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Chapter 197 Compete on The Same Stage

“Mu Rou” Zi Yan was slightly astonished.

Her information flashed into Zi Yans mind.

Mu Rou had started out on a music variety show a few years ago and had developed over a period of time, releasing several popular albums.

However, Zi Yan had emerged unexpectedly at that time and overtaken Mu Rou in some programs.

Zi Yan still remembered the resentment on her face.

Word of mouth suggested that she had faded from the public eye because she had married.

When she restarted her career three years later, she explained at the press conference that she was single.

It was not easy for a star to come back, so she was not very popular at the time and underwent an average development.

Eventually, after half a year of working hard, she issued two popular songs, which made her somewhat successful.

Zi Yan knew these things about Mu Rou, but she did not know why she was here.

While Zi Yan was busy pondering this, someone gently knocked on the door a few times.

Then, a man wearing a pair of glasses entered the room with a file in his hand and said,

“This is the process of todays program.

Please take a look and make preparations.

You will be on stage in about ten minutes.”

“Okay.” Zi Yan nodded her head and took the document.

After delivering the document, the man with a pair of glasses immediately left.

The program schedule was made in detail, briefly containing the kind of questions which the host would ask during the interaction so that she could think about her answers in advance.

However, as she looked at the schedule, Zi Yan arched her eyebrows.

“Whats the matter, Elder Sister Yan” Zhou Fei leaned in with curiosity.

After glancing at the program, her face fell and she said angrily,

“Are you kidding Perform on the same stage with Mu Rou She already has so many programs.

What about you Its obvious that they want to use you to make her stand out even more! Why are they doing this Ill ask them!”

After she finished speaking, Zhou Fei stood up and put on an angry look.

Judging from the process of the program, she understood that this program was mainly to show of Mu Rou to the audience, while Zi Yan was only here to make her stand out more.

One was Mu Rou, a former B-list singer, and the other was Zi Yan, a popular singer who almost won the title of Best Actress in the entertainment circle.

The program was apparently trying to tell people that the star who had been slightly unpopular was much more formidable than the one who had been popular in the past.

It was definitely an inspirational story similar to a counterattack.

Zhou Fei was totally outraged.

If this program invited two stars to compete on the same stage every time, she would not say anything.

However, this program always invited one special guest at a time.

Why did they invite two this time Under these circumstances, anyone would be angry.

Zi Yan grabbed Zhou Feis wrist and looked at her with sparkling eyes.

She twisted her lips for a few moments before nonchalantly saying,

“Even if they deliberately arranged to highlight Mu Rous success but using my misery, so what Im already here.

Its no use talking to them.”

Having said that, however, Zi Yan still said it in an inevitably depressed tone.

“Theyre so unmanageable.

A group of mercenary people! Damn it!” Zhou Fei sat back in the chair angrily and spoke while gritting her teeth.

“I dont think its the TV stations fault.

Its impossible for the producers to do such a thing.

Mu Rou is an entertainer from a different company, so they cant interfere with the affairs in Hong Kong.

I believe it is Meiqi who is playing this trick.

She simply doesnt want you to have an easy time.

Is she taking revenge on you on purpose”

“I dont think she would do that…” Zi Yan sighed softly.

No matter what the reason was, it would not change the reality.

She was no longer a popular star who was at the top of her career.

Her current status was similar to that of a C-list artist.

If she threw a tantrum in the face of such treatment, she would be left out in the cold by her company, not to mention incurring the displeasure of the sponsor.

“I thought it was kind of the company to arrange two programs.

I never imagined they would do something like this.”

“Dont sigh.” Zi Yan shook her head gently and said, “Theres a saying that bare feet are better for walking than shoes.

Since Im in a dark place right now, its the same for me no matter who I compete with on stage.

Theres a singing PK in the program and I dont think I will lose.

Moreover, we will benefit from having Mu Rou here because of her current popularity.”

“This program has maintained high ratings, so we dont need to benefit from her association.

In this case, however, we have no choice.

Elder Sister Yan, you should sing your first hit when you compete with her later.

No matter who you compare with, were not afraid.

Hum.” Zhou Fei calmed down and cheered Zi Yan on.

It was close to show time, so a staff member knocked on the door and came in to bring the two backstage.

“Just wait here for a while,” The staff said flatly.

This position was over twenty meters away from the exit, where seven or eight people were surrounding a person who was sitting on a chair.

The person was Mu Rou, who was currently very popular.

Wearing heavy makeup, a purple dress, and an overcoat, Mu Rou had a proud expression on her face.

Even when drinking water, she asked the others to hold the cup for her.

While drinking water, Mu Rou casually turned and looked at Zi Yan and Zhou Fei.

She squinted slightly, revealing a look of disdain.

