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Her face was so chubby that her eyes were almost buried by all the fat.

She was twice the size of Han Chuan.

“Whats going on”

Many distinguished guests off the stage were dumbstruck.

Someone asked, “Is this what you call peerless beauty Is this the woman you say that will stun us”

“Ahem, ahem.

Are, are you a maid”

Hearing this, Han Chuan came out of his daze.

He felt something was wrong, so he asked in a low voice, “Are you Ninth Princesss maid Where is Ninth Princess”

“City Lord, I am Ninth Princess of Heze,” said Zhu Li in a coquettish voice.

As soon as Zhu Lis voice came out—


Han Chuans heart skipped a beat.

Yesterday in the car, he heard this intoxicating voice.

Now, it still sounded intoxicating, yet the speaker looked even more “intoxicating”.

“Honey, what are you thinking about Hurry up and make the announcement.”

Seeing the dumbfounded Han Chuan, Zhu Li felt secretly delighted.

The others were all at a loss.


“Shes the ninth princess of Heze”

“This, well…”

The guests in the square were in an uproar.

“Hahaha, Im laughing my head off.

It turns out that City Lord of Hanchuan City is into this kind of woman.”

“Ninth Princess is not really ugly.

Lets just say City Lords taste is a bit special.

He likes fat women.”

“Look at City Lords stunned expression.

Hes completely been smitten with her.”

All the comments poured into Han Chuans ears like surging waves.

His face turned blue and then red as if he had been slapped hard in the face!

“Sure enough, nothing good happens to me!”

“You are Ninth Princess Where is the woman I saw yesterday” Han Chuan laughed out of anger.

The people who attended the event yesterday seemed to have realized what had happened.

An idea popped up in their minds—the princess had been swapped!

“What woman Im the woman you saw yesterday.

What You want to deny that now” Zhu Lis face darkened.

“You played me” Han Chuans voice was extremely cold as though he could not control himself and was about to attack.

“I believe youre playing me instead, arent you” Zhu Li sneered.

“Ive been in Hanchuan City for five days, but you cold-shouldered me.

After meeting me yesterday, you came to my place late at night and promised me things so I said yes to you.

Now, youre trying to deny it.

Do you really think that the people in Heze are pushovers”


Hanchuans face reddened.

He was furious.

He decided to completely shed all pretenses of cordiality.

So what if he was disgraced He would never be Cultivational Partners with this woman in front of him.

In an extremely frosty voice, he said, “Let me tell you, Ninth Princess of Heze, you are still too naive to play with me.”

“Is that so You said you would marry me, but you humiliated me in my face.


Very good.” Zhu Li seemed ready to strike to vent her anger.

Just as City Lord of Hanchuan City prepared to defend, unexpectedly, a wave of killing intent emerged from the side.

Huan Chuan instantly felt a chill in his Dantian.

“Oh no!”

Han Chuans expression changed greatly.


The green jade bracelet he wore all the time, which was a sixth-tier protective treasure, suddenly exploded.

A layer of faint cyan light shrouded him.


Han Chuan immediately stepped back, his face pale.

He turned around and saw a foot-long sword slowly fly back to the man in a cloth gown.

“You wanna die”

Han Chuans aura became chaotic.

The impact of that strike had injured his Yuan Ying.

Although the injury wasnt heavy, it already affected his combat capability.


All of a sudden, a hubbub of voices filled the place.

At the same time, many of Han Chuans subordinates and some distinguished people went on the stage to confront the man in a cloth gown.

Han Chuan had dozens of people to help him, while the other party was on his own.

However, everyone felt that the man in a cloth gown had gotten the better of Han Chuans team.

“Who is he”

“Ninth Princess has come prepared.

City Lord of Hanchuan City has been twisted around her finger.”

“City Lord of Hanchuan City has always been shrewd.

How could he be played by the ninth princess of Princess”

In the face of such doubts, several people in the crowd who accompanied Hanchuan yesterday sighed.

“If you saw a woman that attractive, you would lose your rationality, too.

Its not that City Lord isnt shrewd.

Its just that this scheme is too clever.”

Zhang Han and the others also looked at the people in the confrontation on the stage.

“There are so many people helping Han Chuan.

