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Chapter 130 Uninvited Guests

Put aside the underground forces reactions.

After Zhang Han drove Li Anna to her community, he directly returned to Yunyin Garden.

He could unimpeded access to the apartment with the elevator card.

He knocked at the door and saw Wang Juan opening the door with a warm smile,


Zhang is back.”

While speaking, she brought Zhang Han a pair of mens slippers, which were no longer disposable items.

Wang Juan bought them while going to the market.

She had also regarded Zhang Han as Zi Yans husband in her mind.

Every time Zhang Han came, Zi Yan, Mengmeng and he emerged in harmony and joy and they really looked like a family.

No sooner had Mengmeng seen Zhang Han coming to the second floor than she ran towards him, stretched out her small arms and said childishly,

“PaPa, PaPa, why are you back so late Its at 11 oclock.”

Zhang Han picked Mengmeng up and said with a chuckle, “Dad had something to do.”

Zhang Han was just like an even-tempered father with a smile and did not have murderous look.

He held Mengmeng in his arms.

Looking at her delicate cheeks and happy smile, Zhang Hans heart gradually melted.

“Mengmeng is a treasure, and Ill spend my whole life guarding her.”

At this moment, Zhang Han considered that the title of Han Yang Immortal, treasures and accomplishments could be abandoned.

Only Mengmeng, he would guard her all the time.

“This is the feeling of being a father.”

Zhang Han sighed softly.

Remembering his parents, he was anxious and helpless, for he did not know where they were and how they were doing.

“PaPa, lets find MaMa, Ive drawn a picture about PaPa, MaMa, and Mengmeng.” The little princess pointed in the direction of Zi Yan in Zhang Hans arms.

As Zhang Han walked over and sat down, Mengmeng leaned out of Zhang Hans arms, stretching out her arms to bring back the drawing paper, and said with expectation, “PaPa, look at it; does it look good”

“Well, thats really good.

Mengmeng draws better.” Zhang Han said with a smile.

“Ho, ho, ho…” Mengmeng locked Zhang Hans neck cheerfully and kissed on his cheek with her soft lips.

It was at 11 oclock.

Having played with Mengmeng for more than half an hour, Zi Yan and Zhang Han came to the bedroom to hum the little princess to sleep.

“Will your album be released tomorrow”

After Mengmeng fell asleep, Zhang Han asked in a low voice.

“Yes, itll be on sale tomorrow.” Zi Yan nodded her head softly.

“Will you have time after the sale” Zhang Han said casually.

“Impossible.” Zi Yan gave Zhang Han an angry stare with her beautiful eyes and said, “The release is only the beginning.

Therere still lots of things to do and I have to be on the shows.

Furthermore, I probably have to travel.

In short, Ill have no leisure.”

“Since that this work is so busy, just give it up.

You can record your songs at home and send them to the internet.” Zhang Han could not help saying.

In his opinion, being a singer or a movie star did not mean that she had to be so busy.

Virtually, Zi Yan could promote her popularity if he wrote some famous songs whose singers had not emerged yet at will.

“Oh, gentleman, its not as simple as you think.” After hearing this, Zi Yan twisted her lips into a smile.

Her pressure for the release which would begin tomorrow was also relieved owing to Zhang Hans concern.

She snorted softly and said, “All in all, you dont understand.

Sometimes stars who are at the prime of their careers have experienced a lot and taken painstaking efforts.

Everyones success is not readily available.”

“Oh, then just let Mengmeng live there tomorrow.

Its inconvenient for you to spend a lot of time on your commute.” Zhang Han said.

“What about me” Zi Yan looked at Zhang Han unblinkingly and her heart beat somehow faster after saying this.

She did not know how he would answer.

“Will he take the opportunity to confess his love to me”

“If he does, how should I reply”

Zi Yan was a little confused, while Zhang Han directly replied,

“Come back by yourself.”

“Uh” Zi Yan was astonished, looking at Zhang Han dully.

“You can stay in the restaurant, for there is enough room.” Zhang Han added.

Zi Yan gawked at Zhang Han.

After a while, she widened her eyes and said angrily, “No way! I like making round trips! Get out, I want to rest!”

Zhang Han gave Zi Yan a puzzling look and turned to leave the bedroom.


Zi Yan sat on the bed with a snort and pouted unhappily, saying, “He is an idiot.

What an asshole! He doesnt know how to care about others.

Hes indeed a male chauvinist!”

Lying on the bed and looking at Mengmeng who slept soundly, Li Yan smiled and gradually fell asleep.

Nothing happened during the night.

The next day, the 15th, was a very important day for some people.

In the morning, Zhang Han returned to the restaurant.

Due to the time, he only made egg-fried rice and noodle soup for breakfast.

