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“Well… he is at least in the God Transformation Realm.” Zhang Han glanced at Yue Wuwei while speaking.

He originally wanted to say that a new Demonic Ghost King was not someone that those in the God Transformation Realm could deal with.

But on second thought, he decided to not disclose Elder Yues strength.

The Dark Mask was a very powerful function-oriented Profound-grade treasure.

Zhang Han used to have only five Profound-grade treasures, and the Dark Mask was one of them.

It was usually used to seal and refine dark creatures.

Therefore, at that time, Zhang Han had legions of Demonic Ghosts, Yin Spirits, and Decayed Corpses.

It was no exaggeration to say that having a Dark Mask at hand was equivalent to having a portable army.

Pitifully, Zhang Han had not displayed its power yet.

Thus, the people in the Cultivation World didnt know what the Dark Mask was.

When Mengmeng heard this answer, she said with an amazed look on her face, “The God Transformation Realm Thats impressive.

Hasnt he just been born How come he is already so powerful”

“The clown and those Demonic Ghosts are newborns.

Actually, they just set foot in this world.

The Demonic Ghost Clan is a big clan running amok in the Cultivation World.

It is not easy to meet a pack.

But if you run into one, it must be a large pack,” Zhang Han said.

“Their starting level is very high because they have experienced many years of reproduction before they come to the outside.

When the time is right, they will have a period of rapid growth after their debut.

This is what the Demonic Ghost Clan is like.”

As Zhang Han answered Mengmengs question, the people around fell silent in an instant and listened carefully.

Even Yue Wuwei did the same.

Mengmeng then asked, “So should we run if we come across the Demonic Ghost Clan”

“The Demonic Ghost Clan is powerful, but there are many ways to deal with them, such as using talismans and spirit treasures.

Your Fireball Skill can also do.

Many moves can hurt them, only the effects are different.”

“Oh, I see.

Now I feel that the clown is not that scary anymore.” Mengmengs beautiful big eyes blinked as she said, “He even seems a bit cute.”


Yue Xiaonao was stunned.

“Come to think of it, he is kind of cute,” Nina echoed.

This rendered everyone speechless.

“You think he is cute because you havent seen how terrible he is.

Next time you bump into such creatures, just run away,” Yue Wuwei reminded them.

“Dont listen to Zhang Hans nonsense.

Although some attacks can hurt them, their number is too huge.

There can be thousands of Demonic Ghosts.

They are not easy to defeat.”


Tiny Tot suddenly yelled in Mengmengs schoolbag.

It seemed to be saying, “Why are they not easy to deal with I can destroy them by eating them.”

“Senior Liu wants us to go back and assemble our manpower.

Well give up on these three adjacent Star Areas,” Yi Hou slowly remarked.

“Give up on these Star Areas” Li Mu was shocked.

“We seized these places with great difficulty, but now were giving them up Why”

“Because…” Yi Hou thought for a moment and told them the news he just heard.

“The battles on the Second Battlefield and the Third Battlefield will end soon.

From the latest news, the Tiger Talisman Royal Family is also quickly abandoning many planets on the Second Battlefield.

They are doing this not only because theyre afraid of the clown, but also because they want to set their goal on the Principal Battlefield.

They and we are both gathering manpower to win on the Principal Battlefield.”

“Is the Principal Battlefield this important” Mu Xue asked with interest.

“Yes, its very important.” Yi Hou put on a serious look and explained, “The Principal Battlefield is the hub of the entire Sea Dragon Star Area.

From there, one can detect the flow of the secondary space in almost half of the Sea Dragon Star Area.

That place is a Space Node.

In that place, well be more well-informed and able to react quickly.

Thus, whoever controls the Principal Battlefield will win the initiative in this war.”

“Looks like the upcoming battles will be more intense,” Zhang Mu said with emotion.

“But I wont flinch!” Li Mu suddenly shouted.

Instructor Liu, who was next to him, jumped in fright.

“Why did he shout all of a sudden”

Therefore, the group embarked on their return journey.

Many of them went to cultivate.

Their strength had grown rapidly.

After taking part in several battles, they had a profound understanding of the power of the Yuan Ying Realm.

They were continuously cultivating, comprehending, and making progress.

