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Chapter 223 Preparing for Training

“Ill teach you all the movements first.

Then you can practice them step by step.”

Zhang Han nodded his head and displayed the remaining 31 movements.

As Zhang Han displayed them, Zhao Fengs face gradually changed.

Supporting the whole body with one finger and making different movements with his legs at the same time was too difficult! Moreover, there were more strange and unprecedented movements, which baffled and excited Zhao Feng.

“Have you memorized every movement” Zhang Han asked.

“Yes, master,” Zhao Feng said, then thought about it for a while.

Then, with some curiosity, he asked, “Master, how powerful will I be once I learn all these moves”

“If you master all of them and do some exercises, you can almost enter the Qi Refining Stage.” After thinking for a while, Zhang Han answered.

“Will I really be that strong Ha, ha, ha! Ill train hard!” Zhao Feng moved around merrily for a while, and then he said excitedly, “Master, you said this is the simplified version So… does master have the full version of the Big Dark Devil Shadow”

“Do you want to see it” Zhang Han said flatly.

“Yes!” Zhao Feng nodded repeatedly.

“Okay.” Zhang Han reached out his right hand to point to the upper side of the thunder yang tree, then said, “Look at that trunk.”

“Whats wrong with the trunk”

Wasnt the trunk over ten meters high Zhao Feng looked over with doubt.

However, what he saw gradually widened his eyes, and his pupils contracted sharply with horror.

Under his gaze, a figure stepped on the thunder yang tree and walked up horizontally.

Zhang Han moved so fast that Zhao Fengs eyes could not keep up with him, leaving a series of afterimages in the air.

Only 0.1 seconds later, the shadows gradually disappeared.

After which, he saw Zhang Han standing on a branch that was more than ten meters in the air.


Zhao Feng almost spat out blood as he blushed and opened his mouth wide.

He was dumbfounded.


Zhao Feng trembled and could not say anything.

A moment later, another series of afterimages drifted back down and Zhang Han returned to his original place as if he had never left.

“Were you able to see it clearly” Zhang Han said with a chuckle.

“No.” Zhao Feng responded with a bemused expression, then he cheered up.

He stared at Zhao Feng and said with surprise, “Master! Will I be able to move so quickly once I finish cultivating the Big Dark Devil Shadow”

“If you master the Big Dark Devil Shadow, you will be able to move 1.3 times faster than what I just showed you.” Zhang Han shook his head slightly.

Every cultivator had a set of special skills that suited them.

Of course, he could also use other skills, but the effect of those skills would not be as good.

Skills were really complex and relied on the physique of the cultivator.

For instance, if Zhao Feng chose a first-class skill and a second-class skill, but the second-class skill was suitable for his physique, the second-class skill would be more powerful than the first-class skill for him.

When Zhao Feng heard what Zhang Han said, he finally realized the power of the Big Dark Devil Shadow, so he said with great excitement,

“Master, I will work hard and cultivate.”


“So, what will you teach them Will they also learn the simplified version of the Big Dark Devil Shadow” Zhao Feng asked.

“They are not strong enough to practice the Big Dark Devil Shadow.”

“When you want to head over there, master I cant wait to start practicing,” Zhao Feng said while bracing himself.

“Lets go now.”

After Zhang Han said that, he took out five barrels that could hold one hundred jin each and filled them with Yang Qing Water, then walked to the pet area and said, “Mengmeng, PaPa is going to the beach up ahead.

Are you going to stay here and play with them here or go with PaPa”

“Uhm” Mengmeng stopped playing and looked over with her big clear eyes full of light as she thought about it.

A moment later, the little princess spoke in a childish tone and said, “How far is that”

“Its about a ten minute walk,” Zhao Feng answered.

“Oh, thats quite long.” Mengmeng pouted.

“Does Mengmeng want to play with Dahei and the other pets here” Zhang Han asked again.

The temperature on Mount New Moon was maintained at about 23 degrees, which made people feel comfortable, but it was not the same outside.

The temperature would rise to over 30 degrees, and the heat of the sun caused people to feel very hot.

Zhang Han, therefore, thought it was good for Mengmeng to stay on Mount New Moon to accompany Dahei and Little Hei.

That would allow him to feel relieved.

But the little fellow was very clingy.

She reached her small arms out and said, “PaPa, hug.

Mengmeng wants to go with PaPa.

Big Heihei and Little Heihei should go there with us.”

“Well, put on your hat, Mengmeng.” Zhang Han took out Mengmengs pink cartoon cap from a small bag on the side.

Mengmeng sensibly waited for Zhang Han to put the hat on her and waved her small palms in Zhang Hans arms with happiness.

“Dahei, help Zhao Feng carry those barrels of Yang Qing Water.”

Before leaving, Zhang Han said to Dahei.

With that, Zhao Feng carried two buckets while Dahei held two buckets under his arms and one in his right hand.

Three hundred jin was very easy for him to carry.

“Boss, shall we go straight through the back hill Itll take us four or five minutes to get there.” After thinking for a moment, Zhao Feng said.

He knew there was a cliff a few meters high on the back mountain, but since they were not ordinary people, they could jump down easily.


