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“Ive gained a rudimentary grasp of the Great Void Thunder Scripture.

It turns out that thunder methods are not like traditional magic methods.”

The more Zhang Han comprehended, the more clearly he felt the might of this thunder method.

It was not until then that he came to understand that the Taiyi Wood Thunder, which was the Thunderbolt Mark in his soul sense sea, could play a powerful role.

“Its time to visit the Thunder Tower.”

Zhang Hans consciousness drifted to his soul sense sea, where the Thunder Tower was floated quietly beside the Thunderbolt Mark.

He was under the impression that the Thunder Tower was tens of thousands of feet high.

When Zhang Hans consciousness touched it—


The entire Thunder Tower trembled.

The originally dark Thunder Tower suddenly glowed with crystal blue light.


Zhang Hans consciousness entered the first floor of the Thunder Tower.

“Its not like what I thought.”

He had thought that there would be jade slips containing secret thunder methods or thunder legacies for him to learn in the Thunder Tower.

Yet, it turned out that there was nothing in it but a wall.

“What could the use of this wall be”

Zhang Han was not a rookie in the field of cultivation.

In just two seconds, he figured out what the wall was for.

He engraved his understanding of the Great Void Thunder Scripture and the thunder method on the wall.

After he was done, Zhang Han could feel that the glittering pictures on the wall were linked with his consciousness, pointing out the parts he had not yet fully understand and giving him a thorough explanation.

“Its actually deepening my comprehension.”

All of a sudden, Zhang Han found that his understanding of the Great Void Thunder Scripture had risen to a higher level.

At the same time, he continued to summarize and unite the secret thunder skills that he already knew.


Abruptly, a plume of exceedingly powerful aura gushed toward him.

A thick bolt of lightning suddenly appeared on the wall.

It was a crude strike.

If rushed straight at Zhang Han.

Along the way, without warning, the five-meter-long lightning bolt transformed into the head of a giant prehistoric crocodile.

It opened its huge mouth, intending to tear everything up.


Zhang Han sensed that there was deadly energy about the crocodiles mouth.

“What is that

“Is this strike combined with the Ghost Soldier”

There was nowhere to hide.

At that moment, Zhang Han was sort of overwhelmed.

“What a giant thunderbolt crocodile!”

Just when the crocodile opened its huge mouth to devour Zhang Hans consciousness—


All the comprehension regarding this technique that Zhang Han had just gained crossed his mind.

He integrated his understanding into his own supernatural power and fought back.

“Thunderbolt Crocodile!”

Zhang Han suddenly snapped his eyes open.

“This thunder-oriented supernatural power can even show the power of the Taiyi Wood Thunder.

“The power of the Star Map and the Thunder Sea has scaled a new height.

“Thunder methods! I never thought I would embark on the path of practicing thunder methods in this life.

“It is also… a heaven-defying path.”

Zhang Han looked a little bit sentimental.

“Its also him who taught me the Athanasia Demon Gong.

Now, he also passed on this thunder method to me.

What a work of fate!”

Zhang Han was quite curious about that mysterious man.

“Of Mountain Lu, we cannot make out the true face, for we are lost in the heart of the very place.”

Before ones strength reached a high enough level, it was useless no matter how hard one brooded.

Zhang Han believed that one day, he would definitely be strong enough to unveil that mysterious man and get all the answers.

“Its time to practice my newly-learned skill.”

After collecting his thoughts, Zhang Han instantly appeared in the air above Mount New Moon.

In just a few seconds, he came to the shore.

“Thunderbolt Crocodile!”

As soon as he cast this supernatural power, a 10-meter-wide thunderbolt flashed out.

When it approached the sea, the outline of the thunderbolt suddenly turned into a giant crocodiles head.

It opened its colossal mouth and bit with amazing power.

“This move, Thunderbolt Crocodile, can kill cultivators at the Yuan Ying Realm Early-Stage within seconds.

“Having cultivated the Great Void Thunder Scripture for days, my strength seems to have improved rapidly.

Now, Ill spend some time consolidating my power and thoroughly absorbing the Source Energy to bring my comprehension to the extreme.

Then, Ill be able to enter the Yuan Ying Realm.

“With a 10-Inch Yuan Ying and the Thunderbolt Mark, I can surely show others my real power after I enter the Yuan Ying Realm.”

Ones strong foundation would grow increasingly stronger as one cultivated.

Then, one would be unrivaled not only among ones peers at the same level but also among those at a higher level.

However, Zhang Han still wanted to stay low-key for some days.

He would not make a breakthrough in a rush.

He believed success was assured when conditions were ripe.

The right way was to let nature take its course.

After practicing on the sea for more than two hours, he was a little tired.

It was already dusk.

“Its time to go back and check on my big girl.”

Zhang Han planned to take a rest.

With a stir of his mind, a large amount of his soul sense spread out in all directions.

Zi Yan had not returned to Mount New Moon yet.

