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This girl was frank and straightforward, having a quick temper.

She had been bad-tempered in the past.

After making friends with Mengmeng, she became increasingly easy-going under Mengmengs influence.

Although Mengmeng was naughty, considering Zi Yans strict education, she was a girl of virtue.

Hearing their words, Amman Myernie and his fellows looked at each other.

They seemed to have a strong family background.

“Good, good, good! The stronger their family background, the better.”

Just as he was thinking about it, there came a clatter.

A group of between 40 and 50 people suddenly hurtled through the passage ahead, all of whom were young men and women.

There were two men in black with extraordinary momentum around them.

Ma Lin was in the middle of the group of people.

Beside her, there was a tall and slim woman, who looked like the moon surrounded by stars.

Although she looked young, she had a charming face and a hot figure, dressed in a short slip skirt.

Generally speaking, a girl at such an age should not be so well-endowed.

She appeared to be sexy but cute.

Lu Ling, Lu Shuihans adopted daughter, arrived.

It seemed that some people knew that Lu Shuihans adopted daughter just acted as a vessel for Pair Cultivation.

Because of her peculiarities, she was favored by Lu Shuihan.

Gradually, Lu Ling developed nasty habits.

Lu Shuihan, one of the elders of the Star-shooting House, was also a famous big shot even in the Heavenly Dragon Star Province.

The clatter of high heels was heard.

Here came several of the group of people, gorgeously dressed.

Lu Ling was one of them.

“Aha, their heels give them the height they otherwise lacked,” Chen Chuan shouted when he heard the clatter.

Ninas face darkened.

She could not help asking, “Who taught you those words”

“Sister Mengmeng said it before,” Chen Chuan replied matter-of-factly.

Mengmeng was speechless.

A group of people was walking toward them aggressively.

Then, this group of people half surrounded them as well as the members of the Myernie family here.

The group of people was hovering hungrily.

Some of them looked fierce, as if to kill someone.

Some of them looked calm, as if thinking this matter was basically irrelevant.

They seemed to be simply onlookers.

The others looked excited.

For them, it was cool to follow Lu Ling out for revenge.

Also, it made them feel proud.

“Who did it Damn, how dare you hurt Lin Ill kill you,” some of them shouted, as they walked over.

“Ill cut off your skin and pull out your tendons, and make you beg for death!”

“Since you dared to cut Lins face, you must suffer a thousandfold!”


A series of curses made Mengmeng look cold.

Although she was not old enough to know much about the ways of the world, she was very clear about something, especially the sentences that had been taught several times: “Ill respect a thousandfold those who respect me and hurt a thousandfold those who hurt me!”

“To convince them by reasoning To be a person of broad mind”


I dont bully others, but I cant be bullied!”

These sentences were what Zhang Han had taught Mengmeng.

He did not have to tell any great truth.

He had just told her that as long as she had a clear conscience, she would enjoy the real freedom in her life.

This was what Zhang Han hoped Mengmeng would do in the future.

He did not want Mengmeng to be bullied and to endure any humiliation.

To endure it Of course she would not!

So at this time, Mengmeng had made up her mind and even said, “Your attitudes determine my means of dealing with you.”

Nina was stunned, and she had a bad feeling.

It was very likely that this matter would get out of hand.


So what if the other side went too far

Hearing those curses, Nina felt unhappy as well.

“All human beings are born equal.

We dont owe you anything.

Why should I spoil you”

Gradually, a path appeared in the group of dozens of people.

Lu Ling, followed by Ma Lin, Corus and their fellows, slowly walked to the front.

Lu Ling raised an eyebrow, looked around and said lightly, “Whoever dared to hurt my sister, step forward.”


In the face of Lu Ling who looked calm, Mohan Myernie and his fellows felt greatly oppressed.

They even sensed that several wisps of cold sweat were flowing rapidly down their foreheads.

They were terrified.

“Shes really Elder Lu Shuihans adopted daughter!

“Shes here.

Were finished.