Zhang Han nodded his head, then followed Zhao Feng and walked towards the dense forest on the back mountain.

After passing through a dense forest, they arrived at a cliff that was about forty or fifty meters high.

“Master! Ill jump down first!”

Zhao Feng was really delighted since he had a bright future, so he wanted to show off his moves now.

However… Zhao Feng forgot that he was carrying two hundred jin of water.

Before Zhang Han answered, Zhao Feng had already dashed forward.

He ran three steps forward, arched his right leg upward, and stretched his arms out to the side while preparing to jump.

However, right after his arm extended out, the force from the two barrels of water made Zhao Feng lose his balance.


Zhao Feng was shocked when he realized that the buckets were weighing him down.


Zhao Feng swung his hands and feet around wildly in the air while trying to regain his balance, but he ended up landing on his back.

Fortunately, Zhao Fengs skin was tough, so the fall did not cause any injuries.

“Hey! Elder brother, you fell down, did you get hurt” Mengmeng asked in a caring tone while staring with her big eyes, like a warm baby.

“No.” Zhao Feng blushed all of a sudden.

He hastily stood up and answered with a laugh.

“PaPa, its so high.

How are we going to get down”

As she noticed Zhang Han walking forward slowly, Mengmeng started to hide her face.

“Mengmeng, just close your eyes,” Zhang Han said with a chuckle.

“Well… okay.” Mengmeng did as she was told and closed her eyes.

The next moment, the little fellow didnt feel anything but heard Zhang Han say,

“Okay, open your eyes.”

When Mengmeng opened her eyes, she was amazed to find that they were already down.

Therefore, the little princess said in surprise,

“Ah Weve come down.

Its so weird.”

Realizing that Dahei and Little Hei had not come down, Mengmeng urged them.

“Heihei, come down quickly.”

“Ooh, ooh, ooh!”

After calling out a few times, Dahei stepped forward to jump down and landed safely with a backflip.

Even the barrels held in his arms and hand did not shake at all.

Little Hei was faster.

he streaked forward and stepped steadily on the ground.

“Huh” Mengmeng was stunned at this moment.

She looked at Zhao Feng strangely and said slowly after thinking for a while, “Big Heihei and Little Heihei did not fall down.”

Although there was no ridicule in those words, Zhao Feng felt ashamed while facing such an innocent statement.

He was completely embarrassed! He still couldnt compare with the two Heihei powers!

“Ahem, erm, which way should we go Right, over this way, well arrive in a few minutes.” Zhao Feng pointed in the direction of the sea while at a loss.

Then he hurried to take the lead.

At this point, on the beach which was not far away.

Since it was at the central part of several mountains, this area was sparsely populated.

There were fifty tents in the open area behind the sofa.

Beside them, there were many pieces of training equipment that had been specially bought by Zhao Feng.

Among them were cross-trainers, dumbbells, sandbags, and even several dynamometers.

As they approached the beach, they saw many pieces of obstacle training equipment for turning, climbing, and rolling.

Perhaps Zhao Feng simply preferred his original training methods.

Fifty people had gathered in groups on the beach.

Apart from Ah Hu, Xu Yong, and some others who were crouching at the farthest side of the beach to smoke, the others were chatting on the beach.

There was even a dozen or more people playing with six women near the shore.

“Elder Brother Yong, why havent they come yet Weve been waiting here for hours.” Elder Meng said with a futile gesture.

“Just wait until they come,” Xu Yong sat down and answered.

“Hey, hey, hey, Elder Brother Yong, I heard you met Elder Brother Fengs boss once.

Please tell us the details,” Ah Hu asked curiously.

“Thats right.

Ive seen him once.” After thinking for a moment, Xu Yong shook his head slightly and said, “On the day when Scorpion was attacked, I was going there to talk to him about something.

When I arrived at the first floor, I saw the boss beating Scorpion.

You wont be able to understand his true strength until youve seen him in action.

Hes truly formidable.”

“How formidable is he” Ah Hu scratched his head and said, “We all watched the surveillance video back then.

He might be awesome, but he didnt seem to have any incredible skills.”

“Dont just focus on his skills.

After all, the surveillance video is a little blurry.” Recalling what had happened at that time, Xu Yong shivered and said in a trembling tone, “If you had been there in person, you would have a different feeling about it.

The boss presence is overwhelming.

When he stands in front of you, its like a mountain weighing down on you with unimaginable pressure, and…”

Xu Yong took a deep breath and slowly said, “He was too emotionless, especially his indifferent eyes.

It seemed that he regarded everyone as an ant.

In short, he was so frightening that only one sentence came to mind at that time: The weak should fear the strong.

What a terrifying man.”

“What happened after that When he went upstairs, Elder Brother Yong was not in the surveillance pictures.” Elder Meng said, doubtfully.

“Erm…” Xu Yongs face was as hard as stone.

When he saw what Zhang Han did at that time, he felt a little afraid.

Therefore, he ran directly to the monitoring room and never went upstairs!

He thought it would be inappropriate if he told the truth though!

While Xu Yong was busy trying to think of a way to answer, Ah Hus eyes suddenly lit up.

He looked at the figures behind Xu Yong and said,

“Here they are!”


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