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Chapter 1352 Return to the Academy

They set off.

This place was not far from the main hall.

After more than ten minutes, they arrived at the main hall.

In the room, Mengmeng ran to Zhang Han, put her hands on her hips, and said discontentedly, “Daddy, why are you back so late How many days has it been”

But after that, she said in surprise, “Dad, did you get some cosmetology work Why did your face become much paler”

“Is that so” Zhang Han laughed and said, “Its true that Ive got some cosmetology work and eaten some tonics.”

Zi Yan looked at Zhang Han suspiciously, he looked as usual, but she felt that something was wrong.

“You almost look as delicate as Mummy does.” Mengmeng approached Zhang Han and looked him up and down several times.

She even reached out and pinched his cheek.

“It wont do if you look too delicate, or youll be like a toy boy.”

“All right then.

Ill bask in the sun for a few days and strive to return to my original skin tone.” Zhang Han couldnt help laughing.

It could be said that he was suffering from a terrible headache at the moment.

However, he had been through a lot, so the others didnt see anything unusual on his face.

He felt a little dizzy, but he still held on.

At least, he would not rest until he went to sleep in the evening.

“Is dinner ready Im hungry.” Zhang Han turned to look at Zhao Feng.

“Its being prepared,” Zhao Feng said with a smile.

The crowd hadnt figured out what was going on.

As for Yue Wuwei, Chu Qingyi, and Loshanwu, they kept checking Zhang Hans state.

“Is he truly recovered Or is it just an act”

Yue Wuwei was not quite sure.

He thought to himself, “He should have recovered a lot after taking two eighth-tier medicinal pellets of mine.”

“Woof woof woof…”

However, when they had dinner, the three Hei brothers arrived.

Little Hei suddenly ran to Zhang Han and kept sniffing.

Suddenly, it lay at Zhang Hans feet and barked in a low voice.

“Go have your meal aside.”

Zhang Han kicked Little Heis leg gently, but he didnt kick it away.

He just let it do as it pleased.

“Lets go back to the academy tomorrow.”

Zhang Han raised his head and said, “Theres a delegation visiting over.

Ill go and help take care of the Pellet-refining Branch.”

“Master, is your business here done” Mu Xue asked.


Its done.” Zhang Han nodded.

“What a pity.

Its done before we get to see something stunning of your work.” Chen Changqing sighed and smiled.

“Arent you looking at it” Zhang Han raised his right hand and pointed to the sky.

“Huh” Yue Xiaonao was shocked, “Uncle Zhang, did you cause this thunder and lightning”


“Daddy, youre amazing.” Mengmeng gave him a thumbs-up and said, “Theres thunder and rain all over the planet.”

“Yeah.” Zhang Han said with a smile, “I ruined the Rain-falling Lake accidentally and affected the whole planet.

I guess this weather will last for a long time, and the environment may become worse and worse.

It is possible that the spiritual Qi will be exhausted and the plants will wither.

Therefore, Brother Lo, youd better pick another planet to stay in.

Ill ask someone to construct it in advance.

You can move there temporarily.

Im really sorry for causing you trouble this time.”

“Its no trouble at all.

If this will only last for a short period, there will be no need for us to move at all,” Luoshanwu said.

Zhang Han shook his head slightly.

He wanted to talk to Loshanwu through Designated Voice-transmitting Technique, so he subconsciously used his soul sense but only to find that it was gone.

Instead, there was a tearing pain in his soul sense sea, which made Zhang Hans face freeze slightly.

After rounds of drinking and eating, Zhang Han waved to Mengmeng and said, “Daughter, come here.”


Mengmeng ran over happily.


Zhang Han laughed, reached out his hands, and touched Mengmengs face.

“Dont get too naughty recently.

Cultivate more.

Maybe someday, Ill take you to more interesting places, but you need to keep your strength as well.”

“More interesting places” Mengmengs eyes lit up.


Ill cultivate hard.”

“All right.

Guys, enjoy your meal.

Well go take a rest first.” Zhang Han took Zi Yans hand.

Zi Yan got up and went back to their room with him.

Zi Yan looked into Zhang Hans eyes and asked, “Honey, is it that somethings up with you”

She felt it, but she didnt know exactly what it was.

“Lets talk after getting on the bed.”

Zhang Han chuckled and quickly took off his coat.

Zi Yan also took off her clothes.

She changed into pajamas, lifted the quilt, and got in.

At this moment, Zhang Han reached out and held her in his arms.

“Something nice happened.”

Zhang Han closed his eyes and said slowly in a low voice, “Im transforming to become stronger.

It takes a process.

Im not ready yet, but I dont have enough time…”

Zi Yan listened and waited for Zhang Hans following words.

But after she waited for more than ten seconds, he didnt go on.


Zi Yan froze a bit.

When she looked up slightly, she found that Zhang Han had fallen asleep.

“Honey, honey”

Zi Yan called out softly.

She failed to wake him up.

In an instant, she realized that he was definitely injured.

Zi Yan bit her lower lip gently and sighed.

She felt somewhat distressed as she rolled her eyes.

“Im your wife.

If you need to deal with something, you should tell me as soon as possible!”

Lying on the bed, she blinked her beautiful big eyes.

After thinking for a while, she gently got up and tucked Zhang Han in.

She put on a coat, went to the balcony, and sent a message to Yue Wuwei with the communication device.

About five minutes later, two figures flew over from the side.

They were Yue Wuwei and Lisa.

