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Chapter 160 Kill Tang Zhan for Me!

The captains eyes were cold, and he turned to see a man in his fifties, who looked familiar, coming over calmly.

Who was the ** this

The captain was puzzled.

But he felt familiar, so he didnt speak at first.

But Wang Qiang was angry and wore a heavy look.

He had stood by and watched for a while.

At first, he was shocked when he saw the condition of the restaurant and the bloodstains at the door.

He called his former subordinates to find out the details.

Despite Zhao Fengs situation, the restaurant was also the victim from any point of view.

Fortunately, Wang Qiang was relieved that the restaurant owner and Mengmeng were not injured.

Just as he was about to leave, he saw Zhang Li driving over.

Of course, he knew the restaurant owners sister.

Then he saw the scene what had happened, and suddenly strange anger welled up in his mind.

He walked quickly to the captain, frowned slightly, and with a distinct superior gesture, murmured,

“Have you finished taking pictures for ten minutes What are you doing here Why dont you use this time to find the killer Youre not only show off in here, delaying cleaning up of the restaurant, but also want to catch her.

How dare you think youre reasonable”

“Who are you”

The captain felt pressure and felt that the man in front of him was remarkable.

But when he felt the people around him pointing to him, he set his mind and asked,

“Old man, I dont care who you are.

Please dont interfere with our business! Its not your turn to tell us what we should do.”

“Irrational!” Wang Qiang stared and said, “Okay, I cant tell you; someone can.

Tell me whos your superior!”

During the conversation, Wang Qiang took out his mobile phone.

The captain was a young hothead man.

He saw Wang Qiangs movements and said, “You have no right to know who my supervisor is.

I follow the rules.

Do you have any questions Well, since you want to know, Ill tell you, my supervisors name is Bai Zhiwen!”

At the same time, the captain sneered in his heart.

He wasnt a coward.

How could he be threatened by a phone call and a few words

Wang Qiang had no impression of the name Bai Zhiwen.

So he called the director of the Southern District Police Headquarters directly.

“This is Wang Qiang.

Theres one thing I have to tell you, here in the Mengmeng Restaurant…”

The captain was stunned when he heard Wang Qiang.

He thought the name was very familiar, but he couldnt remember where he had heard it.

But the two men behind him changed their faces when they heard the name.

They looked at Wang Qiang like looking at a horrible monster.

Neither of them was loyal.

They coughed softly and then turned around and slipped away.

“Take it.”

In the captains thoughtful eyes, Wang Qiang handed him the mobile phone.

The captain took it and said,

“Hello, this is Fan Yongbo, a captain of New Moon Bay Police Station.

You are…ah…ahem… the director I… ah… I really… I…”

The captain was frightened and dumb for a moment.

He couldnt even make himself understood.

In the directors criticism, he finally remembered the identity of the old man in front of him.

“Oh my god!

“Why am I so unlucky”

The captain thought with his heart sank.

In less than a minute, he broke out in a cold sweat.

After hanging up, he slowly and carefully handed the mobile phone to Wang Qiang with a wailing expression and said flatteringly,

“Well, hum… Director Wang, I didnt think that it was you.

I… em… Im sorry.

Please forgive me.

I… I did that because Im worried about this case.”

“Who should you apologize to” Wang Qiang took the phone and said lightly.

“Yes, the… madam, Im sorry, I just lost my temper.

Im sorry.” The captain quickly apologized to Zhang Li.

Zhang Li was not unreasonable either.

Seeing the captain apologize, she rolled her eyes, and then she changed her expression.

She looked at Wang Qiang with a smile and said, “Uncle Wang, thank you.

Why are you here”

“I just passed by.

I didnt expect such a thing to happen.

The restaurant was affected, which is also the responsibility of the police,” Wang Qiang said and shook his head slightly, sighed softly.

“Yes, its our fault.

We must make corrections next time and increase the number of patrols,” The captain said and nodded.

He could not tell the bitterness in his heart.

No one could anticipate such things!

Zhang Li gave the captain a dirty look and said, “Come on, dont flatter me here.

You are not to blame for the sudden accident.

If you finished, you can go now.

Im going to have the restaurant cleaned up.”

“Well, then, lets help you clean up.” The captain turned his eyes, called his men, went into the restaurant, picked up the broom mop and began to clean up.

Wang Qiang looked at them and shook his head helplessly.

They couldnt catch the bandits, but they could flatter people very well.

But he also knew that it was hard to fight against evil forces.

“Ill go back if nothing happens.

It seems that I cant come to have a meal here this noon,” Wang Qiang said and turned away.

Zhang Li went into the restaurant, took out Zhang Hans bank card, made several phone calls and began to shop.

Time turned to one oclock in the afternoon.

In the Mount New Moon.

