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Protector He of the National Security Agency, Manager Jiang, Gu Chuanlong and Gu Fang were important people.

However, they all lost their lives at this moment.

Instructor Liu could imagine what a storm this would cause tonight.

He doubted whether his uncle Liu Yunzhen could take care of it.

He was not sure.

“That Gu Feng, what an idiot, damn! Why the heck did he mess with boss He had the nerve to do that behind the boss, he deserves to die!”

Instructor Liu stood in the hall, cursing in his heart.

It could have been nothing, but now it had come to this.

He found it difficult to handle the situation!

Its all Gus fault, he was so ignorant.

The saying “lechery could lead a man to an early grave” was right.

He did not just get himself in trouble, so many others were implicated by his actions.

Those people would be furious, if they found out the cause of their deaths.

“Clear up all the bodies.”

After thinking for a while, Instructor Liu gave several orders:

“First, record everyones IDs at the scene, leave no one out!”

“Call for ambulances from the nearby hospitals!”

“Let the bodyguards take their bosses back.”

“Contact the owner of this club for me! Ask him to be here in half an hour! ”

“… ”

On the road from Jiansha District to New Moon Bay.

Zhao Feng was in the lead, driving the military Hummer, followed by a row of Benz cars and two supercars.

In the Hummer.

Zhou Fei sat in the passenger seat.

She was silent, and apparently had not gotten over the shock yet.

Zhang Han sat in the back seat with his arms around Zi Yan.

It was quiet in the car.

Zhang Han seemed to turn into a quiet man, again.

His eyes were dull.

He was thinking.

The fight was not one of the most dangerous he had experienced before, everything was what he expected.

Its just that… Although the enemy was killed in seconds, the fight was not good enough.

If He Yunfei knew more moves, it could have been a problem for them.

“My strength is too weak after all.”

“Yuan Qing Fruit will be ripe in two or three months.

We need to prepare some medicinal materials and spirit treasure.

When Yuan Qing Fruit comes out, we need to refine the magical pellet.”

“As long as I get to the Foundation Stage, I could ignore some of the rules.”

“I still need strength to support the easy life.”

“I should not keep such a low profile.”

Zhang Han pondered, as he determined what he would do next.

It was to prepare some natural treasures.

If there were some spiritual treasures like blue serene bamboo, Yuan Qing Fruit would ripen in less than half a month.

However, such spiritual treasures were very rare.

And it was still uncertain if Instructor Lius uncle could fix the problem.

If not, Zhang Han would have to give away some benefits.

“A person remains mortal, until he reaches the Innateness Stage.”

“If I have innate strength, I will be able to travel around the world without restraint.”

“If I had the strength of Elixir, I would be invincible in the world.

Now I still have something to worry about.”

“Its just… ”

Zhang Han slowly turned around, and looked at Zi Yan tenderly.

There was a surge of ruthlessness, despite the tenderness in his eyes .

“If anyone dares to touch you, I will kill him and make his blood flow into a river!”

“Strength… ”

His soft heart, for Zi Yan and Mengmeng, once again became fierce and hard!

He no longer wanted to wait for Yuan Qing Tree.

It seemed that he had to find a way to make the Yuan Qing Tree yield fruit in advance.

“Master.” After a moments silence, Zhao Feng opened his mouth and said in a low voice,

“Im sorry.

The arrangement was my fault.

Next time your wife goes out, Ill personally get more people to accompany her.”

This time he felt that if their opponents had been martial artists, Leng Yue and several others would not have been able to defend themselves.

He knew that his task was not to run errands for the master, nor did he need to arrange those tasks, or be around the master all day long.

Master, Masters wife and Mengmeng, among the three, he had to protect the one who was out of Masters sight.

When Master was around, it was safe and the security was guaranteed.

Once master left, he should take responsibility.

“Yeah.” Zhang Han nodded.

There was silence again in the car, as it moved smoothly forward.

At Dragon triumph club.

Instructor Liu began to let people clean up the battlefield.

In the hall, there were people crying.

Everyones legs were broken, and the pain was unbearable.

Seeing the mess, Instructor Liu had a headache.

“First, deal with those guys.” Instructor Liu waved and said.

While he was bringing those people inside, he saw Hu Yunfei on the ground.

He paused.

Protector He was a strong martial artist, and he was killed by boss in seconds.

How strong was the boss He was too fierce!

Once again, Instructor Liu was shocked at Zhang Hans strength.

“Unfortunately, you picked the wrong side!”

Instructor Liu looked at He Yunfei with a sigh.

Inside, Gu Fang was lying on the sofa.

Gu Chuanfeng…

The scene was just horrible.

Instructor Liu bit his lips and had someone clean up the place.

“Who is in charge here”

A cold voice suddenly came from the door.

Everyone turned around, and saw a middle-aged man, about fifty years old, striding forward.

He frowned and had a serious look on his face.

“Protector Leng”

Instructor Liu was slightly surprised.

Protector Leng was more famous than He Yunfei.

Instructor Liu remembered that when he entered the Heaven Stage ten years ago, he heard that Protector Leng was not far from being a Wu Dao Grand Master.

Instructor Liu raised his hand.

“Where is He Yunfei” Protector Leng came forward, and asked Instructor Liu.

“Hes… here.” Instructor Liu pointed to the ground not far behind him.


