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Instructor Liu wanted to see Zhao Fengs shocked expression.

However, Zhang Han stood up and walked backwards.


Instructor Liu was shocked.

Seeing that the boss was about to leave, he didnt have time to expect Zhao Fengs surprise and said quickly,

“Boss, as long as you agree, you will be the instructor of Wolf Head and will be given the title of Major General.

All the treasures that will be acquired by Cloud Soul in the future will be selected by you first!”

“Ahem!” Zhao Feng choked and his mouth trembled.

He was a little shocked, “What Major General”

“Yes! Mr.

Zhang, as long as you agree, we can call you General Zhang from now on!” Instructor Liu stared at Zhang Hans back nervously.

His uncle had paid a heavy price.

Although it was nominal, he would also enjoy the proper treatment.

This was also the trump card of Instructor Liu.

Free choice of treasures for now, plus the position of the general, as well as the promise of the priority to the selection of treasures in the future, all this was enough to illustrate Zhang Hans position in Leading Cadre Lius heart.

However, Zhang Han didnt reply to him and went straight to the kitchen.


Instructor Liu reached out his hand and his expression was extremely complicated.

It seemed that he wanted to ask Zhang Han back.

But looking at his back, Instructor Liu sighed and lowered his head.

But whod expect that the next moment gave him some hope again.

Zhang Han went straight to the refrigerator, opened its door, took out two tins of beer and walked back.

He came back!

Instructor Liu was excited.

He looked at Zhang Han and asked in a low voice,

“Boss, what do you think of my proposal I promise, if you agree, we will not affect your life.

I heard that you only taught Ah Hu and others for an hour.

You can do the same for us.

And think about this.

With the identity of Major General, it will be convenient for you to go anywhere!”

“Well, I will consider what you said,” Zhang Han took a look at Instructor Liu and nodded slightly.

He replied with a chuckle, “I am going to talk to Zhao Feng now.”

“Ah Oh! Then, I will go back first.

Boss, you must consider it carefully.

I am waiting for good news.” Instructor Liu grinned.

He got up and walked to the door.

He was so reluctant to leave the restaurant that he couldnt stop looking back.


In front of the car, Instructor Liu took a look at the plaque of the restaurant and sighed.

From Zhang Hans reaction, he felt that probably he wouldnt agree.

He thought that the success rate would be more than 70% if he offered those things, but it turned out that he didnt care at all.

However, he didnt know that at this time Zhang Han was only concerned about the arrangement of the weekend.

After Instructor Liu left, Zhang Han handed one beer to Zhao Feng.

They clinked and Zhang Han said after taking a sip,

“Ive thought through the things on Sunday.

First, I need a venue.”

“We have a venue.

In the former CBD building.

I chose a micro modification drawing last night.

Two or three days of work will be enough.

But it will take a while to renovate the place above for accommodation.

But it wont affect the entry.” Zhao Feng nodded.

“That venue is okay,” Zhang Han nodded and said, “I want to let off some fireworks.”

“No problem.

Although its not allowed according to the regulations, there is still Instructor Liu.

Ill just tell him later.

I guess he can directly get us some salutes.” Zhao Feng nodded.

“I still need…”

Zhang Han told him all his plans.

After that, Zhang Han meditated for a minute.

After making sure there was no mistake, he said, “Its almost like this.

Take care of everything these two days.

Dont make mistakes then.”

“Dont worry, master.

Ill complete the task,” Zhao Feng became very serious and replied in a deep voice.

This was the first time his master told him that he should not make a mistake.

This showed that the master was very concerned about his partner deep in his heart.

Thinking of this, Zhao Feng laughed and said, “Master, finally you two are going to be really together.”

Hearing Zhao Fengs words, Zhang Han smiled and nodded, “Yeah.”

“Great! Congratulations,” Zhao Feng said with a smile.

“Okay, go to prepare.” Zhang Han smiled and waved his hand.

His smile made Zhao Feng sigh with emotion.

He had never seen anyone who had the ability to make his master smile like, except Mengmeng and Zi Yan.

He knew that this may be the magic of love.

‘Love When can I meet my love Maybe very soon.

The figure of Liang Mengqi flashed through Zhao Fengs mind.

In recent days, Liang Mengqis attitude towards him had improved a lot and they were like very familiar friends.

This was a big step forward.

Time always slipped away at the fingertips and it always made people sigh while shaking their heads:

Between the heavens and the earth, time passed quickly like a white ponys shadow across a crevice.