“So you called me,” Yue Wuwei said helplessly.

“What choice do I have You didnt take the initiative to tell me about whats going on with Zhang Han.” Zi Yan said, “Where did you go What happened”

“Its a good thing that happened to him.” Yue Wuwei had already prepared an excuse.

“A strong man will definitely suffer a lot on the way to success.

Thats exactly whats going on with Zhang Han.

He is on the way to becoming stronger, but he needs to suffer a little.

Thats why he is seriously injured and its a soul injury.

I dont know whats going on in his body, but you can ask him about it in detail.

In short, dont worry.

This is a good thing.

In a few days, he will be able to be vigorous again.”

“A soul injury That, that doesnt matter, does it” Zi Yans beautiful face changed slightly.

“Didnt you see his looks Hes in a good state,” Yue Wuwei said, “I gave him two eighth-tier medicinal pellets to ease his soul injury.”

“Zi Yan, dont worry.

Zhang Han will recover soon.” Lisa comforted her.


Where did you go then” Zi Yan asked again.

“An underground space.

However, we cant go there now…”

Yue Wuwei briefly explained the situation and glanced at the room inside.

“Is that brat sleeping soundly now”

“Yeah.” Zi Yan responded and lost interest in chatting.

“You should also have a good rest.

Everything is fine.”

After saying that, Lisa left with Yue Wuwei.

Zi Yan went back to her room and threw her coat on the sofa.

Then, she got into bed, leaned sideways, and looked at Zhang Han quietly.

While a man was in a team, he would more or less need to face all kinds of pressures, but this man in front of her bore a lot of external pressures alone.

He brought her and Mengmeng happiness.

Perhaps this was what a proper husband and father would do.

The next morning, Zhang Han woke up.

He was still a little sleepy.

After breakfast, he boarded the spaceship with the others.

They returned to Dragnet Academy.

On the spaceship, after Zhang Han said a few words, he went back to his room to rest and soon fell asleep.

Everyone noticed that.

Hearing that Zhang Han was injured, everyone fell into silence.

Mengmeng ran to her room with red eyes and sat there for a long time.

Zhang Han slept for two days and two nights.

When he opened his eyes-

“Hey! Daddy is awake.”

Mengmeng shouted aside and then immediately ran out.

“How do you feel” Zi Yan said gently as she sat by the bed.

“Dont be so gentle like this.”

Zhang Han grinned and said, “Im really afraid that I have time-traveled with a beautiful wife coaxing me into having some poison.”


Zi Yan couldnt help laughing, and then her face turned cold.

She glared at him and said, “You refused to tell me anything about your situation.

Youve got nerves now, dont you”

“No, no, no.

I just didnt want you to worry about me.

I feel much better now.” Zhang Hans mental state was indeed much better.

He stretched himself and said, “I havent slept like this for a long time.

How many days have I slept”

“Three days.” Zi Yan said, “We are in the academy now, but our daughter carried you back on her own.”

“What a thoughtful girl.” Zhang Han smiled.

He felt nice to be cared for.

“Daddy, Mummy and I have cooked porridge for you.”

Mengmeng ran over with a bowl of porridge and sat on the edge of the bed.

She scooped up a spoonful of porridge that emitted hot air, blew it a few times, and then put it into Zhang Hans mouth.

Zhang Han took a bite and said, “Well, it tastes good.”

“Daddy, you have to stay fine.

Otherwise, Mummy and I will have no one to protect us.” Mengmeng scooped up another spoonful, blew a few times, and put it into Zhang Hans mouth before she said, “If something like this happens again, you have to tell us in advance.

This is like a sudden attack, which scared us badly.”

“I will.

I will.” Zhang Han said with a smile, “Its not a big deal, to begin with, so I didnt say anything about it.”

“Your business is all important matters.

When I talk, just listen and dont pout, or Ill spank you,” Mengmeng said fiercely.

“Aye, Captain!” Zhang Han immediately said.

After having a bowl of porridge, Zhang Han got up, washed up, and changed his clothes.

After he was done doing that, he felt much better.

“Lets go for a walk.”

Mengmeng didnt go anywhere these days and just stayed with Zhang Han.

The family of three strolled around the academy.

“Its half past twelve.

I should inform those trainees to attend classes at two oclock in the afternoon.

They havent been managed for quite a long time.”

Since he had nothing to do, Zhang Han informed Chu Changan and others in the class group.

There were six people in total in the group, including Chu Changan and Ling Duoduo.

They all replied almost immediately.

The family of three strolled leisurely for more than an hour and came to Class Nine of the Illusions Department.

When Zhang Hanyang started his class, the deans of the teaching department and the dean of the Spirit Branch all came over.

A tutor who saw Mengmeng and Zi Yan asked in confusion, “Treasure-loaded Taoist Lord has brought his family to class”

“Its not like hes not allowed to do that.

Not to mention, the rules of the academy are nothing to him.”

“It wont matter even if he brings a reinforced company with him, let alone his family.

It all depends on his mood.”

“Treasure-loaded Taoist Lord, Zhang Hanyang.

He is the No.1 on Earth Dragon List.

Hes just too powerful.

Hes my idol.”

The tutors kept discussing, but they didnt dare to attend the class as auditors.

The deans, the president of the branch, and several executives entered Class Nine of the Illusions Department.

The six trainees were the most excited.

“Boohoo.” He Lun pretended to cry and said, “Ive been looking forward to Mr.

Treasures return so hard, and now he is finally back.”

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