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Qiao Luoluo went into the back seat of her car and threw her handbag on the seat impatiently.

The driver was frightened and his palm was trembling slightly.

But he only dared to observe through the rear-view mirror.

Qiao Luoluo took a few deep breaths.

She couldnt understand why Zhang Han was so domineering even in front of the public.

She felt like she had just shot herself in the foot.

Behind her sat Mr.

Sheng, in front of her was Lin Xue, the princess of the Lin Group, and beside her stood many members with status.

She was afraid of disgracing the Qiao family in front of so many celebrities, so she didnt, and dared not say anything more!

This made her very aggrieved!

After three minutes of silence with her eyes closed, she suddenly opened her eyes, looked at the driver, and ordered, “Contact the Royal Entertainment Company.

I want Zi Yans… private phone number.”

Thinking of this, Qiao Luoluo perked up and felt like she had found a breakthrough.


At about 9:30 p.m., when Qiao Luoluo went back to her own residence, Zi Yans personal number had been sent to her mobile phone.

Standing in front of the bedroom window on the second floor of the villa, she opened the door and went to the open balcony.

Leaning on the white guardrail, she pondered for two minutes and dialed Zi Yans phone number.

“Doot, doot, doot…”

After the phone rang three times, it was connected and a pleasant voice was heard.


“Hello, Zi Yan.

Im Qiao Luoluo of the Qiao family of Hong Kong.

You should have heard about me from Zhang Han,” Qiao Luoluo said in a soft voice, sneering silently.

There was a sudden silence over the phone.

But three seconds later, she again heard Zi Yans voice, which sounded a little more insipid than the first “hello”.

“Well, I dont know you, and my husband has never mentioned you before.”

“Havent you heard of me” Qiao Luoluo pretended to be confused and asked.

“Its unreasonable.

I dated Zhang Han for a long time.

If it wasnt for something, we might have been married now.

Ouch, Im so removed.

Im sorry, I didnt mean anything.

After all, we are still friends after breaking up.”

“I see.”

Zi Yans voice was still calm, as if she were talking about something unrelated to herself.

“You may be thinking too much.

My husband never told me about these messy things.

Oh, yes, he did.

I remember him saying that he hadnt had a girlfriend seriously before, or had no serious girlfriend before I cant remember it very well.

Oh, Ive said too much.

Dont be angry, Miss Qiao, since I dont mean anything.

Ive been working for a long time and Im not in good spirits.

Dont mind it if I said something that should not be heard.”


Qiao Luoluo stared at something in the air, frowning, but still smiling.

“It doesnt matter.

You must be busy as a superstar and cant take care of your family all the time.

Ive talked with Zhang Han several times recently, and Im very pleased with his current situation.

I wish you all the best.

By the way, your daughter is cute and beautiful, and I wonder could I be her godmother”

The topic turned to Mengmeng, which made Zi Yans tone less friendly.

“Thats not necessary.

I wont agree with you, nor will Zhang Han.

We are very happy now.

You may have heard that the fireworks bloomed all night in the sky over New Moon Bay not long ago.

That day was our anniversary, and on the same day next year, if you are in Hong Kong, you can look up and enjoy it.”

“Really Thats really good.

When I was talking with Zhang Han recently, he also said…”

Qiao Luoluo was good at this kind of debate with words.

Just like the business war, step by step, she would find Zi Yans flaw in the end.

However, she was interrupted by Zi Yan.

“Miss Qiao, its very impolite to lie.

You may have talked to him in your dream, but now you dont seem to be sleepwalking.

“Im kind enough to call you and wish you the best, but you seem to be prejudiced against me,” said Qiao Luoluo, her face darkened.

“But I dont need your wishes.

I dont even know who you are, OK Youre calling me now because you just went to the restaurant and lost face in front of Zhang Han, right Do you want to vent your displeasure”

Zi Yans ridicule could be heard over the phone.

“You dont really know him.

He wont be gentle to anyone except Mengmeng and me.

Do you want to get revenge on me since he embarrassed you You seem to think too much.

“Youre not as good-looking as me, and your voice is not as pleasant as mine.

Are you jealous of me “I dont want to know.

I have no interest in you.

“You want to break through by using me and influence our family Sorry, you cant do it.

“Dont call me again, because your eloquence is not as good as mine.

