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No matter what, his mission was completed.

Immediately after, a few people came up to praise Ye Feng.

It could be seen that they were all the most important core members of the [Waterfall Clan].

Generally speaking, as the new King, of course he had to understand the internal affairs of the tribe.

This was also convenient for him to carry out various plans in the future.

But the crowd saw that Ye Feng did not care about this at all.

It was completely different from the previous generations of Murloc Kings that they had experienced.

So they shouted: Wuhu King was indeed detached from the secular world, a gift that descended upon their [Waterfall Clan]!

This gave Ye Feng a lot of popular support and prestige.

Ye Feng facepalmed, feeling a little dizzy.

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He clearly didnt do anything!

Sigh, this d*mned charm of his!!!

Just as Ye Feng finished brushing off these Murlocs once again and was prepared to leave the court for nothing and sneak away, suddenly, the Head Knights expression changed and it gave an order.

The guards standing around the hall reacted extremely quickly and instantly surrounded him.

‘Could I have been discovered!

The imposing manner of this group of guards wearing dark green armor gave Ye Feng a fright.

‘If I was discovered… How would they know that I wanted to slip away Cant I go out to the toilet… Ye Feng felt dizzy and raised his head to look in the direction of the Head Knight.

He was waiting for its next move.

If they really started fighting, Ye Feng would have no fear.

There were so many ancestors of the Murloc tribe present, and there was no lack of heavyweights.

Perhaps there might be a slight disparity in strength, but if he couldnt win, why couldnt he just run away!

“Team 1 in position!”

“Team 2 in position!”

“Team 3 in position!”


At this moment, the Head Knight was reporting the numbers in formation.

Ye Feng was also attracted by this sound.

What were they doing If they wanted to capture him, they could just capture him directly

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They were even counting.

With this time, he could run far away!

Perhaps they were not here to capture him

Ye Feng was a little confused, but he was just observing.

He did not want to disrupt the peace.

After scanning around, there were about two to three hundred Murlocs gathered here.

Each team had 30 people, which was about 10 teams.

The 10 teams each had their own roles.

There were vanguards, frontline, logistics, and so on.

This was clearly a formation with a very strict system.

Only now did Ye Feng remember that this Royal Head Knights true identity in the Murloc tribe was actually equivalent to the position of commander-in-chief.

To put it more modern, it was the commander of the army.

The commander of the army.

Looking at these hundreds of people, the number was actually not too many, but one had to consider that they were Murlocs!

Each of them was two to three meters tall.

Moreover, they were strong and strong.

From the looks of it, these 10 teams of Murlocs could already be considered a very terrifying armed force.

Looking at the armed forces of the Murlocs that were ready to go,Ye Feng felt very puzzled.

‘Even if they wanted to stop me, they dont need to use so many people!

‘They think too highly of me!

At this time, the Head Knight nodded its head in satisfaction.

Its gaze was very gratified as it turned to look in Ye Fengs direction.

Ye Fengs heart thumped.

He was afraid that they were going to make a move!

Ye Feng was already prepared.

If they dared to charge forward, Ye Feng would definitely be able to break through the door behind him at the first possible moment.

And the [Harpoon] was also in his hands.

Even if they were to shed all pretenses of cordiality, with the divine artifact in hand, he would not panic.

However, the Head Knight did not give the order to capture him as Ye Feng had imagined.

The Head Knight was very respectful and said, “Reporting to the Wuhu King, all the Murloc warriors of the [Waterfall Clan] have arrived!”

“We are ready to meet the external enemy at any time!”

“Please give the order, Wuhu King!!”

Ye Feng looked at this scene and indeed felt somewhat puzzled.

Wasnt this baffling There was an external enemy Where!

‘And what does this have to do with me

Ye Feng naturally didnt dare to say it directly, but he thought to himself.

The Murloc warriors of [Waterfall Clan] had so much combat power, which could be considered powerful.

But why did they suddenly gather

What did this have to do with him

Could it be that after the new King was appointed, this was a process Did the new King need all the Murloc warriors to come out and celebrate

Ye Feng was confused and immediately heard the Head Knights explanation.

“Wuhu King, theres no need to panic.”

“These are our tribes most elite warriors.

Together with the Wuhu Kings leadership, this attack will definitely be victorious!”

Ye Feng was stunned.

There really was an external enemy!

He thought this was just an act, but it turned out to be true!

This time, Ye Feng recalled the mural he saw in the palace corridor.

It was recorded that there seemed to be another tribe.

The [Swamp Clan]!

It turned out that the Murlocs had been unified since ancient times.

After Old Blind quelled the rebels, there was only one Murloc tribe left.

After that, they developed for countless years.

It had always been peaceful, but ever since Old Blind the prophet passed away, the Murloc tribe had been in constant internal strife.

Finally, it split into two factions.

One was the [Waterfall Clan], where Ye Feng was from, and lived in the water for generations.

The other was the [Swamp Clan], which lived in the swamp.

The two tribes were incompatible.

They often fought each other for territory.

And What Ye Feng didnt notice was that the [Swamp Clan] had been growing stronger and stronger recently!

What Ye Feng didnt know was that the overall strength of the [Swamp Clan] far exceeded that of the [Waterfall Clan].

The reason why the Head Knight said that just now was only to boost morale.

But if they really fought, it would probably be a disaster!

Moreover, the [Swamp Clan] army was already close to the [Waterfall Clan]!

‘Holy sh*t, the army is pressing on the border, and youre only telling me now! Ye Fengs expression instantly changed.

‘Good heavens, youre using me as your mascot!

This banquet was probably the last meal.

In other words, it was a practice meal!

The Head Knight had long known that the [Swamp Clan] was going to attack.

The reason why it had not told Ye Feng.

Was because it was afraid that he would retreat and run.

But now, it had already announced to the entire [Waterfall Clan] that Ye Feng was the Wuhu King!

This news would also be spread to the leader of the [Swamp Clan] not long after.

Sometimes, the symbolism and leadership of the Murloc King would be the key to turning the tables.

And now, Ye Feng had been pushed into the limelight.

This was also something the Murloc King had to face.

Responsibility and honor were gathered.

This was the role of the Murloc King.

Ye Feng was a little regretful.

If he had known earlier that he wouldnt have agreed to the Head Knight in the sacred land of Tianqing River.

At that time, it would have been easy for him to leave with the [Harpoon].

But if he wanted to leave now, it would be too late.

Once the Murloc King announced it publicly, it meant that he had already represented the honor and supreme power of the [Waterfall Clan].

He had already become the primary target of the [Swamp Clan]s pursuit.

If he still ran now…

It might also cause the [Waterfall Clan] to be dissatisfied.

At that time, he would be two-faced and not be a human!

Being hunted down by two tribes at the same time…

That scene was exciting just thinking about it!

Moreover, these two tribes were already the entire Murloc race.

Being targeted by the Murloc race, this idea was too crazy!

But Ye Feng did not care anymore.

The fight between their tribes had nothing to do with him to begin with.

The conflict between them since ancient times, why did it only erupt when he became the Murloc King!

Could it be that he had to be responsible for this mess!

It was impossible just thinking about it.

The Head Knight added, “But the [Swamp Clan] is not invincible.”

Ye Feng originally had a troubled expression on his face.

When he heard the Head Knight say this, a trace of anticipation suddenly flashed across his face.

“What can we do”


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