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Inside Ye Fengs body.


Suddenly, a wave of thunder sounded from within his body, from the inside out.

The origin energy actually continued to churn, as if it was being pulled by some kind of force, surging outwards.

This caused Ye Fengs face to be filled with joy.

“Haha! Looks like Im going to advance! This time, I should be able to break through to D grade!” Ye Feng was ecstatic.

In the symbiotic level system, C grade and D grade were a dividing line.

It was also a very crucial stage to step into the ranks of the strong.

Therefore, every symbiote hoped that they could break through within the perfect D grade state.

Only after breaking through to this stage could they truly step into the ranks of the strong.

Suddenly, Ye Feng felt a surge within his body.

A ball of light blue air began to revolve.

This aura became faster and faster, becoming more and more urgent.

It even emitted a humming vibration sound.

‘Could it be that I have already broken through! Ye Feng guessed in his heart.

Boom! Boom! Boom!!

As the aura continued to leak out, its speed became faster and faster, and the surrounding air also began to churn violently.

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Suddenly, a thick purple-gold bolt of lightning struck directly at Ye Feng.

This bolt of lightning was as thick as an arm, like a silver snake.

It bared its fangs and brandished its claws, and its power was extremely frightening.


Sensing the sudden appearance of this purple-gold bolt of lightning, Ye Feng revealed a surprised expression.

“Could it be that this is the purple-gold bolt of lightning”

Ye Feng had read about the purple-gold lightning in ancient books.

There were records of this type of lightning in ancient records.

It was rumored that this purple-gold lightning had the power to destroy everything.

Even a C grade symbiotic cultivator would be crippled if struck by it.

Moreover, the power of this purple-gold lightning was extremely great.

Even ordinary people relied on pure luck to avoid a calamity.

Generally speaking, to be able to cause such a stir, especially when the lightning appeared, it used too much spiritual energy.

The spiritual energy in this area was instantly completely absorbed, causing a type of law to descend, which was this lightning.

It was used to maintain balance.

‘It must be because I improved too much just now, causing the spiritual energy here to drop rapidly, which is why it attracted such power! Ye Feng thought in his heart, but he was not afraid.

Because his symbiotic body was the Slime!

The Slime was not a piece of trash, but its defensive ability was very good, especially since the Slime did not conduct electricity!

Even this purple-gold lightning could not do anything to him.


The purple-gold lightning struck Ye Fengs body fiercely.

Immediately, Ye Feng felt the inside of his body shake.


“What is this Whats going on” Ye Feng felt that his spiritual energy seemed to be shrinking.

Before long, the spiritual energy disappeared and was replaced by a brand new spiritual energy!

‘What… Whats going on I didnt even activate my skill and everything ended! Ye Feng was full of surprise.

He couldnt believe what he saw.

“Could this be a brand new realm” Ye Feng exclaimed.

[Ding! Congratulations, Host, you have successfully leveled up and reached C Grade!]

The systems voice entered his mind and instantly, Ye Feng was overjoyed.

Before he leveled up, he was a perfect D grade, but he didnt expect himself to directly skip C-grade and directly reach C grade!

Such a leap was something Ye Feng did not expect.

It turned out that not long ago, he had already reached the C- grade bottleneck.

Thus, he was able to borrow the energy from the Sea Stone Trident to break through to his current cultivation.

The current Ye Feng had already reached the C grade cultivation and was just a little bit away from stepping into the C grade!

This kind of progress was so fast that Ye Feng could not believe it.

Ye Feng had been looking for opportunities before, so he had been delayed for a period of time.

Otherwise, Ye Feng would have broken through long ago!

However, although Ye Feng had broken through, he did not plan to immediately enter a higher grade.

After all, Ye Feng had just advanced to C grade and was already considered a powerhouse.

He needed to slowly stabilize and completely control his cultivation.

‘I still underestimated the energy of this world! Ye Feng shook his head bitterly.

Just the power of this Sea Stone Trident was enough to allow him to break through two ranks consecutively.

If the spiritual energy in the Sea Stone Trident was fully recovered and used in battle, what kind of power could it unleash

Ye Feng did not know this, but it was definitely not as simple as an ordinary divine artifact!

Moreover, when he was inspecting the trident, he discovered the existence of a secret text, but he was unable to continue exploring.

This trident was truly a great treasure!

He did not have the ability to explore it now, but when Ye Fengs strength rose in the future, he would continue to inspect it.

The mystery within would soon be solved!

Ye Feng believed that these would definitely have a significant impact on his future advancement.

While he was thinking, Ye Feng summoned his attribute panel.

After such a large-scale advancement, the increase in attributes he obtained would definitely be unprecedented.

[Ye Feng]

[Symbiotic Body: Magic Slime]

[Body Size: 50%]

[Subsidiary Bodies: 70]

[Attributes: Strength 370, Agility 400, Vitality 580, Spirit 590]

[Special Attributes: Poison Immunity, Venom, Swift Walk, Viscosity, Sharpness, Water Element (River Spirit )]

[Sequence: Perception, Split, Devour, Regeneration, Mimicry, Evolution, Analysis]

[Skills: Goddess Scattering Flowers, Perfect Possession, Severed Tail, Stench, Leaders Oppression, Ultimate Spiderweb, Sharp Blade, Starfire Meditation, Spirit Exploding Shark]

[Water Elemental Ability: Water Breaking Arrow, Water Binding, Tidal Surge]

[Evolution Progress: 80% ]

[Current Level: C]

Seeing such a huge change, Ye Feng smiled smugly.

‘Not bad, this wave of gains has far exceeded my imagination. Ye Feng stored everything into the storage space.

But Ye Feng still noticed a very special point.

Beside the water element, the evolution path displayed actually had a sign.

Ye Feng was somewhat puzzled and asked the system,What does this mean

The system also immediately replied, [Answering Host, detected that the hosts body contains an extremely strong spiritual energy content.

You can proceed with the upgrade on this path!]

Hearing this, Ye Feng was somewhat surprised.

One had to know that the water element Slime subsidiary body had only evolved into the River Spirit not too long ago.

Now, it could proceed with a new round of upgrade immediately.

This speed made Ye Feng very surprised.

[Host, do you want to level up] the system asked again.

‘Is there even a need to think about it! If theres a level up, level up immediately!

Ye Feng did not even think about it and immediately replied, “Level up!”

After all, he did not need spiritual energy now.

There were Murloc guards around him.

Even if another C grade powerhouse came, Ye Feng would not be afraid.

His level had already reached C grade, and he was no longer the same as before.

Moreover, he still had the three-piece Sea Stone set in his hands.

Not to mention a C grade powerhouse, even if it was a perfect C grade, it would be useless even if that powerhouse came!

With Ye Fengs current strength, killing them with a flip of his hand would be as easy as flipping his palm!

However, Ye Feng still had to be steady.

He had to be careful in everything.

There were countless powerhouses stronger than him.

Once he was exposed, or if he was extremely arrogant, there would definitely be powerhouses coming to kill him.

Ye Feng felt the state of his body that was constantly changing.

The systems notification sounded at the same time.

[Ding! Congratulations, host.

The [River Spirit] has evolved into [Lord of the Lake]!]

[The water element Slime has been further strengthened.

The hosts water element spiritual power has been upgraded!]

[All water element skills have been strengthened!]

[Evolution Progress 5%!]


“Good!” Ye Feng smiled.

Upgrading the water element Slime also meant that his water elemental skills had also been upgraded.

In that case, the attack power of his skills would be even higher.

Ye Feng felt the changes in his body and urged his spirit energy.

He was very eager to know what level his abilities had been upgraded to.


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