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The Head Knight nodded and continued, “It contains the divine artifact of our Murlocs prophet, Old Blind.”

“It is the legendary [Sea Stone Trident]!”

Ye Feng was stunned.

Sea Stone Trident!

He was very clear about this thing, even though there were very few records of the Murloc race in the textbooks.

But the Sea Stone Trident was the supreme divine artifact of the Murloc race.

It was almost the only ancient human manuals with the most records of the Murloc race.

At that time, Ye Feng liked to study this strange thing very much.

He did not expect that all of this actually existed!

‘Old Blind This name is too strange! Ye Feng secretly ridiculed in his heart.

Ye Feng also understood.

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The Sea Stone Trident was a divine artifact that the Murloc race had guarded for generations!

And the prophet, Old Blind, was also a character that lived in the ancient times.

It was said that Old Blinds cultivation level had already broken through A grade, so the weapon it possessed, also known as the Sea Stone Trident, was also a very impressive divine artifact.

According to the information Ye Feng had obtained, the Murloc tribe in ancient times had an abnormally large number of tribes.

At its peak, even the entire Earth was filled with traces of the Murloc tribe.

They established one strict and standardized hierarchical system after another and continued to consolidate their rule.

When everyone had matured, they began to expand.

Disputes between the Murlocs also happened.

During the Great Calamity, Old Blind led a group of elite Murlocs and fought until they defeated all the rebels.

Old Blinds achievements were witnessed by all the Murlocs.

Hence, one could imagine its status.

Old Blind managed to protect the only Murloc tribe.

It was the current [Waterfall Murloc Clan].

At that time, Old Blind was the leader of the Murloc tribe, the highest position.

At that time, such a dangerous environment.

It led the Murloc tribe to continue to develop and grow.

It made immortal achievements.

There was another background, which Ye Feng had just heard from the Head Knight.

Old Blind the Prophet.

And it was the common ancestor of all the Murlocs that was still alive!

There was another legend regarding the Sea Stone Trident.

Before Old Blind died, it had set a motto.

It was also the secret of the eras protection.

Whoever could pull this thing out of the water…

That person was the hero of the Murlocs chosen by the will of the Heavenly Dao!

They would bring Old Blinds will and once again develop the Murlocs, becoming stronger and stronger!

However, after so many years, there were also many hot-blooded Murlocs who sneaked into the sacred land, the Tianqing River.

However, without exception, no one was able to pull it up.

Not even the powerful Murlocs.

Not a single Murloc had succeeded.

However, a new turning point had occurred today.

“You have successfully pulled out the [Sea Stone Trident]!” The Head Knights gaze was extremely fanatical as it looked at the intruder in front of it.

He had actually succeeded!

No one dared to imagine that an intruder could actually successfully awaken the divine artifact of the Murlocs!

If this wasnt the will of the Heavenly Dao, what else could it be

The Head Knight firmly believed him and continued to look at Ye Feng.

“Youre the destined hero, our hero!”

With that said, the Head Knight once again knelt down on one knee.

The Murlocs behind it also knelt down one after another with a hint of respect in their eyes.

‘Hero! Ye Feng felt that it was very ridiculous.

He didnt do anything.

He only discovered that there was a harpoon here.

And this harpoon just happened to emit waves of spiritual energy.

It was this spiritual energy that attracted him!

He had no idea that the harpoon that he treated as an armor was actually an ancient divine artifact!

As Ye Feng thought of this, he lowered his head and looked at the harpoon again.

It seemed to be more pleasing to the eye now!

It really was the legendary [Sea Stone Trident]!!!

It was not a harpoon that was casually discarded by the roadside!!!

Realizing this, Ye Feng began to pay attention to it.

Combining this with what had happened earlier, it could also be explained.

After all, the energy that the harpoon emitted could be so pure!

And it was a special (water element) spiritual energy!!!

“Son of the Prophecy, please follow us back and lead our Waterfall Murlocs toward prosperity!”

The tone of the Head Knight became gentler and his attitude was very sincere.

It was hard to imagine that the Murlocs, who had always been brutal by nature…

Actually treated an outsider with such respect, with such deference!

This scene really stunned the audience.

Ever since Ye Feng met the Murloc race, the audiences gaze never left Ye Fengs live broadcast.

Because it was too f*cking ridiculous!

First, the Murlocs knelt down on one knee, then said that the broken harpoon was the ancient god weapon [Sea Stone Trident], and finally invited Ye Feng back to lead the Murloc race!!!!


This was even more exciting than watching a horror movie!!

“Holy sh*t, Ye Feng, this kid, is really lucky!”

“Worshipping the god, the legendary divine artifact [Sea Stone Trident], was actually placed on his chest as an armor! What a f*cking genius!!”

“Ye Feng is awesome! No, its God Feng!!!”

“God Feng is 666, after all, his strength is displayed here.

Otherwise, how could the cruel Murloc race let him be the king!”

“Supporting God Feng, I am your little sister fan!! I will give birth to monkeys for you after the assessment!!!”


Water Training Hall, River Area.

The Head Knight stood up.

It was over three meters tall and had an extremely strong body, making Ye Feng appear extremely petite.

Such an intense difference in body size constantly reminded Ye Feng that he was only an outsider.

“Son of Prophecy, since you have the strength to conquer the trident, why dont you become our king”

“Our Murloc race is very rich in aquatic resources.

Not only aquatic resources, but all the resources of the Murloc race will be yours!”

“Although the strength of our Waterfall Murloc race has been greatly weakened and is no longer as strong as before.

I believe that under your leadership, we will definitely return to our former glory!”

“Countless people have used countless methods to obtain the position of the Murloc King, but they are only ambitious and have no strength.”

“This position is definitely yours!”

Hearing the Head Knights strong suggestion, Ye Feng was speechless and did not know what to do.

Countless people had used countless methods to obtain it

This was pure nonsense!

You Murlocs naturally covet the Murloc King position.

But he was a human!

If not for the support of the water element Slime, he wouldnt even be able to enter the water.

To become the Murloc King would be a joke.

Ye Feng kept weighing the pros and cons in his heart.

Moreover, Ye Feng had only entered the freshmen assessment for a few days.

He hadnt even finished exploring the map, yet he encountered such a strange thing.

Who wouldnt be confused!

“Go back and be the Murloc King!”

“But Im still participating in the freshmen assessment!”

Ye Feng spoke in puzzlement, and his expression also became constipated.

“Freshmen assessment What assessment!”

“Could it be that youre really sent by the Heavenly Dao to carry out a mission”

Hearing Ye Feng say such strange words, the Head Knight was suddenly somewhat puzzled, and finally added.

“If its the Heavenly Daos test, it doesnt matter.

We Murlocs will support you with all our strength!”

“If you become our King, we will definitely help you with all our strength in the Heavenly Daos test!”

Looking at the Head Knight who made a solemn vow,Ye Feng found it hard to refuse.


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