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“Even an arrow that takes the form of water can have such power!”Ye Feng exclaimed, his eyes rippling.

That tree had a lifespan of at least a hundred years.

Nourished by the river all year round, it lived in large amounts of spiritual energy and grew abnormally thick.

Ye Feng only gave a rough estimate.

The diameter of that big tree was a full five meters!

What kind of concept was five meters

It was equivalent to 20 adults standing side by side.


And the [Water Arrow] that Ye Feng had just released was enough to pierce through all of it!

The trunk was so hard and just a casual strike could pierce through it, not to mention a human body!

One could imagine the scene where Ye Fengs strike could pierce through all 20 adults.

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This power was already so great.

Ye Feng was speechless.

Now, he had another ability to protect himself.

‘Next, Ill try the [Water Elemental Vortex].

Thinking to himself, Ye Feng raised his hand slightly, and for a moment, a surge of spiritual energy surged.

In the originally calm and unperturbed river…

Suddenly, bubbles appeared.

In the next moment, a small whirlpool appeared.

The surroundings of that whirlpool were filled with large amounts of water vapor.

‘The amount of water vapor is so large.

Coupled with the pull of the vortex, its enough to easily trap some people!

Ye Feng looked at the changes happening in the river not far away and thought to himself.

Not long after, that whirlpool was growing at a speed visible to the naked eye.

It kept growing bigger and bigger!

Only when it grew to a certain size did that whirlpool stop growing, but it still maintained a very strong pull.

Such a terrifying pulling force, coupled with the water vapor confusing ones vision, once one was pulled into the whirlpool, an ordinary person really couldnt escape!

‘[Water Arrow] is a skill with an attack effect, while [Water Elemental Vortex] is more of a control-type skill.

Ye Feng was extremely surprised and carefully analyzed.

This way, he would have two more powerful defensive skills.

If it was used as an offensive skill…

It didnt seem like it was impossible.

Ye Feng turned to look at the harpoon that was forcefully inserted into the ground.

He started to plan in his heart.

“Since thats the case, that harpoon cant stay here,”Ye Feng muttered.

Just the spiritual energy that the harpoon revealed was already so terrifying.

If this harpoon fell into the hands of someone else, wouldnt it be even more terrifying

Ye Feng thought so and directly walked over.

The light blue harpoon gave off a faint aura, as if it was breathing.

It flashed and flashed, but its aura was very weak.

It seemed to be able to sense that someone was approaching.

Following that, the aura became stronger but it couldnt hold on for long and was destroyed again.

Ye Feng carefully observed this harpoon and felt that it was very strange.

“This harpoon seems to have spiritual consciousness.

Why does it shine whenever I approach it”

Then, Ye Feng took a few steps back.

Sure enough, the aura of the harpoon gradually weakened until there was not even a trace of aura.

Ye Feng took another step forward and approached.

Just as he had guessed, the aura of the harpoon returned!

It was so magical that even Ye Feng could not figure it out.

Not only was the harpoon continuously emitting aura, the patterns on it were also very clear.

If one looked closely, it was like a perfect ancient artifact.

Ye Feng reached out to touch the harpoon, but before he could touch it, he felt a piercing cold that spread throughout his entire body.

‘It doesnt seem like much.

I didnt expect this harpoon to be so cold!

Ye Feng was a little surprised.

This cold feeling was as if it had just been taken out of the freezer.

Ye Feng knew very little about the Murloc race.

Naturally, he did not know that the original body of the harpoon was so cold.

Frowning, Ye Feng reached out his hand again, wanting to pull the harpoon out.

But after trying, he still gave up.

Not only was the ice-cold feeling very uncomfortable, this harpoon seemed to recognize its owner.

When Ye Feng touched it, it erupted with an extremely strong repulsive force.

It made it impossible for Ye Feng to pull it out.

Even if he forcefully pulled it out, it would still require a large amount of spiritual energy, and the current Ye Feng was in a pretty good state, but the two new water elemental skills he had just awakened had also almost exhausted his spiritual energy.


So, the current him using spiritual energy to forcefully pull it out was simply impossible to achieve.

But Ye Feng firmly believed that there must be another way.

‘Could this be a divine artifact left behind by a certain expert

Ye Feng was secretly shocked.

Even he himself couldnt easily pull it out.

Then what kind of strength did the owner of this harpoon have to be able to control such a powerful harpoon

If the owner was still alive, Ye Feng had to be extremely careful when confronting them.

But Ye Feng estimated that the owner of this harpoon was most likely dead.

Otherwise, why would such a powerful harpoon be randomly thrown here

Ye Feng also noticed that the texture on the harpoon seemed to be similar to a certain secret text in his Water Element Secret Manual.

But because the secret text was too complicated and was not easy to record, Ye Feng could not distinguish it for a while.

Then, the audience saw this strange scene.

Ye Feng slowly took out a notebook.

There was no cover and no signature.

It was just a very simple handwritten notebook, but Ye Feng flipped through it carefully.

It seemed like he was looking for something.

The audience was dumbfounded.

“F*ck, what is Ye Feng doing! He is actually leisurely reading a book!”

“Awesome! Did he forget that he was chased by a few people not long ago and narrowly escaped death Now he is reading books! Does he think he is awesome!”

“He is laughing.

He must have seen something that he doesnt understand.

Now, hurry up and look through his notes!”

“Ye Feng is amazing.

He has successfully taken over my joke today!”

“Im speechless.

He actually flipped through the notes on the spot.

This harpoon is so obvious.

Its a weapon of the Murloc race.

He doesnt even know about it I deeply doubt his position as the first on the list!”


No matter how much of a joke the audience made,Ye Feng, who was in the Water Training Hall, could not hear it.

The secret text in front of him was extremely strange.

Not to mention Ye Feng, even if the Human Ceiling came, he would have to study it properly.

After all, the Murloc race.

It was a species that had existed since the birth of Earth.

However, in the ancient times, due to the great battle between the races, the Murloc race had completely disappeared on Earth.

Until a few hundred years ago, when a great change occurred, the spiritual energy recovered and descended on Earth…

Only then did the Murloc race recover.

Strictly speaking, this harpoon, even if it was the lowest-grade weapon, could be considered an ancient weapon.

But no matter how one looked at it, this harpoon was not ordinary.

It might even be the weapon of a certain Murloc expert.

Why it appeared here, Ye Feng did not know.

But he could slowly investigate.

In short, there was plenty of time!

Even if the outside world fought and killed for first place, it did not concern Ye Feng.

Now this harpoon had already deeply attracted Ye Feng.

If he were to discover traces of the Murloc tribe…

He might be able to pry into the mysterious ancient technology.

This discovery was much more important than Cloud Mist Academys freshmen assessment!

While he was thinking, Ye Fengs gaze paused on a single page.

“Its a perfect match!”

Ye Feng cried out in surprise and compared it again.

As expected, the Sequence 08 secret text was the same as the strange secret text on this harpoon!

‘Unfortunately, the Sequence 08 Water Element Secret Text hasnt been translated yet…

Ye Feng sighed and was still too excited.

He kept his notes.

Ye Fengs spiritual energy surged out and changed into the water element Slime to wrap around his palm.

He pulled with force.

He heard a low hum coming from the harpoon, and then it immediately returned to normal.

“Although I dont know what it means, I know the correlation between them.

I can only see if there are any new discoveries later,”Ye Feng muttered.

His mind moved, and his eyes looked into the distance.


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