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Ye Feng had a reason for thinking this way.

The duration of the freshmen assessment was one month.

During this month, they would use any means possible, and they could even make a move on their companions.

As long as one month passed, whoever had the highest points would be the winner.

The number of people participating in this assessment was not small either.

Cloud Mist Academys admission criteria was the top 100.

Everyone worked very hard to compete.

Now it seemed that only Ye Feng had yet to obtain a single point.

Relying purely on the high initial points, up until now, he was still ranked first.

But now, there was already a risk of being surpassed.

Except for Ye Feng, everyone was desperately fighting the encounter battle.

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The first thing they thought of when they encountered a creature was not to run, but to consider whether they could beat it or not.

As long as there was even the slightest chance of winning, they would charge forward.

This also caused the entire ranking to form a huge gap in the score.

The top 10 people had higher scores than the people behind them.

And the price of such a high frequency of battles was also very high.

That was the casualty rate rising straight up!

This years freshmen assessment, up until now, the casualty rate had already reached an astonishing 70%!

In the last freshmen assessment, the casualty rate was only 30%.

This years assessment was much more difficult than the previous ones.

But the audience had never seen a trace of panic or worry in Ye Fengs eyes.

Could this be the legendary appearance of a god!

Of course, Ye Feng was not panicking.

He had his own thoughts.

‘Based on the current points, I only have 25 points now, but this is the initial credits.

Based on the conversion ratio, I should already have about 250 points.

‘It has been a few days, but I still havent gained anything.

Ye Feng thought to himself.

The maximum points on the leaderboard was 1,000 points.

Through the timely information from the bracelet, Ye Feng learned that he was still ranked first with 250 points.

Second was Huang Haoyu with 240 points.

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And third was Chen Hao with 220 points.

Fourth was his teammate, Su Fei, with 210 points.

Fifth place…

Ye Feng roughly looked around and found that the scores of the top five were still relatively close.

This meant that their score would be surpassed by anyone at any time.

‘Looks like I really have to go and accumulate some points.

‘Otherwise, I definitely wont pass the freshmen assessment.

Ye Feng thought to himself.

At night.

Ye Feng lay in the largest bedroom of the Murloc Palace.

This was the Murloc Kings bedroom, which was also his bedroom.

There was no one around, so Ye Feng took out his harpoon.

After this period of rest, this harpoon looked more and more shiny.

Ye Fengs perception seeped in and found that there was still some spiritual energy that had not been absorbed.

‘I might as well absorb all of this spiritual energy.

Maybe I can still awaken some power.

Ye Feng thought so and immediately activated it with his mind.

The spiritual energy in the harpoon appeared to be a blue silky ribbon.

It was drawn out and then poured into Ye Fengs body.

“This spiritual energy is still so pure!” Ye Feng was somewhat happy.

This spiritual energy could truly feel powerful.

It had a completely different feeling from ordinary spiritual energy.

This was the difference of the special (water element) spiritual energy!

‘So powerful.

It filled up my spirit energy in an instant! Ye Feng sighed and let out a turbid breath.

His body seemed to be slowly stretched out.

Every cell in his body was resonating!

Ye Feng absorbed all the spiritual energy in one go.

All of it was completely absorbed.

Feeling the spirit energy in his body that was constantly churning, he revealed a satisfied smile.

“If I cant find the [Long Staff], actually this [Harpoon] can also be used as an energy device.”

“After all, the harpoon can continuously produce spiritual energy!”Ye Feng said with a smile.

This idea that popped out also made him feel somewhat incredulous, because the harpoon itself was a divine artifact.

Self-generating spiritual energy was also a basic ability, and it also produced special (water element) spiritual energy.

If he did not find the [Long Staff], then this harpoon was actually just a decoration.

After all, only when the two were combined could it be called the Sea Stone Trident.

Just taking out one of them, what was this A defective product

Obviously, it could not be counted.

Ye Feng discovered this flashy operation, and his heart could not help but be wild with joy.

‘This is indeed a good thing, Ive earned it this time!

Ye Feng was still immersed in his joy when the systems voice suddenly sounded.

‘Its here, the first wave of upgrades! Ye Feng was secretly delighted.

As his body underwent changes, a voice simultaneously appeared in his mind.

[Ding! Congratulations, Host, for absorbing a large amount of special spiritual energy, or for a large-scale evolution!]

[Water Element Slime Body has evolved.

Please choose!]

Ye Feng followed the systems instructions and looked at the window that appeared before him, preparing to make a choice.

There were three different evolution paths written on it.


Water Sprite: Extremely fast speed, agility-type ability attribute.


Water Demon: Extremely strong binding ability, control-type ability attribute.


River Spirit: Comprehensive attribute, amazing explosive ability, able to use the power of water in a more elegant way.

‘If I choose by myself, combined with my bodys condition, I should choose the Water Demon with extremely fast speed! Ye Feng looked at the attributes displayed on it and fell into deep thought.

Ye Fengs symbiotic body attributes already had speed and control ability.

Both were what he needed.

Comparing the two, Ye Fengs own speed ability was still better than his control ability.

Therefore, Ye Feng was also in a dilemma.

‘As for the River Spirit, its attributes are also normal.

After all, it is a comprehensive attribute and wont be biased in any aspect.

Ye Feng looked at the third choice.

The River Spirit was a comprehensive attribute, but it had an additional explosive ability, which Ye Feng lacked.

But his offensive ability was not too strong, after all.

At present, his Slimes main abilities were still speed, control, and defense.

It was not that he did not want to upgrade the Slimes offensive ability, and the upgrade was too slow.

This was also the reason why he did not choose the Warrior route before.

But even so, his own combat ability was still far superior to most people.

It was just that it was slightly difficult to face a pure combat strength symbiote.

‘System, help me deduce it!Ye Feng thought to himself.

Rather than blindly choosing, he might as well let the system help him.

With such a cheat-like golden finger, it would be a waste not to use it!

[Ding, deducing for the host!]

[Starting deducing Water Sprites evolution path!]

[Deducing Water Sprites evolution path a total of 2.7 million times, matching rate 42%!]

[Starting deducing Water Demons evolution path!]

[Deducing Water Demons evolution path a total of 3.2 million times, matching rate 65%!]


[The deduction is complete, the total deduction this time is about 23.41 million times!]

[The River Spirits matching rate is as high as 98%!]

[The host is recommended to choose the River Spirits evolution route.]

Seeing this result, the corners of Ye Fengs mouth curled up slightly, and then he heard the systems explanation.

[The River Spirit routes water element Slime subsidiary body is more suitable for the display of all attributes.]

[Moreover, as the high explosive power increases, the water element Slime body will also have greater attack power, and its control over the water element will also be further strengthened.]

[According to the attributes in the hosts body, the water element Slime body has already surpassed the other attributes of the Slime body, becoming the dominant power of the Slime body.]

Hearing this, Ye Feng was a little surprised.

Even if the systems analysis was correct.

Although the main Slime body could split the Slime body multiple times, and the attributes of the subsidiary Slime bodies were also distributed by itself, there was also a difference in strength within the Slime bodies.

For example, the water element Slime body had the best comprehensive ability.

Would you choose another type of Slime body that was even worse

Obviously, it was impossible.

The water element Slime subsidiary body had already become the best subsidiary body splitting method.

But it was only in the Water Training Hall.

It was like this.

Ye Feng had so many subsidiary body special attributes in his body.

On different occasions, he would split into different subsidiary bodies with different special attributes.

This was Ye Fengs greatest combat advantage.

‘Then choose the [River Spirit] evolution route!


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