After they were back in the Cloudy Shadow Sky, everyone relaxed a lot.

When they came back, Liu Qingfeng and Li Hao were still studying the map of the Sea Dragon Star Area while receiving endless messages.

The various dots on the map faded.

From the map, one could roughly see the trajectories of the two forces.

“Youre back”

Liu Qingfeng looked at the crowd and smiled.

“How do you feel These battles were very fierce, werent they”

“Yes, they were very fierce,” Jiang Yanlan replied.

“The forthcoming battles will be more intense.

Do you still want to participate” Liu Qingfeng showed a solemn look on his face and said, “The plans I hatched with Sect Leader Li before are all useless now.

Even those long-prepared means have been crushed by the clowns army.

The same goes for the Tiger Talisman Royal Family.

In the current battle, schemes are of little importance.

Thus, we will send most of our troops to the Principal Battlefield.

If we win on the Principal Battlefield, the victory of this war is basically in our bag.

If we lose on the Principal Battlefield and flee from the Sea Dragon Star Area, we will be in a crisis-ridden situation.”

“Then what if we escape to the secondary space” Instructor Liu then abruptly patted his forehead and said, “Oh, right, the speed of the spaceship is limited.

Even in the secondary space, the enemy can still detect us and drive us out with bombardment.”

“Thats right.” Liu Qingfeng nodded.

“This is the current situation.

Well dispatch more people to fight this war.

but the battle for victory will only come after we take control of the Principal Battlefield.

It may happen in the Cloud Star Area or the Sea Central Star Area.

Still, there is good news.

The Silver-winged Hall will also send more people to the Principal Battlefield.

In general, our chances of winning are higher than the opposing sides.”

“But we also need to be on guard against the Tiger Talisman Royal Familys backers.

They seem to have someone in the God Transformation Realm guarding the Sea Central Star Area.

Even if they lose on the Principal Battlefield, they may still beat us when we attack the Sea Central Star Area… The one who loses the deciding battle will be the final loser.” Li Hao inhaled and said, “Right now, the battle on the Principal Battlefield is still pivotal.

Theres nothing else to discuss.

Just send our army over and fight.”

“Just send our army over and fight.”

This simple sentence demonstrated his determination to win.

“The next few days will be peaceful.

The clowns fleet cant capture the flow of the secondary space.

He has over six hundred spaceships.

With such a large fleet, he will cause trouble no matter where he goes.

Even the battle on the Principal Battlefield will have to wait for the clowns looting to end.

If the clown continues to stir up trouble in the Sea Dragon Star Area…” Li Hao shook his head slightly.

In that case, everyone would have to worry about their own safety.

“The clown will leave in a couple of days,” Yue Wuwei said.

“The Demonic Ghost Clan wont stay in one place for long.”


Liu Qingfengs and Li Haos expressions changed.

Instead of asking more about the Demonic Ghost Clan, they quickly cast their eyes on the map of the Sea Dragon Star Area as if doing some calculations.

Sure enough, what Yue Wuwei had said was right.

The clowns army made frequent appearances in the Sea Dragon Star Area in the next couple of days.

They continuously robbed all kinds of spaceships.

“The Tiger Talisman Royal Familys important planets have been plundered again.”

“The Cloud Shadow Skys node planets have been raided as well.”

“The clowns army is too horrifying.

Oh my God, I see it.

Some people tried to fight back and but got swallowed by the boundless black mist.

Tens of thousands of people have been devoured! Not a piece of their bodies is left behind!”

“The clown is a devil!”

Even those in the Chaotic Region issued notifications to the public.

Among the 11 families in the Chaotic Region, seven of them heard about this turmoil and had a discussion.

They didnt send their members out but just announced it to the world, “The clowns army is unstoppable.

If you meet them, give them your spaceships on your own initiative.”

This stunned everyone.

They all felt that the big shots in the Chaotic Region were all eager to send the clowns army away.

The so-called “sending them away” was nothing more than waiting for them to take enough gains and then leave by themselves.

If this looting went on for months, would there be any spaceships left in the Sea Dragon Star Area

During this time, the Sea Spa Alliance, the Snowfall Alliance, and other major spaceship manufactures had received countless orders.

However, these forces reacted in the same way.