Soon, it was eight oclock on Saturday night.

At New Moon Bay, the residential area where Sun Ming was living.

That yellow McLaren 625C slowly left the community.

Sun Dongheng drove the car and navigated a flower shop while turning up the music.

He went out of the community and when he was waiting for the traffic lights after driving 100 meters on the street, he lowered the sound of the music, took out the phone and made a call,

“Hello! Little Snow Flake, my honey, wait for me at the airport for a while.

Ill probably arrive in more than half an hour, huh You brought your friends Oh, I am driving a supercar.

Do I need to go back and drive the Audi A8L Someone will pick them up Okay, Ill be right there.”

After a few days, Sun Dongheng had led a trend in Dounai TV.

He was very generous.

He didnt stick to trifles and liked to make jokes, which had helped him attract many fans.

Except for the first day when he appeared a lot, he was not so active in the following several days, but he did make great arrangements.

Yesterday, under the temptation of akind administrator, Sun Dongheng promised to think about the live broadcast.

It happened that the anchor that he always followed, Little Snow Flake, would come to Hong Kong to play for two days.

So he volunteered to receive her as a host, which made a large number of Little Snow Flakes fans yell: babe in the woods!

There were also some horny fans, who left such comments in the live broadcast,

“In the past, Little Snow Flake used her big boobs to hold her phone.

This time, she went to Hong Kong to meet Dong Huang.

Im afraid that she would use her big boobs to hold his…”

Regardless of how their fans commented, Sun Dongheng was preparing to pick her up now.

Sun Dongheng, who called himself a master of love, naturally would send her a bouquet of red roses!

So he navigated a flower shop.

It was not far away and he arrived there in five minutes.

In the eyes of passers-by, Sun Dongheng got off the car handsomely and walked into the flower shop, saying,

“Give me a bunch of 999 red roses!”

“Sold out.”

“What do you mean” Sun Dongheng was a little confused.

“Roses have been sold out.”

“Blue roses are also fine.”

“Sorry, no more roses.”

“And pink roses” Sun Dongheng frowned a little.

“Sir, I dont think you understand my words.

I mean there are no more roses,” the clerk said apologetically.


Sun Dongheng was stunned and didnt say anything.

He left the flower shop directly and got on the car to navigate the next flower shop.

However, when he arrived at the next shop…

“Give me a bunch of 999 roses.

Any color will do.”

“Sold out.”

“Oh.” Sun Dongheng was a bit confused.

It was not Valentines Day today, was it How come all the roses had been sold out

Then he got on the car again and navigated a large flower shop in New Moon Bay.

“I want some roses.

I guess there must be some in such a big shop like here”

“Oh, sir, Im sorry, there are no more roses.”

“What happened Ive gone to three shops but all the roses have been sold out,” Sun Dongheng asked in confusion.

“I dont know either.

But a big client came yesterday and bought all the roses at a high price.

He was quite generous.

Maybe the roses in other stores have also been bought by him.”

“Damn it! Whos that Why did he buy so many roses Is he crazy” Sun Dongheng muttered and got on the car again.

Fine, there was no one left in New Moon Bay.

Id go to Zhu Keng District.

Sun Dongheng arrived Zhu Keng District soon and went to two stores, but the result was the same.

“Sold out!”

Sun Dongheng was mad about this.

Which fool had bought all the roses

Sun Dongheng just couldnt give up and drove to the biggest flower shop in the north ring area to buy roses.

When he arrived at the place, he got the same answer.

Sun Dongheng almost went crazy.

“Are you kidding me Theres no one left Why dont you keep some in the shop” Sun Dongheng grabbed his hair and said.

“Sir, Im sorry.

The client gave a high price, so there is no one left,” the clerk said with a smile.

“Alright, forget about roses.

What are these flowers Give me a bunch of these.” Sun Dongheng casually pointed to some small yellow flowers on one side.

“Okay, sir, please wait a moment.” The clerk hurriedly wrapped a large bunch.

When he came over, he smiled and said, “Sir, your chrysanthemums.”

“What” Sun Dongheng was stunned.

“Uh… These are your chrysanthemums.”

“Alright, I know!” Sun Dongheng took out 500 yuan and threw it on the table.

He grabbed the bouquet and left.

When he got on the car, Sun Dongheng laughed bitterly and glanced at the chrysanthemums in the assistant driver seat.