Now Ill give you a chance to speak.

Is there anything else I can talk to you for another minute.”


Qiao Luoluos facial expression seemed unnatural, for Zi Yans words made her confused.

Especially the last sentence, although Zi Yan seemed to be giving Qiao Luoluo a chance to talk, it actually reminded Qiao Luoluo of Zhang Hans harsh words in the restaurant and the suspicious eyes of the other diners.

Qiao Luoluo was completely enraged, but there was no reason for her to vent her anger.


She hung up and smashed her cell phone on the ground!

She thought she had found a breakthrough.

But she was the one who lost in the end!

“Ah, ah, ah!”

Breathing quickly, Zi Yao was mad, with her eyes opened widely.

Then she ran back to her room and took out an old-fashioned mobile phone from the storage room at the innermost side of the second floor.

“Zi Yan, I admit I look down on you, but… You look down on me too!”

Qiao Luoluo sneered, hurried back to her bedroom, and dialed a phone number.

“Contact the best post producer in Hong Kong! Have him come to my house tomorrow!”


On the other side, Zi Yan was sitting by the bed of the hotel bedroom in her pajamas.

After hanging up, she was breathing quickly and tried to calm herself.

No one could be in a good mood to receive such a provocative call.

Zi Yan put her mobile phone beside her bed, got up, and walked out of her bedroom.

She saw Zhou Fei playing with her laptop in the living room.

“Sister Yan, there are two TV plays that want to use for our work as the theme song.

I just heard that the company is discussing it, but it hasnt been settled yet because Uncle Hong is busy with the cancellation of the contract,” Zhou Fei looked at Zi Yan and said.

Zi Yan nodded softly.

Instead of asking more about it, she said, “Feifei, contact Teacher Ma later and ask him to speed up the shooting.”

“Huh Didnt we just talk about speeding up this afternoon If we went faster, wouldnt you be too tired” Zhou Fei asked.

“Let Teacher Ma arrange it.” Zi Yan waved her hand and turned to walk into the bedroom.

She closed the door and lay on the bed.

After a few minutes of silence, she picked up her mobile phone, dialed Zhang Hans number, and spoke in a voice with a trace of grievance.

“Zhang Han, Im not happy…”

“What can I do if my daughters mother is not happy Comfort her.”

Therefore, Zhang Han started a half-hour-long phone call, and finally made Zi Yan feel better.

“Thats it.

Im going to be very busy these days, for I want to come home as early as possible,” said Zi Yan.

“OK, Ill wait for you.”

Zhang Han frowned slightly after the phone was hung up.

He could feel that it might be Qiao Luoluos fault again.

Now that Zhang Han had given her a last chance, he would take action if he was bothered once more.

But over the next three days, Qiao Luoluo didnt show up.

Life had returned to its normal warmth and plainness.

Interestingly, when Liang Hao appeared in front of the crowd again, his long hair had been changed into being only an inch long, which was very short.

Though it was not a popular hairstyle, it made him look more energetic and less like little fresh meat.

Seeing that Liang Hao had cut his hair so obediently, Zhang Li was a little puzzled.

However, although Liang Haos appearance became more pleasing to the eye, he was still relatively gentle and not manly, which made him not as charming as Zhao Feng in Zhang Lis opinion.

However, Liang Hao came to the restaurant more frequently than Liang Mengqi, so he often had a chance to chat with Zhang Li, and they gradually became familiar with each other.

Zhang Li enjoyed being accompanied by Liang Hao.

After all, she stayed in the restaurant all day and easily got bored.

Liang Hao came here every day and occasionally went out for a walk with her, which colored her boring daily life.

Noticing that the handsome Liang was obviously attracted to Lili, Luo Qing often snickered beside them, and even Liang Mengqi could feel the change in their relationship.

As a sister, Liang Mengqi knew Liang Hao better.

Since her brother was no longer young, and it was time for him to get married, Liang Mengqi hoped he could find her a sister-in-law.

However, she would feel a bit awkward if Zhang Li were to become her sister-in-law.

After all, she liked Zhang Lis brother and wanted to pursue him.

Later, when Zhang Li told Liang Mengqi that she liked Zhao Fengs type and was not interested in her brother, Liang Mengqi couldnt help looking at Zhang Li in surprise and confusion.