In the conference room on the ninth floor of Mengmeng Group.

Zi Yan was having a meeting.

She looked just like an elite CEO at this moment.

She was in black business wear—a white shirt under a black suit, a knee-length black skirt, and a pair of high heels.

Sitting gracefully at the head of the long table, she was telling everyone about the recent projects and goals.

Generally speaking, when a regular company had a meeting, the boss might say something like this.

“Time is of the essence.

We have to secure this project this week no matter what.

Everyone, get started…”

But in Zi Yans case, what she said was completely different.

“There are quite a lot of companies that want to cooperate with us.

You choose one according to the circumstances then.

The one thing you should pay attention to is the quality of the project.

and we dont need to produce many works.

But in terms of the ones we do produce, the quality must be acceptable.

Thats all for todays meeting.

Youre dismissed.”

The whole meeting lasted less than 20 minutes.

“Clickety-click, clickety-click…”

In her heel highs, Zi Yan went back to the office with Zhou Fei.

“Feifei, do you think I should participate in a variety show or something these days I havent stood in front of cameras for a long time,” Zi Yan asked with a smile.

“Its up to you.

There is only one problem you have to deal with,” Zhou Fei said.

Her expression suddenly became serious.

“What problem” Zi Yan was curious.

“Your looks! You were this pretty years ago.

But after such a long time, you havent changed a bit.

Youre even more beautiful now.

I guess many women would envy you.”

“Hahaha, its no big deal.

Arent you the same” Zi Yan said, amused.

“Elder Sister Yan, if we still looked so young and pretty in a decade or two, wouldnt we incur many doubts and suspicions We wouldnt be able to continue to make movies then.

If you want to star in a film or a show, just do it.

But dont forget to relax and enjoy life.

I heard from Changqing that we can all go visit the Sea Dragon Star Area soon.

Mengmeng and Chen Chuan are both attending school, and youve planned to let Mengmeng live here for years until college.

Its kind of fun traveling to and fro the two places all the time.

During holidays, well all go to outer space, haha! Then, we can even film in the Sea Dragon Star Area,” Zhou Fei said with a laugh.

“Film in the Sea Dragon Star Area No, I dont think so,” Zi Yan shook her head slightly.

“Im no longer obsessed with filming now.

Ive gotten over it.

The Sea Dragon Star Area is very large.

I think we should only go there for sightseeing.”

“Uncle Liu wants to start a company there.

When things settle down, hell go there and take a look.

Then, we can have fun there as well as work in his company.

The world is big.

There are so many things to see.

Tut tut, our life will be really wonderful.”

Zhou Fei pushed the door open with a grin.

The next moment, she was stunned.

“Hey, my brother-in-law is here.”


Zi Yan instantly quickened her paces.

When she walked into the office and saw Zhang Han in the chair, she smiled shyly and asked, “Honey, why are you here You missed me that much”

“Of course.”

Zhang Han gave Zi Yan a meaningful smile that she was very familiar with.

“Well, Ill go back to the office across the corridor and read all the documents.

I dont wanna be the third wheel.

You two stay and enjoy your private time.” With that said, Zhou Fei turned on her heels and walked out.


Zhang Han snapped his fingers, and the door locked automatically.

“What are you up to” Zi Yan gently bit her lower lip and rolled her beautiful eyes at Zhang Han.

“You know what Im up to.”

Zhang Han nodded as if it was a given.


Zi Yan looked stunned.

“What… do you want”

She cottoned on in an instant and found it both annoying and funny.


Zhang Han snapped his fingers again.

A pair of black silk stockings appeared in his hand.

“He has come prepared”

Zhang Hans right index finger wagged slightly.


The black silk stockings were instantly on Zi Yans legs.

“Its still working time.

There are many passers-by.”

Zi Yan quickly looked out the window, only to find that the curtains had been drawn.

“You look good in this outfit, only that your skirt is a little too long.”

Zhang Han wagged his finger again.


Zi Yans famous-brand skirt was cut from the bottom upward until it was of the sexiest style.

The white shirt under her black suit was unbuttoned from the collar.

In just two seconds, Zi Yans business outfit became a set of sexy garments.

With her heaven-defying beauty, one could imagine how alluring she was at the moment.

“How dare you!”

Zi Yan bit her lower lip slightly with a somewhat reproachful expression, but it made Zhang Han feel that she was just playing hard to get.

An erotic atmosphere pervaded the air.

Zhang Han smiled and crooked his finger, and Zi Yan floated over toward him.

They sat in the same chair.


“Knock, knock, knock.”

Zhou Fei knocked on the door for the second time and said loudly outside the door, “Elder Sister Yan, brother-in-law, Ill go back first.

Its already five oclock.”


The door was pushed open.

Zi Yan, who looked all normal but had a flush about her neck, walked out in a one-piece dress.

She said nonchalantly, “We should head back, too.

Lets go pick up Mengmeng first.