Zhao Fengs eyelashes quivered, and he slowly opened his eyes.

What he saw was a tall tree and a blue sky, with a few thin clouds floating on the sky.

“Such a beautiful scene.

Am I in heaven” Zhao Feng murmured.

“It seems possible to describe Mount New Moon as a paradise on earth.”

Suddenly, a familiar voice came.

Uh Boss

Zhao Feng was stunned and fixed his eyes on him.

He saw Zhang Han sitting on a trunk a dozen meters high and looking down at himself.

“What” Zhao Feng was confused and did not know what had happened.

He clearly remembered that he was hit by a lot of bullets! Could he survive with so many injuries Or…

In his dull eyes, the boss jumped slightly and jumped down directly.

A dozen meters, equivalent to the height of four or five stories, he watched his boss jump down and fall lightly on the ground.

“Boss, are you also…”

Zhao Feng said hesitantly about the puzzling scene that had happened in front of him.

He was wondering if the Boss was dead.

“Are you a fool” Zhang Han felt both funny and annoying.

He said, “Youre awake.

Get up quickly.”


Zhao Feng quickly sat up and shook his head.

He began to look around the Mount New Moon.

He saw familiar surroundings and Little Hei, who had made him feel threatened.


Why was there a gorilla

Did Mengmeng fell asleep in the gorillas arms

Zhao Feng was stunned and unconsciously asked, “Why is there a gorilla”

“Its the housekeeper here,” Zhang Han answered calmly.


Zhao Feng sat on the ground and kept silent.

A while later, he finally figured out what was going on.

He stood up and asked, “Boss, was that you who saved me”


Zhao Feng was silent again, and his eyes were full of appreciation and the feeling of surviving a disaster.

Suddenly, his eyes sank, and he looked at Zhang Han, kneeling slowly to the ground on both knees.

He said, “Thank you for saving your life…”

Before he finished the word, Zhang Hans feet blocked his knee so that he could not kneel.

“Its too early to kneel,” Zhang Han raised a stern Fairy Spirit and said, “you respect me, I know.

So I want to give you another chance.”

At this point, Zhang Hans eyes made Zhao Feng feel mysterious.

“Would you like to be my disciple” Zhang Han asked heavily.

While Zhang Han spoke, he felt a little strange.

When he was in the Cultivation Worlds, there were billions of cultivating men who wanted to be his disciple.

But Zhang Han never accepted.

Unexpectedly, just a month after his rebirth, he would like to take a disciple.

He felt that it was tough to predict.

After hearing this, although Zhao Feng didnt know what it meant to be a disciple of the boss, he knew it was his greatest chance.

He did not hesitate to say, “I will!”

As he spoke, he felt that his knees fell down and finally knelt on the ground.

He kowtowed three times to Zhang Han, and said slowly with his head down, “Disciple, Zhao Feng, is greeting Master!”

“Get up,” Zhang Han casually said, “call me the boss outside in the future.”

“Yes, Master, oh no, Boss.” Zhao Feng nodded.

After he got up, he asked with curiosity, “What sect are we, Boss Are we the same with the Martial arts on TV”

Saying that, Zhao Feng lit up his eyes and said, “Boss, you must be the sect leader, right With such a strong leader, our sect must have a high position.

Haha, I didnt expect that me, Zhao Feng, could be in the Martial Arts one day.

Thank you, Master! ”

“What are you talking about” Zhang Han was speechless.

“Ah” Zhao Feng was a little stunned.

“We are not a Martial Arts sect, nor people from Martial Arts.”

“Then, what is that” Zhao Feng asked hesitantly.

Zhao Feng, who suddenly came to the New World, with his eyes glazing over, knew nothing about it.

But Zhang Hans next word stunned Zhao Feng.

“We are…” looking at New Moon Bay, and Zhang Han said slowly, “cultivators!”

“What Cultivator Is there an immortal in the world” Zhao Feng asked in surprise.

“Come on, dont make a fuss.

Youll know it later,” Zhang Han said and patted Zhao Feng on the shoulder.


Zhao Feng nodded.

Then he asked suddenly, “Boss, whats the name of our sect If I meet another Martial Arts man one day, can they know our sect as I give a self-introduction.”

“The name of the sect… I havent thought about it yet.

As for Martial Arts man, they are just a group of people who know little martial arts and naturally do not know what is immortal.” Zhang Han answered.

“Boss, then…” Zhao Feng asked again.

But as soon as he spoke, Zhang Han interrupted him and said, “Stop, dont ask these questions.

Since youre awake, its time to get down to business!”

“Whats the matter” Zhao Feng asked and nodded.

“For me…”

Zhang Hans eyes gradually cooled down, and he said word by word,

“Kill Tang Zhan!”



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