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“D*mn it, where is our King Did you discover anything on your side”

The Royal Guard knights gathered under the giant tree, sweating profusely.

After learning that the rear had fallen, they became even more anxious to find Ye Feng.

After all, the target of these Swamp Villains was the Murloc King!

“Brothers, our mission is to kill the Murloc King.

We dont care about anything else!” The leading Murloc was very tall and its body exuded a murderous aura.

It was terrifying and carried an endless sharpness!

When the other Villains heard this, they immediately shouted in unison, “Yes, Sir!”

One look at this Murlocs cultivation level and you would know that it wasnt low!

Ye Feng also noticed this Murloc at first glance.

First of all, it looked very strange.

Its originally ugly body actually had dozens of scars.

Even without thinking, he knew that this Murloc was very experienced in battle.

Looking at the respectful attitude of the people around it, its status was also very high.

Moreover, Ye Feng was actually unable to use his perception to inspect its cultivation level!

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How powerful was this!

Ye Feng could easily inspect those below C grade.

He did not even need to spend much spiritual energy to complete the inspection.

Reaching C grade was somewhat strenuous, but he was still able to barely peek inside.

But above C grade, Ye Feng was powerless.

After all, the gap between this rank and his was too vast!

‘Could this be that C grade powerhouse! Ye Feng was secretly shocked.

The [Swamp Clan]s battle tactics were indeed very brilliant!

By gathering large numbers of troops to launch a fierce attack on the first battlefield, the true strength was placed behind them!

Due to the large number of soldiers gathered in the first battlefield, the second and third battlefields defensive line was too weak.

The Swamp Villains could easily choose any defensive line and break through!

Even if there were heavy troops, with the strength of these Villains, breaking through was only a matter of time.

As for why the Villains chose the third line of defense, it was probably because the third line of defense was closest to the Murloc Palace!

Seeing the rapidly changing situation, Ye Feng had a slight headache.

With such a strong person entering the battlefield, Ye Feng had no choice but to take some actions.

Otherwise, the entire situation would turn into a subversive tragedy!

Ye Feng jumped down from the huge tree.

When those people saw him, their expressions changed from doubt to shock.

Finally, someone stammered, “King! Weve finally found you! The rear has fallen!”

Ye Feng nodded and calmly replied, “I know that.

Ive been observing just now.”

“King, then lets leave this place quickly.

The Head Knight ordered us to protect your safety.

Its safest for us to go to the first battlefield.”

“Theres our main force there.

Even if its a Swamp Villain, they wouldnt dare to act rashly.”

As he spoke, the knight wanted to take Ye Feng away.

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Suddenly, a cold light flashed.

Ye Feng frowned and stretched out his right hand, directly intercepting a strange-shaped harpoon!

The knight was instantly scared out of its wits and broke out in a cold sweat.

Just now, that harpoon had attacked with a powerful baleful aura.

It had actually already noticed it, but unfortunately, its level wasnt high enough, so it was unable to escape the restraint of this baleful aura!

Its eyes widened as it looked at Ye Feng in fear.

If it wasnt for Ye Feng making a move, it would probably have died here today.

“You want to leave Hehe, have you asked us” the scarred Murloc said with a disdainful smile.

With a light wave of its hand, that harpoon left Ye Fengs hand and returned to that persons hand with a loud bang.

“Whos that” Ye Feng asked indifferently.

“Its… Its the King of the [Swamp Clan], known as the Bloodthirsty Demon King, called… called… called Fitz!”

“Hehe, I didnt expect that you juniors would still remember me Not bad, not bad.

It seems that your Royal Knight Commander Joseph taught you well! Haha!!” Fitz laughed loudly, and the others behind him also laughed wildly.

“Since weve found the target, lets do it!” Fitz signaled, and the others behind it instantly moved.

In an instant, several figures rushed out.

Their speed was so fast that the few Royal Guards did not even have time to react and were instantly pushed back over ten meters.

Those figures did not treat the Royal Guards as their targets either.

The short knives in their hands instantly revealed their sharpness as they charged toward Ye Feng.

Seeing this scene, the audience instantly froze.

This, this, this, was this really happening!

With so many assassins, it seemed like they were very strong, but they actually only fought against Ye Feng.

Such a powerful opponent, he would most likely fall this time!!!!

“F*ck, either God Feng doesnt fight, or when he was about to fight, he encountered such a fierce opponent.

This is bad!”

“God Feng is silly.

He was fine on the tree.

Why did he have to come down Sigh, I originally thought that a once-in-a-century genius would appear, but I didnt expect that he would fall soon.”

“Dont be discouraged, everyone.

God Feng might have his ways! He hasnt shown his strength yet.

In this way, wont we be able to see God Fengs full strength!”

In the judges seats, Professor Leis expression was already gloomy.

It was obvious that these people were not to be trifled with.

Moreover, their target had already locked onto Ye Feng.

If they could not withstand this, Ye Feng might become the first on the top five on the scoreboard to be eliminated!

“Dean Andy, do you think that Ye Feng will be able to stop his assessment in time when he is in such a dangerous situation If…” Professor Lei looked at Andy with a nervous expression.

He also knew that once the freshmen assessment of Cloud Mist Academy started, there was no such thing as saying that it would be stopped.

After all, when the rules of the assessment were announced from the start, it had already been repeatedly made clear.

If they felt that it was dangerous, they could withdraw before the assessment started.

But now, the test had already been going on for several days.

At this time, it was basically impossible to save Ye Feng from danger and save him.

Teacher Andy heard this and shook his head.

“Once the test begins, it cannot be stopped.

This is the rule of the past.

We have no right to change it.”

Hearing this, everyones expression darkened.

Professor Lei sighed.

“Then he can only depend on his fate.


Outside the Murloc Palace.

Ye Fengs expression was very calm when he saw a few crazy Swamp Villains charging toward him.

Ye Fengs figure had already disappeared before they could even get close.

In terms of speed, how could they compare to Ye Fengs speed when the special attribute Slime in Ye Fengs body was released at full force!

“So fast!” Everyone was shocked.

Their expressions were fierce, and the short knife in their hands also emitted a faint, sharp white light.

“King! Be careful!!” the Royal Guard in the distance shouted.

Ye Feng turned his head and saw Fitz suddenly appearing behind him.

Ye Fengs figure instantly retreated explosively.

In the span of a breath, he had already pulled away.

And the place where Ye Feng stood just now exploded with a bang!

When the dust dispersed, a large pit that was several meters deep actually appeared!

‘This power is indeed powerful! Ye Feng exclaimed in his heart.

To be able to achieve such power with such a casual attack, one could imagine how powerful it would be if it were to unleash its full strength!

What was even more terrifying was that Fitz quietly appeared behind Ye Feng, and Ye Feng did not even feel it at all!

His perception seemed to have completely lost its effect on it.

This time, Ye Feng was even more certain that this scarred Murloc Fitz in front of him was definitely that C grade powerhouse!!


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