Phew, the air conditioner is broken, so the room is a little hot.”

“Eh” Zhou Fei smelt a rat.

She immediately said with a smirk, “Elder Sister Yan, I didnt ask you if the air conditioner was broken nor.

Why did you tell me of your own accord”

Zi Yan was rendered speechless.

On the way to the First Middle School, Zi Yan pinched Zhang Han several times.

Still, she couldnt wipe that smug smile off Zhang Hans face.

In less than two minutes after they arrived at the school, the bell rang, and Mengmeng bounced her way out of the school gate.

“Mummy and Daddy, I, Muen, Beibei, and several other classmates want to hang out this weekend,” Mengmeng asked for their approval as soon as she got in the car.

“You want to go out by yourself again” Zi Yan smiled and said, “Where are you going”

“Well, it hasnt been decided yet.

At first, we wanted to hit an Internet cafe first.

But since the underaged are not allowed to go to Internet bars, maybe we will just go shopping,” Mengmeng replied.


Just remember to be safe.

Girls should pay more attention to their safety when they are outside,” Zi Yan gently pinched Mengmengs face.

“Got it,” Mengmeng said proudly, “Im very awesome now, right, Daddy”

“Yes, my daughter is a Wu Dao Grand Master after all.

Other Wu Dao Grand Masters are all being dominating in their cities.”

Mengmeng was unconvinced and immediately retorted, “Im dominating as well.

Ive killed countless enemies.

Im even more powerful than them.”

“Yes, youre right, certainly,” Zhang Han said flatteringly, “my daughter is the one who really overawes the world and has killed countless enemies.

She is the most powerful heroine in this generation.

“Well, what I did was not that extravagant.

Remember, stay low-key, low-key,” Mengmeng said with a chuckle.

“Mengmeng, dont be deceived by the illusion,” Zi Yan reminded her.

“What illusion” Mengmeng was stunned.

“The illusion that youre powerful.”


Mengmeng snorted heavily to express her dissatisfaction.

“Bad Mummy, you always tease me.”

On the weekend, Mengmeng hung out with her friends for a whole day and had a great time.

Drawn on the experience of her last outing, she checked the price online before taking a taxi or ordering any other services.

She was rich indeed.

But that did not mean she ought to be ripped off.

On Saturday, when Mengmeng was out with her friends, Zi Yan and Zhang Han sat on the sightseeing boat on Mount New Moon to enjoy some leisure time.

At 12 oclock, Zhang Hans phone rang.

It was a call from Dong Chen.

“Han, Si Nan is here.

He said he has something important to discuss with you.

Well arrive at Mount New Moon in two hours.”

“Okay,” Zhang Han responded and hung up the phone.

“Uncle Dong is back” Zi Yan took a sip of juice and asked.

“Si Nan has something to discuss with me.

I guess its about the Kings Domain.”

Zhang Han pondered for a moment and said, “When we came back from the Dal Star, Elder Yue said that I could go to the Kings Domain more often.

The resources there are the most abundant, especially crystal stones.

There are a lot of crystal stones on the Saint Warrior Planet, which are even a kind of renewable resource.

Now Si Nan has taken the initiative to come to me at this time, perhaps there are some turmoils in the Kings Domain.”

“Isnt Lord Nan Shan one of the 13 magnates in the Kings Domain Hes among the most powerful group.

What trouble can he have” Zi Yan was puzzled.

As her understanding of cultivation deepened, Zi Yan knew that the chance that big battles broke out between those magnates and Grand Masters was basically zero.

The Grand Masters of the Kunlun Immortal World had not fought for many years.

There were only a few of them in total.

They all knew each other.

Besides, there was nothing to fight for.

“Arent there another 12 magnates” Zhang Han laughed involuntarily and said, “In addition to Elder Yues wife, who is Black White Palace Master, there are still 11 magnates.

They are not united as one.

Its normal for them to have some disputes.”

“Oh, lets wait for Lord of Dragon Scale City to come and see what the matter is.”

As expected—

Si Nan became a little excited when he met Zhang Han.

“Zhang Hanyang, you are finally back.”

He just learned that since Zhang Han had left for the Lost Continent, Lord Nan Shan had no way to come to the secular world for vacations.

Thus, Lord Nan Shan was not used to it.

In particular, the people who were preparing to enter the secular on a vacation were very anxious.

Zhang Han had been back for some time, but he did not take the initiative to contact them.

It was not until Si Nan ran into some members of the Heavenly Knights Sect during their adventures in the Ancient Mine that he learned the news.

“What is it”

At this time, Zhang Han and the others were all in the pavilion.

Si Nan took a big gulp of tea before saying, “Our Lord Nan Shan is in trouble.”

“Lord Liu specially asked me to inform you of this.

In addition, if you can help us, we do need your help, whether its in terms of crystal stones or other resources.” Si Nan was a little incoherent.

He did not know where to begin.

