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“There are more than ten such places.

Each of them is connected to at least two worlds, and they are the intersection of the worlds.

“Green Cloud Mountain is one of them.”

After a pause, Sha Lou continued, “I confirmed that Green Cloud Mountain is a Two-World Mountain by accident.

There is a very special place in the south of the mountain range.

Ordinary divine consciousness power and mental spying will subconsciously avoid it.”

“Bring me there to take a look,” Su Jingxings Primordial Spirit said decisively.

“Yes, Master.” Sha Lou simply got up and flew in front to lead the way.

Swoosh! Swoosh!

Su Jingxings Primordial Spirit soared into the air and followed behind.

He Sanxiao naturally wouldnt miss such a secret and quickly followed.

The trio flew through the air, crossing most of the Green Cloud Mountain Range and arriving at the bottom of a cliff at the southernmost point.

“Right here.”

Sha Lou pointed at the cliff and said seriously, “The mountain wall of this place was once a huge door that connected to other worlds.”

“…Really” He Sanxiao was surprised.

Releasing his will, he scanned the mountain wall and only discovered rocks, soil, and some small insects.

There was no sign of the Two-World Gates at all.

“Its naturally gone now.” When Sha Lou heard this, he said calmly, “As a Two-World Mountain, Green Cloud Mountain had long been cut off from other worlds in ancient times.

Naturally, this place no longer has a door.”

“Then what do you think is special about it” asked Su Jingxings Primordial Spirit.

“Firstly, this mountain wall absorbs sunlight and moonlight,” Sha Lou explained.

“Of course, if one doesnt sense carefully, they wont be able to notice this.

Moreover, the sunlight and moonlight absorbed will quickly dissipate and not be stored.

If I didnt happen to see and sense it, I wouldnt believe that the mountain wall is special.”

“Its indeed hard to believe.” He Sanxiao nodded with a smile.

“You happened to discover this, so you found the secret”

“Of course this isnt enough,” Sha Lou replied calmly.

“There are also mountain walls that absorb sunlight and moonlight elsewhere.

Such a special scene has existed since ancient times, and its emergence happens quickly.

At the beginning, I didnt think it could be a Two-World Gate, let alone consider the fact that Green Cloud Mountain is a Two-World Mountain.

“The second reason why Im certain that this stone wall is a Two-World Gate is because when its infused with soul power, it will guide the power of the stars down and gather them for a period of time!”

“What do you mean” He Sanxiao frowned.

“You said that this stone wall can absorb soul power”

“Thats right.” Sha Lou nodded.

“When the stars in the sky change, and soul power is injected into the stone wall, it will be absorbed.

Then, the stone wall will guide the power of the stars down and star maps will appear on its surface.

However, this process will also end very quickly.

If I hadnt seen it with my own eyes, I wouldnt have believed that the stone wall would have such a magical ability.”

“Well…” He Sanxiao fell silent.

Su Jingxings Primordial Spirit thought for a moment and asked, “According to you, this Two-World Gate can still be reopened We just have to infuse soul power into it.”

“No.” Sha Lou shook his head.

“The opening of a Two-World Gate is built on the intersection of two worlds, such as a Two-World Mountain, Two-World City, Two-World Lake, and so on.

Its very difficult for a Two-World Gate to exist alone.

It requires boundless energy as a driving force to maintain it.

Once the energy is exhausted, the Two-World Gate will immediately collapse and disappear.”

A space door

Teleportation array

Su Jingxings Primordial Spirit was moved.

Isnt this Two-World Gate a different kind of interstellar teleportation array then

But it seems to be more advanced and has higher requirements for establishment.

Two-World Mountain, Two-World City, Two-World Lake…

These places are where two worlds converged and fused.

Only with them can a Two-World Gate be opened.

“So, if we want to open this door, we have to get Green Cloud Mountain to “move” first”

Su Jingxings Primordial Spirit pondered for a moment and asked.

“Thats right.” Sha Lou nodded.

“Green Cloud Mountain is a Two-World Mountain, but its no longer connected to other worlds.

However, its special ability did not disappear with the disconnection of the two worlds.

