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Chapter 1254 A Gift

No one dared to speak at this moment.

It was too terrifying.


Those men in black saw that the man was looking at them, and their backs were wet with cold sweat.

One of them said, “We are the subordinates of Elder Lu Shuihan.

There may be a misunderstanding in this matter.”

“Aha A misunderstanding What kind of misunderstanding” Zhang Han turned to look at Mengmeng, smiled gently, and touched her head.

Obviously, he wanted Mengmeng to tell him.

Before Mengmeng spoke, Chen Chuan had run to the front and replied, “They are so nasty.

That person battled with Sister Mengmeng in the ring and lost.

Then she made a sneak attack outside the ring and was hurt by Sister Mengmeng.

Later, she asked some people for help.

That group of people asked us to kneel down and apologize.”

“Okay,” said Zhang Han, with a nod.

He snapped his fingers.

There came clacks!

Monstrous pressure emerged from the Qing Ming Thunderbolt Seal.

Suffocating pressure.

Irresistible pressure.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

The dozens of people, including those men in black, felt like a mountain on their shoulders.

There came dozens of loud bangs.

They were muffled sounds of kneeling down.

The dozens of people all knelt down upright.

At this time, the second half of Chen Chuans sentence, which made their expressions change greatly, was heard.

“They also said that if we didnt kneel down, they would break our legs.

Its really irritating.”

“No, no, no!”

Ma Lin screamed in horror.

There came clacks.

With the sounds of bones cracking, those kneeling down all felt sharp pains.

The bones and meridians of their legs were torn apart and turned into powder.

“What else did they say” Zhang Han said calmly.

This scene frightened a dozen members of the Myernie family.

They turned pale and felt that their legs were trembling.

What a horrible person he was!

Fortunately, they were on his side.

Otherwise, they would have come to a bad end.

“What else did they say” Mengmeng was stunned and pondered the question.

“Still a lot.

I remember it.” Chen Chuan added, “That woman wants to give Sister Mengmeng to her foster father.”

“Hey, hey, hey…”

Nina stretched out her hand but it was late.

Chen Chuan had finished speaking.

She helplessly covered her forehead and shouted in her heart, “Oh, no!”

“Is that so” Zhang Han frowned.

Mengmeng blinked and did not know what to say.

They did say so, in an even more arrogant way.

“So… its you”

Zhang Han suddenly gazed at Lu Ling.

With one thought in his mind, Lu Ling was grasped by a pale white palm and slowly floated up.

She struggled and roared, but it was useless.

“You want to give my daughter to your foster father as a gift,” Zhang Han said coldly and narrowed his eyes slightly, as if thinking about how to punish her.

“My friend, you cant hurt her.

Shes Elder Lu Shuihans adopted daughter, an extremely important adopted daughter!” a man in black said, “Lu Shuihan is an elder of the Star-shooting House.

You should think twice about your actions… Ah!”

With a bang, a muffled sound emerged from the person who was speaking.

His breath almost disappeared.

It seemed that he could only exhale without any inhalations.

“Do you think you can give me any advice” Zhang Han said slowly.


There was a dead silence.

Some people even fainted from fear.

Ma Lin and her female fellows were about to cry out in alarm, when they discovered that their voices were stuck in their throats.

They could not make a sound at all, which made them feel uncomfortable.

Their hearts were beating fast in horror.

They were greatly afraid that they would be the next ones to die.

The members of the Myernie family were trembling all over.

Standing at the back, they did not even dare to move their fingers and remained silent out of fear.

“Is the Star-shooting House a big sect” Zhang Han suddenly said.

There was still a dead silence in the field.

Beside him, Zhao Feng searched for it and then nodded.

“Its a large sect with some influence, and it is a force of high rank in Heavenly Dragon Star Province.”


Lets turn it into a cautionary tale.”

Zhang Han nodded, and his eyes lit up.

“Since you want to give my daughter as a gift, Ill make you a gift for your foster father.”

There came the sounds of flowing water.

Beams of light rose from Lu Lings feet and covered her body all over.

In just a breath, her entire person had been turned into a glittering and translucent sculpture.


Ma Lins eyes were wide open.

She was the one who had called Lu Ling over here.

But now, Lu Ling was killed by the man.

Would she be the next one

“No, no, no, I want to be alive!

“I dont want to die.”


Under the impact of some violent energy in her body, she actually made a sound, and the field was full of shrieks.

Then she rolled her eyes and fainted stiffly.

Some of the others were even worse.

Especially, several of them were so scared that they became incontinent.

Zhang Han looked around again.

Shaking his head slightly, he took Mengmengs hand and walked to the stairs aside.

The others followed, and the members of the Myernie family were at the very back.

“Oh, by the way, my name is Zhang Hanyang.

If your elder and the owner arrive, welcome to seek revenge at any time.” Zhang Han turned around, said these words, and left.

There was still silence in the field, and no one dared to speak until their figures totally disappeared.

“He is really a ruthless man.”

Among the dozens of people watching the fight in the distance, there were a series of exclamations.

“So ruthless.

He even dared to hurt the subordinates of the elder of the Star-shooting House.”

“They must have a strong background.

Otherwise, he dared not to do that.

Lu Ling, who was always arrogant, hit a wall.”

“Did you feel the aura just now It is so terrible.

My heart just seemed to stop beating out of fear.

Its so scary, as if we were facing an ancient Violent Dragon instead of a human being.

Its suffocating.”

“Hurry up.

Lets go.