They declared that for the time being, they would not accept orders for spaceships.

Their spaceships in stock had already been sold out by the eve of the war.

They wouldnt be able to build many in a short time.

Plus, to sell their products to which party was also a problem.

The key was that no one could guess which side would win.

Since they were the Neutral Forces, it was better for them to remain neutral.

Moreover, when one side won in the end, they would receive many orders from that side anyway.

Days went by.

The looting continued for seven days on end.

The clowns army continued raiding the Sea Dragon Star Area.

Its scale rapidly grew larger.

On the seventh day, a piece of news came out.

The clown appeared on one of the Tiger Talisman Royal Family major planets in the Sea Central Star Area.

The Tiger Talisman Royal Family had many spaceships here, but these spaceships couldnt stop the powerful clown.

A mighty figure in the God Transformation Realm came forward to fight the clown.

Yet, he returned with heavy injuries.

The clown was angered.

Then, he launched a massacre.

Numerous people were killed or injured.

The roughly estimated casualties were hundreds of thousands.

Many peoples eyes fell out of their sockets after they learned about this.

After this incident, the clown vanished without a trace.

He didnt show up in the next three days.

“Has he left”

“Great! Hes finally gone!”

The Tiger Talisman Royal Family breathed a sigh of relief.

In particular, Hu Tianshan, who had been deemed unbeatable, felt much more relaxed.

He was sitting in a room, looking at the map of the Sea Dragon Star Area in front of him.

Some kind of bright light was glinting in his eyes, as though he was thinking about how to proceed with the war on the Principal Battlefield.

These days, the most renowned fighter in the Tiger Talisman Royal Family was Hu Tianshan.

As long as he was present, his side would be victorious.

His legend of invincibility still continued.

Many speculated that Hu Tianshan would be crowned the King of War after he gained the victory of this war.

There was no doubt that the Tiger Talisman Royal Family was in high spirits and had complete faith in their sides victory.

This confidence stemmed from their elders.

The elders had such believes because they knew they had mighty figures in the God Transformation Realm on their side as well as the support of the families in the Chaotic Region.

The Cloud Shadow Skys case was quite similar.

Many people knew that the Silver-winged Hall had truly taken part in the war.

With their help, the Cloud Shadow Skys chances of winning were increased significantly again.

On the 11th day since the clowns looting started.

The period of tranquility seemed to have passed.

The atmosphere in the entire Sea Dragon Star Area was intense again.

Another storm was brewing.

One after another, spaceships left their space stations and jumped into the secondary space, heading for the Principal Battlefield.

All parties were in motion.

An even greater battle was about to take place.

On this day, Zhang Han and the others boarded the Thunder King and set off.

Hu Tianshan, who was in his mecha, flew into the air, entered the main vessel, and left the Sea Central Star Area.

The branch leaders of the Silver-winged Hall led many troops away in stealth.

People from various sects and forces set off in succession.

They all knew that the fiercest battle was around the corner.

However, apart from where the Neutral Forces were, there were still some relatively peaceful places.

On a planet with a pleasing environment in the Sea Dragon Star Area.

There was only one main vessel at the space station.

At the edge of a cliff next to a waterfall in a valley, hundreds of flowers were blooming, and the air was fresh.

A hammock filled with petals was swaying back and forth.

A girls white legs were dangling leisurely on the edge of the hammock.

Her feet were exposed.

This girl was Chu Qingyi.

She was lying in the hammock, absorbed in a book.

“Whizz, whizz, whizz!”

After a short while, three figures swiftly flew over.

They were Ye Longyuan, Yan Chen, and Su Beimu.

Ye Longyuan said with a smile, “Older Martial Sister, it seems that a great battle is about to break out on the Principal Battlefield.

Well, why dont we go there and have a look”

“You want to watch the battle”

“Well, yeah.” Ye Longyuan grinned.

This planet was serene and thinly populated.

Having stayed here for a week, Ye Longyuan was bored.

There were no interesting places on this planet.

He hadnt even seen any great tombs.

Even if there were some, no treasures could be found there.

Chu Qingyi, who had been keeping an eye on Ye Longyuang, actually felt a bit astonished.

She seemed to have figured out how Ye Longyuan obtained his masters ring.