After thinking about it, his eyes suddenly sparkled and he sneered,

“Haha, chrysanthemums are also fine!”

So he drove quickly to the airport and arrived at the agreed location in the parking lot.

Sun Dongheng held the bouquet and looked everywhere, but still didnt find her.

There were only a man and two women a few meters away from him.

The man was not tall and his skin was a bit dark.

Among the two women, one was a little short and fat, but she had a pretty cute face; the other was tall, but her buck teeth made Sun Dongheng scared.

Sun Dongheng stood for almost one minute and suddenly the short, fat woman took the lead and walked towards him.

“You… Are you Dong Huang” The short woman asked.

“Its me.

Uh… Youre…” Sun Dongheng stared at her.

“Little, Snow, Flake!” The short, fat woman said three words.

“Poof… Ahem, ahem, ahem…”

Sun Dongheng almost spat his blood out and his brain suddenly went blank.

Damn it! How did she adjust her camera lens to make her look so different on the Internet

“Wow! These flowers are so beautiful.

Are they for me” The short, fat woman asked in surprise.

“No, no.” Sun Dongheng shook his head immediately.

“So these are for me” the girl with buck teeth next to her asked.

“No, theyre for him!” In a hurry, Sun Dongheng pointed to the only man present.

After hearing this, that man took a look at Sun Dongheng and then took a look at the flowers in his hand.

His face became even darker!

“You bought me for chrysanthemums”



“Im not gay!”

When hearing that mans words, Sun Dongheng was stunned and embarrassed,


I really couldnt stand it, bro.

He felt that he was out of his mind just now to have chosen such a bunch of things instead of roses.

Especially when looking at the short and fat woman, Sun Donghengs heart was filled with sorrow.

God! I wouldnt believe in the Internet anymore!

Fortunately, they just came here to play and teach him how to live broadcast and interact with fans.

This made Sun Dongheng slightly relieved.

Luckily, holding the purpose of hype, he didnt flirt with her, or else, it would be really embarrassing.

After thinking about it, Sun Dongheng felt that the chrysanthemums in his hand were too much for him and he intended to throw them into the trash can nearby.

When he was about to take a step…


The short, fat woman saw Sun Donghengs disappointed face and couldnt help but laugh.

She patted Sun Donghengs arm and said, “Come on, Im just kidding.

You believe in everything I said Brother Dong, youre really so funny.

Little Snow Flake has just gone to the bathroom and she will come out in a few minutes.”


Sun Dongheng was stunned and looked at her in confusion.

“Our Little Snow Flake is a beautiful girl with a sweet voice and high skills.

Besides, the video camera has some beautifying effect, but it is not too much.

How can she become so short and fat like me Let me introduce ourselves.

My name is Gao Chunxin.

You can call me Chubby.

She is Xiao Mei.

This man is called Stone.

We are responsible for the live broadcast of Little Snow Flake,” the short woman said with a smile.

“Oh, ahem, its like this.

Hello, my name is Sun Dongheng.

You can call me Brother Dong.” Immediately Sun Dongheng breathed a sigh of relief.

However, he was still a little worried.

If Little Snow Flake was also very ugly like them, then he would still be very embarrassed with chrysanthemums in his hand.

After thinking about it, Sun Dongheng felt that he should throw them away.

So he said, “Before I came here, I went to six or seven flower shops, both big and small, but all their roses had been sold out.

I guess some rich guys are planning something romantic.

Since I couldnt buy roses, I just pointed out some flowers casually and bought them.”

“Really I thought that you bought them on purpose since you wanted to express some of your special hobbies.” The girl with buck teeth moved her eyebrows and her expression seemed to tell everyone that “we know what you really want”.

“Uh, ahem, its just a coincidence, pure coincidence.

Id better throw them away.”

Sun Dongheng laughed embarrassedly.

He took the flowers and went to the trash can on the right.

“No need.

Just give her.

Lets see how she reacts.


Look, she is coming!” The short woman pointed to one side of the airport gate.

Sun Dongheng stopped to look that way and he recognized Little Small Flake with only a glance of the crowd.

Not because she was very beautiful, but because she was holding a selfie stick with a mobile phone on it.

It seemed that she was live broadcasting.

She was wearing a long-sleeved white shirt and suspenders.

There was a large yellow Pikachu pattern on the front side of the shirt.

The big boobs under the shirt made the pattern so vivid as if it was alive.

“Oh, shes good.” Sun Dongheng stared at her face for several seconds.

