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An endless river.

One simply couldnt imagine how large this river region should be.

It was such a large area.

It was the opportunity to create endless possibilities.

Perhaps Ye Fengs opportunity was among them.

“Theres no movement in the nearby area.

Lets go to another place and see whats there!”Ye Feng muttered and was about to leave.

Just as he was about to walk ashore from the river,Ye Feng suddenly realized that a very strange creature had surrounded the originally quiet surroundings.

‘What kind of creature is this! Ye Fengs heart suddenly thumped when he saw that there were a few creatures that looked neither human nor fish in front of him.

They looked like humans because they had hands and feet.

They didnt look like humans because there was actually a fish head on their f*cking heads!!

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Ye Feng took a closer look.


Other than the scales, there was also rather big gills on both sides of their cheeks.

If one didnt take a closer look, one really wouldnt be able to notice it.

They were more than two meters tall.

They were huge beneath their bodies.

They contained extremely strong muscles and strength.

Within their huge fish heads, their mouths were filled with sharp teeth!

Their vertical pupils revealed a vicious killing intent.

They were staring at Ye Feng.

As they continued to approach, the killing intent emitted from their bodies also continued to increase.

Ye Feng immediately felt extremely surprised.

‘Could they be the Murlocs!

‘It looks like they are!

They came with ill intentions, and Ye Feng became alert.

It looked like they were only a small team of Murlocs patrolling, and there were only three of them.

Two of them had wooden bows on their back, and a large number of arrows on their waists.

The Murloc in the middle was holding an even more unique weapon.

It was a weapon made of a huge conch tip.

The tip had already been sharpened by them to an extremely sharp point.

It was as if a slight graze on the body would instantly leave a huge wound.

It looked like they had come out to patrol and were well prepared.

It was possible the reason why he did not see them earlier was that they were still patrolling upstream and had not noticed this place.

Although Ye Feng had not seen the Murlocs true appearance, he hadheard of it.

So Ye Feng speculated that this was probably the Murloc tribe.

Ye Feng also knew the origin of the Murlocs.

In general, Murlocs were very territorial, and they lived in groups.

Where there was water, the Murlocs could survive.

And Ye Feng was now in the position of a water flow area.

Even if this wasnt a water area, the entire Water Training Hall was a water area.

Basically, the probability of encountering the Murlocs was very high.

But Ye Feng didnt expect that he would encounter them so quickly.

Amidst the pleasant surprise, there was also a trace of vigilance.

The Murlocs were famous for their ruthlessness.

If he was caught by them, Ye Feng would also die here.

So, it was better to be careful.

Ye Feng thought for a moment and immediately had an idea.

‘Previously, I got away with mimicking the Army Ants.

This time, if I mimic the Murlocs, will I be able to fool them too

With this thought, Ye Feng immediately dived into the water.

Just as he was about to use the same trick again,Ye Feng suddenly realized that the leading Murloc took out a conch and was about to put it in its mouth.

‘Not good! Ye Feng shouted in his heart.

He wanted to make a move, but it was too late.

The conch was blown directly.



The huge conch sound was like a sound shock wave.

With the Murloc as the center, the surroundings rippled instantly!

When the sound wave met the river, it seemed to have met some mixed matter, and the speed of transmission suddenly increased by several times!

Seeing this, Ye Feng frowned.

‘If I remember correctly, this should be a horn used to call for help!

‘Moreover, once the Murloc conch is blown, there will definitely be a large number of Murlocs nearby to come to the rescue!

Ye Feng immediately judged.

He had read about it in the books before.

The reason why Murlocs were able to last for so long in ancient times was because of their unity and their super-strong gregarious nature!

This patrol team, after discovering Ye Feng, the first thing that came to mind was to immediately report!

The timid and cautious Murlocs immediately blew the horn.

‘But their levels arent high, so they should be easier to deal with!

Ye Feng continued to dive in the water as he thought to himself.

Judging from the levels of the three Murlocs in the patrol team, ordinary Murlocs were basically all at E grade.

To him, this level was as easy as stepping on an ant.

He had already thought about it and was ready to fight at any time.

In addition to the two new skills he had just acquired, he was worried that he wouldnt have a place to use them.

Moreover, the ability that he had improved previously…

He never had the chance to fight in a real battle.

Now, the opportunity was here!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

‘Whats this Ye Feng asked in puzzlement.

He withdrew his perception and focused it on an area near him.

This way, he could clearly sense what was happening in the vicinity.

‘Could it be an earthquake


Ye Feng guessed.

He could clearly feel that the river was continuously trembling!

‘How many Murlocs did they send! Ye Feng was surprised and instantly understood the source of this slight tremor.

In the next moment, the situation in the vicinity was fully known by Ye Feng.

This was not an earthquake.

It was the rumbling sound of the Murlocs support team rushing over!

One could imagine the scene of more than 20 two-meter-tall Murlocs rushing over from the river!

There was a dense killing intent.

It made Ye Feng frown.

‘The speed of the Murlocs support is too exaggerated!

Only 30 seconds had passed since the sound of the Murlocs conch and the arrival of a large wave of Murlocs!

In 30 seconds, before he even had the thought of escaping, the Murlocs reinforcements arrived!

This was a gene that could be found in flesh and blood.

The Murlocs of the ancient times were very diverse.

As they continued to expand, there were only so many water resources.

After wave after wave of battles, the remaining ones were all very united species.

This was also the wave that Ye Feng was seeing now.

Although there were not many types of Murlocs in existence, there was not only one type.

Ye Feng had no way of distinguishing between them.

What he had to face now was a large group of Murlocs filled with killing intent!

Ye Feng saw a dense group of Murlocs attacking from afar.

The leader rode on a gigantic piranha and rushed to the scene very quickly.

His intuition told him that this leader was not simple, and his level had even reached C- grade!

The gap between this level and his was still very large.

The gap between the levels of cultivation was not a simple difference between levels.

Ye Fengs level was currently perfect D , and he was basically the strongest in D grade.

But even so, he would still find it difficult to fight against the lowest level of C grade, C- grade.

The leap of this level…

Even though there was only a small gap of one level, the gap between was too much to compare with, especially the contrast between the levels.

It was very obvious!

But even so, Ye Feng had full confidence that he could grasp the overall situation.

Once they fought, even if it was the C- grade leader itself, it might not be able to really turn the situation around.

Moreover, once they latched onto Ye Feng, they would not let go.

Ye Feng also did not mind fighting with all his strength and capturing them all in one go!

Ye Feng was highly vigilant and had already activated his spiritual energy!


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