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Chapter 1349 Finally Succeeded

“All right.”

Chu Qingyi nodded slightly before obediently walking over to Mu Xues side and sitting down.

It wasnt easy for her to become the Treasure-loaded Taoist Lords disciple.

She was obsessed with that.

The Treasure-loaded Taoist Lord, Zhang Hanyang, was her savior.

His books helped stimulated her bloodline of the Demon Shadow Clan, which brought her a qualitative leap in her cultivation.

Chu Qingyi had come to him three times.

She cherished the success she gained today.

“This is our Master, Maam, Zhao Feng, Masters first disciple.

Thats Masters good buddy, Chen Changqing.

His Taoist title is Emperor Qing and he used to be domineering.

This is Zhou Fei, Maams bestie.

Thats Ah Hu, Xu Yong… They are the great five generals of the security group, and their leader…”

Mu Xue gave a very straightforward introduction to Chu Qingyi about the crowd.

Chu Qingyi earnestly kept their names in mind.

“Congratulations on getting an excellent disciple, Brother Han.” Chen Changqing joked aside.

Zhang Han glanced at him and didnt say anything.

Then, he turned his gaze back and looked at the eighth-tier Barrier-breaking Stone in his hand.

He had searched high and low for it, but it turned out to be so easy to get it.

“This is an eighth-tier spirit treasure.

Its the second time Ive seen an eighth-tier spirit treasure.” Headmaster Shan sighed with emotion.

“How powerful is an eighth-tier spirit treasure How much stronger is it than a sixth-tier one” Chen Changqing asked curiously.

“Its gap is greater than that between a third-tier and a fifth-tier spirit treasure,” Zhang Han said with a faint smile.

“Its greater than the gap between a third-tier and a fifth-tier spirit treasure.” Chen Changqing was surprised.

He didnt expect the gap to be so huge.

“Youve got the eighth-tier Barrier-breaking Stone.

What will you do next” Chen Changqing asked.

“Lets go to the Rain-falling Star tomorrow.

Its time to get down to business,” Zhang Han replied.

“You all…”

Chen Changqing thought for a moment and did not ask his question in the end.

He didnt know the details of Zhang Hans business, so he decided to inquire about it in the evening when there were fewer people.

“Its time to call my daughter.”

Speaking of his daughter, Zhang Han had a doting smile on his face.

He said lovingly, “She must be hanging out with her friends.”

He dialed Mengmengs number and the girl picked it up in just two seconds.

Her sweet and light voice rang in Zhang Hans ears.

“Daddy, whats up Did you miss me”


I miss you much, but you havent been around for so long that I almost forgot the way you look.” Zhang Han sighed.

“Youre so annoying.”

“Hahaha.” Zhang Han laughed.

He then started talking about his serious matter.

“Im going out.”

“What Didnt you just come back Why are you going out again” Mengmeng was stunned.

“I need to get something done.” Zhang Han said, “Do you want to stay here to hang around”

“Hey, dont leave yet.

Wait for me.

Ill be back soon.”

Mengmeng said those words quickly and then hung up the phone.

Zhang Hans gentle voice made Chu Qingyi look at him again and again.

She had pictured the Treasure-loaded Taoist Lord in her mind many times before.

But she didnt expect him to be such a young, handsome, and energetic man, who was not domineering but rather gentle.

She suddenly felt that he was quite friendly, not as unworldly as she saw on the screen.

Mu Xue introduced the crowd to Chu Qingyi.

Like Jiang Yanlan, Zhao Feng, and the others, they casually chatted with each other when they saw that Chu Qingyi did not speak much.

After more than ten minutes, the girls ran back.

Taking a closer look, they found that there was a young man among the girls, Chen Chuan.

This made Chen Changqing worried from time to time.

“Will my son become feminine after hanging out with these girls for a long time”

Mengmeng ran up to Zhang Han and asked, “Daddy, why do we need to go out again Where will we be going When are we leaving”

“Well still be going to the Rain-falling Star, and well go there tomorrow,” Zhang Han said with a smile.


Mengmengs pretty face darkened.

“Well only go there tomorrow, so why did you call me back now I was having fun there, but I came back in a hurry.”

“You didnt ask.

I was about to say it, but you hung up the phone.” Zhang Han looked innocent.

“Humph, you did it on purpose!” Mengmeng wrinkled her nose and snorted discontentedly.

Zi Yan glanced at Mengmeng and said, “So messing around is all that you do.

Maybe your dad and I will go on vacation together someday without you.”

“I come back to you every night.” Mengmeng said seriously, “I hang out during the day and come back at dinner.”

“Eh Isnt she that person” Mengmengs eyes suddenly fell on Chu Qingyi.

“Just call her Mengmeng.

I used to take her around all the time.” Mu Xue said, “The little princess is very naughty.”

“Mengmeng, nice to meet you.” Chu Qingyi didnt know what to say and simply greeted her.

“Im not that naughty.” Mengmeng blinked her big shining eyes and looked around, but she wasnt aware of the situation here.

Nina, Felina, Lorry, Chen Chuan, and Yue Xiaonao were also watching from the side.

“Chu Qingyi is here”

Under their gazes-

“Chu Qingyi is already Masters nominal disciple, so she might very well become his fourth disciple,” Mu Xue explained.

“I see.

Congratulations on getting another beautiful disciple, Daddy.”

Mengmeng made a face at Zhang Han with a mocking expression.

Zhang Han was speechless.

“You can go have fun now.