Although she wasnt a gorgeous beauty, she was still pretty and pure, with ponytails and small star studs on the ears.

She came all the way from the airport and attracted a lot of peoples attention.

When she was near them, she waved her hand to Sun Dongheng and said hello, “Brother Dong, hello.”

“Hello,” Sun Dongheng nodded and said with a smile, “Are you doing a live broadcast”

“Yes, my fans heard that I arrived in Hong Kong and you came to pick me up, so they asked me to live broadcast for them,” Little Snow Flake smiled and replied.

“Uh, well, have you just gone to the bathroom”

Sun Donghengs mouth trembled slightly.

She still broadcast live in the bathroom.

That was quite wild!

“What are you thinking I just started the live broadcast when I got out,” Little Snow Flake rolled her eyes and said.

“Oh, thats it.” Sun Dongheng grinned and glanced at the bouquet in his hand, hesitating whether he should send it or not.

At this time, Little Snow Flake looked at the mobile phone and said, “Okay, lets take a look at the true appearance of Dong Huang.

Im telling you, he is really a handsome guy.

Brother Dong, show your face huh”


Sun Dongheng nodded and straightened his collar.

His face looked very serious.

But soon, he thought that hed better not be too serious and show his true self.

So he squinted his eyes with a faint smirk at the corners of his mouth.

He looked just like a playboy from a rich family.

“Well, look, hes so handsome, right” Little Snow Flake turned the camera to Sun Dongheng.

“Honey, these flowers are for you.” Sun Dongheng smirked and handed a bouquet of chrysanthemums to her.

In an instant, the bullet screens burst out:

“What the hell! Chrysanthemums”

“Damn it! What a cunning man! Little Snow Flake, run!”

“Such a beast in the human face! Such a beast! Dong Huang, you really have a special taste!”


Little Snow Flake looked at the screen and reversed the lens to herself.

She made a stunning expression with her left hand on her ass and said with amazement, “Oh my! Brother Dong, how could you do this to me You… you…”

“Haha, I dont like to take the usual path!” Sun Dongheng laughed weirdly.

Fortunately, it was already at night and no one noticed them, otherwise, the scene here would definitely attract a lot of attention.

After hearing the words, Little Snow Flake licked her lips with her tongue and said, “Buddies, do you think I should take this bunch of chrysanthemums”

“Yes!” A barrage of comments flown through.

“You guys are so bad.” Little Snow Flake pouted as if she was angry.

Sun Dongheng laughed very casually and said, “Haha, Im just kidding.”

While speaking, he threw the flowers on the trash can and patted his hands.

He said, “Okay, its late.

Ill take you to have a good meal and then well have fun.

I have already arranged a place for you to stay tonight.”

“Good!” Little Snow Flake nodded and followed him.

When he came to the car, a smug smile flashed through Sun Donghengs face.

He took out the car key free and easy and pressed it.

The headlights of the dazzling McLaren were on.

Sun Dongheng opened the door on side of the co-driver and looked at Little Snow Flake.

He said, “Please get on the car.”

“Thank you,” Little Snow Flakes eyes sparkled and she confirmed that Sun Dongheng was indeed a rich guy.

After getting on the car, she smiled and said, “It seems that our Dong Huang is a super-rich guy.”

At this time, the bullet screens appeared more and more.

It could be said that 90% of the people in the live broadcast room envied him very much and they commented in a sad and envious tone.

Sun Dongheng took a look at the three people behind and said, “Stone, do you need me to call a car for you”

“No need, weve called the car.

Just tell us the place.” The dark-skinned Stone waved his hand again and again.

“Mm,” Sun Dongheng responded and then asked, “Can you drive”

“Yes,” Stone replied.

“Then lets go to my house first.

You can drive another my car, A8.

It will be convenient for us to go out later.

The address is Haiwan Bieyuan, Anhe Street, New Moon Bay.

Well wait for you at the gate of the community,” Sun Dongheng said that and then got in the car.

At this time, Little Snow Flake was saying goodbye to her fans, “Youve all seen it.

Ill close the live broadcast for now.

Anyway, youll see Brother Dongs live broadcast soon.

At last, let Brother Dong say something to you.”

She handed over the phone when she was speaking.

Sun Dongheng took the mobile phone.

He looked at the camera and said, “Lets call it a day, buddies.

They just arrived.

As the host, of course, I have to receive them today.

I will have a live broadcast at noon tomorrow.

See you later.”


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