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Chapter 182 My Master Is Very Awesome

Facing off against Instructor Liu who was already attacking him, Zhao Feng also raised his right leg and directly fought back.


With a dull thud, both of them took three steps back.


Instructor Lius pupils contracted slightly.

This time he had used seventy percent of his strength, so he had not expected that he and Zhao Feng would be evenly matched in power.

This did frighten him.

As a matter of fact, he only used half of his strength when he launched his surprise attack on Zhao Feng earlier.

“Ha, ha, ha, instructor, I want to get revenge, for that attack from earlier!” Zhao Feng gave a vivacious laugh.

He had only used seventy percent of his strength just now.

Having tested his strength, he truly believed that he could beat the instructor.

As he thought of this, he became very excited.

“Im waiting to see.”

Instructor Liu grinned with a cruel smile, then rushed towards Zhao Feng again.

Bang, bang, bang, bang…

The two men in this suite began fighting without holding back.

However, the more Instructor Liu traded blows with Zhao Feng, the more frightened he became!

What was going on

He couldnt defeat Zhao Feng, even with eighty percent of his strength.

Therefore, he decided to use ninety percent, but he still failed to defeat him.

At this point, he was a little shocked!

In fact, he was a senior martial artist who had been at the Obvious Strength Stage for seven years.

Why couldnt he beat Zhao Feng Perhaps, he was also… a senior martial artist who had reached the Obvious Strength Stage for several years

This thought caused Instructor Liu to be completely astonished!

So he began to exert his full strength.

Both of them used the fighting style they learned in the military.

However, even after using his full strength, Instructor Liu still could do anything to Zhao Feng.

Gradually, he started to use some subtle martial arts moves, which exposed Zhao Fengs weaknesses.


At the moment, a few loud voices suddenly sounded out from the doorway,

“Whats going on”

“Damn it! Someone broke in!”


These guys glared angrily and were about to rush towards Instructor Liu.

Their intrusion stopped the two mens battle.

“Thats enough.

Hes my brother.

Dont mess around,” Zhao Feng quickly waved his hand and while giving them an explanation.


They suddenly froze, looking at Instructor Liu unaccountably.

After peering at him for a while, they scratched their heads, then smiled and said,

“So youre Brother Fengs elder brother… When we saw you and Brother Feng exchanging blows, we thought someone was here to make trouble.”

“We were just comparing notes.” Zhao Feng relaxed his slightly numb arms and casually said, “You should go out first.”


These people turned to leave and closed the door behind themselves.

“Xiaofeng, what happened to you How did you… suddenly become so fierce” Instructor Liu took a deep breath and said in a surprised tone.

“Instructor, Ive told you that I follow a very awesome master,” Zhao Feng said with a smile, then walked in front of Instructor Liu, hugged him, and said, “Come on, instructor.

Lets sit down and talk.”

“Is your master also a well-known figure in the world of martial arts”

“No, my master is more powerful than martial arts experts.”

“More powerful than martial arts experts Ha, youre exaggerating.

But it shows that he has some strength since he helped you cultivate to the Obvious Strength Stage.

Whats your masters name Maybe he is someone important from the martial arts world in Hong Kong.

If so, your current situation will be easy to handle.” Instructor Lius eyes lit up.

Among the martial arts masters, except for those who spent most of their time behind closed doors, who lived in the city, would mostly have a wide range of contacts and be acquainted with a lot of powerful people.

In that case, Zhao Fengs current situation would be a piece of cake.

“Er…” Zhao Feng thought for a while and was sure that Zhang Han had not told him to be quiet their relationship, so Zhao Feng replied, “My masters surname is Zhang and his first name is Han.

Hes a very awesome person.”

Although he revealed Zhang Hans name, he definitely would not mention “cultivation”.

He was very clear on the meaning of this word.

Therefore, he would only selectively answer questions referring to his master, even questions asked by someone close to him like his instructor.

“Zhang Han…” Instructor Liu pondered for a long time and finally shook his head, “I have never heard of Zhang Han in Hong Kong, but theres an unknown Zhangs family, which is full of martial artists.

It seems that only the strength of the master of the family is at the Inward Strength Stage.”

“Of course you havent heard of him.

My master isnt from this area.” Zhao Feng thought for a moment before asking, “Instructor, why are you here”

“Naturally, Im here for your sake.” Instructor Liu frowned and said, “The Security Bureau gotten involved in Tang Zhans affairs, so I wont be able to hide anything from them.

But theres still a way.

If you talk to the foreign strong man and ask him to hand over the treasure he took, I can guarantee your safety and even help you return to the army.”

After hearing what he said, Zhao Feng fell silent.

Then, he said slowly, “The foreign strong man… seems to have gone abroad, and he has taken all the treasure.

As for me, instructor, Im sorry, but I cant return to the army.

Ive become a disciple with a master that I have decided to follow.”

“Erm…” Instructor Liu looked terrible, and he said slowly, “This issue will become more troublesome.

If the Security Bureau fails to find the main perpetrator, they will punish you instead.”

“It doesnt matter.” Zhao Feng was not afraid but said directly, “I have my master.”

Zhao Feng knew that since Zhang Han had accepted him as his disciple, Zhang Han would not sit still if he was in trouble.

However, after hearing his words, Instructor Liu shook his head helplessly.

Instructor Liu said, “What level is your master as a martial artist Well, no matter how awesome he is, hes not stronger than the Security Bureau.”

“What are the martial arts levels” Zhao Feng said doubtfully, “Instructor, what did you mean when you spoke of theObvious Strength Stage earlier”

“Didnt your master tell you about this” Instructor Liu asked.


“Why didnt he even tell you such common sense” Instructor Liu arched his eyebrows and said with discontent, “Is your master reliable Forget it, I will tell you.

In the world of martial artists, commonly known as the martial arts world, there is a separate society.

The figures of the martial arts world are regarded as martial artists, and their levels are…”

His introduction gave Zhao Feng a clear and full understanding of the martial arts world.

Zhao Feng finally knew that Instructor Liu had been a martial artist in the Obvious Strength stage for several years now, so he curled his lips and murmured,

“Thats why I could not beat you at the beginning.

Youre a martial artist.

You were obviously bullying me.”

“What do you mean” Instructor Liu shook his head and said, “I only used half of my strength in the first place, but I thought that I wouldnt be able to defeat you with all my full strength now.

You seem to have reached the Obvious Strength Stage.”

“I owe it all to my masters cultivation.” Zhao Feng said with a smile.

“All right, stop mentioning your master.

Just take me to meet him!” Instructor Liu raised his eyebrow and grunted, “Youre one of my men and Im somewhat famous in Hong Kong.

Since he snatched you without speaking to me, I will have to fight with him.

If hes an amateur, I will take you back!”

“Er…” Zhao Feng quivered.

Instructor wants to visit master and fight with him He would definitely be trampled!

Instructor and I are equally matched.

He would even be able to defeat Dahei, let alone master.

Zhao Feng did not dare to allow his instructor to visit Zhang Han without Zhang Hans permission, so he took out his mobile phone and called Zhang Han.

After hanging up, Zhao Feng narrowed his eyes and said,

“Instructor, Ill take you to meet my master.

He has a little time.”

“Fine, lets go.

I dont know where he lives.”

“My master is currently at Mount New Moon…”

After he finished speaking, Zhao Feng turned around and began to leave.

While walking, his mouth quivered.

It was obvious that he was holding in his laughter.

Zhao Feng was looking forward to watching his instructor being toyed with!



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