I think they wont turn this into a fight,” Li Mu said.

“If no one else shows up, the man in a cloth gown will kill all of them in less than a minute,” Yue Wuwei said calmly.

“Is that man very powerful”

The others were shocked.

When they gazed at that man in a cloth gown, the look in their eyes already changed.

“Hes Zhu Lis coachman.

He should be an elder.” Zi Yans beautiful eyes registered doubts.

She knew a bit of the inside story.

“Zhu Li, the ninth princess of Heze, came here just to deal with City Lord of Hanchuan City.

“If she had not made sufficient preparation, how could she have come”

Under the gazes of everyone, the man in a cloth gown slowly placed his right hand on his bamboo hat.

“Those who humiliate Ninth Princess shall be killed!”

In an instant, he took off the bamboo hat.

When the hat was off, everyone saw that he was a middle-aged man with a large scar crossing the left side of his face.

Seeing his face, the people shielding Han Chuan on the stage instantly looked frightened.

Some people cried out in shock, “Youre Zhu Qingze!”

“Demon Killer Zhu Qingze! Heavens, youre still alive!”

“Its, its you How is this possible Didnt you die on the Blue Demon Land”

Even Han Chuans face turned grave.

Who wouldve thought that this man would be such a mighty figure

Demon Killer Zhu Qingze already entered the Void-refining Realm 30 years ago.

He was a well-known badass among the young talents at that time.

He had killed many talents of the Demon Clan.

Thus, people called him Demon Killer.

His strength was extremely robust.

Back when he was only at the Void-refining Realm Early-Stage, he was already able to battle those at the Void-refining Realm Middle-Stage.

Even many talents of the Human Clan didnt dare to mess with him.

Those who challenged him in the slightest had already been killed by him.

Even many talents of the Devil Clan had to give way to him when they saw him.

Zhu Qingze had fought his way to fame by ruthless killing!

That was all about his strength.

In terms of status, he was a supervisor of the Myriad Mountains Palace, which was much higher than the status of City Lord of Hanchuan City.

Therefore, when the others saw Zhu Qingze at this moment, how could they not be unnerved

“Did you come here to kill”

Han Chuans forehead was covered by a layer of cold sweat.

He was a little scared.

But his expression was still calm.

“Back then, we were just two people of opposite factions.

I killed Zhu Chuanfeng by mistake.

Ive discussed this matter with City Lord of Heze.

This matter is not up to you to decide.

If you attack me, arent you afraid that the higher-ups of Myriad Mountains Palace will blame you for doing this”

“Humph, I didnt come here for what happened in the past.

Im here for what is happening now.

Youve humiliated my ninth sister, so its reasonable for me to kill you.”

Zhu Qingze let out a faint chuckle.

All of a sudden, thousands of rays of light burst out from his body.

He was about to strike!

“Whiz, whiz, whiz, whiz!”

The people standing before City Lord of Hanchuan City all ran away.

They were well aware that subordinates would be eliminated when they had outlived their usefulness.

They didnt want to die with Han Chuan.

But at this precise moment—

“Qingze, stop.”

A beam of light suddenly emerged in the air, dashing over and dispersing all of the light that Zhu Qingze had unleashed.

At the same time, an old man in white appeared in the distant sky.

Seeing him, Zhu Qingze frowned slightly.

He sighed inwardly, “Never thought someone would really stop me from killing Han Chuan.”

“Protector Hong.”

Zhu Qingze cupped his hands to the old man in salute.

A protector of the Myriad Mountains Temple had appeared!

The crowd fell into an uproar again.

They didnt expect that a protector had been guarding this place.

“Could it be that the Myriad Mountains Palace values Han Chuan very much and want to mentor him”

“Im glad that youve come back.

With your strength, you will become a protector soon.

However, if you attack Han Chuan with your might, you will be a bully,” Protector Hong said.

“My ninth sister has not been treated well after she came here.

Just now, Han Chuan also insulted my ninth sister.

I will not let this go.” Surprisingly, Zhu Qingze didnt yield to Protector Hong.

“Qingze, since Im here, I cant watch this farce occur.

Han Chuan is in the wrong, but he should not be sentenced to death,” Protector Hong said calmly.