Well leave tomorrow morning.” Zhang Han waved his hand.


Well go play in the gaming cabin.”

Mengmeng strolled away with her team in tow.

When it was time to rest that night, the little girl slipped into Zhang Han and Zi Yans bedroom on time.

“Mummy, Mummy, the jig is up! Dad has taken on a beautiful disciple.

He has ulterior motives,” Mengmeng shouted on the side.

“What a wicked girl,” Zhang Han said grumpily.

“Hee hee.” Mengmeng leaned against the bed and squeezed her way next to Zi Yan.

“Your mum agreed to it first, and then I agreed,” Zhang Han said seriously.

“I dont believe it.” Mengmeng hugged Zi Yans arm and said, “Mummy, you need to watch out.

Dad is getting more and more eye-catching now.”

“Why would I need to watch out At most, hell marry a second wife and get you another mum.”

Zi Yan glanced at her.

The older, the wiser.

Her words stunned Mengmeng for a while.

“Are you kidding me”

Mengmeng snorted discontentedly, but then she asked, “Why do we need to go to the Rain-falling Star again tomorrow morning I thought we would go somewhere else.”

“I need to get some business done there.

Maybe well just go for a few days.

Your mum, I, and a few others will go there.

The others will stay here, including Elder Yue.

If you want to stay in the academy, you dont have to go there,” Zhang Han said.

“That wont do.

Ill get upset if I dont see you for a day,” Mengmeng said exaggeratedly.

“Ill buy that.” Zhang Han nodded firmly.

“Its mainly because you are greedy for food,” Zi Yan said from the side.

“Mummy, you are greedy, and so am I.

The pot is calling the kettle black.”


After the family of three chatted for half an hour, Mengmeng went back to her own residence to sleep.

Every day, she spent time cultivating, having fun, eating, sleeping, and playing games, by which she had a rich life.

Chu Qingyi shared the same manor with Mu Xue.

After her residence had been arranged, Chu Qingyi took out her flower petal hanging basket and lightly rested on it.

As she looked at the bright moonlight in front of her, she was a bit absent-minded, but there was a smile on her face.

She had finally succeeded.

She thought about it, took out her communication device, and sent a message to Ye Longyuan.

“The king vessel is yours now.

Go wherever you want.”


When he read her message, Ye Longyuan spat out a mouthful of tea.

He let out a strange cry, “Damn.

Older Martial Sister Chu succeeded.”

“She has become Zhang Hanyangs disciple” Yan Chen smiled bitterly and said, “Well, Zhang Hanyang is a powerful figure.

He can just make many miracles happen, no matter how strange they are, because he is a peerlessly stunning expert.”

“Alas, so the superstar in our team is gone.” Su Beimu smiled.


“The system authority now starts changing.”

“Binding Ye Longyuans authority.”


“Shes so straightforward.

She gave away her king vessel just like that.”

“No matter what happens, you will always be Older Martial Sister Chu to me,” Ye Longyuan said solemnly.

The surroundings fell into silence.

They recalled that when they had first met Chu Qingyi, they hadnt thought much of it.

They had thought that she was just an ordinary cultivator, but they didnt expect that she would be a top master.

From the Sea Dragon Star Area to the Heavenly Dragon Star Province, she had been among the top masters the entire time.

Now it was time for them to part.

Everyone fell silent.

“Its time to part.”

Su Beimu said, “I thought about it before.

The experience I had with you is nice.

I plan to train in Heavenly Dragon Star Province.”

“If I have a chance, Ill go to the Astral Domain of Vast Heaven,” Yan Chen said.

“It just so happens that Ill go there as well,” Ye Longyuan said.

“Ill go there to see if there is a great tomb.

Su Beimu, the Astral Domain is huge.

Its more exciting there.

The Heavenly Dragon Star Province is not big enough for you to explore.”

“Im only at the last stage of the Yuan Ying Realm.

The Heavenly Dragon Star Province will be enough for me.” Su Beimu said, “I plan to go back to Earth and earn some resources after training for a few years.

After all, the resources there are very abundant.”

“Thats right.” Yan Chen said, “Our planet is very powerful.

Weve been in the Cultivation World for so long, but weve never seen a mysterious place comparable to the Boundless Sea and the Northernmost Sea.

There must be a lot of secrets there.

Ill go back when I have the chance.

Ill go look around and explore.”

“Okay, Ill take the aircraft first.” Su Beimu cupped his hands and said, “Long into the future, we will meet again someday.

I hope that when we meet in the future, we can still drink and chat.”

“Hahaha, of course! I like you.

See you next time.” Ye Longyuan laughed.

“See you next time.” Yan Chen nodded and waved at Su Beimu.

Under their gazes, Su Beimu got on an aircraft and left.

The king vessel of the two also jumped into the secondary space.

They set off on their journey to the vaster Astral Domain of Vast Heaven.

When they left, Chu Qingyi lifted her head slightly and looked in one direction.

She could feel it.

She didnt know what to express.

All along the way, even though they hadnt been with her for a long time, those three little fellows had still brought her a great deal of joy.

They all left.

They had a new life, and she was about to start a new life as well.

On the first day of being taken on as a disciple, Chu Qingyi was unable to sleep.

She didnt even have the mood to cultivate.

It was a sleepless night.

The next day.

Chu Qingyi was already waiting early in the morning.

When would they set off

She kept waiting until eight oclock in the morning.

“Lets go and have breakfast.

Well set off after the meal,” Mu Xue yawned and said.

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