“Is there a fight in the Kings Domain” Zhang Hans pupils paused for a moment.

“Yes, there is.”

Si Nan took a deep breath and slowly said, “Let me start from the beginning.

Two months ago, a huge crystal stone mine appeared in the Kings Domain.

The reserves are amazing.

Its estimated with ones eyes that there are more than 500,000 top-grade crystal stones.

The amounts of medium-grade and low-grade crystal stones are even larger.

This is the second time such a huge crystal stone mine has been discovered in the past millennium.

When such a crystal stone mine appeared last time, a battle broke out among the magnates.

This time, the 13 magnates gathered together and had a meeting.

Except for Black White Palace Master, all the other magnates said they wanted the crystal stone mine.

Originally, they thought splitting it equally was a solution, but the location of the mine happens to be within Lord Nan Shans territory.

“According to the usual practice, Lord Nan Shan should have a larger share.

However, our relationship with you has been exposed.

One of Lord Nan Shans subordinates betrayed us and told the other magnates that we could leave the Ancient Mine to see the real world.

Moreover, they have learned many things about us, such as our cultivation speed in the secular world is faster than here.

Those magnates have laid down two terms.

One is to turn our relationship with you into a public one and make you cooperate with the whole Kings Domain.

The other is to divide the crystal mine equally.”

“Originally, Lord Nan Shan wanted to agree to the second term.

He doesnt mind sharing the crystal stone mine equally.

As for the first term, he asked them to send people to talk with you and follow your advice.

When everyone was about to agree, Lord Bei Huai took action.

He and the other five magnates joined hands and formed an alliance of six.

They wanted to take over the crystal stone mine by themselves.

In that negotiation, more than 30 Real Kings died, and Lord Liu was almost killed.

In the end, they were in a dog fight.”

“The second party consists of four magnates led by Lord Zhen Hai.

At last, our Lord Nan Shan and Lord Dong Gu teamed up and became the third party.

Lord Nan Shan is always proud and lofty.

Lord Dong Gu is the only one who is on relatively good terms with him.

Although Lord Dong Gu is also very strong, he and Lord Nan Shan are clearly outnumbered by the others.”

“King Beihuai has dominated the situation by sheer force of numbers.

Lord Zhen Hai is eyeing us like a tiger watching its prey.

Only our Lord Nan Shan is at the greatest disadvantage.”

“The three parties were in a fierce fight at the beginning.

The whole Kings Domain was in chaos.

Fortunately, the three forces were on guard against one another.

Now the scale of the battle has been reduced a lot.

At the crystal stone min, there are seals cast by 13 magnates, so no one has touched the mine.

It is the center of the battle.

Now, there is no large-scale battle, only many small-scale fights.

Lord Nan Shans force is being destroyed very quickly.

If it goes on like this, his and Lord Dong Gus safety will be a problem.

If Lord Bei Huai and Lord Zhen Hai cooperated, things would be even worse.

That is exactly what Lord Nan Shan is worried about.”

“In the Kings Domain, he is now rather helpless.

Given the current situation, there is no retreat.

When I heard that you were back, I quickly reported the news to Lord Liu, who immediately sent me here to ask for your opinion.”

After telling Zhang Han what had happened, Si Nan breathed a sigh of relief.

With a wry smile, he continued, “Lord Bei Huai is also not a man to be trifled with in the Kings Domain.

He is very fierce and unscrupulous.

He stops at nothing to get what he wants.

Its also because of his greed that the already promising negotiation… fell through.

Lord Zhen Hai is not easy to deal with either.

He and the other magnates are eyeing us covetously, hoping to reap all the benefits when we and Lord Bei Huai fight each other.

Our Lord Nan Shan and Lord Dong Gu have suffered this unexpected misfortune for no reason.

Zhang Hanyang, for the sake of your many years of cooperation with Lord Nan Shan and his force, I hope you can help us.

In the worst case, we would have to stay here for a long time.

This place can be our last retreat.”

“Its really lively in the Kings Domain.”

These things didnt affect Zhang Hans mood at all.

He said calmly, “What interests me is actually the crystal stone mine.”

“Haha, with Hans and Yans help, you can rest assured.” Dong Chen chuckled and narrowed his eyes slightly, saying, “Go back now and ask Lord Nan Shan to get the resources ready.

We cant go to the Kings Domain for nothing in return, can we”

He was starting to cheat Si Nan out of their resources again.

At first, Si Nan had worried that Zhang Han would only be interested in the crystal stone mine.

Lord Nan Shan was a rich man with a lot of resources.

He surely could give Zhang Han some in exchange for his assistance.

“Thank you, thank you a million,” Si Nan said, looking excited.

“Ive brought some resources with me.

Here you are.”

He actively handed a Space Ring to Zhang Han.

“Well… Can we go to the Kings Domain as soon as possible Im afraid that something unexpected would happen if we didnt hurry up.”


