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Ye Feng took the Sea Stone Trident from his chest.

Holding it in his hand, he observed it carefully and muttered in his heart,Isnt it just a harpoon engraved with the same secret text as the water-type secret manual How can it be a trident

Moreover, for Ye Feng, there was a bigger question waiting for him to solve.

That was the secret text on the trident.

The secret text from Sequence 08, what did it mean

Ye Feng also had some understanding of the secret texts.

Generally speaking, the secret text was the most mysterious manifestation of the elements.

It was also equivalent to a collection.

These secret texts were not written by humans.

On the contrary, no one knew how the secret texts were formed.

There were two main views in the academic world.

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The first view was that the secret texts were formed naturally.

This was because the secrets within the secret texts could not be deciphered, even if it was the Human Ceiling.

The second view was that the secret texts were used by extraordinary individuals with absolute power to seal extremely powerful ancient fierce beasts.

The reason why secret texts were extremely powerful was because they contained the power of some ancient fierce beasts.

Overall, the existence of secret texts was also the most mysterious phenomenon brought about by the recovery of spiritual essence.

There were only four types of secret texts.

They corresponded to the four major elements, wind, fire, water, and earth.

However, the number of secret texts for each element was different.

For example, the Water Element Secret Manual had 13 types of serial numbers.

As for these 13 types of serial numbers, according to the current research progress of mankind, only two of them had been deciphered.

However, the deciphering of these two types of serial numbers had brought mankind a brand new and powerful strength.

Generally speaking, only when the Human Ceiling of the water element had completely obtained the inheritance of the water element would they possess the power that completely belonged to the spiritual energy of the water element.

But along with the use of the deciphering of the serial number, which was also an inspection, it allowed some people to also be able to use the power of the water element!

The power contained within was extremely huge.

And it was precisely this point that deeply attracted Ye Feng.

Perhaps there were still some secrets hidden within.

But Ye Feng could only watch helplessly now.

After all, he did not even know how to decode this Sequence 08, so there was simply no way to start.

Most importantly, Ye Feng still suspected that the seemingly ordinary trident in his hand…

Even if it was casually thrown on the beach and picked up by others, they would probably think that it was a strange-looking toy.

Although it emitted an incomparable power, this power required a very strong affinity.

If it was a symbiote that did not contain water elements in their body, this trident was completely useless to him.

Because they could not resonate at all.

But even if Ye Feng could resonate slightly, it would only be for an instant.

A normal weapon, as long as it was of a slightly better quality, would basically be able to resonate with the host to a certain extent.

It did not necessarily have to be a divine artifact to be able to resonate.

Therefore, Ye Feng was very suspicious.

Was the divine artifact of the Murloc race so easily discovered by him

Furthermore, it had resonated with him and was even picked up!

Was this really the Sea Stone Trident!

‘Could you guys be mistaken…

‘Perhaps, this trident has been stuck here for too long and just happened to fall off.

Seeing Ye Feng who was deep in thought, the Head Knight naturally knew of his concerns.

“This is indeed real.

The trident in your hand is indeed the Sea Stone Trident!”

When Ye Feng heard this, he immediately raised his own question.

“But if its a trident, then why do I only have the head of the trident Then where did the body go”

The two looked at the trident again.

Indeed, it only had the head.

Logically speaking, as a weapon, the Sea Stone Trident was actually similar to a spear.

It was just that there were three forks on the head, the shape of a harpoon.

But in Ye Fengs hands, there was only a harpoon.

The body of the staff, however, was nowhere to be found.

“So you are worried about this!” The Head Knight felt somewhat fortunate that it had guessed what Ye Feng was thinking.

Then, it patiently explained to Ye Feng.

Thus, a comical scene happened.

The entire audiences attention was focused on Ye Fengs live broadcast.

The entire time, ever since Ye Feng met the Murlocs and began to negotiate…

Everyone was dumbfounded.

The two of them were chattering on the screen.

To them, they simply couldnt understand!

They were like idiots, staring at the screen the whole time.

Although they couldnt understand what they were saying, after all, Ye Feng was negotiating with the Murlocs.

Naturally, they could not bear to leave the screen.

They were afraid of missing a detail!

In comparison, the people in the judges seats were not so calm.

“Is that thing really the Sea Stone Trident!” The white-haired elder with a childlike face stared at the screen in disbelief with eyes full of shock.

“Yes, although I dont understand what they are saying, the aura of the trident is still very easy to distinguish,” said Professor Lei.

He pondered for a moment and continued to analyze.

“First of all, the most unique part of the Sea Stone Trident is that it contains an extremely powerful water element secret text.

I heard that its the strongest water element secret text, Sequence 08.”

As the divine artifact of the Murloc race, the Sea Stone Trident was a very symbolic weapon.

According to legends, the Sea Stone Trident could not only split mountains, but also turn mountain rocks into islands.

When someone could truly control this trident, with a slight wave, it could easily set off huge waves and even cause storms and tsunamis.

It could cause the continent to sink and the world to collapse.

It could even shatter everything and even cause a huge earthquake!

Therefore, the Water Element Secret Text Sequence 08 was one of the most powerful secret texts.

“Secondly, the pure spiritual energy emitted by the trident is very shocking.”

“Did you notice that Ye Feng has obtained a small upgrade That was indirectly brought to him by the Sea Stone Trident.”

Professor Lei adjusted his glasses and continued to stare at the screen.

“Other than the body without the trident, the trident is completely compatible.

I dont know what kind of power could break the trident!”


In the Water Training Hall, Ye Feng was still listening to the Head Knights explanation.

The reason why this divine weapon, the Sea Stone Trident, was split into two was actually because it had encountered an extremely terrifying opponent at that time.

Who knew how many years had passed since the final battle

Countless amounts of spiritual energy poured out, causing the Sea Stone Trident to be unable to withstand it in the end and directly break apart.

It was split into two from the middle and divided into two sections.

Each section was composed of two parts.

One was the [Harpoon] that Ye Feng was holding, which was the head.

The second part was the body part, which was the tip of the other end of the body, the [Long Staff].

The Head Knight let out a long sigh, looked at Ye Feng, and continued, “However, countless years have passed, and the whereabouts of the [Long Staff] have long been unknown.”

“If we can find the [Long Staff] and reassemble this trident, the power of the Sea Stone Trident is beyond anyones imagination.”

“That is a power that can destroy the world!”

Hearing this, Ye Feng lowered his head and looked at the Sea Stone Trident again.

“It really has such power”

Ye Feng naturally believed it.

After all, just the power released by the [Harpoon] was enough to awaken his water elemental skills.

If he could completely bring out the Sea Stone Trident…

This divine weapon would definitely cause countless people to be terrified upon hearing it.

Moreover, this was the divine artifact of the Murloc race, not a random weapon.

Ye Feng estimated that the quality of the Sea Stone Trident was even higher than A grade!


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