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“But… but I want to eat birthday cake now,” Mengmeng said with a snort.

Mengmeng was so cute that Zhang Li and Luo Qing could not help laughing, covering their mouths with their hands.

“Mengmeng, didnt you already agree You said youd listen to Aunty Feifei and also promised to eat the cake at night,” Zhou Fei said, a little helplessly.

In the morning, she took Mengmeng to play in Mount New Moon.

They didnt come back until 12 oclock.

They planned to eat at KFC, but later they thought that it would be crowded there so they decided to eat at the restaurant.

So Zhao Feng asked someone to buy the food there.

The three ladies and Mengmeng were on the first floor and Zhao Feng was outside.

He just took out a notice board and wrote on it: “Closed today”.

Obviously, those foodies who depended on the restaurant couldnt eat their favorite food today.

When Mengmeng heard her words, she pouted her small mouth and said, “But I am hungry.”

“Arent we going to eat at KFC” Zhou Fei said.

“I want to have the meal that my Papa made.” Mengmeng slightly lowered her head and a light flashed in her eyes.

The little girl thought for a while and figured out a way how she could eat the cake.

However, Zhou Fei looked at Mengmeng carefully and knew what she was thinking.

“Ahem.” Zhou Fei coughed a bit and took out her mobile phone, saying, “Okay, then I will ask your parents to come back now!”

“Huh” Mengmeng was stunned.

She quickly raised her head and said to Zhou Fei hurriedly, “No, no, no.

Its okay that Papa isnt here.

Then lets have the birthday cake at noon.”

“Birthday cake can only be eaten at night.

Hey, forget it, I will call your father back to cook for you.” Zhou Fei was pretending to make a call.

Mengmeng, who had just benefited from her, wouldnt agree.

She hurriedly waved her small hands and said quickly, “Oh, no, dont call him.

Lets eat at KFC.”

“Dont call him” Zhou Fei hesitated to put down the phone.

“Mm, dont call.” Mengmeng nodded seriously.

From morning to now, the little girl had just had a lollipop and she had not finished eating it yet.

There were still so many snacks waiting for her.

“Dont you want to eat your dads cooking”

“I want to eat eggs… KFC is okay.

I like to eat drumsticks.”

“All right, then I will not call him.” Zhou Fei put the phone away.

“Hmph.” Mengmeng snorted lightly and turned her body to play with the toys.

Zhou Fei and Luo Qing, after seeing this, couldnt stop laughing.

They felt that Mengmeng was so cute, extremely cute.

Meanwhile, outside the restaurant…

That McLaren stopped in the parking space of the restaurant again.

“Bang! Bang!”

Sun Dongheng and Lu Yin got out of the car.

“Brother Feng!” Sun Dongheng walked over after seeing Zhao Feng.

When he saw the sign, he was stunned and said, “Is it not open today”

“Mm.” Zhao Feng nodded.

“Oh, the boss went out to play”


“Hey Is there someone in the restaurant” Sun Dongheng saw Zhang Li and others sitting inside.

“They are Mengmeng, Zhang Li, and others.

Today, the boss and his wife went out to play,” Zhao Feng explained.

“Oh, then can I go in and sit for a while” asked Sun Dongheng.

Zhao Feng thought for a moment and asked with doubt, “There is no lunch.

Whats the point”

Hearing Zhao Fengs words and seeing his indifferent reaction, Lu Yin became very curious.

Brother Dong was already super rich with a background.

But this Brother Feng in front of them seemed much more powerful than him!

The key was that Brother Feng was also very handsome with a unique temperament.

He was perfect for being her boyfriend.

“Well, Mengmeng is inside, right I came for her.” Sun Dongheng scratched his head.

“You came for Mengmeng What do you want” Zhao Feng became even more curious.

Mengmeng was less than four years old.

Why would he need her

“Im doing a live broadcast, you know,” Sun Dongheng smiled and said.

“A video can be put on the live page.

I recently set up two fan groups, so I want to put up a video about Mengmeng on the main page.

She is so cute and beautiful.

Im sure it will be a hit.

I already prepared some cakes for her.”