Zhang Han took the Space Ring and shook his head with amusement.

“These guys are quite straightforward.”

“Then when shall we set off” Si Nan asked.

“Ill ask my daughter first.”

Zhang Han shook his head slightly, took out his mobile phone, and dialed Mengmengs number.

“Sweetheart, your Mummy and I are going to the Kings Domain.

Yes, we may have to set off now.

The situation there is quite urgent.

We probably have to fight.

You wanna go with us, too Sure.

Well, dont worry, we will definitely wait for you.”

Zhang Han showed a smile every time he talked to Mengmeng.

“Just wait a minute.

When my daughter is back.

well go to the Kings Domain together,” said Zhang Han casually.


In truth, Si Nan wanted to set off right now.

The situation in the Kings Domain was rather urgent.

He was worried that things might change if there were any delays.

But he also knew that setting off only one or two hours late perhaps wouldnt make any difference.

Nevertheless, he still couldnt help feeling anxious.

As he sat there and looked at Zhang Hanyang, he felt an inexplicable sense of awe for him.

“He became stronger again”

Si Nan was astounded inwardly.

“His aura is so overwhelming that it makes me feel unable to resist at all.

Zhang Hanyang is really a freak in cultivation.

Maybe he has a way to solve the crisis Lord Nan Shan is facing.”

“Han, were going to the Kings Domain, arent we” Dong Chen said with a little thrill look.

“Then Ill inform the others and ask them if theyre going or not.”

Before Zhang Han could answer, Dong Chen already dashed out.

After a while, Zhang Guangyou, Zhang Mu, Rong Jiali, Mu Xue, Zhao Feng, Chen Changqing, and some other members all gathered here.

“Were going to the Kings Domain”

Zhang Guangyou laughed and said, “This time, we can finally show our strength in the Kings Domain, right”


Last time when we visited the Lost…” Chen Changqing eyed at Si Nan and trailed off.

Then, he continued, “We only fought a few small fights over there.

This time, as weve returned to our home court, we can finally have a good fight.”

“Thats what I think, too,” Zhao Feng echoed with a smile.

They all thought so.

The trial on the Lost Continent was a little too high-end.

Most of them were only at the Elixir Realm Last-Stage, so they had few chances to display their abilities there.

Nonetheless, the trial brought them some benefits and legacies, which made their strength soar qualitatively.

Therefore, they were all very confident and believed that they could fight against those at the Elixir Realm Peak-Stage.

The Kunlun Immortal World and the Kings Domain in the Ancient Mine were similar in this aspect.

The magnates and the Grand Masters were all in the Fake Yuan Ying Realm.

Their strength was rather limited, only a little stronger than that of those Elixir Realm Peak-Stage.

Although Zhang Guangyou and the others could not defeat them, they were still able to escape from their attacks.

Besides, there were only a few of such magnates.

Their targets were the other Elixir Realm Peak-Stage cultivators.

Seeing this, Zhang Han chuckled and nodded in agreement.

In this world, Zi Yan had the offensive ability that could trump everything, and Mengmeng was now the Heavenly Lord.

Zhang Han was also very confident in his own strength.

It could be said that there was no place in the vast world that he and his family could not go.

Moreover, there was the even mightier Yue Wuwei backing them up.

Seeing that so many people would like to help, Si Nans spirits lifted at once.

Now, they just had to wait for Mengmeng to come back.

At this time, Mengmeng was shopping with her classmates.

After receiving Zhang Hans call, the little girl was no longer in the mood for shopping anymore.

“Ive got something else to do.”

Mengmeng said to her classmates, “I have to go home first.

Ill hang out with you next time.”

“Mengmeng, what happened” Li Muen said, “why dont you stay with us for a while longer and go back in the evening Is it urgent”

“Yes, very urgent.

They are all waiting for me.” Mengmeng didnt tell them the details.

She waved her hand and hailed a taxi.

“Ill go home now.

You guys have fun.”


Send me a WeChat message when you get home,” Li Muen said.

“Sure,” Mengmeng responded in her clear voice.

Then, she got in the taxi and headed back to Mount New Moon.


Bei Jinnan sighed softly and said, “Mengmengs gone home.

Do you think we should continue”

“Lets continue.

We just started to enjoy ourselves.

Its not easy for us to hang out like this.”

Those students didnt want to go home so early.

They still had a whole afternoon to have fun.

However, with Mengmeng gone, Bei Jinnan felt bored.

The taxi Mengmeng rode soon came to Mount New Moon.

The driver, who had never driven any passenger to such a big mountain range before, wanted to park the car on the side of the road.

Yet, Mengmeng waved dismissively and said, “Go on and drive into that place.”

“Ah Will we be allowed to go in”

“Yes, of course,” Mengmeng replied casually.

The driver didnt need to out of the car or roll down the window because the security staff at the gate could sense that Mengmeng was sitting in the car.

The railing raised and the taxi entered Mount New Moon unimpededly.