What should we do

“This matter cannot be solved peacefully, alas.

“I hope that she can take out some precious treasures and seek forgiveness.

Thats the only way.” Amman Myernie looked at Mengmeng with fear.

He kept winking at her.

However, Mengmeng did not look at him at all.

So he had to look at Stefen and even secretly transmitted a slashing voice message to him.

“Meng… Mengmeng,” said Stefen.

Before his second sentence, Mengmeng had taken two steps forward, looked straight at Lu Ling, and said coldly, “Its me.

What do you want”


Lu Ling narrowed her eyes and looked up and down Mengmeng carefully.

Suddenly, there was a glimmer of brilliance in her eyes.

“What a pretty face! Its so enviable.

Aha, since you hurt my sisters face, then… I can give you a chance to expiate your guilt,” she said with a smile.

“Do you think I need a chance” Mengmeng asked in reply.

At this moment, everyone else looked at the scene silently after the dialogue.

Among the people on Mengmengs side, except for Yue Xiaonao and her fellows, the others were all in a panic.

On the contrary, almost everyone on Lu Lings side had nothing to fear.

There were even a few people who showed a fierce and cold look, as if to eat someone alive.

Also, many men among them looked at Mengmeng with sparkling eyes and wondered how to punish the pretty little girl for her mistakes.

They seemed to have thought of some ideas.

“You do.

Its a very simple thing for you.

As long as you can do it, not only can you be safe and sound, but you can even enjoy honor and distinction,” said Lu Ling.

“Sister Ling.” Ma Lins expression changed.

Was Sister Ling going to forgive her How could she do that

Lu Ling ignored her and continued, “My foster fathers birthday will come in a few days.

I plan to give you to him as a birthday present.

You know, if you serve the elder of the Star-shooting House, your cultivation will be easy in the future.

What do you think I will give you some time to think about it.”

“Oh.” Mengmeng could not help showing a mocking smile.

“Your Star-shooting House is so powerful that even an elder can do this.

Its really eye-opening news.”

“What the hell!” Yue Xiaonao said, “You think so highly of yourself.

The Star-shooting House is nothing.

Huh, interesting.”

“So Interesting!” agreed Chen Chuan loudly.

“Its over!”

Mohan Myernie slapped his forehead.

It was totally over.

Whoever dared to contradict Lu Ling all came to no good end.

Sure enough, upon hearing these biting words, Lu Ling and her fellows gradually gave a gloomy look.

Especially Lu Ling, she slowly got rid of the playful smile on the corner of her mouth and showed a look of indifference.

She said with a sneer, “Since you dont want this chance, I wont insist on it.

Now lets see how to take revenge for my sister.”

Nina could not help saying, “Come straight to the point.

Dont waste our time here.”


Lu Lings eyes flashed with a cold light, and she said word by word, “First, come to kneel down and apologize!”

So, more than one point

As soon as she finished speaking, Ma Lin, Corus, and their fellows became excited.

However, Mengmengs pretty face darkened.

“Didnt you hear Miss Lu telling you to kneel down and apologize” a man behind Lu Ling said harshly.

“Who do you think you are!”

Mengmeng gave a fierce look.

She used the Fireball Skill!

There came clacks.

A huge white fireball emerged out of the void and hurtled toward Lu Ling.


“How dare you make a move”


Lu Ling casually waved her hand and formed a seal.

It was a move belonging to the Star-shooting House.

To her surprise, it had been a useful move, but at this moment, it did not stop the fireball at all.

Only a part of the energy of the fireball was reduced.

Her expression changed slightly.

How could her move fail to stop the fireball


A man on her left side frowned slightly and waved his hand, slapping forward in the air.

Upon the energy collision, a shield was created.

There came a rumble!

Great waves swept in all directions.

Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!

In the preparation zones, some people who were preparing for their battles in the distance were frightened.

How dare they fight It was forbidden!

Numerous energy barriers rose rapidly in the preparation hall.

The fierce wind whistled and blew over a lot of tables and chairs.

