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In todays secular world, most of the people in Mount New Moon had leisure experiences.

“If you really dont come, arent you afraid that someone will pursue me, your dear wife” Zi Yan joked.

“I am indeed worried about this.

Alas, youre so excellent that wherever you go, there will always be a group of people with their eyes fixed on you.” Zhang Han sighed.

“Haha.” Zi Yan giggled and said, “Wait for me at home then.

The party at seven oclock in the evening is in the Southern District.

I should go back at about eight oclock.”

“Okay, I got it.

Have a good time.

Call me if you need anything.”

“I love you.”

Hanging up the phone, Zhang Han couldnt help laughing.

Sometimes, they would flirt with each other on the phone, which was different from the feeling when they did that facing each other.

It was also quite interesting.

On a commercial street in the Southern District.

Zi Yan and Zhou Fei were wandering.

After Zi Shiya and others finished shopping, they went back to Mount New Moon.

Zhou Fei had nothing to do, so she came to accompany Zi Yan to the party.

“Elder Sister Yan, I dont know any of your classmates.

Anyway, you are very powerful now.

Why dont you go in by yourself Ill wait for you in the hall,” Zhou Fei said.

“I can go to the party myself,” Zi Yan said, “Why dont you go back first Ill ask my husband to pick me up later.”


Zhou Fei smiled and said, “Ill take a taxi back.”

Wang Ya and the others had driven back in their cars.

As the two of them were close to the club, they walked there while shopping.

After that, Zhou Fei and Zi Yan walked to the club, and then Zhou Fei took a taxi back to Mount New Moon.

She was not worried that someone would flirt with Zi Yan at all.

Now she was also a super master, and even a little bit of her aura could scare ordinary people.

If she pressured others too hard, it could kill them.

In the past, Zhou Fei didnt leave her side at all, and they would take care of each other when she was with Zi Yan.

She could deal with various situations.

It was not necessary now.

When Zhou Fei heard that Zhang Han wouldnt come, she thought that it was meaningless for her to go.

As for whether there would be some male classmates who used to have a good relationship with Zi Yan and tried to woo her again, Zhou Fei had never thought about it at all.

She always watched Elder Sister Yan and her brother-in-law getting close to each other.

She often said that no one could separate them unless the world collapsed.

“Elder Sister Yan, Im going back now.”

At the door, Zhou Fei took a taxi.


Zi Yan smiled and watched Zhou Fei get in the car.

When she turned around and walked to the club, she took out her mobile phone and sent a message.

“Honey, Ill leave around eight oclock to half past eight.

Are you coming to pick me up…”

“Yes, my queen.”


Youre so talkative.”


While she was chatting, a voice came from the front.

“Here, Im here, Goddess Yan.”

Zi Yan looked up and saw that it was Mu Wanwan.

She waved her hand and talked to the phone at the same time, “I need to go now.

Ive arrived at the club.”


When she got closer, Zi Yan greeted her with a smile.

They addressed each other with the titles that they had used while they were in music school, which involuntarily brought them closer to each other.

Now the perceived impact of the Cultivation World was quite strong on Zi Yan.

With such a classmate gathering, she felt very relaxed and comfortable as if she was experiencing a daily-life experience.

There were not many people she knew here, and they were getting older.

Maybe a few decades later, she would see her former classmates passing away one after another.

What was life

Their reincarnations were life.

But Zi Yan knew very well that after coming into contact with everyone in the Cultivation World, her life had just begun.

“Goddess Yan, who were you talking to just now Why are you smiling so sweetly” Mu Wanwan said with a smile.

She was the only one here.

When Zi Yan approached her, she led her the way.

Hearing her question, Zi Yan smiled, and there was a hint of pride between her eyebrows.

“It was my husband.”


Mu Wanwan exclaimed, “Goddess Yan, youre married.

Even none of us knows about that.”

“Well, maybe its that we got married quite hurriedly back then” Zi Yan said.

She answered the question in a questioning tone.

If Zhang Han saw this scene, he would laugh out loud.

“Oh, I got it.

I got it.

Youre an international superstar, so you need to keep your marriage behind the scenes.” Mu Wanwan laughed and said, “How many years have you been married”

“Ten years.

Our tenth anniversary was not long ago.”

Speaking of this, Zi Yan couldnt help but smile.

On the tenth anniversary, she and her husband had come to the Sea Dragon Star Area.

They had been pleasantly surprised, but then, that day had been filled with happiness with two meanings.

“From your expression, I can tell that you are the kind of person who married for love.” Mu Wanwan said, “So the reason why you retired from being an international superstar to backstage after getting married is that you became a housewife”

“You can put it that way.

I got married mainly for enjoying life,” Zi Yan said with a smile.

Zhang Han told her to enjoy life.

“I havent told them that you can come this time.

When they see you later, Im afraid that many people will be shocked.”

They took the elevator to the fifth floor and walked into the corridor on the left.

As they walked forward, Mu Wanwan said with a smile, “By the way, Lu Ziyang is here as well.”

“I see,” Zi Yan replied with a calm face.

When Lu Ziyang was in the music school, he had helped Zi Yan and had a story of a hero saving a beauty.

