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Chapter 154 Tasty Food of World


Leng Feng, et al breathed a sigh of relief, but after they looked up, they stared at the motorcade ahead with vigilance, hoping that they would not go from the frying pan into the fire.

“Stand up.”

The driver of a Hummer in the middle of the convoy shouted.

Leng Feng, et al stood up, only to find that apart from the four, only three men survived at this moment.

There were only seven people left of the team with nearly 30 people, which also showed that Golden Triangle was indeed a place where people easily lost their lives.

“Which one is Leng Feng”

Four people got down from the Hummer, and one of them, a dark-skinned man, asked in his terrible Mandarin.

“I am.” Leng Fengs voice faltered a little.

“Come with me.

General Will is waiting for you.” The dark-skinned man waved to them.

Leng Feng and his three companions got into the Hummer, while the other three men got on the military car behind.

A line of dozens of cars drove to the back side.

“That bunch of people just now were General Hus men.

How did you leak out the information when you came” Said the dark-skinned man in a reproachful tone.

“Maybe there were so many people.” Ning Xuan answered in a muffled voice.

“Ho.” The dark-skinned man sneered and did not say any more.

The motorcade drove for 20 minutes, crossing the mountain forest and coming to a deserted basin.

After driving for another hour, they finally reached the territory of General Will.

The territory was surrounded by patches of beautiful poppies and a few people were working in the flower field.

Ahead of the region was an area with many principal residences and a lot of guards.

Surrounded by many watchtowers, this area was well-protected.

There stood a large mansion in the center.

The dark-skinned man brought Zhao Feng and the others to the main residence.

In the immense hall, there was a long table.

Meanwhile, a foreigner in a military uniform, who had fair hair and blue eyes, was sitting at the head of the table.

He was General Will of great eminence.

“Sit down.” General Will stretched out his hand to beckon them.

After Zhao Feng and others were seated, General Will said directly, “Where are the diamonds”

Substitute of Leng Feng paused for a moment.

After hearing the words from the real Leng Feng through headphones, he directly put the backpack on the table, took out the coffer and entered the code.

There was a layer of glittering diamonds in the coffer.

Substitute of Leng Feng stood up and slowly pushed the coffer to General Will.

The diamonds emitted dazzling light, and people all knew they were worth more than 20 million US dollars!

Even General Will narrowed his eyes with enjoyment.

“Have a check.” Substitute of Leng Feng said slowly, with a deep and toneless voice.

General Will waved his hand to call a jewelry appraiser to verify them after hearing his words.

A moment later, the appraiser nodded to General Will.

General Will smiled and said, “Very good.


I indeed want to withhold the goods for such a high transaction.

In fact, even if I kill you, I can make others lay the blame on General Hu.”

Zhao Fengs and others faces changed when they heard his remark.

No one dared to doubt General Wills words in Golden Triangle.

Since he spoke the idea out, it showed that he did have the idea in mind.

Even the substitute quivered his body, getting flurried.

But hearing the voice in the headphones, he tried to hold back panic and deliberately said in a low and slow voice,

“I think… a one-off deal is definitely not as profitable as a long-term deal, and General Will certainly knows that.

Otherwise… youve already done it, havent you Furthermore, our Forever Harmony Association can take over this batch of goods, and later… we can take over more.

What do you think”

General Will became solemn and burst out laughing, “Since you, Leng Feng, come in person, I certainly should show my due respect for you.

Come on.

Display the goods.”

After he finished speaking, several of his men went out.

A moment later, 200 kilograms of crystal meth were carried up.

“Please!” General Will reached his hand out to beckon them.

“Mmm.” Substitute of Leng Feng nodded to Zhao Feng and the other two people.

The three took out three bags of goods respectively.

After finishing checking, they all nodded and indicated that the goods were out of question.

“In this case, well leave now.

But considering our heavy casualties, can General Will send someone to give us a lift” Substitute of Leng Feng said slowly.

“No problem.” General Will smiled and said to the dark-skinned man, “Send them out of the country.”


Zhao Feng and other six people were escorted out of the country by six vehicles with heavy weapons, and all the way back to the ship, there was no accident.

After boarding the ship, all of them felt relaxed.

Substitute of Leng Feng asked them to put the goods in military packages prepared in advance, with a total of four big packages in front of them.

If the ship could dock at Hong Kong safely and escaped being caught, the large-scale drug shipment would be successful.

However, things could not be that simple.

Not to mention anti-narcotics police, Zhao Feng and Ze Long who were implicated in other forces were also in trouble.

On the other side, Zhang Hans restaurant.

It was time for dinner.