“Very well.

Since Protector Hong spoke for him, well, I will spare him this time.” Zhu Qingze threw a cold glance at Han Chuan.

At this time, Han Chuan was filled with regret.

He had been scammed.

Yet, he could only grind his teeth and put up with it.

“Ninth Princess, please pardon me.”

Han Chuan fetched out a Space Ring, which contained the gaming treasures that he had just promised to give her.

The Space Ring flew to Zhu Li and landed in her hand.

She checked it and sneered.

“This is all You expect me to forgive you just because of this little compensation If thats the case, take it back.”

“Youre going too far!”

Han Chuans face was slightly pale.

He was so angry that his hands were trembling.

He took out several kinds of treasures, put them in another Space Ring, and threw it at Zhu Li.


Zhu Li narrowed her eyes.

Her small eyes became even harder to perceive.

She sneered and said, “Thats more like it.

Since City Lord of Hanchuan City has apologized and compensated me, let us drop this matter.”

After that, Zhu Li turned around and headed out.

Zhu Qingze cast a significant look at Han Chuan and followed her.

As she arrived at the door of the side courtyard, Zhu Li suddenly came to a halt, looked back, and said, “Oh, by the way, you think youre qualified to be my Cultivational Partner Dream on!”

“You… Pfft…”

At this moment, Han Chuan, whose Yuan Ying had been damaged, coughed up blood.

He was infuriated.

He had thought he could marry a peerless beauty, but he didnt expect that… things would turn out like this.

It was true that the desire for beautiful women was dangerous.

“She is from Heze.

How come I fell into her trap

“Dont let me get the chance to get back at you!

“If she is not Ninth Princess, then, who is she”


Han Chuan roared in his head.

He glanced around and turned somewhat hostile to the prestigious figures and guests here.

“They are all fence-sitters.

Theyre only my friends when Im in power.

But when Im in trouble, they will all run away without looking back.”

Han Chuan wanted to fly into a rage, yet he knew that he still needed the help of these prestigious people.

Thus, his eyes fell on the guest area below.

“Get lost! All of you, get lost!”


The crowd began to disperse.

Zhang Han also put down his chopsticks and said, “The show is not bad, right Im done eating.

Lets go.”

After saying that, he looked at Zi Yan with amusement and said, “We should leave now in case you got recognized by them.

If that happened, there would be another fight.”

“Geez! Then, what should we do” Zi Yan was suddenly stunned.

Although she carefully dolled herself up yesterday, her looks today were pretty much the same.

The others would recognize her if they saw her.

“Dont worry.

Han is very cunning.” Yue Wuwei stroked his beard and said, “He has already cast an illusion to change your looks before we came here.”

The others were all speechless.

They had all been carried away by the fun and forgotten about this.

However, Zhang Han had long thought of this and taken precautions.

Just this acute awareness was worth learning.

“Zhang Han usually seems harmless.

But if he wants to hurt someone one day, he can make it happen without anyone noticing.

There is still one thing I cant figure out.

Zhang Han, how do you know so much” Yue Wuwei snorted and asked.

“Daddy has always been awesome.” Mengmeng made a face at Yue Wuwei.

“Lets go.”

Zhang Han got up and said, “Next, well go look for Ninas mother.

Nina, activate your mark to feel the direction.

Lets go there right away.

This world is not suitable for us to explore now.

Well leave as soon as we find your mother.”

“Er, Boss,” Li Mu abruptly said, “the spaceship we rode on the way here has been destroyed.”

“But there is an even better one.”

Zhang Han smiled.

He was talking about Yue Wuweis boat.

Only Zhang Han knew that that boat should be a spirit treasure above the seventh tier.

It was perhaps a Profound-grade treasure.

Profound-grade treasures had several categories.

Some of them were more powerful than ninth-tier spirit treasures, while some were almost equivalent to the seventh-tier or eighth-tier spirit treasures.

Anyway, it was certain that all the Profound-grade treasures were at least at the seventh tier.

For example, the Dark Mask Zhang Han used to have was a Dark Treasure above the ninth tier.

It was very powerful.

Now, it was worn by the clown, who was the Demonic Ghost King.

Given time, it might become extremely amazing in the Cultivation World.

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