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Chapter 113 Little Hei Stole Chickens


Mengmengs twitched her small mouth and showed sympathy.

She said childishly, “Its really dreadful to go soft.”

“Thats all right.

Dont be afraid.

Im here to protect you.” Zhao Feng saw the little princesss lovely face and smiled softly.

In general, childrens expressions and occasional utterances were very cute, but there were also many children who were naughty, who were self-centered and made noises regardless of others.

Sometimes such children would be looked down upon by other people.

Mengmeng, however, who lived with only one parent, was much more cleverer than children of the same age on account of Zi Yans guidance.

Of course, Zi Yan played an important role, for she was not an ordinary person but had a strong background.

However, Zhang Hans strong education and doting had quietly changed Mengmeng since they lived together for less than a month.

This change was nothing more than being more outgoing.

Furthermore, she was gentle, generous and beloved.

Even Zhao Feng, a callous man, always showed his gentleness in front of her.

Not to mention how Mengmeng played here, Xue Qian was so excited on the other side that he faltered,

“Brother Zhang, youre so amazing.

These two songs are after my own heart and how do you name them”

“The first song is calledAmbiguity and the second is calledTyro.” Zhang Han said calmly.

“Ambiguity… Tyro… Good names!” Xue Qians eyes brightened and considered these songs were particularly suited to himself.

“Ha, ha, ha, Brother Zhang!” Li Fans acted a little exaggerated, saying loudly, “I wouldnt hesitate to die the cruelest death and my admiration for you is like the vast ocean…”

“Well, Li Fan” Xue Qian said, feeling a little embarrassed.

“Oh, my god.

Three songs, three new songs, three classic new songs!” Li Fan said excitedly, “Old Xue, the concert on the 15th will be out of question absolutely.”

“Right, itll be ok depending on these three songs!” Xue Qians face became animated.

Then he looked at Zhang Han gratefully and said, “Brother Zhang, thanks to your help.

Thank you very much.

These two songs…”

“The same price, but I have a favor to ask…” Zhang Han said in a mysterious tone.

By virtue of these two songs, Zhang Han succeeded in earning 400,000 yuan.

After going outside the recording studio, Li Fan and Xue Qian could not help expressing their thanks until Zhang Han left.

“These songs are yours originally.”

Zhang Han gave Xue Qian a meaningful smile and turned to get on the car to leave, holding Mengmeng in his arms.

When Li Fan lost sight of the Panda, he still stood at the side of the car, absent-minded.

“What kind of person is Brother Zhang”

“Knowledgeable and versatile, just like an enchanter.” Xue Qian spoke highly of him.

It was almost 12 oclock when they finished all the things.

Zhang Han had planned to go to Mount New Moon to catch two chickens for lunch, for the quantity of pure yang water increased to 20 liters, which could feed a lot of livestock.

Therefore, there was no need to save the livestocks number.

He would like to offer better food to members, but time did not permit.

So Zhang Han only made Egg-fried rice and noodle soup at noon.

The little princess was especially fond of noodle soup and could eat up a small bowl every time.

At two oclock in the afternoon, diners almost left.

After cleaning up the restaurant, Zhao Feng walked to the front of the sofa.

He had attempted to say goodbye to Zhang Han and Mengmeng and back to the company in the afternoon, but Zhang Han said at first,

“Will you be occupied this afternoon”

“No.” Zhao Feng replied after a while.

“Then buy me some livestock.” Zhang Han said casually.

Zhang Han was not interested in such trivial matters.

Actually, he paid great attention to Mengmeng and he felt convenient to order Zhao Feng, the free labor force, around.

“Okay, what kind of livestock do you want” Zhao Feng nodded his head.

“Japanese Black Cattle, Tai Lake Black Swine, and Ujimqin Sheep.

All I want should be adult and 50 for each type.

Meanwhile, I need 50 native chickens, 50 ducks and 50 geese.

Take my bank card which was in the drawer and the password is XXXXXX.” Zhang Han said casually.

Zhao Feng froze after hearing what he said and could not help but sigh for Zhang Hans mightiness.

Boss had the demeanor of an expert.

He did things at casual and regarded money as dirt.

He even spoke out the password of the bank card casually.

Zhao Feng was delighted while sighing.

The boss told him the password, which meant he had accepted him from the heart.

Although Zhao Feng actually did not deal with the boss, he subconsciously approached him.

There were three reasons, one was that he thought Zhang Han was an ace he admired, the second was because the lovely little princess Mengmeng, the third was because of the love between Zhang Han and Mengmeng.

All these reasons let Zhao Feng take the initiative to close him.

His gloomy mood had been relieved since he worked in this restaurant, so he was willing to be a waiter at a disadvantage.

However, he hardly realized that all these actions gave him good luck.

He seized an opportunity which was few in life.

The sky-high allows birds to fly, the sea wide let fish jump.