Chu Qingyi didnt say anything else and resumed her reading.

Ye Longyuan doubted whether she had heard him or not.

But he didnt dare to ask about it.

Chu Qingyis strength was too powerful.

Even Hu Tianshan treated her with courtesy.


Ye Longyuan dared not say anything, let alone Yan Chen and Su Beimu.

The two were only here because they were friends with Ye Longyuan.

They both knew that Ye Longyuans backer was very mighty.



Ye Longyuan was a little bored.

He looked around and suddenly fixes his eyes on the hammock on the opposite side.

“That pair of smooth feet seems to be very pretty.”

He then took a glimpse of Chu Qingyis face.

“Tsk, tsk, she has slanting eyes.

I like that, too.

“She is still engrossed in reading, so she hasnt noticed Im looking at her.”

Thus, Ye Longyuans eyes were rested on Chu Qingyis feet again.

After a while, he became restless and slowly moved his gaze upward.

He eyed her slender white legs and then reached the lower hem of her dress.

Because of her sitting posture, the dress was a little creased.


“This is not what a gentleman should look at.”

Ye Longyuan screwed up his eyes slightly, hoping to continue to peek at Chu Qingyis upper body.

He was curious if he could see what kind of underwear she was wearing through the slit of her dress.

Then, he suddenly coughed softly and closed his eyes.

He didnt dare to peek.

He wanted to but didnt have the nerve.

If he offended his Older Martial Sister, who was his backer, she would perhaps fly into a rage.

Then, he would have to suffer big time.

Thus, Ye Longyuan shifted his eyes away.

A few minutes later, Chu Qingyi put the book away.

“If you want to take a look, then lets go.”

Chu Qingyi looked Ye Longyuan square in the eye.

Ye Longyuan felt as if Chu Qingyi had discovered what he had done.

Thus, he was rather self-conscious at the moment.

“This is so embarrassing.

She caught me staring at her.”


Chu Qingyi casually waved her hand.

The petals in the hammock instantly flew in all directions as if an explosion had occurred.


In a flash, the four were already back on the main vessel.

“Older Martial Sister, you are really amazing!”

Ye Longyuan was quite envious.

Chu Qingyi had just taken them to apparate and disapparate.

What a powerful skill!

“Is our master even more powerful Does he have a title” Ye Longyuan inquired.

This time, Chu Qingyi was silent for a few seconds before slowly saying, “Treasure-ridden Taoist.”

“Treasure-ridden Taoist Good.

When I see Zhang Hanyang and the others next time, Ill ask Elder Yue about this if I have a chance.” Ye Longyuan scratched his head and asked curiously again, “Older Martial Sister, Im really your Junior Martial Brother, right Can you tell me the truth”


Chu Qingyi revealed a confused expression.

“Didnt I already tell him before”

“Well, Older Martial Sister, is it because you think Im pleasing to the eye…”

“No,” Chu Qingyi quickly replied.

She did not even wait for Ye Longyuan to finish his sentence.

She seemed to have understood Ye Longyuans character.

She knew that he would become unscrupulous once he got some benefits.

Yan Chen and Su Beimu also curled their lips and glanced at Ye Longyuan.

“You think your rough and coarse appearance is pleasing to the eye”

“Older Martial Sister, I heard that there is a skill called Possession.”

“Given your meager aptitude, no one would want to possess you,” Chu Qingyi said aloofly.

“Then I can stop worrying.

Thats to say, now Im Treasure-ridden Taoists nominal disciple.

After I meet this Treasure-ridden Taoist and gain his recognition, Ill know if I can be his official disciple.”


“You think youll have a chance to meet Treasure-ridden Taoist Even I have only seen his back in a secret realm.”

Chu Qingyis eyes were a bit perplexed.

“Master, Ive been following your footsteps.

But I cant find any trace of you.

Where exactly are you”

“I can definitely be acknowledged by him.” Ye Longyuan chuckled and said, “Even Mu Xue can become Zhang Hanyangs disciple.

She was a nominal disciple at first.

Then, she shamelessly pestered Zhang Hanyang and became his official disciple.

Im stronger than her, so I can definitely make it.”

If Mu Xue had heard his words, a fierce battle would be inevitable.