Unfortunately, not every hero saving a beauty could win the favor of the beauty.

Zhang Han got lucky when he first met Zi Yan.

However, was it really luck

Sometimes, Zhang Han thought of this matter, and he communicated with Sir Mysterious several times.

In fact, many situations showed the truth that they were destined to be together.

They were born to be a couple.

With Zi Yans powerful identity, how could she fall into someones trap so easily and let Zhang Han save her

Because of Mu Wanwans words, Lu Ziyang became clearer in Zi Yans mind.

Back when Zi Yan was in trouble, Lu Ziyang rescued her, and then they were in the same class.

It was at that time that they knew each other.

A few years ago, Lu Ziyang would send her some messages every year.

Later, when Zi Yan was busy with her career and at her peak, she gave birth to Zhang Hans little princess.

She didnt reply to Lu Ziyang much, so she gradually lost contact with him.

However, in the group chat of her classmates, she saw some people say that he had developed in some country, which was quite amazing.

Zi Yan didnt care about the specifics.

“Everyone thought that you were an international superstar and that you hadnt gotten married yet.

Its normal for stars to get married late.

When they came here before, they mentioned you, but they definitely didnt expect that you had been married for ten years.” Mu Wanwan smiled, and then she became curious.

“Do you have a baby yet Ive seen a lot of reports about it.

Once a woman is over 35 years old, she will be in danger during pregnancy, and its not good for her figure to recover.”

“My daughter.”

At this point, Zi Yan was slightly stunned.

She had just said that she had been married for ten years, but in the end…

“My daughter is 15 years old,” Zi Yan said.

“What” Mu Wanwan was shocked.

She stopped in her tracks and said, “But, youve only been married for ten years.”

“Its because I was busy with my career before.

My husband was a stay-at-home dad and took care of our child alone.

He did a wonderful job at that.

Later, after I won an Oscar and fulfilled my wish, we held the wedding.” Zi Yan was quick to respond and gave a direct answer.

“So thats how it is.

Your husband is really amazing.

He can look after your child alone.” Mu Wanwan smiled.

“Why didnt you bring your husband with you this time And your daughter must be very pretty as well, right”

“Yes, shes very pretty.”

“Here we are.

Private Room 503.

However, your husband is okay with you going out alone.

Thats quite surprising.”

“Well, hell come to pick me up later.”

While they were talking, Mu Wanwan opened the door of the private room.

There were more than a dozen people inside.

In the past, they had fifty or sixty classmates, but now there were just more than a dozen people in the gathering, which was also quite amazing.

“You guys dont need me to introduce this great beauty to you, do you” Mu Wanwan said loudly.


The scene quieted down.

At first, there were two people who were chatting happily, but the moment they turned their heads, they were also stunned.

One of them was a man with a crew cut, and his eyes were full of surprise.

This was Lu Ziyang, whom Mu Wanwan had mentioned.

He suddenly stood up and said very excitedly, “Zi Yan!”

“Wow! The goddess is here!”

“The international superstar Zi Yan.

Haha, what an honor for us to have you here.”


Zi Yan, I havent seen you for so many years, but you are still so beautiful.

You look like a gorgeous in her early twenties.”


Right after that, the crowd was filled with all kinds of greetings and discussions.

Originally, the female students present were secretly comparing their looks.

After all, they were in their thirties.

Were they keeping good figures Were their palms smooth and tender If they were very smooth, it meant that they lived a good life and were spoiled and doted on.

They also compared each other with looks and all kinds of details.

It was quite terrifying.

But as soon as Zi Yan arrived, she was incomparable and defeated the crowd.

For a time, several women were disappointed and envious.

Zi Yan, an international star, could make a lot of money by acting in a movie.

She could get both fame and wealth, and her daily cosmetics, luxury cars, and so on were in comparable in all aspects.

However, many people present also knew that it was very chaotic in the entertainment business.

“Does Zi Yan stay away from the mess, or…”

How was her life It was really hard to judge since they didnt know about it.

However, since they were having a gathering, it was not appropriate for them to ask her all kinds of questions right after they met her.

“Goddess Yan, please take a seat.”

After several people gave up their seats, Zi Yan sat on the right side of Mu Wanwan.

Lu Ziyang was still excited.

He clapped his hands and said, “Wanwan, youre amazing! You can even call Zi Yan here.”

“Its also a coincidence.

I met her at the venue,” Mu Wanwan said with a smile.

“Goddess Yan, you havent contacted your old classmate for so many years.

Shouldnt you take a glass of wine to make up for it” Someone cheered.

“Thats right.

One or two mouthfuls of red wine will be enough for a lady.

Were not plying you with too much drink.”

Zi Yan looked at everyone and said casually, “Okay.”

As he spoke, she picked up the red wine glass that had just been filled up in front of her.

The person who filled up her glass was also very polite.

He just filled the bottom of the glass, and Zi Yan drank it all in one gulp.




There was still a process of bragging.

After everyone sat down, the atmosphere became more lively because of Zi Yans arrival.

It was not until the dishes were served and everyone raised their glasses that they calmed down and began to eat.

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