Several special guests came to the restaurant.

“Hello, audience friends, welcome toTasty Food of World.

We come to New Moon Bay this time.

Recently we heard that theres a restaurant calledMengmengs Casual Restaurant, which does a roaring trade and was very high in price.

Therefore, this program will take you to this restaurant to find out the special food.”

A beautiful hostess with a ponytail was holding a microphone and describing the content of the program to a videographer.

There were five of them altogether, including two videographers.

One was in charge of giving the hostess scenes and the other was in charge of finding a view, while the remaining two staff were responsible for the aftermath such as holding the bag.

“The restaurant is just ahead.

Its six oclock in the afternoon and therere more than 20 people lining up in front of the restaurant.”

While speaking, they stepped towards the restaurant.

As they approached, the hostess saw the sign in front of the door,

“Theres a sign.

Lets go and have a look.”

“Ah, the prices are really high.

The egg fried rice costs 300 yuan per serving, a cup of milk costs 100 yuan, a bowl of noodle soup costs 300 yuan, the membership card! Hiss…” .

“The first ten membership cards cost one million yuan each They all sold out It costs 10 million yuan from the 11th.

Oh, my god, its too expensive.”

“Only people with a membership card can enjoy the food here.

Besides, people should pay extra money to eat.

These are real imparity clauses.”

“Whew… Its scary, and I dont know how the food tastes.

Ordinary guests can only get egg fried rice and noodle soup.

Its too little.”

“Since therere so many people lining up over there, lets go and interview them first.”

Shocked by the sign, the hostess prepared to interview the people in line before entering the restaurant.

So she went to the crowd and waved to a man in a suit who was playing with his mobile phone, saying with a smile, “Hello, sir, Im the hostess ofTasty Food of World”.

Today we are going to do a program about this restaurant.

Can I ask you some questions”


“May I ask how long it will take you to queue up here” The hostess asked.

“I came earlier today and it will be my turn in about 40 minutes.”

“40 minutes What a long time.”

“Not at all.” The man was used to this situation, so he said, “I usually have to wait for more than one hour.”

“What” The hostess curled her lips and said, “Does the food in this restaurant taste so good that you are willing to wait for an hour”

“Its more than good.

The food in this restaurant is the best Ive ever had since I was born.”

“How exaggerated it is.” The hostesss voice was a little suspicious.

“Did I make an overstatement Not at all.

Youll know after tasting it.” The man replied with a chuckle.

At that time, the others around also said,

“Only after tasting the food here can you realize what are the real egg fried rice and the real noodle soup.”

“The food here is 100 times better than that of any three-star restaurants or any five-star hotels!”


“What do you think of the prices of the food in this restaurant Are they a bit high” The hostess asked.


The egg fried rice from other restaurants costs only about 20 yuan per serving, while this restaurant charges 300 yuan.

But as a matter of fact, it deserves its fee!”

“Brother, youre wrong.

In my view, I take it for granted even if it costs 3,000 yuan, because the boss is kind.

He wants all of us to have egg fried rice and noodle soup.

Thats why it costs too much.”

“I dont think its expensive either.

However, I dont have much money.

Oh, I can only eat once in two days to improve my life.”

Their remarks stunned the hostess, who had not expected that they thought highly of this restaurant.”

After coming back to earth, the hostess said, smiling, “It seems that the food here tastes great.

By the way, what happened to the members Are the first ten membership cards all sold though theyre so expensive Is it possible that the insiders bought these”

“Insiders” The man frowned slightly and said unpleasantly, “Dont judge this restaurant by your preconceived ideas with which you judged other restaurants.

We witnessed the ten members buying the cards.”

“Thats right!” Another woman snorted and said, “All the members here are wealthy.

They did pay for the cards.

Dont doubt anything.

Youd better make comments after trying the food here first.”

“Okay, Im just guessing.

Dont mind.” The hostess looked a little embarrassed and stopped interviewing.

She looked directly at the camera and said, “Then lets go in to interview the owner of this restaurant and try the dishes which enjoy immense praise.”

After finishing speaking, the hostess took the lead to the restaurant.

As she reached the door, the people who was sitting in the front line raised his head and said,

“Hey! What are you going to do You have to queue up if you want to have a meal.”

“I…” The hostess froze and said, “Well interview the boss first, and we dont cut in line.

I believe he will give me an extra serving to sample and evaluate.”

“Extra delicacies Ha, ha, ha.

Just have a try.”

“Dream on.”

From the crowd came a burst of laughter.

Since they often came here, they did know the bosss temperament.

She was crazy for hoping to taste extra food.



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