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Chapter 1365 Mengmeng Is a Rich Lady

“Why would something like that appear”

The figure of Sir Mysterious in the ball of light sighed deeply.


The ball of light suddenly flickered, and the shadow inside became more focused.

Zhang Hans eyes narrowed slightly.

“Has the main mind been awakened”

“You didnt come too late,” the shadow said after a few seconds of silence.

He just now said that they were here a bit too early, and now he said that they didnt come too late.

Needless to say, it was because of the Bug Clans main nest.

“How will the main nest of the Bug Clan affect us” Zhang Han asked.

“It wont affect you necessarily.

The Bug Clans main nest has already devoured that Demonic Beast Continent and my Sixth Brother is about to take action.

His methods might be implicated because you all ate some of the Exotic Beasts that lived on that continent, and also because the One-horned White Horse and the others acknowledged the cursed roc as their king.

It isnt a big deal, you at most will be devoured by the spatial crack and transmitted to other places,” The person in the light said with ease.

Zhang Han thought about it and felt his scalp tingle.

“Isnt it serious

“If Zhou Fei as well as Zi Yan, Mengmeng, Rong Jiali, Wang Ya, and so on are transmitted away, those with enough strength will be fine, but as for those whose strength isnt high, it wont matter much if they enter the Human Clans territory, but if they get into the Exotic Beasts territory, will they have any chance of surviving”

“Sixth Brother will handle it well.

This is also a nice thing.

No matter what happens, are you still going to take care of everyone for the rest of their lives” Sir Mysteriouss mind in the light said, “They have their own living and dont need to stay by your side all the time.”

Zhang Han grew silent.

What the mind said made sense.

Zhang Han had also thought about this problem before.

The idea was similar, but it was difficult to implement.

The members of the security group, such as Zhao Feng, could not be driven away even if he wanted to.

He was worried about Zhang Guangyou, Rong Jiali, and his other family members, and he didnt want them to leave.

The disciples of the Heavenly Knights Sect, the Deep Valley, and the other sects can leave, but they had yet to be powerful enough.

Most of them were familiarizing themselves with the environment in the Sea Dragon Star Area.

“No, I cant be separated from Dad.” Mengmeng said directly, “It doesnt matter what you say, humph.”

The light figure was silent.

It seemed to tremble a few times and laugh.

Zhang Han laughed and touched Mengmengs head.

Looking ahead, he asked, “Which Mind are you”

“The seventh one.”

The figure said slowly, “My existence is to guard the Land of Gods Meteorite.

You should have discovered this place in the future and tried your best to get its martial arts heritage, but the appearance of the main nest of the Bug Clan has changed a lot of things.

It should not have appeared here, but it still came.

“The horror of the main nest of the Bug Clan is beyond the comprehension of the Cultivation World.

Sixth Brother will have to deal with it with all his strength.

Only the eldest of us nine mind can destroy the Bug Clan with ease.

“Since that is the case…”

At this time, Zhang Han said, “I really want to know your identity, but I dont think you will tell me.

If you dont tell me about it, can you give me some information”

“You want to know more Youll have to wait until you meet my Eldest Brother.

We cant tell you.” The Seventh Mind laughed and said, “We often observe you and know your situation like the back of our hands.

Thats why Im aware of everything you want to know, but I wont tell you.

I know you so well so dont try to play any tricks.

Itd be useless.”


Zhang Han sighed heavily and said, “Is it okay for you not to give me a chance”

“I think its okay.” The light figure laughed and said, “Ill suppress the Spirit Platform with my own strength.

Mengmeng, are you ready to go to the 99th step to get your Space Ring”

“Im not going.” Mengmeng held Zhang Hans arm and said, “I have my fathers protection.

Why would I need a Space Ring”

Her face showed no interest at all.

As if owning Zhang Han means owning the world .


The light figure coughed slightly.

Zhang Han lowered his head helplessly and patted Mengmeng on the shoulder.

“Good girl, go and get it.

Itll be good for you.”


Hearing Zhang Hans words, Mengmeng nodded obediently and walked to the big stairs.

Every time she jumped, she could rise to a higher step.

“What a good daughter.” The light figure shuddered violently.

A force of the five elements covered the Spirit Platform.

Mengmeng seemed to not feel any resistance and rose steadily.

Something that should have been very difficult to obtain was now like a piece of cake for her.

Looking at Mengmengs jumping figure, Zhang Han nodded and said proudly, “Of course.”

“Dont be too proud,” the glowing figure said.

