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Chapter 181 Every Dog Has Its Day

Instructor Liu gave a wry smile, shaking his head.

He sighed slightly and said,

“I wont know his specific level of strength unless I fight against him.

His strength is much greater than Obvious Strength.

Although it seems he only has brute strength and has failed to master Inward Strength, his defense is even stronger than the average Peak Strength expert.

However, I dont believe that his strength has reached the stage of Peak Strength.

Even so, a person with Peak Strength at mid to late stage cant defeat him because his bodys defense is too good.”

“Thats really tough!” Dong Xiangchuan pressed his forehead worriedly and said, “I dont know if the people sent by the Security Bureau will have Peak Strength at the mid to late stage.”

“Impossible.” Instructor Liu gave a wry smile and said, “Every master with Peak Strength assumes personal command and wont appear casually.

The men sent are probably equally matched with me.”

“How strong are they” Dong Xiangchuan asked out of curiosity.

He only knew that Instructor Liu was very formidable and was also a well-known figure in the martial arts world.

However, he had no idea what level he had reached.

Under his gaze, Instructor Liu smiled lightly and uttered a few words caused him to fall into a daze.

“If they are ordinary staff sent by the Security Bureau, theyre likely to possess… Obvious Strength.”

“Ah Instructor Liu, you, youre only at the Obvious Strength Stage”

“Mmm.” Instructor Liu nodded and said, “What did you expect The martial arts world is much more powerful than you think, but even Obvious Strength is something most people will never reach within their lifetime.”

“Im not looking down on you” Dong Xiangchuan shook his head and smiled, then said, “I just dont know anything about the martial arts world.”

“The martial arts world is very complicated.” Instructor Liu said with deep emotion.

“By the way.” Dong Xiangchuans expression suddenly changed as he said, “You have seen the video.

Zhao Feng took all Tang Zhans treasures, which are valued at more than one billion yuan and should have been turned in.

Moreover, his companion caused so many casualties, and since he also joined in the fight, he cant escape punishment.

Therefore, if the men sent by the Security Bureau come, they will seize them back.”

“Ha, ha.” Instructor Liu chuckled and said, “Not necessarily.

The martial arts world is very complicated and I dont really know the actual condition.

However… Xiaofengs strength seems to have improved a lot.

Judging by his strength, I think he has reached the Obvious Strength Stage.

If so, Ill persuade him to return to the army.”

“It all depends on whether Zhao Feng is willing to cooperate.

Such a big event will lead to consequences sooner or later.

If the bulky guy he brought cannot be caught, then he might be able to walk away from this as well,” Dong Xiangchuan replied.

“Lets wait until the staff from the Security Bureau arrive.

When will they get here” Instructor Liu asked.

“They should be here this afternoon or tomorrow.”

“I see.

Wheres Zhao Feng Ill go see him first,” Instructor Liu said.

He originally came here for Zhao Feng, who was once one of his best soldiers.

Previously, he had reached his wits end while trying to suppress this matter and he even pulled a few strings in an attempt to get Zhao Feng pardoned later.

However, after realizing that the situation was only getting worse, he came over in person to see if he could help.

“Presidential Suite 08, Duolan Hotel,” Dong Xiangchuan answered.

Since Zhao Feng had joined someone in ruining Tang Zhans mansion and even helped them take away more than one billion worth of treasures, the authorities would definitely keep track of Zhao Feng.

If the bulky man had not been someone who was involved in the martial arts world, the authorities would have already started taking action to subdue them.

“Then Ill go and have a look first.”

Instructor Liu slightly nodded his head, stood up, and then left.

“Ah…” Dong Xiangchuan sighed.

Considering Instructor Lius reaction, he definitely wanted to protect Zhao Feng.

But could he really save him now that he had been involved in such a major event

At the same time, at Sun Mings home.

“Dear, its nearly seven oclock.

Shall we go to Mengmengs restaurant for breakfast first” Suns mother said with a smile.

“Ok, you should tidy up first, and see if Dongheng is ready.

Ill be out in a minute.” Sun Ming lowered his head, preventing his wife from seeing his pale face and the abnormal amount of sweat that was rolling down his cheeks.

He wanted to get up, but… he was too weak to stand up at this point.

However, he did not want to worry his family, so he decided to go out after taking a short break.

Suns mother still had not noticed his abnormal behavior.

After hearing what he said, she directly left the bedroom and went to Sun Donghengs room.

Ever since he found out about his fathers illness, Sun Dongheng had been working honestly every day.

He lived at home, intending to accompany his father.

“Dongheng, are you awake We are going to have breakfast.” Suns mother knocked at the door and asked.

“Im up.

Please wait a minute and ask Dad to come here first.” He spoke loudly, but nobody knew what Sun Dongheng was doing in the room.

Suns mother shook her head with a smile and walked back to her bedroom.

By this time, Sun Ming had wiped off the cold sweat and struggled to stand up.

Other than looking a little pale, his behavior was not strange.

“Our son asked you to go to his door,” Suns mother said with a smile.