Maybe the owner of the Beast Arena and Elder Lu Shuihan will arrive soon.

Please dont get us into trouble.”

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

One by one, the onlookers left.

Some of them were curious and stood in the distance, looking at the field in silence.

Suddenly, several figures rushed in from the side door.

“Its the owner of the Beast Arena, Ma Li!”

“He arrives.”

From a distance, it could be seen that Ma Lis face was distorted by rage and then darkened when he saw the scene in front of him.

“Ma Lin, Ma Lin!”

He flashed into the crowd lying on the ground, held Ma Lins shoulders, and checked her injuries.

After sensing her legs condition, he was overwhelmed by rage.

“Who Who did it” roared Ma Li.

“Its a man named Zhang Hanyang,” Corus said weakly.

Now he thought that it was the most fortunate thing for him to be still alive.

That ruthless man almost scared him out of his wits.

“Even Ling was killed!”

The blonde woman choked with sobs.

It was not because she felt sorry for Lu Ling, but because she was also one of those who were scared out of their wits.

She had not come to her sense yet.


Ma Li instantly turned pale.

He turned his head and finally saw Lu Ling lying on the ground like a jade sculpture behind the crowd.


Cold sweat broke out immediately.

He was well aware of Lu Lings use for Lu Shuihan, who was the new elder of the Star-shooting House.

Thinking of that, he had a headache.

Ma Lin was in a poor condition.

It was troublesome to deal with her legs, but there were some ways.

However, there was no way to bring the dead back to life.

“What should we do”

He was a little annoyed.

“Zhang Hanyang, who is Zhang Hanyang Men, hurry to inform Elder Lu.”

“Ive already informed him,” a man in black said bitterly.


It could be seen that a person was quickly flying over at a low altitude on the right.

Ma Lis heart did a flip.

When the person arrived and saw Lu Ling, his face did not change, but there was a pause in his breathing.

“Elder, it was done by a man named Zhang Hanyang.

They couldnt compete with him.

He is definitely a very powerful person even among those in the God Transformation Realm.

We dont know the level of his real cultivation.

His name is the only clue,” a man in black said.

“Zhang Hanyang.

Go to check his information!”

Lu Shuihan looked very young.

He appeared to be about thirty years old.

He had a pointed face, with a cold and sullen look.

He did not say a word even before Ma Li.

Ma Li was just the owner of the Beast Arena, so he did not have to show his respect for Ma Li.

Ma Lis heart sank gradually, and he felt a chill.

This matter might have something to do with Ma Lin.

He was silent for a few seconds and said, “Men, carry these people away for treatment.

Dont leave them in Elders way.”

A dozen of his men came in from the side.

They walked softly and carried these people away in a hurry.

Only then did Ma Li feel a bit more relaxed.

“You come here and tell me everything that happened here.”

Ma Li waved at the person in charge of the field.

“I, I…”

The person in charge took a deep breath and said, “At first, Miss Ma battled with a girl and made a bet of one million low-grade crystals.

That girl took out 10,000 top-grade crystals easily.

Also, she has strong strength.

She seemed to be at the Elixir Realm Early-Stage, but she won Miss Ma easily.

Then, they had a quarrel, and Miss Ma made a move out of rage and was cut in her face.

Later, Miss Ma asked Miss Lu for help.

After a while, Miss Lu came with some people and had another quarrel with the girl, and the latter called her elders over.

Then, Uncle Hu was on the verge of death, who was just carried away.

Besides, one of the men in black was killed.

Miss Lu was also killed because she had been ready to give that girl to her foster father as a gift.

The elder of the girl said… said that he would make Lu Ling a gift for her foster father.”

There was a loud bang.

With a cold glint in his eyes, Lu Shuihan shot out a beam of light, leaving a gap in the huge alloy wall in front of him.

There was dead silence in the field.

Only two men in black kept contacting others for information about Zhang Hanyang.

At the same time, Zhang Han and the others were halfway back on the big platform.

“If you encounter such a thing next time, you should call me earlier for fear that it will ruin your mood,” said Zhang Han.

“Okay, but we had been able to defeat the opponents at the beginning.

Later, those powerful ones engaged in the fight, so we couldnt defeat them,” replied Mengmeng.

“It doesnt matter.

Give them more chances to see the world, and they will have experience,” Yue Wuwei said while touching his beard.

“These girls are all pretty, especially Mengmeng who looks like a fairy.

Ahem, shes as beautiful as my daughter.

But a pretty face will get them into trouble.

Ive seen this kind of story countless times on Earth, likeA Hero Saves A Beauty,King Li of Zhou Teases the Dukes with Beacon andA King Loves Beauties More Than Country.

In a word, there will always be a lot of disputes arising from beautiful women.

Now that I see they all have the ability to protect themselves, Im very relieved.”

“Dad, youre not relieved.

Youre careless,” argued Yue Xiaonao.

Yue Wuwei was speechless.

He did not know how to reply.

“Whats wrong with this kid”

“Well, your seal skill is rather powerful,” sighed Yue Wuwei while looking at Zhang Han.

“I didnt expect you to have the ability to use the skill of the Jade Seal.

If that person wants to save his adopted daughter, it will consume a lot of resources.

It depends on if he is willing to save her.”

“She is still alive” Mu Xue was stunned.

“Yes, shes still alive,” Yue Wuwei said, “but you cant sense that.

Those in the God Transformation Realm can sense that, but reviving her is very troublesome.

Its a very profound spell.”

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