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“Your speed is quite fast!” Fitz sneered.

It raised its harpoon and looked at Ye Feng disdainfully.

“Your strength doesnt seem weak How come Ive never seen you before And youre even the Waterfall Murloc King, hehe!”

“Has the [Waterfall Clan] fallen to such a state To let a foreigner become the King! Theyre simply not afraid of making a fool of themselves if this gets out!”

When Fitz sneered, a familiar figure appeared.

“Head Knight! You are finally here!!” One of the guards who was not seriously injured immediately shouted when it saw the Head Knight rushing over as if it had seen its savior.

“Oh Joseph, you are finally here.

I thought you were going to be a coward! Tell me, when did it become a humans turn to be the King of the Murloc tribe!” Fitzs tone seemed to contain a trace of anger.

When Ye Feng saw them, it was as if they were from the same hometown.

They were exceptionally familiar with each other.

“Do they know each other” Ye Feng glanced at the Royal Guard Knight who was still protecting him and pondered.

The Royal Guard Knight paused and said, “Not only do they know each other, they have known each other since they were young.

They are brothers!”

“They have always been on good terms with each other and are the pride of our Murloc tribe.

However, their ideals and beliefs are different.

Fitz likes violence and advocates violence to change everything.

Joseph has always advocated gentleness, so they walked further and further apart until now…”

Ye Feng nodded and stopped asking.

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As for the rest of the story, Ye Feng was no longer interested.

After all, what did these things have to do with him

Since they had turned against each other, they represented two different forces.

Moreover, this grudge had been accumulated for a long time.

It was impossible to reconcile this path.

Otherwise, it would be impossible for them to start a fight.

Fitz spoke to Joseph in a very contemptuous tone.

“I say, cant your thoughts keep up with the times Ive said it more than once.

Old Blind represents the past!”

“Everything is changing now.

The past cannot be used in the present.

What the Murlocs need is change! A great update of civilization and technology!”

Head Knight Josephs expression was indifferent, as if it did not take Fitzs words seriously.

“Joseph will give you a chance.

Hand over your Murloc King.

He is just a trash from a foreign land.

Why are you all so loyal to him as a King!” Fitz continued, the murderous aura around it growing stronger.

Seeing that Joseph did not make any moves… Fitz continued to throw out conditions.

“You are not worthy of being a Head Knight, and your status is not high.

As long as you hand over the Murloc King, I will bestow upon you the title ofKing side by side for the sake of our old friendship.

You are of the same generation as me!”

When everyone heard this, their expressions became even more complicated.

Ye Feng naturally knew what the title ofKing side by side was.

According to the literal meaning, it was a position comparable to the King.

It was the highest type next to the King.

According to the level of [Waterfall Clan], it was equivalent to the Murloc King!

Everyone present knew what this meant.

If Joseph was conferred the title, then the [Waterfall Clan] would be in name only.

As the Murloc King, Ye Feng was only a puppet and might even be executed.

Ye Feng shook his head.

Even this term was too light.

If Joseph were to surrender, Ye Feng would become the target of public criticism.

At that time, the entire Murloc tribe would make a move against him.

Just as everyone was waiting for Josephs reply, Ye Feng stood out.

He had to take the initiative.

Whether he lived or died depended on his own hands.

Ye Feng looked at Fitz and said coldly, “Youre just a rat, yet you dare to openly poach my legs!”

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“As the Murloc King, I control the resources of the entire [Waterfall Clan] and Murloc warriors.

Its one thing for you to charge into our headquarters, but you still dare to be so impudent Arent you underestimating me too much”

When the Head Knight saw the domineering Ye Feng, it immediately became spirited.

As the Murloc King, Ye Feng was their spiritual leader.

Fitz heard this and laughed loudly.

“Im dying of laughter.

A mere human actually talks about how great he is.

Do you really think youre a hero who saves the world!”

As it said that, killing intent burst out from Fitzs body once again.

The harpoon in its hand sparkled as if it was ready to attack at any moment.

If it wasnt for Josephs presence, Fitz would really have started killing.

After all, in the scene, Fitz knew very well that Josephs strength was similar to its strength.

Once they started fighting, they would definitely be caught in a stalemate.

As for it, it was leading the most elite Swamp Villains of the [Swamp Clan] deep into the enemys rear.

There were only a few of them in total.

Although all of them were well-armed and strong, they were unable to endure the battle of attrition.

The most important thing was that they had the advantage on the outside.

The main threat behind the enemys rear was the large army.

At this moment, they were in a situation where they had no leader.

If they could not hold on until it returned, the entire [Swamp Clan] would collapse.

Even if they captured the Murloc King alive, if the [Swamp Clan] warriors were killed, then this battle would be meaningless.

And Joseph had this exact plan.

If it could stall Fitz here a little longer, then the warriors at the frontline would have a greater chance of winning.

Seeing Ye Feng stand out, Joseph also smiled slightly.

“Look, this is our Murloc King.

This is the person I am worthy of being loyal to.

Even if you are in a high position, your things, as they were before, are still not what I want now.”

Fitz seemed to be angered.

Looking at Joseph and Ye Feng, its face turned red.

“But he is still a foreigner! You helped a foreigner ascend to the Murloc Kings position like this.

What kind of Old Blinds descendant are you!”

Joseph glanced at Ye Feng, then looked at Fitz and replied indifferently, “Why not He is the heavens chosen one that the Old Blind predicted.

He is the Murloc King that came to help our tribe!”

Ye Feng nodded and spoke on Josephs behalf, “Thats right!”

Fitz was instantly enraged.

“Good job, Joseph.

Not only did you lead the wolf into the house, you even spoke up for him.

The enmity between our two tribes is not something that a foreigner can resolve!”

“Then, you still insist on going your own way.

Then, I can only settle the both of you!”

Joseph sneered and looked at Fitz.

“Insist on doing things your own way This word is most suitable for you.

Our [Waterfall Clan] is descended from the same lineage.

I wonder which b*stard split himself up to create his own unique identity!”

“Following that, the dignity of the Murloc King will be witnessed by all the ancestors.

Today, we must put an end to the grudges between these two tribes!”

“Either you die or I die!” As Joseph spoke, it released its spiritual power.

A pure and enormous spiritual power attacked the surroundings.

“You bring the Wuhu King to a safe place.

Leave the rest to me!”

Joseph turned around and looked ahead coldly.

Fitz smiled coldly and moved its mouth disdainfully.

“Stop struggling.

With your strength, you are no match for me!”

“Cut the crap.

Even if I have to bleed to the last drop of blood, my will will not yield.

The honor of [Waterfall Clan] will last forever.

You, a traitor, will eventually seek your own destruction!”

“Alright, then you have to go all out.

I will make your death ugly!” As soon as Fitz finished its words, its aura erupted, and the harpoon in its hand sparkled.

With a loud bang, Fitz disappeared from where it was standing.

A figure flew out at high speed, and like a supersonic missile, it charged towards Joseph!

“Since you refuse to submit, then die for me!”


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