“That brat wants me to wake him up in person,” Sun Ming said as he exhaled.

He dragged his infirm body and stepped towards Sun Donghengs bedroom.

“Son, are you ready Were going out to eat.”

After finishing these words, he prepared to knock on the door.

However, as soon as he raised his hand, the door opened!

“Dang, dang, dang, dang!”

Sun Dongheng smiled while holding a birthday cake with candles.

Although it was daytime, this scene was still quite moving.

“Happy birthday, Dad!”

Sun Dongheng said gently as his eyes reddened slightly.

It seemed… it was the first time he had celebrated his fathers birthday.

“Er, good, good boy…” Hearing his words, Sun Ming froze for a moment, then laughed.

Suns mother also looked at Sun Dongheng with great relief, sighing inwardly while thinking that their son had grown up.

However, nobody wanted to see that he grew up in this way.

“Dad, blow out the candles! No, youd better make a wish and then blow out the candles,” Sun Dongheng said with a smile.

“Okay, Ill make a wish.”

Sun Ming murmured, closed his eyes and began to wish.

However, his eyes did not open again.

Ten seconds later, before he could even finish making his wish, he went limp and crumpled onto the floor.


The birthday cake fell to the ground all of a sudden.


Sun Dongheng exclaimed as his eyes widened, bursting into tears.

He hurriedly carried his father, went downstairs, and drove to the hospital.

They arrived at the hospital.

After his father had a check-up, the doctor shook his head and sighed,

“His physical condition is relatively good.

His cancer should have already begun to spread half a month ago, but it seems to be in remission for the moment, which is very good.

As of now, there are only two choices.

The first choice is chemotherapy and the other choice is to begin preparing for his funeral…”

Instructor Liu left the police station and drove directly to the Duolan Hotel.

There were two men, who were protecting Zhao Feng, standing in front of the door of Presidential Suite 08.

In the next room, there were also seven or eight people, who were on sentry duty in shifts.

At this time, they were here to ensure Brother Fengs safety because Brother Feng was drunk.

“Stop, who are you”

Upon seeing Instructor Liu moving in their direction, one of the men shouted in a low voice.

“Im looking for Zhao Feng,” Instructor Liu responded.

“Brother Feng is resting and cannot be disturbed.

If you want to see him, wait until Brother Feng gets up,” the man replied.

“But I want to see him now,” Instructor Liu said as he continued approaching.

The two men arched their eyebrows.

They were about to say something when they saw the man in front of them wave his palm.

Clap, clap!

He hit the two men in the neck, causing them to faint.


Instructor Liu glanced at the two people, shook his head slightly, then walked to the door and rang the doorbell.


Zhao Feng slowly opened his eyes.

After collecting himself for a moment, he stood up and stretched but did not rush to open the door.

Next, he went to the bathroom to wash his face.

Seeing his face through the mirror, he smiled wryly and murmured,

“Those guys really forced me to drink a lot.”

Last night, Zhao Feng drank so much that his memory of what happened was foggy.

What he could remember is that those guys who drank with him pushed him to drink for four rounds.

He was completely out of it after facing more than 40 bottles of beer.

During that period, he didnt know how many times he went to the toilet, and he even vomited twice.


The doorbell rang again.

Zhao Feng wiped the water off his face and walked slowly to the door.

Without thinking, he directly opened the door.

However, before he saw who was at the door, a fist struck towards his face at lightning speed!


Zhao Feng was astonished and his muscles instantly tensed up.

The attack was fierce and aggressive, which showed this person was no amateur.

He instantly realized that the man opposite him was a master!

At this moment, as Zhao Feng was preparing to react, the fist had already arrived in front of his face, with a speed that exceeded his expectations!

Zhao Feng could already feel its swiftness and fierceness!

It was too late to resist at this time, so his only choice was to dodge.

Zhao Feng quickly bent over backwards.

At the same time, his right leg extended upwards vertically, kicking towards the mans chest.

But the hasty strike had limited power.

When his foot reached the opposite mans abdomen, the man suddenly lifted his knee.


His knee hit the arch of Zhao Fengs foot with a powerful strength, causing Zhao Feng to fly backwards.

However, Zhao Feng was very dexterous, so he flipped backwards and landed safely in a half squatting position.

Who was it

Zhao Feng calmed down, then raised his head and looked over with a sharp gaze.

But when he recognized the man at the door, Zhao Feng froze.

His eyes widened and were filled with reverence.


Zhao Feng let out a cry of surprise.

“Hum! Brat, your kung fu has improved since you left the army!” Instructor Liu said with a chuckle.

“Ha, ha, I follow a very formidable master.

Instructor, why didnt you tell me you were coming in advance”

Zhao Feng stood up while speaking.

He stretched out his arms and walked towards Instructor Liu, preparing to give him a hug.

“Dont talk nonsense, we should fight first!”

Instructor Liu did not show any respect as he quickly rushed into the room, kicking towards him horizontally.

At this time, Zhao Fengs eyes were also suffused with excitement!

Hum! You abused me in the past, but now… every dog has its day.



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