Without bothering to look at them any longer, she turned her head back and sat there proudly, waiting to go on stage.

“What a poser.” Looking at her behavior, Zhou Fei grunted to herself.

She did hate such contentious people.

Mu Rou demanded to sit while waiting, even though she only had to wait for two minutes behind the curtain.

She was like an old man!

Soon, the music for the beginning of the program began to play on the stage, followed by the passionate voice of the host, Xin Xin.

“Hello, audience, friends, welcome to Floating Music.

For this issue, we have invited a heavyweight musician.

Who is she I think some friends have already guessed by virtue of the background music which was played just now.

Lets have a round of applause as we welcome the popular entertainer Mu Rou!”

With words of welcome, hundreds of audience members started to clap, causing a thunderous applause in the stands.

“Its time to go on stage.”

At this moment, Mu Rou stood up with an indifferent expression and glanced at the agent beside her.

The agent quickly took off her coat and tidied up Mu Rous clothes.

Then Mu Rou stepped onto the stage with high heels.

When entering the stage, Mu Rous face instantly changed, showing a very enthusiastic smile.

“Hello and welcome, Mu Rou.

Please haver a seat,” the host said with a smile.

“Hello, host and audience.” Mu Rou greeted with a chuckle, then sat down.

“Mu Rou, I heard…”

What followed was the interaction time between the host and Mu Rou.

They talked for about ten minutes, and Mu Rou did not display any signs of stage fright but looked like a strong woman, who made everyone feel her power and presence.

Confronted with some tough questions, she could always fight back inadvertently, barely allowing the host to ward off the blows.

Mu Rou was originally a very sleek person.

Furthermore, having experienced the edification of a rich and powerful family for several years, her current attitude was natural and graceful.

It was impossible for people to fault her performance.

The interactive session finished quickly, at which point the host stood up again and said,

“Today, we have also invited another mysterious guest, who was once very popular.

I can give you a hint.

Her first hit is called Love in a Fallen City.

Does this name ring a bell Well, please give a warm welcome to Zi Yan.”

Zi Yan was standing at the entrance of the stage.

After catching sight of Zi Yan, Mu Rous agent stepped aside while making remarks about her in a low voice.

Zi Yan, however, after hearing the hosts words, closed her eyes and took a deep breath.

She had not gone on stage for several years.

Zi Yan opened her eyes and became as calm as usual.

However, a gleam of extraordinary splendor was glittering in her beautiful eyes.

“Hello, Zi Yan.

Please have a seat,” the host said with a smile.

“Hello, host, thank you.

Hello everyone.

Long time no see.” Zi Yan gently nodded and smiled with corners of her mouth.

As soon as she entered the stage, nearly a hundred audience members became silent.

Looking at Zi Yans beautiful face, they remembered this good-looking entertainer who was once a popular star.

Not only the audience, but even the host stared at Zi Yan for a long time.

Then he sighed with emotion,

“There is a saying that goes, time and tide wait for no man.

But, Zi Yan, you are still so beautiful that age sits well on your face five years later.”

“Thank you.” Zi Yan responded.

“By the way, five years ago, I dont know why you…”

The program had left only three minutes for Zi Yan to interact with the host.

However, seeing the audience marveling at Zi Yans face, Mu Rou, who was standing on one side, felt a twinge of envy and she did not want to give up this time.

Before the host finished speaking, she put a surprised expression on her face and interjected,

“Hello, Elder Sister Zi Yan, I didnt expect to be on the same stage with you.

Im so lucky.

I used to be a fan of yours.”

“Hello, I have listened to the songs in your album recently.

They sound very good.” Zi Yan smiled and nodded in reply.

“Compared with Elder Sister Zi Yan, Im still a junior.

Im so happy to be praised by you.” Giving a false smile, Mu Rou said in a softer tone.

“Thats right…” The host said appropriately and asked Zi Yan some questions.

They interacted for two minutes.

During this period, the three senior people who evaluated the songs sat quietly by the side.

They all looked at Zi Yan significantly.

After the interaction ended, the program proceeded to the next section.

The host said with a smile,

“Next, lets let our special guests sing a song respectively.

Then the three instructors will evaluate them.

In the past, we chose other peoples songs for the guests.

Since the two guests are going to compete against each other on the same stage, its better to let them sing their own songs.

So who will sing first”

While speaking, the host looked at Zi Yan and Mu Rou.

After thinking for a moment, Mu Rou said with a smile, “Elder sister Zi Yan, do you want to sing first or second”

“Its up to you.”

“Ill sing first then.

After all, Elder Sister Zi Yan is my predecessor.

The real star should go last.” Mu Rou said hypocritically.

“Well then, Mu Rou will sing the first song.” The host smiled and said, “Which song would you like to sing, Mu Rou”



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