“Only by increasing your own strength will you be able to nip danger in the bud.”

“I know that,” Zhang Han replied.

“The 999 steps are called the Spirit Platform.

On the 99th step, there is a Space Ring for Mengmeng, which contains a lot of cultivation resources.

But the higher place belongs to you.

When you cross the 999th step, you will know what is waiting for you.”

“It seems very difficult.

It will take a few years to reach it,” Zhang Han said with a wry smile.

“If everything is easy to obtain, then even a pig would know how to cultivate,” the glowing figure said.

“Apart from the 99th step of the whole stair, every 99th one in 100 steps contains treasures that will help you reach your peak.”

“Thank you.” Zhang Han made an obeisance, thought for a moment, and said, “By the way, not long ago, my father left the Earth in an aircraft and moved forward in the void in outer space, but he seemed to have encountered some energy…”

Before going to check out the situation, Zhang Han thought about it and asked the question.

He thought that it was not a secret anyway.

Unexpectedly, the light figure flashed.

“Why would he go out”

“Maybe he wants to go to other planets,” Zhang Han said a bit strangely.

“The Cultivation World is so big that you can go anywhere you want over there, but dont go anywhere here.

It will be difficult for you to make it back if you go too far.” The light figure said in a deep voice, “Sometimes, what you see is just the surface.”

“For example” Zhang Hans eyes lit up slightly.

“Could it be that Im going to find out some sort of secret again”

However, the light figure fell silent.

He seemed to be looking up in the direction above.

After hesitating for five seconds, he said slowly, “I might as well tell you some information.

“As far as you know, the Earth is Saint Warrior Planet, but is it for real Are the Boundless Sea and the Northernmost Sea that you see as small as the distance youve traveled The void of the universe outside is even more complicated.

Its a forbidden place.

In your current state, even if all of you are at the Tribulation Stage, you shouldnt explore it easily.”


The moment Zhang Han heard that, he couldnt help but gasp.

“Even when all of us are at the Tribulation Stage, we shouldnt easily go explore it

“What level has the Earth reached

“If its not a Saint Warrior Planet, what is it A higher-level one”

Zhang Han knew that it must be so, but he couldnt guess what it was exactly.

“Just place them on Mount New Moon.

They also have a long way to go in the Thunder Yang Treasure Land.

You will understand it in the future.

Enjoy your current living first.” Sir Mysteriouss seventh mind in the light seemed to not want to talk anymore.

“I guess so.

Theres no need to think so far ahead.” Zhang Han nodded with a smile.

“Tomorrow will always stay tomorrow.

The most meaningful thing is to hold on to what I have right now.”

“I like your carefree attitude.”

The light figure laughed and said, “Well, if you want to come here in the future, Mengmengs Space Ring is the coordinates.

When you are more powerful, you can come to try again.

You can forget this place for the time being.

Go back.”

The light figure waved his hand.


The moment Mengmeng got the Space Ring, the stars moved.

Zhang Han, Mengmeng, Yue Xiaonao, Nina, and Felina appeared on the sea.

The sky was clear and bright.

Below them was the yacht.

The ones inside were still comatose.

However, the mysterious island was nowhere to be seen.

From afar, they could see several islands, which were ordinary, peaceful, and tranquil.

“Eh Uncle Zhang, why did you come out” Yue Xiaonao was stunned.

“It happened so fast.

I didnt feel anything.”

“Why do I feel we seem to have left that place” Nina was an acute observer.

She looked around and her face changed slightly.

Uncle Zhang was probably the only one who could get them out without them noticing.

To everyones surprise, the corner of Zhang Hans mouth twitched.

“Lets go back first.

The yacht will do.”

With Zhang Han there, there was no need for them to worry about anything.

They got on the yacht one after another and sat on the deck chairs on the top.

Zhang Han took Mengmeng to the next floor.

As he left, he dissolved the influence of the crew members and told them to return directly.

“Daddy, come here.”

Mengmeng took Zhang Hans hand and sat down on the sofa in the room on the second floor.

After taking two sips of juice, Mengmeng unfolded her palm.


This Space Ring is quite beautiful.”

A light pink Space Ring lay on her palm, delicate in shape, with some carvings on its surface.

“Bind it with your blood,” Zhang Han said with a smile.

“I dont need to do that.

Its now already mine.” Mengmeng sat up straight and said, “It seems a little strange.

I cant even control my own Space Ring.”

“Why cant you control it” Zhang Han couldnt help laughing.

“I can only open an area of about thousands of cubic meters.