“Zhao Feng That… Zhao Feng who always looked for opportunities to chat with her…”

Then she looked at her brother blankly, feeling that there was a love triangle here.

Did it mean that for the sake of her brothers happiness, she should promise Zhao Feng first

No, Zhao Feng was not her cup of tea.

“Are you 24, Lili” asked Liang Mengqi.

“Yes,” Zhang Li replied.

“Er… Lets go back to the restaurant first.

My brother and I will stay in the restaurant this afternoon.” Liang Mengqi shook her head.

It was 2:30 p.m., and Liang Mengqi and Liang Hao, as well as Zhang Li and Luo Qing had just gone out for a walk.

Now they were walking to the restaurant, which was about 500 meters away.

“Lili, are we friends” Liang Mengqi said suddenly.

“Yes.” Zhang Li nodded and felt a little strange.

If they were not friends, who would go shopping with Liang Mengqi

“Then tell me who the bosss wife is.

I dont know her name yet,” said Liang Mengqi curiously.

“My sister-in-laws name You must know her.

” Luo Qing covered her mouth and smiled.

“I know her Who is she” Liang Mengqis eyes widened.

Even Liang Hao was a little curious.

Mengmeng was so cute and beautiful, which must be attributed to her mothers genes.

Such an angel-like girl couldnt be born by ordinary people.

“Then Ill tell you.

Her name is… Guess” Zhang Li said with a smile, rolling her eyes slyly.

“Oh, Lili, hurry up.” Liang Mengqi grabbed Zhang Lis arm and shook it a few times.

“Well, listen.” After a few laughs, Zhang Li said, “You must have heard of my sister-in-law.

She is Zi Yan, a superstar.”

“Huh” Liang Mengqi let out an exclamation and was stunned.

“Who Zi Yan” Liang Hao was a little confused.

Looking at Zhang Li, he asked, “Are you sure”

“Its true, of course.

Didnt you notice the pictures in the restaurant There are also photos of her on the wall.

You are so stupid,” said Zhang Li with her mouth curled.

“Wow, Zi Yan.

My brother and Zi Yan are good friends,” Liang Mengqi said in surprise.

“Do you know each other” Zhang Li was stunned and looked at Liang Hao.

“Yeah, what a coincidence.” Liang Hao forced a smiled, took out his cell phone, and dialed Zi Yans phone number directly.

“Hello, Zi Yan, I think Ive already experienced your husbands cooking skills.

What a coincidence.

Your daughter is very lovely…”

Zi Yan was busy, so Liang Hao made a simple explanation and hung up.

“You know my sister-in-law Have you ever pursued my sister-in-law” Zhang Li asked, staring at Liang Hao.

“Er… No, I havent pursued anyone before.” Liang Hao shook his head.

Liang Hao was so addicted to martial arts that he didnt have time to date girls until now.

Knowing he was close to the stage of Qi Strength Master, he thought it was time to find a girlfriend.

“Oh, it doesnt matter if you have pursued her.

Anyway, I dont think my sister-in-law will like your little fresh meat,” Zhang Lis answered.

“” Liang Haos expression stiffened.

No one had denied and criticized him like this in many years!

But he still liked to come here and listen to Zhang Lis sarcasm, which was actually not harsh.

He felt that it was a little… interesting.

Liang Hao didnt know whether to laugh or cry.

He looked at Zhang Li and said, “Ive cut my hair short.

Do I still look like… little fresh meat”

“Yes.” Zhang Li nodded approvingly.

“When we get to know each other, you will know that I am a real man!” Liang Hao retorted politely.

“Who cares Since you know my sister-in-law, tell me something about her,” Zhang Li said.

“Well, she is the legitimate daughter of the Zi family of Singapore, and the most beautiful girl in the young generation.

Her wish to be a star was opposed by her family, who even wanted to marry her to other families to consolidate the relationship, so she came to Hong Kong to fight for her own…”

On the way back to the restaurant, Zhang Li got to know something about Zi Yan through the simple chat.

They went back to the restaurant and saw Zhang Han and Mengmeng sitting on the sofa watching cartoons.

“Brother, Liang Hao and my sister-in-law are friends.

They have known each other for a long time.

But I didnt know it until today,” Zhang Li ran up to Zhang Han and said.

