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While Ye Feng was thinking, dozens of corpses had already appeared on the three battlefields.

And most of them had died tragically.

These cold weapons that were imbued with high-level spiritual power only grazed their body lightly and instantly exploded into a few pieces!

The battle between the Murlocs from both sides was extremely fierce.

In an instant, countless blood splattered everywhere, and the ground was covered in red liquid!

However, the Murlocs who had very simple social relations, the more they were killed, the more high-level Murlocs would be able to come and fight.

This was also the reason why the Murlocs had always erupted into conflict and never received any mediation.

In their understanding, if you kill one of me, Ill make you pay with your life!

In the eyes of both sides, other than killing, they would kill until there was no one left.

This was the true great victory.

Moreover, Ye Feng had just learned that if he killed his way out, there was a high chance that he would meet the King of their [Swamp Clan].

If he killed their King, then would this dispute end here

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Ye Feng was thinking, but he did not dare to act rashly.

Moreover, there was no need for it.

As the Commander of the Royal Knights, the Head Knights own level had already reached C- grade, which far surpassed Ye Fengs by an entire level.

Even if Ye Fengs strength was at its peak, it was impossible to say that he had a 100% chance of defeating the Head Knight.

It was more likely that they were evenly matched.

As for the other party, just from the first wave of attacks, Ye Feng had already sensed through his perception that there was more than one expert who had surpassed D grade.

Ye Feng had even sensed the existence of a C grade!

What kind of concept was this A perfect C grade killing a C- grade expert was as easy as flipping ones hand! In other words, the ability released by a C grade expert was enough to make the entire tribe submit.

If they did not submit, the only outcome would be death.

Moreover, once a C grade expert entered the battlefield, the entire battlefield situation would undergo an earth-shattering change.

If he wanted to settle this battle, they would need to just lift a finger.

However, that expert only hid in the shadows and watched.

They did not move at all, or perhaps they had some other intentions.

Ye Feng did not know about this, but it made Ye Feng keep an eye out.

The other party was a very dangerous existence!

This way, he could not expose himself too early!

He still wanted to walk out of this d*mned place.

If he fought to the death and his vitality was greatly damaged, it was naturally not Ye Fengs wish.

Ye Fengs gaze once again focused on the Head Knights side.

The Head Knight was still strong.

As a C- grade powerhouse, it was already one of the few powerhouses in the [Waterfall Clan].

Under its leadership, they quickly defeated the first wave of Swamp Murlocs attacks and welcomed the second wave of Swamp Murlocs attacks.

Different from the first wave of Swamp Murlocs, the second wave of Swamp Murlocs abilities were obviously much higher than the first waves.

With a glance, Ye Feng discovered two D grade Swamp Murlocs.

Relying on the size of the Murlocs, under normal circumstances, they would possess extremely high speed and strength.

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From a battle strength point of view, the Murlocs above D grade were all warriors with extremely terrifying strength.

But to Ye Feng, even if there were more than ten D grade Swamp Murlocs appearing, they were still cannon fodder among cannon fodder.

After all, the level suppression was the same no matter what the situation was.

Even if it was a perfect D grade like Ye Feng, Ye Feng still had the ability to kill them, let alone a D grade one rank lower!

Although weak, Ye Feng could not appear yet.

Because as long as he went out, he would definitely attract the attention of that C grade powerhouse.

If he made a move, Ye Feng would also feel quite pressured.

Why did he have to make himself uncomfortable!

‘Unless its absolutely necessary, I definitely wont go out! Ye Feng thought to himself at this time.

This decision, at least for now, was quite useful.

After all, in the current situation, the [Waterfall Clan] still had the advantage.

After all, this was a local battle of the [Waterfall Clan].

With the local advantage, even if all the [Swamp Clan]s experts attacked at the same time, it would still take quite a while before they could infiltrate.

But at that time, Ye Feng naturally could not sit still and would naturally attack!

He had his principles when he hid.

If the Murloc Palace was destroyed, then wouldnt his treasure pavilion fall just like that!

He had never gotten anything from inside.

He definitely could not agree to this.

Then, the Head Knight entered the arena.

The dark blue Murloc spear in its hand immediately emitted a pale blue glow.

A whole team of more than ten Swamp Murlocs suddenly fell to the ground with their heads and green-skinned fish scales corpses.

After a few more minutes, the third wave of the [Swamp Clan] launched another attack.

This wave of Murlocs was obviously several times stronger than the previous waves.

This made the Head Knight feel a little tired, and it skillfully ordered the main force to defend in time.

The Head Knight with high military talent quickly stabilized the situation, but this was only the beginning!

“The [Swamp Clan] has a large number of people, and they are attacking from three different directions.

Although this is the main battlefield, I am afraid that the rear will be attacked by the traitors.

You take a few guards and protect the Wuhu King!”

“He is our King.

Be careful not to be targeted by the traitors.”

The Head Knights trusted aide nodded and ordered a few guards to rush towards the Murloc Palace.

Although they did not know Ye Fengs location, generally speaking, the Murloc King would be in the palace, discussing with various elders about ways to defend against the enemy before sending it to the frontline although the Murloc Palace and the frontline were only a few kilometers away.

“Brothers, catch their new King first.

His Majesty will reward you handsomely!”

A series of shouts shocked the warriors of [Waterfall Clan] who were defending on the third battlefield.

This ear-splitting sound was heard from all directions on the third battlefield!

Soon after, a huge body rushed out and slashed down.

One after another, the warriors of the [Waterfall Clan] on the frontline were smashed into pieces before they could even react!

“WAAAAH, run! The Swamp Villains are coming!!”

“Quickly call for reinforcements.

At the very least, we need the support of the Royal Knights.

The enemies are too strong.

We cant defend at all!”

“Dont joke around.

The Royal Knights are responsible for the defense of the first main battlefield.

They are already stuck in a stalemate.

It is impossible for them to send out troops to support us!”

“The enemies are Swamp Villains! Only when the Head Knight personally arrives can we turn the tables! Brother, Ive known you for a long time in this life…” Puchi!!!

Before that person could finish its words, its 3-meter tall body was pierced through by a harpoon!!

Minced meat and fresh blood were instantly blown into the air!

The other person was filled with anger and its body was overflowing with killing intent.

The combat ability of a Murloc was not to be underestimated.

Even if it was a Murloc of the lowest level, the destructive power it could produce was extremely huge.

That person grabbed its weapon and wanted to charge forward.

The instigator was very disdainful.

It casually raised its hand and released a burst of spiritual power.

The body of the Waterfall Murloc instantly collapsed and then exploded!

This time, it was even worse.

Its huge body was instantly turned into dust!!!

What was even more terrifying was that as this figure charged forward, there were more than a dozen such figures behind him!

For a moment, an extremely cold killing intent exploded from the third battlefield!

The incomparably powerful killing intent caused all the Murlocs on the battlefield to have no choice but to pay attention to this side!

When Ye Feng saw this scene, his expression changed again and again.

This group of people was the strongest organization of the [Swamp Clan].

It was similar to the Royal Knights of the Waterfall Murlocs, and they gathered the elites of the tribe.

Moreover, they could actually use spiritual energy.

This was something Ye Feng did not expect, which meant that these Murlocs were also very powerful existences.

After all, Ye Feng had never seen such an ability before.

To be able to collapse space, if the level was strong enough, this ability was indeed powerful.

The entrance of the Swamp Villains completely broke the entire situation.

The Waterfall Murlocs third battlefield, the rear, had completely fallen!


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