It would not be long before he knew that his original vision was so narrow.

Back to return, Mengmeng immediately put down her toys after she heard Zhang Hans words.

She said with eyes sparkling,

“PaPa, why dont we go shopping Mengmeng wants to go shopping with PaPa.”

The little princess liked shopping very much.

“Mengmeng wants to go” Zhang Han smiled and said, “Im going to take Mengmeng to Mount New Moon to go sightseeing.

Shall we go shopping or go to Mount New Moon”

“Go to Mount New Moon and play with Little Hei.

Uh-huh, no, go shopping, buy a lot of things.

Oh, go to Mount New Moon, I miss Little Hei.

Uh… But…” Mengmeng could not make up her mind, saying, “But Mengmeng still wants to go shopping.

What shall we do PaPa.

Mengmeng cant decide it.”

“Ha, ha, ha…”

Zhang Han burst out laughing and said, “Its simple.

Lets go shopping first and then go to Mount New Moon.”

“Great, great.” Mengmeng stood on the sofa with bare feet and jumped up.

So Zhang Han went there with Mengmeng.

He and Zhao Feng were divided into two groups.

Zhao Feng still went to buy the livestock, while Zhang Han drove to the planting base in Eastern and planned to buy some rice and wheat seeds and other vegetables again.

In the past few days, the rice in the restaurant was used up.

There remained some wheat, but according to the speed of one basin at a time, it was estimated that it would be run out before long.

Fortunately, Mount New Moon could fully meet the demand.

After buying another big heap of stuff, it was almost 4 oclock in the afternoon and Mount New Moon began to hum.

It was a blockbuster that 150 adult cattle, sheep and pigs walked together.

However, under Little Heis guard, they all honestly came to the thunder yang tree and drank some pure yang water in the basin which was prepared in advance.

With chickens, ducks, and geese, the 300 livestock consumed 10 liters of pure yang water.

On account of their large quantity, 10 litres was enough for each to lick one mouthful, so Zhang Han blended it with spirit water, which had a poor effect.

But if let them live in Mount New Moon for a few days, the effect of water would relatively equal to absorbing the pure yang water directly.

After drinking the water, the livestock was driven to their respective areas by Little Hei.

Little Hei bustled about for half a day and finally made these “new arrivals” familiar with the environment.

After finishing doing, Zhang Han asked Zhao Feng to send the harvested rice and wheat back to the restaurant for processing.

Zhao Feng was naturally willing to run errands and returned them to the restaurant after being processed.

When Zhao Feng came to Mount New Moon again, he saw Zhang Han doing manual labor, so he rolled up his sleeves, directly took off his shoes and socks, rolled up his trouser legs and stepped into the rice fields to work together.

Mengmeng was playing with the dogs at this point.

After a few days of growth, the size of these dogs had obviously increased.

At the same time, they became more cleverer, learning to flatter shamelessly.

While Little Hei was elated to see so many animals.

Its eyes went round and walked close to the chickens slowly when Mengmeng did not pay attention to.


Little Hei snapped at a chicken in an instant.

His sharp fangs suddenly deprived the chicken of its breath.

This scene frightened the other chickens, who kept jumping away from Little Hei.

Little Hei glanced at Zhang Han secretly.

Realizing that Zhang Han did not look this way, Little Hei walked quietly to the side of the dense jungle.

“Uh-huh, Little Heihei, where are you going”

When Little Hei was about to reach the edge of the jungle, Mengmeng noticed it from a distance.

She stood up with a cry and running in small steps.


Little Hei was shocked.

It looked at Mengmeng who running over here with an embarrassed face.

It was at a loss at this moment and did not know what to do with the chicken in his mouth.

On second thoughts, Little Hei lay on the ground as if it had acknowledged its mistake.

“Ah, Little Hei, why did you eat the chicken” Mengmeng ran closer and saw the chicken in Xiao Heis mouth.

Then she stared at Little Hei with big shiny eyes and asked,


Little Hei shook its head repeatedly.

“Uh-huh, you stole the chicken, Ill tell my PaPa,” Mengmeng said and was going to turn around to find her PaPa, which scared Little Hei.

It quickly threw the chicken on the ground, whose embarrassed face showed grievances and mouth pointed to the jungle.

“Well… Little Hei, what are you going to do Where are you going” Mengmeng pointed to the jungle and said in a childish voice.


Little Hei protruded its big tongue and nodded.

“Then, then, shall we adventure” Mengmengs eyes brightened.

Seeing that the opportunity was coming, Little Hei quickly picked up the chicken and headed for the jungle.

The jungle was relatively dense, so the light inside was not bright, even dim.

But Mengmeng was not afraid, for the little princess knew Little Hei could protect her.

Following Little Hei to walk for two minutes, she came to an open space which was several square meters.

There stood a megalith.

After rounding the megalith, the picture jumped into her sight and Mengmengs eyes widened.


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