Protector Leng moved forward lightly and quickly, and saw a few people lined up on the ground.

His face gradually became gloomy.

“He Yunfei, Jiang Zonghao and Gu Chuanlong, they are all dead Who did this”

“Its Master Zhang of New Moon Bay.”

Suddenly the two martial artists who were cowering at the back, limped forward.

They have broken their legs on purpose.

They did it themselves and could control the strength, leaving wounds that would be healed in ten days or half a month.

One of them said in a frightened tone, “Protector He, Manager Jiang and Master Gu were killed by Master Zhang in seconds!”

“What” Protector Lengs eyes narrowed.

He said, “How could He Yunfei be killed by someone in seconds”

He Yunfei was not a nobody!

He did not know that Zhang Han had commented in front of everyone, that He Yunfei was a nobody.

“Its true.

Everyone here saw it with their own eyes.

That man is too strong.

His body will leave a shadow when he rushes by.

His speed is incredible, and no one could compete with him!” The man answered in a trembling voice.

“What stage is he” Protector Leng frowned and asked.

“I heard, heard Protector He saying that Master Zhang seemed to have just entered the Profound-stage.”

“Profound-stage Thats impossible!” Protector Lengs face changed instantly and he said, “Is there any monitor here Where is the owner of this club Tell him to come and see me!”

“Hell be here in a minute.” Instructor Liu answered from the back.

“Protector Leng, they are a team, he is with Master Zhang.

That Master Zhang was extremely cruel and merciless.

Killing a few people was not enough for him, his orders were to break everyones legs!” The Earth-Stage Master said.

Master Zhang had already left.

In front of Protector Leng, he relaxed, and had the courage to relate the incident.

“Well” Protector Leng looked at Instructor Liu fiercely and asked, “Is that true”

“This…” Instructor Lius eyelids trembled, he bit his lips and said, “We were here to watch the scene.

This is entirely Gus fault.

He intended to do harm to the landlady.

Oh no, he wanted to hurt Master Zhangs wife.

Thats why Master Zhang was furious and killed him.

If it hadnt been for us, everyone here would have died!”

“Oh” Protector Leng frowned.

From Instructor Lius words, he could feel that Master Zhang was a resolute and cruel man.

He thought and said, “We will wait until the owner comes over!”

He did not say anything more.

It was not the first time that something like this had happened.

It was just that Protector He was dead, and he felt somewhat uncertain.

The important thing was to figure out how strong Master Zhang was, so he planned to see the surveillance video first.

After a few words, several people left the hall.

The ambulances arrived, some were helped out by their men, and others by other staff.

Wu Chengdong, Meiqi, Li Cheng, Fu Shan and Xu Ruoyu went together.

They exchanged looks and recognized the bitterness in each others eyes.

“Boss Wu, what should we do” Fu Shans face was pale with pain, as he asked in a trembling voice.

“What should we do How do I know what we should do” Wu Chengdong answered in a sullen tone.

After thinking about it, he sighed and said, “Go to the hospital first, and then… Next time we see Zi Yan, we should treat her more respectfully than any other members of the board of directors.”

“She has such a strong martial artist to depend on.

Why didnt she say something earlier If we knew that, this kind of thing would never have happened!” Mei Qi said angrily.

Li Cheng was silent and made a decision in his heart.

He would avoid Zi Yan in the future.

Furthermore, he would not visit the company so often.

He had no idea that there was such a dominant figure behind Zi Yan.

“Its terrible.

Fortunately, Li Cheng did not do anything to provoke him.

Otherwise, he would have died today.”

Every time Li Cheng thought about it, he could not help shivering.

“It was too scary!”

Xu Ruoyu, her agent and her friend suffered pains in their legs, but they felt even more pain in their hearts.

Before this, Xu Ruoyu would think that Zi Yan was someone she had surpassed.

But now, she suddenly found out that her inferior has been standing at a height that she could never reach.

She was sad in heart, and could not help laughing at herself.

On the other side, the yellow-haired man and others were completely shocked.

Their big brother, Gu Pengfeng, who had been their boss for several years, had just died so suddenly, in front of them.

“Damn, whats going on Who were those people”

The society was too scary.

He did not want to get involved.

It was not the right road for them!

Many of the bosses went to the ambulances silently.

Some of them were helped by their bodyguards to their cars and went to the hospital.

It was supposed to be an exchange meeting, but they never expected that, because of an idiot, everyone suffered.

And the martial arts world was even more frightening in their minds.

Some people took out their mobile phones and called their friends.

“Brother, my leg is broken.

You cant imagine what I have gone through today.

Our situation was quite desperate.”

“Whats wrong with you, buddy Dont do something stupid!”

“I did nothing.

I dont know if youve heard of this guy, Master Zhang of New Moon Bay… ”

Among them, those two Earth-Stage martial artists also called their friends.

“Protector He was killed in seconds.

The mans strength is supreme.

He is Master Zhang of Crescent Bay.

He is so scary, its a feeling of being dominated.”

“… ”

In short, it seemed that the incident would soon spread throughout the martial arts world and the upper class in Hong Kong.

One could imagine what a sensation it would cause.

At this moment, Liu Yunzhen was annoyed.

A few high-level officials had already found out about the incident.

In the middle of the night, a promotion conference was held secretly.


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