiritual energy, Ill see what I can upgrade next,Ye Feng thought to himself and then summoned the system.

‘Help me analyze the special spiritual energy in my body.

What can I use it for

[Ding! Detected that the host contains a large amount of special (water elemental) spiritual energy, but it has not reached the threshold yet.

Host still needs to absorb a part of the special spiritual energy to awaken a new skill.]

Hearing this, a happy expression appeared on Ye Fengs face.

‘I can actually obtain a new skill

‘If this skill is related to the water element, then Ill have an extra guarantee in the Water Training Hall!

‘I still need some spiritual power, but the system didnt specify the exact amount.

Ye Feng muttered in his heart.

Suddenly, his body felt a new change.

With a jolt of his consciousness, he knew that the water element Slimes had already appeared in the downstream area and was frantically absorbing the spiritual energy scattered in the water.

As the mother body, the spiritual energy that Ye Fengs subsidiary bodies absorbed was equivalent to his own spiritual energy.

As his body crazily injected a new wave of spiritual energy,Ye Fengs body also had a great reaction.

[Ding! Congratulations, Host, you have obtained the Water Element Skill [Water Arrow]!]

[Ding! Congratulations Host, you have obtained the Water Element Skill [Water Elemental Vortex]!]

[Ding! Congratulations, Host, your body has received a large number of attribute enhancements!]

[After absorbing a large amount of water elemental spiritual energy, the Slimes body size has increased by 5%!]

[The number of subsidiary bodies has increased by 10!]

[The evolution progress has received a large increase!]


Following the system notifications, it ended.

This round of strengthening was finally over.

This round of evolution had almost exhausted all the spiritual energy in his body.

If it was in his previous state…Ye Feng would not have been able to gain so many benefits in one round of evolution.

But this time, he had used a special (water element) spiritual energy.

That was why he had obtained so many benefits.

And along with the degree of evolution, the amount of spiritual energy consumed would also increase exponentially.

If he directly strengthened a complete sequence ability…

The additional skills would consume more resources.

The new water element abilities that Ye Feng obtained this time did not seem to belong to his sequence abilities.

Ye Feng estimated that it might be because he absorbed special (water element) spiritual energy, thus resonating with the water element Slime.

Thus, he awakened these two skills!

The excited Ye Feng summoned his attribute panel with a thought.

[Ye Feng]

[Symbiotic Body: Magic Slime]

[Body Size: 25%]

[Subsidiary Bodies: 50]

[Attributes: Strength 170, Agility 270, Vitality 280, Spirit 400]

[Special Attributes: Poison Immunity, Venom, Swift Walk, Viscosity, Sharpness]


[Sequence: Perception, Split, Devour, Regeneration, Mimicry, Evolution, Analysis]

[Skills: Goddess Scattering Flowers, Ultimate Possession, Severed Tail, Stench, Leaders Oppression, Web Transformation, Sharp Blade, Starfire Meditation]

[Water Elemental Ability: Water Arrow, Water Elemental Vortex]

[Evolution Progress: 17%]

[Current Level: D ]

Seeing his attributes increasing, Ye Feng smiled.

This was his hard work.

Although he had obtained a lot of attributes, at the same time, he also realized that every evolution he had now required a large amount of spiritual energy, and it was increasing day by day.

This might be the reason why his sequence abilities were increasing.

Or it might be because he had stepped into a new level thatbrought with it a higher requirement for advancement.

He also discovered that his attribute pane had an additional water elemental ability.

It was the skills that he had just awakened.

In this way, he could distinguish an elemental skill from a normal skill.

‘Since thats the case, lets try out the newly acquired skill!

Ye Feng willed.

A sharp arrow instantly condensed beside his body.

Ye Feng looked carefully.

That sharp sword was actually completely made of water!



With a thought, that sharp arrow shot out along with a low rumble.

It was as if a ferocious bird flew past.

The speed was so fast that even Ye Feng was unable to accurately capture the traces of this sharp arrow.

Only a faint line of water vapor was left in the air.

This was because the speed was too fast, causing the water vapor to rub against the air!

‘This speed is so fast!


While Ye Feng was thinking, a palm tree in the distance fell with a sound, stirring up layers of dust!


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