There are many treasures, but Ive also been reminded that there are eight areas that I cant open now, and I can only slowly open them when my strength improves.” Mengmeng said with a smile, “Daddy, these treasures are all very nice.

They are all yours.

Whats mine is yours.”

Mengmeng smiled and took out a large number of spirit treasures.

“Sixth-tier, seventh-tier…”

There were about 1,000 kinds of spirit treasures, ranging from the sixth-tier ones.

About 60% of them were seventh-tier ones.

There were nearly ten thousand kinds of gems and nearly a hundred thousand kinds of spiritual herbs.

“These are all for your cultivation.” Zhang Han felt a bit helpless.

But he felt touched in his heart.

He had doted on Mengmeng for many years, and what he got in return was the most considerate and dependent daughter, who was most obedient to him.

“Humph, I dont care about other peoples gifts.” Mengmeng snorted and said, “I like the gifts you give me.”


Zhang Hans expression suddenly froze.

There was one thing that he had neglected.

Mengmengs strength was indeed very strong, but she also needed to cultivate and get various formed resources such as medicinal pellets, spiritual herbs, rare treasures, spiritual weapons, and so on.

She didnt know how to refine pellets and weapons or distinguish spiritual herbs.

For a long time, Zhang Han subconsciously felt that he could accompany Mengmeng all the time.

No matter what happened, he just needed to go fix it.

However, it was better to be safe than sorry.

“Mengmeng, Ill give you regular training after we go back this time,” Zhang Han said.

“What regular training” Mengmeng was stunned.

After thinking for a while, Zhang Han said, “Ill teach you the Dao of plants and vegetation, pellet refining, the array of formations, weapon refining, and so on.

You may not master them, but you should know them.”

“But I dont want to learn these.” Mengmeng pouted.

“Itll be just like studying and reciting some articles.

You should know something about those.”

Zhang Han said with a smile, “Youre about to grow up, and you always go out to hang around.

If you run into some amazing treasure and dont know about it, you may miss it.”

“With you around, how could I lack treasures” Mengmeng leaned back on the sofa and shook her head repeatedly.

“I dont want to learn.

Its too difficult.”

The main point was that the knowledge Zhang Han mentioned was too complicated.

Mengmeng was not interested in refining pellets and weapons, and she was not interested in the array of formations either.

“Well…” Zhang Han was helpless.

“Well talk about it when we get home.”


Im sure youll have Mummy lecture me.” Mengmeng snorted.

“Why are you so smart”

Zhang Han laughed and glanced at the spirit treasures in front of him.

“I think I know why the areas of the Space Ring are divided into nine regions.”

“Isnt it to prevent Mengmeng from giving all of them to me at once”

“Ill take the treasures I can use and put the ones of your use in your Space Ring.”

With a scan of his mind, Zhang Han divided dozens of treasures and put them into his Space Ring.

“Take more.

Its no use keeping them with me.”

Mengmeng put away this batch and took out the next batch.

Just like that, they spent all their time on the journey back picking treasures.

In the end.


“Why did you take out so many crystal stones” Zhang Han touched his forehead.

“I have too many of those.”

Mengmeng said, “Theyre all top-grade crystal stones with a total of a million.”

Zhang Han was stunned.

Mengmeng was like a parvenu.

A million top-grade crystal stones were more than what all the cultivators on this entire planet had together.

So, in terms of top-grade crystal stones, Mengmengs stock had become the greatest treasure vault.

Not to mention that she had eight areas that hadnt been opened yet.

“You have become a rich lady now, havent you” Zhang Han grinned and said, “Youre indeed the Heavenly Lord with such nice treatment.”

“Hee hee,” chuckled Mengmeng.

She said, “Dad, Ill give you 900 thousand crystal stones, and Ill keep 100 thousand.”

“I dont need them.

You should keep all of them.” Zhang Han said seriously, “I have a lot of crystal stones as well, and I have a ceaseless crystal stone income.”

“Its useless for me to keep them.”

“Just keep them with you.

Theyll be of your use in the future,” Zhang Han said.

Therefore, Mengmeng put away the crystal stones.

A million top-grade crystal stones were an extremely massive number.

“Were close to the shore,” Zhang Han said.

“Lets go up.

Its time to leave.”

“Okay.” Mengmeng looked at the ring in her hand again.

Zhang Han also glanced at it a few times.

“Dont wear it on your finger.

Turn it into a wristband.”

Mengmeng was wearing the ring on her middle finger.