“Is Zhang Hanyang very powerful” Chu Qingyi asked.

“He is mind-bogglingly powerful.”

Ye Longyuan immediately said, “Otherwise, how could I have owed him millions of crystal stones Also, I can do whatever I want on Earth without worrying about being harmed just because Im still in his debt.

That proves how awesome he is.

No one on Earth dares to go against him.

Alas, I have never seen anyone like him.

We have fought before.

I am actually one of the few who have been on his opposite side but survived.”

“Is he bloodthirsty” Chu Qingyi asked.

She seemed to be a little interested in Ye Longyuans creditor.

“Hmm…” Ye Longyuan thought for moments.

However, Yan Chen opened his mouth and said, “He is.

But in some sense, he isnt.”

“What do you mean” Ye Longyuan turned his head to look at Yan Chen and asked.

“Zhang Hanyang will kill whoever has provoked his family.

But he wont attack those who havent.

He particularly adores his daughter.

He cares a lot about his father and seniors as well.

So far, Zhang Hanyang has seldom struck because of his personal affairs.

Yet, he has destroyed many big sects who offended his family,” Su Beimu said.

“He is very strong.

When he made his debut, the strength he displayed was not too impressive.

After he became the Invincible Grand Master, he lay low and disappeared from the public eye.

Later, in the competition for the title of Immortal King, Chen Changqing the Emperor Qing, a friend of Zhang Hanyangs, improved his strength in a very short time and won first place because of the guidance Zhang Hanyang gave him.

After that, the people from the Kunlun Immortal World came out to invade the worldlets.

Then, Zhang Hanyang reappeared and annihilated those people with invincible demeanor.

After that, he pummelled the Kunlun Immortal World and destroyed several sects there, yet no one was able to stop him.”

“The most incredible part is about his wife.” Ye Longyuan tucked his chin and added, “His wife is too beautiful to be human.”


Cough, cough, cough…” Yan Chen choked on his saliva.

Su Beimu was also stunned.

“How dare you say that”

Ye Longyuan then said, “I mean, shes otherworldly beautiful.

Shes simply a fairy.

I thought she was just a pretty woman with no martial talent.

But later, she turned out to be a mighty figure.

She can kill magnates.

Older Martial Sister, the magnates of the Kunlun Immortal World are in the Yuan Ying Realm.

Theyre the kind of sitting on the threshold of the Yuan Ying Realm because the law in our place suppresses our strength.

Years ago, she was already able to kill magnates.

Thus, Zhang Hanyang and his family are all very powerful.

With Yue Wuweis help, theyre the strongest on Earth.

The others have to look up to them.

Alas, I always dreamed that I would become such a strong figure one day.

Who would have thought that Zhang Hanyang would beat me to it”

“I dont know Zhang Hanyang.

But that Senior Yue you spoke of is indeed very powerful,” Chu Qingyi said.

“Yue Wuwei is very mysterious.

No one knows which specific realm he is in.

The point is that Yue Wuwei is on Zhang Hanyangs side.

If you want to go to Earth, you have to get Yue Wuweis permission first,” Ye Longyuan said.

“I see.”

Chu Qingyi gave a simple response.

Then, she suddenly smiled and remarked, “You said that Zhang Hanyangs wife is as pretty as a fairy.

Then how beautiful do you think I am”

“You two are not the same… Gasp!”

Ye Longyuan suddenly felt that the temperature around him seemed to have dropped.

“You two are not the same type,” Ye Longyuan hastily explained.

“Zhang Hanyangs wife is like an otherworldly fairy.

Older Martial Sister, you are also fairy-like.

But you and she are quite different.

You two have different personalities, faces, eyes, and so on.

Well, thats my answer, Fairy Chu.”

Chu Qingyi smiled faintly but didnt say anything else.

She took a seat at the front and began to read again.


Ye Longyuan let out a sigh of relief.

“Well, women all like to hear compliments.

“Even though she is not as beautiful as Zhang Hanyangs wife, I cant say that to her face.

“Moreover, though she is not as gorgeous as Zhang Hanyangs wife, the Moon Empress, she is still a top knockout.

After all, few women in the world can be more beautiful than the Moon Empress.

“Geez… why does she have to compare herself with Zhang Hanyangs wife”

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