Sun Dongheng raised the bag of food in his hand while speaking.

It could be seen that there was a boutique box with several non-creamy cakes of various shapes in it.

Zhao Feng thought about it and said, “All right, then you should call the boss and ask.”

Sun Donghengs family and the boss were also very familiar with each other, and the boss also saved them.

Since he was not an outsider, Zhao Feng did not directly refuse him.

“What is the boss phone number” Sun Dongheng licked his lips and asked.

“Ill call him.” Zhao Feng took out his mobile phone and dialed Zhang Hans number directly.

When someone answered, he handed the phone to Sun Dongheng.

“Ahem, boss, it is me, Dongheng.

Im doing a live broadcast.

So I want to record a video of Mengmeng to show to my fans.

I wonder if its okay.

Ah Ok, thank you, boss, thank you.”

After just a few words, he got Zhang Hans consent.

Sun Dongheng almost smiled from ear to ear.

He handed the phone to Zhao Feng and said, “Okay, he agreed.”

“Mm.” Zhao Feng nodded and went into the restaurant with Sun Dongheng.

“Mengmeng, Ive come! Look what I have brought for you!” Sun Dongheng saw Mengmeng was sitting on the sofa, so he smiled and went over to her.

“Ah Whats that” Mengmengs big eyes were fixed on the bag of food in Sun Donghengs hand.

She vaguely felt that there were cakes inside! She liked cakes very much.

“Small cakes,” Zhao Feng replied.

“Ah, I want to eat them!” Mengmengs eyes lit up in an instant.

“No problem, but Mengmeng, can you do me a favor” Sun Dongheng said.

“What is it What do you want”

Zhou Fei observed him for a while and became very angry!

The girls mom and dad were not here today, but she and Zhang Li were still there.

Now Sun Dongheng wanted to do something.

How could he just ignore them

Sun Dongheng scratched his head and said, “Uh, Miss, I want to record a small video for Mengmeng.”

“No way!” Zhou Fei shook her head directly and said, “Our Mengmeng is so cute.

Do you think you can buy her over with just a few cakes”

“What should I do” Sun Dongheng said, “Oh No, the boss has agreed.”

“My brother-in-law agreed Wait, let me I ask.” Zhou Fei took out her mobile phone and dialed Zhang Hans number directly.

After learning the truth, she stared at Sun Dongheng and said, “Okay, then hurry up and record.”

“All right.” Sun Dongheng smiled.

He took out the note in his pocket and said to Mengmeng, “Mengmeng, you just need to read the words on it later.”

Mengmeng blinked her big bright eyes and asked in confusion, “Oh, what is this”

“Ill teach you.” Sun Dongheng made gestures while speaking to Mengmeng.

About 10 minutes later—

The recording started.

Sun Dongheng took the mobile phone with a note on it.

He gestured, whispering, “Start!”

Mengmeng was facing the camera, blinking her big eyes.

She looked very cute and spoke at the screen softly.

“Oh, mm, hello everyone, well, if you like the live broadcast, please join in the following groups.

The QQ number is one, six, two, zero, nine, nine, two, two, seven! And, and, the WeChat number is one three three, four seven two five, zero four one.

Join these fan groups! Everyone, come soon!”

Mengmeng had a good memory and she said everything that Sun Dongheng told her.

Moreover, Mengmeng was so beautiful and cute, with a small mouth and big bright eyes.

It was expected that many people would love her online.


After finishing the recording, Sun Dongheng laughed and kept applauding.

“Cake, I want to eat cake.”

After finishing the business, Mengmeng stretched out her hands, asking for the cake.

After receiving the bag, Mengmeng couldnt wait to open it.

She looked at it and was stunned.

Then she looked at Sun Dongheng and said, “These are not cakes.

Where is the cream No cream!”

“Uh, these are cakes without cream.” Sun Dongheng smiled embarrassedly.

If he knew this, he wouldve bought the cakes with cream.

Mengmeng picked up one of them, took a small bite, and immediately threw it back into the bag.

She was very dissatisfied with Sun Dongheng and scorned him.

“Hmph! Its not good.

Youre a liar! This is not a cake.

I dont like you anymore!”


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