The driver felt extremely wonderful.

“It turns out that one can enter this place at will.

Dont they say that this is a private territory”

The driver said with a grin, “I guess they mean those villas are private properties.

But the field outside is just like a park, isnt it”

“Well…” Mengmeng covered her mouth and giggled, but did not say anything to correct the driver.

After Mengmeng got out of the taxi in front of the castle, the driver smoothly drove out of the mountain.

That very night, the driver, who was less than 30 years old, picked up his girlfriend and said to her in a mystified tone, “Ill take you to a very beautiful place.

Im sure youve never been there.”

He drove to the foot of Mount New Moon.


“Entrance denied…”

“But I went in during the day.”

“Eh Thats because Eldest Lady was in my car.

Well, alright.”

Thinking of that very pretty girl, the driver felt rather speechless for a while.

“That girl turned out to be the daughter of a rich family.

She was so beautiful.

Her mother must be very beautiful too.”

Under normal circumstances, few rich people were handsome.

Thus, the driver speculated that the pretty girl got her good looks from her mother.

This could be considered a small interlude in life.

After getting out of the taxi, Mengmeng came to the Thunder Yang Tree.

“Daddy, Mommy, when are we leaving”

Mengmeng ran over quickly.

“Lets go get changed and then set off.”

Zi Yan looked at her lovely daughter with a smile on her face.

She took Mengmengs little hand and went back to the castle.

On this outing, they might get into a fight, so she reckoned theyd better not wear casual clothes.

After changing into sportswear, the mother and daughter looked all set for the trip.

They didnt pack anything else.

Because it was Saturday today, they would have to be back by tomorrow night at the latest.

Mengmeng would go to start school on Monday.

Anyway, they figured it wouldnt take long to solve this matter.

“Lets go.”

Zhang Han smiled and got up to lead the way.

Yun Feiyang, Wang Xiaowu, Jiang Bing, and some other disciples of the Heavenly Knights Sect also went with them.

They all heard that Zhang Han was going to the Kings Domain.

When Zhang Han arrived at the Kun Xu World, more than 50 people were waiting there.

“What made you guys think you could go”

Dong Chen raised his eyebrows slightly and said, “You havent reached the Elixir Realm yet.

You would only be cannon fodder if you went there.

You should just stay at your sect this time.”

“Who told you that All of us have advanced to the Elixir Realm,” Third Elder said.

“You think youre the only one who can make a breakthrough in a short time We can do it as well! Now were all in the Elixir Realm, we should be qualified to visit the Kings Domain.

Whats more, we still have our Mountain Lord and Young Lord to protect us.

Whats there to be afraid of”

“You made a fair point,” Dong Chen scratched his head and said, “forget it, Ill listen to Young Lord.”

Everyone thought that Dong Chen was going to make the decision and solemnly declare that they could go.

As it turned out, he still had to listen to Zhang Han.

“Then let them go.

Its always good to broaden your horizons,” Zhang Han said, chortling.

The group became much larger.

They came to the Ancient Mine, crossed the huge land, and eventually came to the edge of the Northernmost Sea.

“Why is the seawater here sort of light black” Mengmeng blinked her big eyes and inquired.

It was her first time seeing the Northernmost Sea.

“The Northernmost Sea is a place where extremely ferocious beasts live.”

Zhang Han replied, “The depth of the Northernmost Sea should be the deepest among all the oceans.

There are many overlords in the sea.

If without this chain in the air, we could only enter the Kings Domain through some stable space passages, like the ones leading to the Kunlun Immortal World.

Compared with the Boundless Sea, the Northernmost Sea is more dangerous.

If you want to play in the Ancient Mine in the future, the Northernmost Sea is still a place you cant visit for the time being.”

“Oh, I see.

I wont come here to play by myself,” Mengmeng answered earnestly.

Zhang Mu and others couldnt help but simmer with laughter when they saw her serious look.

“Its time to go to the Kings Domain.”

Zhang Han chuckled.

It was the first time for him to go to the Kings Domain.

Yet, Zhao Feng, Chen Changqing, and others had done this many times and so traveled with ease.

“Ill lead the way!”

Chen Changqing laughed out loud and rose into the air, moving forward on the chain.

One after another, they followed suit.

From afar, they look like a line of ants crawling on a rope.

“Its been 10 minutes.

Why havent we arrived yet”

Mengmeng looked down at the sea from the sky.

Perhaps because the sky was grey, the seawater was light black, which did not seem pretty.

She felt bored after taking a few glances at it.

The Ancient Mine Continent behind them could no longer be seen either.

The chain was suspended in the air, which did not give Mengmeng a sense of security.

She felt that she was like an ordinary person on a plane, unable to control anything at all.

“This is just the beginning.”

Chen Changqing, who was far ahead, said with a smile, “It will take two hours to get there.”

“That long” Mengmeng pouted slightly.