Zhang Han turned his head, glanced at Liang Hao, and gave him a slight nod.

Liang Hao also went to the side of the sofa, reached out his hand and said, “Hello, Mr.

Zhang, let me introduce myself formally.

My name is Liang Hao.

Like Zi Yan, I grew up in Singapore, too.”

“I see.” Zhang Han shook hands with him.

“Before I came here, Zi Yan told me that she had a husband who was very good at cooking.

But I didnt expect you to be so great,” Liang Hao said with a smile.

“You…” When Zhang Han was about to say something.

The door of the restaurant was opened, and a man in a suit walked in quickly.

“Hello, Mr.


This is for you.”

He handed over a card.

Zhang Han took the card and unfolded it.

“If you dont want to be disturbed again, come to room No.

36 by the window on the second floor of the Ru Xin Hotel.

Lets talk about it for the last time, and this is my bottom line.”

“Who asked you to come Is it that Qiao” Zhang Li stared at the man in the suit.

The man in the suit smiled and said nothing.

“Brother, I will go with you! What else does she dare to do” said Zhang Li disdainfully.

“Im sorry, only Mr.

Zhang is invited to go there alone.

Miss Qiao wont show up if there are other people present,” the messenger said with a smile.

Liang Mengqi and Liang Hao went back to their usual seats and sat down, looking at this side curiously.

Even Mengmeng gave up the cartoon for a while.

She mumbled to Zhang Han, “PaPa, what is it Are we going out to play”

“No.” Zhang Han smiled and shook his head.

As his fingers moved, the card made an arc in the air and fell into the garbage can in front of him.

Zhang Han made it clear that he wouldnt care about it.

Seeing this, the messenger smiled and said, “Mr.

Zhang, I dont know if Miss Zi has told you anything.

Miss Qiao has contacted her a few days ago, and youd better go and have a look if you want to put things right once and for all.”


Zhang Han frowned and looked at the man in the suit.

“Shame on her,” Zhang Li said angrily.

“Even my worldview has been refreshed by her.

Brother, go straight to her and make it clear.

Tell her not to show up shamelessly in front of us!”

Zhang Han nodded, stood up, looked at Mengmeng and said, “Mengmeng, play with Aunt Lili for a while.

Dad will go out and come back in a short time.”

“Well… okay, PaPa, hurry up.” Mengmeng nodded obediently.

Zhang Han stepped out of the restaurant.


Zhang, would you like to take my car” the suited man went to the light-pink Bentley and asked.

“Lead the way.”

Zhang Han responded indifferently and got in his panda car.

The man in the suit got in his car and drove away from the restaurant.

The Ru Xin Hotel was right in New Moon Bay, but the suited man went around a few more blocks while checking the time.

At 2:50 p.m., the two cars finally arrived at the entrance of the Ru Xin Hotel.

The Ru Xin Hotel was a five-star hotel covering a large area.

When Zhang Han got out of the car and walked directly to the hotel, the suited man in the Bentley took out a camera and took several pictures of Zhang Hans back from afar.

Then he handed the camera to a middle-aged man in the back seat and said, “Organize the photos and deal with them quickly.

The other half will be paid to your account.”


The middle-aged man excitedly took the camera, put it aside, and began to operate his laptop.

Zhang Han went to the second floor, looked around, and saw Qiao Luoluo sitting in the corner by the window.

He went straight over to her, sat down, and looked at her without expression.

It seemed that Qiao Luoluo didnt want to start the conversation.

Instead, she was looking at Zhang Han with a meaningful smile.

“Two minutes,” Zhang Han said drily.

“You are so indifferent and cool now.

You used to be very enthusiastic and generous, especially to me,” said Qiao Luoluo with a smile.

“Dont talk to me about the past.” Zhang Han interrupted her, “You are not my first one, but I have the last one.

Dont disturb my life anymore, since I am not very patient.

“Since you can find out my address and Zi Yans personal phone number, you can also find out more information.

“Dont trouble yourself or the Qiao family.

“I dont like trouble.

If you disturb me again, I will solve it once and for all.

“Thats it.

Think about it for yourself.”

Leaving Qiao Luoluo no chance to speak, Zhang Han finished what he wanted to say and stood up.

He didnt touch the cup of tea on the table.


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