After eating noodle soup for several days, peoples enthusiasm towards it gradually dissipated and the situation that noodle soup sold out earlier than egg-fried rice also changed.

They were sold at the same speed.

Zi Yan ate a small bowl of egg-fried rice and a bowl of noodle soup, while Zhou Fei finished a large bowl of egg-fried rice and noodle soup.

Then she took Zi Yan to work, burping.

At 9:30.

A group of guests came to the restaurant.

Five supercars approached the restaurant, among which the most valuable was an eight-million-dollar brilliant red Lamborghini Aventador and the cheapest was a BMW I8 costing nearly a million.

Eight people got out of the cars.

A blue-haired and thin-faced men from Lamborghini led the way to the entrance of the restaurant.

“Brother Liang, this is the restaurant my friends talked about.

They said that the egg-fried rice in this restaurant was so delicious that as if they had been to heaven.” One of them said to the blue-haired man.

“Okay.” Huo Liang nodded and said calmly, “So lets enjoy the feeling of going to heaven.”

All the people were the members of the second-generation circle of the south island.

Although they were not the richest young men, they were also famous.

The property in their families did support them to enjoy life.

Furthermore, they were on good terms with some official people and persons from underground forces.

Huo Liang held the highest position among these young people.

His family ran a financial company and his father had business contacts with many bigwigs in Hong Kong.

However, while occupying status, they also possessed arrogance at the same time.

Five of them were men and the others were women.

Men were plain-looking while the women were graceful, who were apparently girlfriends of some of the men.

When they walked to the restaurant, a tall beauty with yellow curly hair looked at the sign and then she said in surprise,

“Oh! Look at this.

Egg-fried rice and noodle soup cost 300 yuan each, the first ten membership cards cost 10 million each and the following cards cost 100 million each.

Oh, my god, so expensive.

Even a glass of milk costs 100 yuan.”

“Ha ha.” A brush cut man smiled and said, “Dont make a fuss.

Without the high price, we wouldnt have come to this restaurant.”

“Lets go in and have a look.

If the food is not delicious, I can close the restaurant for its high price.” Huo Liang hissed and led the way in.

Entering the restaurant, they found no one in the lobby on the first floor.

“Is there anyone”


“What are they doing”

They shouted a few times, but no one responded to them except the faint music in the stereo.

“How can they run a restaurant like this The brush cut man lifted his eyebrows and said in a disgruntled tone.

“Who knows Not a single person is in the restaurant.” The woman with curly hair said, curling her lips, “Im afraid we came to a joint.”

“Hello!” The brush cut man clapped the table and cried, “Are all dead Is there anyone here”

“The owner of this restaurant is really interesting.

I dont even see a single person, what a fart!” Another long-haired man sneered.

In general, the restaurants service personnel were uninterrupted, especially in such a fast-paced city like Hong Kong, where service was paramount.

It was the first time they were waiting as guests.

How could the arrogant guys stand waiting without getting things clear No matter how delicious the food was, they were already very dissatisfied with the restaurant.

“Damn it! How can the owner run this restaurant with such bad service Let us send someone to check it out.” Then brush cut man sneered.

His name was Song Ying, a second-generation rich, whose uncle was a cadre at the official departmental level and was in charge of the food and beverage supervision.

Therefore, he had a lot of pull in the food and beverage field.

Apart from Huo Liang, he held the highest position.

“I think it should be checked.

Theres a problem with the price.”

“Thats right, the restaurant has no waiters and sells expensive membership cards.

This is a big problem.”

“Exactly, this is the first time I have seen such a restaurant.”

“If the food cant satisfy me, we dont need to treat them friendly.” Huo Liang said, frowning slightly.

He hated waiting for others most.

Every time no matter who he was waiting for, the longer he waited, the more violent he would be.

If he was in a bad mood, he would not let the people he waited for feel good.

Dont ask why, since he held the highest position in his circle, he was indeed bad-tempered.

Although there were a lot of people who were more powerful than him in Hong Kong, he usually played with the people whose statuses were inferior to his.

An arbitrary feeling did make him comfortable.

“What are you yelling for”

All of a sudden, a light voice came from the corner of the stairs.

Under these peoples gazes, Zhang Han walked to the first floor while wiping his palm with a towel, looking at the crowd blandly.

He frowned slightly and said,

“The sign is right in front of the door.

Wont you look at it when you come in”

Zhang Hans words made them astonished first and then lit up their anger.

They had waited for a long time.

However, the man did not apologize to them but frowned and spoke in such an insipid and repugnant tone.

Why he was so cocky

“Rules are dead but people are alive.

As consumers, were the…” Huo Liang said with a sneer.

Before he finished speaking, Zhang Han looked at him coldly and interrupted, “Youre nothing to me.”


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