“Whats wrong Mengmeng, are you afraid of this place” Mu Xue asked with a smile.

“No, Im not afraid,” Mengmeng denied stubbornly and even gave a soft snort.

“You can look at the sea below.

Chances are a huge monster may jump out,” Zhao Feng said with a laugh.

As soon as he finished speaking—


A giant fish suddenly leaped out of the sea 10,000 meters below.

It looked like a carp and rushed up toward them at an extremely fast speed.

It was five thousand meters, three thousand meters, one thousand meters, and eventually five hundred meters away!

Just then, Mengmeng suddenly found that the carp was 100 meters long and emitted mighty pressure.

Like a colossal mountain, it dashed at them.


Mengmeng was startled.

Compared to this fish, a human being looked just like a sesame seed next to a watermelon

“Its fine.

Marine overlords cant jump this high.”

Chen Changqing said, “This chain in the air is quite strange.”

“Its all because of the rules of the world,” Zhang Han said tersely.

“Phew, it fell down.

Will it die if it falls from this height” Mengmeng asked with concerns, her big barely blinking.

“No, how could such a powerful creature get killed because of jumping from a great height” Mu Xue replied with a snicker.

“Isnt it supposed to be able to fly” Zi Yan asked in confusion, “Why did it fall straight back to the sea”

“Maybe its because it cant fly.

There is some suppression in the air above the Northernmost Sea against them,” Zhang Han explained.


From ten thousand meters away, they could still hear the sound of the fish falling into the water.

The giant carp crashed into the Northernmost Sea, causing huge waves.

“Ah, it went belly up.

It did die because of the fall!” Mengmeng cried, stunned by what she saw below.

“What” Chen Changqing was stupefied.

“What did the carp do Did it commit suicide”

“It fainted after the fall.

But it will wake up in seconds,” Zhang Han said, finding this funny.

“I think it attempted to jump through the Dragon Gate.

Maybe crossing this chain will give it some essential advancement.

In the secular world, people use the phrasea carp leaps through the Dragon Gate to describe someone who passes an important examination.

So this is a real case.”

“A carp leaping through the Dragon Gate If it succeeded, would it really become a giant dragon” Mengmeng blinked quickly.

She wondered if there was really such an allusion.


Zhang Han thought for moments and said with a smile, “Even if it wouldnt get any material benefits when it jumped across the gate, this experience would still improve its willpower.

The stronger ones willpower is, the better it will be for ones cultivation.”


Daddy, is my willpower strong” Mengmeng grabbed Zhang Hans palm and exerted a little force.

Most of the others were looking at them as well.

It was out of habit.

They also liked to watch the father and daughter.

“My daughters willpower is definitely strong,” Zhang Han said with a smile, “You became the Heavenly Lord while both Mummy and Daddy failed, which shows that you are stronger than us.”

“Hahaha.” Mengmeng giggled.

Her big shining eyes were curved like crescent moons, which were very eye-catching.

“Youre indeed strong, but dont be carried away by this,” Zi Yan reminded her with a smile.

“No way,” Mengmeng waved her left hand and said, “Im not conceited.

Im just proud.”

Zi Yan was not lost for words.

For a moment, she didnt know how to tell Mengmeng off.

“Now she is at the age of 13, she is getting more and more naughty.”

However, compared with very shy and introverted Mengmeng in the early years, Zi Yan liked Mengmengs current personality much better.

Nowadays, Mengmeng was happy and carefree.

Her childhood was joyful.

She already had everything she wanted.

Zi Yan also hoped that she could continue to be this happy.

She also hoped that Mengmeng could meet a man as good as her father in the future.

Zi Yan was not opposed to Mengmeng having a boyfriend and getting married in the future.

But Zhang Han was the opposite.

Whenever he heard someone brought up this topic, his face immediately darkened.

If it was a family member who discussed this matter, Zhang Han would be silent for a while as if he was sulking.

But if it was an outsider, he would directly send that person flying with a punch.

Last time, the Holy King of the Radiant Sect of North America came to visit.

The Radiant Sect was a big force in North America.

Holy King John was also an old friend of Zhang Hans.

When he saw that Mengmeng was extremely beautiful, he said that his grandson was about the same age as Mengmeng, and maybe the two of them would be fated to be together in the future… “Bang!”

The next second, Holy King John flew about five miles away.

Since then, no outsiders had dared to bring up this matter in front of Zhang Han.

The family didnt usually talk about it either.

Mengmeng was still young.

If she were an ordinary person, maybe she would go to college in a few years and start dating.

However, the little girl was not an ordinary person.

She had become particularly picky in men due to the fact that her father, Zhang Han, was extremely outstanding.

Regular men, if without any specialties, wouldnt even be noticed by Mengmeng at all.

“My proud little princess, stop shaking your butt and acting spoiled.

Look to the right,” Zhang Han said with a smile and puckered his lips at Mengmeng.

“Whats that”

Mengmengs big eyes froze in an instant.