It is still connected to the world and linked to the universe with a trace of the power of the world.

“Its precisely this trace of power that affects the heavenly secrets, fate, laws, Great Dao, and so on to a certain extent.”

“I see.” He Sanxiao was enlightened.

“So the true abilities of Green Cloud Mountain have never appeared.”

The Primordial Spirit was silent.

Thats right.

Green Cloud Mountain had such a strong background.

It was once the intersection between other worlds and Earth Star.

Until now, it had also affected all aspects of Earth Star.

If this place were to be…


Suddenly, Su Jingxings Primordial Spirit thought of something and said in a low voice, “Will Green Cloud Mountain reopen Or can we reconnect to Green Cloud Mountain again from the outside, from other worlds After all, this used to be the intersection of two worlds, which means that there is a similar place in the other world.”

“If the people on the other side were to rebuild the connection between the two worlds from the Two-World Mountain or Two-World City on the other side, would Green Cloud Mountain return to being a Two-World Mountain”

“Well…” Sha Lou was stunned.

He opened his mouth and looked around.

After a while, he smiled bitterly and said, “Well, Im not sure.

I only learned about the Two-World Mountains from my bloodline legacy.

I dont know the exact situation.”

“This…” He Sanxiao was a little dumbfounded.” Doesnt that mean that there is a possibility that the other world can really reconnect to Earth Star and come to us through Green Cloud Mountain ”

“Not through teleportation passageways or the Void World.

Instead, walk out from Green Cloud Mountain directly!”

“…I dont know.” Sha Lou was speechless.

Su Jingxings Primordial Spirit was also silent.

This seemed impossible, but the probability of it happening was not zero.

This was because Green Cloud Mountain was still slightly connected to other worlds.

Although the connection had been severed, it was not impossible for it to be rebuilt.

Once that really happened…

Su Jingxings Primordial Spirit was quite reluctant to continue thinking about it.

He had just dealt with the might of the Barbarian God and the threat of the Extraterrestrial Devil Insect.

In the end, when he turned around, he realized that the true threat to Earth Star had always existed.

Tens of thousands of years had passed since ancient times and it had never disappeared.

Only, none of the current martial artists knew about it.

Even Sha Lou, a member of the Winged Ones, did not know when he was in the Southern Wilderness.

At that time, he was almost corroded by the demonic energy and turned into a demonic creature.

The Winged Ones bloodline was completely suppressed, and they could not unleash their strength at all.

It was only when he arrived at Green Cloud Mountain and made use of the cleansing of pure worldly energy that he restored his true form and activated the power of his bloodline.

Then, he accidentally discovered the secret of the stone wall in front of him.

In the end, he confirmed the origin of the stone wall through his bloodline legacy.

A Two-World Gate.

And the true origin of Green Cloud Mountain, a Two-World Mountain!

If not for the fact that the information hidden behind the Two-World Mountain was too shocking, this discovery would have been pleasant.

Now, Green Cloud Mountain had also become one of the “dangerous” and “forbidden areas”.

If someone had reactivated the fusion and convergence of the worlds connected to Green Cloud Mountain, then Green Cloud Mountain would reactivate its function as a Two-World Mountain.

This was even more threatening than the Void World.

This was because shuttling through the Void World was filled with danger.

However, there would be no danger in using Green Cloud Mountain to come to Earth Star.

Wild beasts, ferocious beasts, and Mutated Beasts

Were these threats to a Transcendent-grade martial artist

Not to mention the devils and demons in the Spirit Platform realm.

This was also what Su Jingxings Primordial Spirit was worried about.

If the world once connected to the Two-World Mountain was occupied by the demons, devils, Battle race, and other races, it would be a disaster for Earth Star.

Green Cloud Mountain would become a passageway with doors wide open, allowing the demons, devils, and Battle race to rush into Earth Star.

What would happen to Earth Star in the end

Su Jingxings Primordial Spirit didnt want to think about it.

Of course, this was the worst outcome.

If the other world was also a world ruled by humans and was more friendly, Earth Star would welcome an opportunity for everyone to become stronger.

The development of things…

Wait, something is happening!



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