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‘”Ha, I really cant find it even if I try my best! Ye Feng thought to himself.

His eyes could no longer leave this weapon.

If he defeated Fitz, he would be able to obtain the [Long Staff].

At that time, wouldnt it be able to merge with the [Harpoon] in his hand!

At that time, it would be the real Sea Stone Trident.

Now that it was separated into two parts, anyone who obtained one of the components would not be able to use it as a whole.

Only a complete body could activate the greatest power of the sea stone trident.

However, seeing that Fitz could use the [Long Staff] to achieve such power, Ye Feng began to wonder if there was a problem with his method of using it.

Ye Feng had never used the [Harpoon] as a weapon before.

It was only used as a container that could be used to produce spiritual energy on its own.

Because there had never been a battle, there was no need to use it as a weapon to play with.

Moreover, the energy within the [Harpoon] had already been devoured by Ye Feng.

It would also take a considerable amount of time to recover.

Ye Feng was still worried about not knowing what to devour.

Fitzs direct delivery of goods to his doorstep was something that Ye Feng had not expected.

Although there might be some disparity in strength, but in a real fight, it was not certain who would win!

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“What it has in its hand… is actually the divine weapon component [Long Staff] that we have been searching for day and night.” Joseph was a little shocked.

It was no wonder that Fitzs strength had improved by leaps and bounds, and its offense was so strong.

So it had [Long Staff] as a weapon!

“King, Fitz has a divine weapon.

You must not be careless!” Joseph looked at Ye Feng.

It continued to remind him, “Although you also have a divine weapon, the gap between the two of you is not small.

Therefore, I suggest that you evacuate this place first.

I will cover the rear…”

Saying that, Joseph spat out another mouthful of blood.

It was already extremely weak, but because its level was not low and its physical fitness was extremely strong, it was still constantly repairing its body.

As long as it was still hanging on by a thread and given enough time, it would be able to recover its combat strength.

Unfortunately, its injuries were too serious.

If it wanted to recover, it would take more than half a day.

When Fitz saw this scene from afar, it let out an extremely terrifying laugh.

“Hehe, you guys arent thinking of fighting me to the end, right Im giving you a chance to run, but you guys arent moving at all!”

“Or are you guys so scared that your legs have gone soft Haha, you guys cant run at all! It doesnt matter.

After all, youre a trash and a cripple whos hanging on by a thread.

However, I wont treat my captives well.

Ill only let you die in even more pain!”

As it spoke, Fitz once again circulated the power in its body.

The [Long Staff] in its hand shone brilliantly, as if it was emitting an extremely soul-stirring power.

However, that power carried with it a feeling of invincibility.

This kind of feeling made Ye Feng feel very strange.

It was as if even his soul was being affected.

Ye Feng turned his head to look at Joseph beside him.

Its expression was solemn.

Although the injuries on its body were constantly recovering, they were too serious after all.

In addition, it did not dare to fully recover and still had some strength left.

It wanted to prepare to fight with Fitz, which also caused it to be in great pain.

“King, just in case, stand behind me.” Joseph snorted and held the spear tightly in its hand.

At this moment, not only was the spear gathering strength, it could swing out an attack that contained a huge amount of energy at any time.

This attack also contained almost all of Josephs spiritual energy.

If it could successfully swing out this attack, it also meant that its life had come to an end.


‘Does he want to sacrifice himself to protect me Ye Feng thought to himself, his expression somewhat touched.

After all, Joseph really kept its promise.

It said it would protect him, and it was really protecting himself.

But the other party was too strong.

Even with such a high density of skills and a large amount of spiritual energy, Fitz was still able to fight freely.

At this time, it still had quite a bit of energy left to fight with them.

Ye Feng looked ahead, and Fitz was also accumulating energy.

Ye Feng did not know if Fitz would still release the Spirit Exploding Shark.

If it released it again, the entire environment would change again.

A battle in water was not as good as a battle on land for Ye Feng.

But dont forget, Ye Feng also had water elemental skills!

Therefore, Ye Feng had never panicked.

Even when the explosion of the Spirit Exploding Shark produced a huge impact, Ye Feng was still calm and collected.

It was just that the Slime he summoned blocked most of the damage and had already turned into a pool of liquid.

However, it did not affect him in the slightest.

After all, Ye Feng was the carrier of the main body of the Slime.

It was only a matter of time before a new Slime subsidiary body was formed!

“Die!” With Fitzs loud roar, a murderous aura shot up into the sky.

It was like a shadow, approaching Joseph at an extremely strange speed!

If both of their strengths were at their peak,Joseph might still be able to receive this attack, but Joseph was already heavily injured, so it was impossible for it to receive this attack

Even if Joseph wanted to dodge now, it would be too late.

Moreover, its current thought was to protect Ye Feng and leave this place.

“Old friend, I didnt expect you to still be so stubborn.

Just be an ordinary person in your next life!” Fitz laughed crazily, emitting a strange tone unique to Murlocs.

Then, it raised its [Long Staff].

With a bang, it appeared in front of Joseph!

The force of the attack had already made Joseph unable to stand up, but it still held the long spear in its hand tenaciously.

It only needed to wait for Fitz to get close, and then it would release the powerful force in one go.

Even if Fitz was at its peak, it would not be able to take this attack without using even a bit of spiritual power.

At the very least, it could take half of its life!

But the development of the matter was always so unpredictable.

Fitz raised its hand and waved its [Long Staff], but the black figure had long disappeared.

“What!” Joseph was greatly alarmed and hurriedly looked in Ye Fengs direction.

As expected! Fitzs figure appeared in front of Ye Feng!!

Fitz revealed a very strange smile and stared at Ye Feng, saying coldly, “Not bad, I havent eaten the Murloc Kings meat for a long time! It should still be quite delicious!!”

As it said that, Fitz licked its lips, stretched out its sharp claws, and pressed forward step by step!

“King! Be careful!!” Joseph shouted.

It did not care about the [Long Staff] that suddenly attacked it.

It raised its long spear and gathered all its strength to throw it at Fitz.

Since it was going to die sooner or later, Joseph might as well use the last of its strength to lean on Fitzs body.

As for that [Long Staff], Joseph did not care too much about it.


The two threats were pressing on.

However, when Joseph was completely covered by the light blue light emitted by the staff, something similarly light blue flew out and blocked the staff!

Joseph looked carefully in shock.

The thing that flew out was actually a harpoon!

One of the components of the Sea Stone Trident, the [Harpoon]!!

The [Harpoon] had always been worshipped by the [Waterfall Clan] in the sacred land of Tianqing River.

From ancient times until now, no one had ever been able to actually pick it up, let alone use it!

Only the Old Blind the Prophet had the power to use this divine artifact!

However, Joseph saw that this [Harpoon] could be thrown out so easily by Ye Feng, and it even accurately blocked the [Long Staff].

This was enough to prove that Ye Fengs strength was not weak!

After all, it was the person chosen by the prophecy!

‘Could it be that the Wuhu King already knows how to use the power of the [Harpoon]! Joseph was very shocked and looked in the direction of Ye Feng with a surprised gaze.


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