The other also looked rather curious.

“What a big tortoise!” Instructor Liu shouted with an astonished look on his face.

Looking down from the sky, one part of the seawater suddenly went a lot higher.

In no time, a huge turtle emerged from the sea.

“Its width seems to be nearly a thousand meters,” Chen Changqing said in shock.

“Its not just a tortoise.

It should be called Black Tortoise.” Mu Xue rolled her eyes at Instructor Liu.

“Its a kind of Black Tortoise, which is called Black Dragon Turtle.” Zhang Han also showed a hint of surprise.

“It seems that the Northernmost Sea is more terrifying than I imagined.

This Black Dragon Turtle, given its size, is at least at the Yuan Ying Realm Peak-Stage.

Its very likely to be in the God Transformation Realm.

The Northernmost Sea does live up to its reputation.

If the creatures of the Northernmost Sea could go out at will, the whole world would be in turmoil.”

Zhang Hans tone was somewhat emotional.

At first, he thought that the creatures in the Northernmost Sea were at most at the Yuan Ying Realm Early-Stage or at the Middle-Stage.

But some turned out to be in the God Transformation Realm.

Those creatures could roam in the void.

They had all kinds of bizarre abilities and endless means.

They might even know how to guide the energy of heaven and earth to carry out more large-scale and powerful moves.

“Nine years…”

Zhang Han didnt expect that he could meet a creature that was highly likely to be in God Transformation Realm within nine years after his return.

Over the nine years, he had reached the Elixir Realm Peak-Stage.

This speed was undoubtedly fast.

But Zhang Han knew that if he wanted to, he could break through to the Yuan Ying Realm even faster.

But it was not necessary.

Although getting to higher realms was important, Zhang Han attached more importance to a solid foundation.

“The God Transformation Realm Oh my, is it in the God Transformation Realm” Instructor Lius eyes widened in disbelief.

“The God Transformation Realm!”

The group was all taken aback.

Their eyes became incomparably grave.

Who could have imagined that there would actually be such a creature in the Northernmost Sea

Although Zhang Han said it was highly likely to be in the God Transformation Realm, the supposition alone indicated that it was incredibly mighty.

“What was the God Transformation Realm”

They all wanted to ask that question, but they were too shocked to do so.

They stared at the giant Black Dragon Turtle on the sea.

It floated there for three seconds and then slowly dived into the sea.

“Whats the God Transformation Realm” Si Nan looked at Dong Chen who was beside him and asked in a low voice.

“Those in that realm are very formidable.” Dong Chens face turned solemn as he replied, “There are some things that will be a burden to you when you havent reached a high enough level.

Si Nan, youve just entered the Elixir Realm Early-Stage.

You still have a long way to go.

You shouldnt pry into things like this, or your confidence is likely to suffer a blow.”

“Huh Oh, okay.

Ill bear this in mind,” Si Nan answered.

The corners of his mouth were slightly stiff.

“Back then, when you, Dong Chen, saw me in the Ancient Mine, you ran away as fast as you could.

But now, youre actually putting the demeanor of a senior before me.

Alas, Zhang Hanyang, what kind of heaven-defying means did you use to have turned a man with such poor aptitude into a cultivator even more powerful than me”

Si Nan didnt say anything else.

As the Black Dragon Turtle sank back into the sea, the air became serene again.

After walking on the chain for nearly two hours, they finally saw a continent.

“Is that place ahead of the Kings Domain” Mengmeng asked.

“Yes, in front of us is the area near the coast of the Kings Domain.

If we go further in, we will arrive at the territory of our clan.

The number of our clansmen in total is very large.

At our place, even a small force usually has tens of hundreds of members.

The large ones have more than 100,000 or even 200,000 members.

The number I just said includes those in the Kings Domain and in the Ancient Mine.

About 90 percent of our people are in the Ancient Mine.

Only 10 percent are in the Kings Domain.

After all, not everyone is qualified to cultivate in the Kings Domain,” answered Si Nan, who was at the front of the group.

“Daddy, is there any fun place in the Kings Domain” Mengmeng tugged at Zhang Hans palm and asked.

“Its similar to the Kunlun Immortal World.”

Although Zhang Han had never been here, he could give an accurate answer.

“Ordinary worlds are basically the same as what we have seen.

Strange things only exist in some special places.”

“Like the Clear Stream and the sea that seemed to be filled with mercury we passed by”

“Yes, that kind of place is equivalent to the special place I mentioned.” Zhang Han smiled and said, “No matter how mysterious this world is, only some special places in it are different.

In the future, you can go anywhere to have fun.

Even the Northernmost Sea can be your playground.”

“Then Ill take Mummy and Daddy with me to have fun, too,” Mengmeng said with a chuckle.

Si Nan stroked his chin subconsciously.

“Play in the Northernmost Sea”

“Are you kidding me No one who treasures his or her life would go there to play!”

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