The sweeping of energy waves made the decorations inside the hall a mess.

“Whoever damages these things must offer a sum about ten times greater!”

“Who are fighting over there”

“If I see it correctly, that are Lu Ling, the adopted daughter of Lu Shuihan who is an elder of the Star-shooting House and also the new City Lord of Poshi City!”

“What Is she here She indeed dares to fight here.”

“Im wondering who is Lu Lings target this time.

She just came here, and has to defeat some people to make a name for herself.

It seems that theres another unlucky guy.”


These people were not surprised at all.

After all, they had already heard something about Lu Ling.

With Lu Lings status, it was not a big deal for her to fight here.

Also, the princess of the Beast Arena was present.

“Youre not at the Elixir Realm Early-Stage, are you” Lu Ling looked straight at Mengmeng.

“Does it have anything to do with you” Mengmeng asked impatiently, “Do you want to fight A one-on-one fight or a group fight”

“How dare you!” a few people beside Lu Ling shouted.

“Is this a place where you can act wildly”

“You just had a chance to apologize.

But now, you dont.

You must be severely punished!”


Faced with their shouts, Mengmeng suddenly showed a smile, which was so brilliant.

However, a long whip, burning with white flames, abruptly appeared in her right hand.

“Do you think Im afraid of you” Mengmeng gave a cold look and added, “Even if I tear down this place today, no one dares to do anything to me, not to mention you guys!”

She was so confident as she spoke.

Upon hearing that, Mohan Myernie and his fellows were all confused.

Even for a moment, they were wondering who was the owner of the Beast Arena.

Lu Lings face darkened completely.

When the men in black, who were Lu Lings guards, at the Yuan Ying Realm Peak-Stage, saw Mengmengs long whip burning with flames, they showed a serious look and thought that: “The girl was not simple!”

Maybe she had a strong family background.

However, the Star-shooting House had a greater background.

In Heavenly Dragon Star Province, it was also a force with great influence.

It did not matter even if the younger generation make trouble.

Considering that Lu Ling cared about her reputation so much, this matter would not be settled in a peaceful way.

“Okay,” said Lu Ling while nodding hard, “since they want to resist, thats even better! Guards, if they dont want to kneel down, then break their legs.

They hurt my sisters face, so just disfigure their faces!”

“Go, go, go! Disfigure their faces! Dont let them go!” Ma Lin shrieked.

She felt her heart beating violently.

The men in black around Lu Ling looked at each other and then were about to make a move.


A person abruptly showed up from the side.

It was the right-hand man of the Beast Arenas owner.

“Miss Ma, what happened to your face”

The middle-aged mans expression changed, and he asked angrily, “Whats going on”

“Uncle Hu, you came at the right time.

My face was cut by that bitch!” said Ma Lin while pointing at Mengmeng.


Uncle Hus face turned pale.

There were some special spirit treasures that could heal the wounds on her face.

But cutting her face was no different from smacking the Beast Arena.

Expressed more seriously, it was simply a smack in the faces of the owner of the Beast Arena and the disciples of the Star-shooting House.

“Youre calling white black.” Nina let out a snort.

“If you want to fight, then lets fight.

Stop finding excuses.

Dont you know why your face was cut Since you did a sneak attack, then dont blame Mengmeng for injuring you!”

Ninas simple words gave him a rough explanation of the wounds.

Uncle Hu frowned deeply.

He did not know where the other side came from, so he could not make up his mind.

He took a glance at Lu Ling.

Since Miss Lu, who was the adopted daughter of the elder of the Star-shooting House, was also present, plus the fact that they had reasons for their deeds, he was not afraid that this matter would get out of hand.

For the high-end forces and sects in Heavenly Dragon Star Province, it was normal for juniors to have disputes, but when those disputes got out of hand, the elders had to pay attention to the reason.

“You hurt the princess of our Beast Arena, so you have to give an explanation for that.” Uncle Hu said coldly, “You guys can call your elders over.”

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