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High up in the sky.

Liu Yan flew high in the sky with the Wings of Wind God, observing the situation on the ground from above.

Members of the Land of Origin team were in better condition and stronger.

They also had a huge advantage in numbers, so the battle was naturally one-sided.

On the other hand, the European Federation team could rely on the complex terrain, put up a desperate resistance, and delay the time despite their injuries.

It had caused a lot of trouble for the Land of Origin team.

Liu Yan, who was high up in the sky, could see the members of the European Federation team would cause a lot of trouble and delay members of the Land of Origin team.

However, Xu Han and the others would also attack them.

Each time, they would leave a lot of wounds on their bodies.

Some of them were seriously injured, which would make these members lose their combat ability!

The current scene was entirely due to the members of the European Federation team, who were using their lives to buy time.

Initially, Liu Yan wanted to let team members of the Land of Origin team take their time to fight and use this opportunity to gain experience.

But since things became urgent, Liu Yan decided to take action to avoid more trouble.

The European Federation team stalling tactics were useless against Liu Yan.

Liu Yan, who could fly and had powerful offensive capabilities, could easily break through their line of defense.

Liu Yan flapped his Wings of Wind God and arrived at a low altitude in the blink of an eye.

Members of the Land of Origin team were moving forward.

From time to time, they would be attacked by the members of the European Federation team.

They could only defend while moving forward, which slowed down their speed.

Many team members noticed that Liu Yan was flying at a low altitude.

The depressed atmosphere immediately turned for the better.

“Captain Liu is watching us fight.

We cant perform badly!”

“Look at you.

If youre afraid of dying, hurry up and move forward.”

“Thats right.

The time of this battle is critical.

We cant slow down the speed of the battle because were afraid of getting injured!”

“The sooner we get ashore, the sooner we finish off the European Federation team!”

“I cant let Captain Liu down!”

Members of the Land of Origin team were extremely excited.

Although the members of the New Continent team and the Pan-ocean Community were not as excited, they became more serious when they noticed Liu Yans arrival.

Although Liu Yan wasnt their team captain, they had already started to admire him after spending so much time together.

At the same time, the captain of the European Federation team, Hans Wilson, saw Liu Yans arrival again and couldnt help but worry.

“Liu Yan isnt planning to attack us, right If he does, well be in trouble.

It wont be good to delay any longer.” Hans Wilson couldnt help but worry.

The vice-captain, Derick Dole, heard this and said, “Hes just one person.

His attacks are limited.

He cant single-handedly wipe out our entire team.

We will be fine.”

“I have a bad feeling about this.” Hans Wilson shook his head slightly.

Derek Dole still didnt look too worried.

He smiled and said, “Captain, dont worry.

Ive just communicated with the captain of the Red Star Empires team, Ye Yifan.

Theyre speeding up their progress and will be able to finish off all the monsters very soon.

From what theyre saying, I dont think theyll send reinforcements over.

Instead, theyll go to the fire attribute territory and launch a surprise attack.

As long as they destroy the core of the fire attribute territory, well be able to eliminate the Land of Origin team!”

Hans Wilsons eyes lit up.

“I did not think of such a method.

Its a good idea.

This way, we can defend against the Land of Origin team and eliminate them at once.

Its killing two birds with one stone.

It looks like well have to delay and defend.

We must do our best to delay the Land of Origin team!”

“Its fine.

Dont we still have the guardian beast Itll probably be able to delay it for a long time.” Derek Doyle said with a smile.

Hans Wilson didnt say anything more.

He just stared at Liu Yan, who was high in the sky in the distance and observed his every move.

The water attribute territory indeed had another trump card, and that was the water attribute territorys guardian beast.

However, Hans Wilson naturally did not intend to use their guardian beast until the last moment.

After all, if the Land of Origin team defeated their guardian beast, they would be eliminated.

At this moment, Liu Yan was ready to make his move.

Another group of members of the European Federation team emerged, planning to attack the team members of the Land of Origin team in the lake regardless of their injuries.

At this moment, Liu Yan made his move.

Liu Yans flying speed was terrifying.

In the blink of an eye, he arrived in the sky above the temporary camp of the European Federation team.

However, Liu Yan didnt stop and rushed over.

He activated the Gods Effect of his SSS-grade special equipment, the Wings of Wind God, Gale Force!

Under the violent speed, it affected the surrounding wind elemental power.

Two massive green tornadoes appeared and quickly attacked the ground.

The speed of tornadoes was fast.

They instantly attacked the team members of the European Federation on the ground.

Under the powerful wind attribute energy, a terrifying cutting effect was produced.

These team members were knocked down one by one, and wounds appeared on their bodies.

They were all seriously injured and had lost their combat ability completely!

However, the two green tornadoes did not stop.

They only stopped when they hit the ground, leaving two deep marks on the ground.

The huge depression was as deep as several peoples height, showing how terrifying the power of the wind was!

When Liu Yan saw the effects of this attack, he was a little surprised.

During the attack, Liu Yan didnt use his full strength.

He didnt use the full power of Gale Force.

But even so, it still possessed such terrifying power.

Fortunately, Liu Yan did not directly attack the members of the European Federation team with Gale Force.

He only passed by and attacked the members of the European Federation team in the aftermath.

If it were a direct attack, the powerful wind attribute energy would probably split the European Federation team in half and kill them on the spot.

Even if Liu Yan missed his attack, the members of the European Federation team were seriously injured and lost their combat effectiveness!

It seemed that the attack effect of Gale Force was more powerful than Liu Yan had expected.

It was worthy of being Gale Force that could easily cut through mountains!

Liu Yans attack with Gale Force also made the dozen or so members of the European Federation team lose their fighting strength completely.

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