Zhang Han realized that it represented passionate love.

He felt uncomfortable looking at it.

“Doesnt it look nice this way” Mengmeng was confused.

Zhang Han was silent for two seconds and then shook his head.



In the end, Mengmeng turned the ring into a wristband and put it on her right wrist.

Running power with her mind, she hid the wristband.

“Thank you for choosing our company.

The journey is over.

We look forward to your visit next time.”

The crew on the boat politely sent the visitors out.

They had no idea that they had been so close to danger just now and even got themselves killed.

But sometimes, those who were not fated to die would survive in desperate situations.

Walking on the street, Yue Xiaonao said, “Uncle Zhang, lets not go back for now.

Its the weekend.

Lets go out to have fun.”

Zhang Han smiled and asked casually, “Well, okay.

Where will you be going”

“Where are we going” Mengmeng asked.

“Lets go to the Star-Moon Bar at eight oclock in the evening,” Yue Xiaonao replied.

“Oh, thats right.

Aunty Lili will be performing there.

Lets go and have a look in the evening.” Mengmeng suddenly realized that.

“Ill go back then.

You girls have fun.

Will you come back for dinner” Zhang Han asked.

“Well just go to the night market in the evening to grab a few bites.” Mengmeng blinked.

“I feel like having some sausages.

Ill buy some later.

Daddy, do you want to have some”

“Ill pass.

Ill have a hot pot with your mum tonight.” Zhang Han smiled.

He stood at the intersection of the street and watched as the girls bade him farewell and left jubilantly.

He went back to Mount New Moon.

Zhang Han stood alone under the Thunder Yang Tree and looked around.

After his communication with the Seventh Mind, not only did he not feel relieved but felt even more pressured.

When a wisp of Sir Mysteriouss mind heard the news about the main nest of the Bug Clan, he immediately woke up the main mind.

As for the Sixth Mind, he was going to use his full power to take action as well.

This piece of news was like a bombshell.

“What he said is correct.

We are unable to keep the situation under control.

“Raising our own strength is the best way to prepare for the worst.

“With these high-end spiritual herbs, combined with the ones in the herb garden, I can refine a lot of high-level medicinal pellets.

“During this period, Ill refine more medicinal pills, just in case.

Ill also prepare some one-time-use offensive and defensive spirit treasures to arm my troop.

Ill find an opportunity to go to the Domain of Seven Desolations after my cultivation and learning are almost done.”

Zhang Han would also take the martial arts heritage of the Domain of Seven Desolations seriously, and he didnt know what would happen.

At 7:50 p.m., Mengmeng and the other three girls had just walked into the Star-Moon Bar.

Now the bar was very famous in Xiangjiang.

It was not only because of its safety.

The venue was large, the wine was good, and Sun Dongheng had made some contributions to its construction.

This guy hired three internationally famous DJs to work in the bar.

The three trump cards took turns with several newly recruited people.

The bar was almost full every night.

As soon as the girls entered the hall.

“Zhang Yumeng.”

A voice came from not far away.

Zhao Peng, the Senior One student whom they had met once, was together with eight or nine people.

Aside from him, everyone else was in their twenties including men and women, and they all looked mature.


Mengmeng glanced at him.

“Wow, Peng, your classmates are quite pretty.”

The eyes of two young men lit up.

Those guys stepped forward, and even the two young mens eyes were full of aggression.

It seemed that they wanted to flirt with those senior high school girls.

“I didnt expect to meet you here.” Zhao Peng slightly narrowed his eyes.

They were all here to have fun.

The girls in front of him came from the key class.

He thought they were all straight-A students, but he didnt expect that they would come to enjoy themselves in this place.

“Since they want to have fun as well, I can join them and have a chance to woo them.”

But at this moment.

“Eldest Lady, youre here”

One of the members of the security group, who was hanging out here, hurried over.

“Mengmeng, are you here to watch your aunts performance”

Ah Hu strode over.

“Why are you fooling around instead of accompanying Aunt Jiaran at home” Mengmeng said.

“How come Im fooling around Im just here to have a drink with my buddies.”

Ah Hu laughed.

As members of the security group, no matter what their current cultivation was, they did enjoy coming to the bar to have fun often.

They felt nice drinking wine and feeling the atmosphere they hadnt felt in a long time.

Upon seeing Ah Hu and the others walking over, Zhao Peng and the men beside him went silent.

They didnt dare to speak and just stood aside to watch.

“Eldest Lady

“What does that mean”

Zhao Peng pondered.

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